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Gregory Patrick


Jaiden � Chapters 142

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Greg Patrick


“Richard, Sally, congratulation on the twins; you”ve seen that love comes in pairs. We have been incredibly blessed with our triplets and twins.” “We”ve seen that, Peyton. You and Jaiden are awesome dads to your children. I hope I am half as good a parent as the two of you have been.”


“Richard, where do you come off putting yourself down like that?” “Peyton, you know I didn”t have the best of examples as parents.” “I think you did, Richard.” How so, Peyton?” “You learned first hand what kind of parent you should never be. But, if you think about it, experiencing the horrors you did teaches you how to be a loving parent to your children. Look how you protected Seth, and look at how things turned out for him � and for you.”


“Richard, Peyton is right. You did a fantastic job protecting Seth. To have the two of you in my life has been nothing short of amazing; I”m positive you”re going to be an awesome dad; I can see it in the way you talk to the babies I am carrying.” “I love you too, Sally; I am so scared I may not be the best parent possible.” “Richard, stop thinking like that and start imagining what you can do to make your children happy and well adjusted. Think about and plan things you can do to play with your sons and teach them. Think about how you can help them be successful in life. You beat the odds beautifully; help your sons to do the same.”


“Sweetheart, you”re right. I have you to help me when I fall short for whatever reason.” “Yes, you do, Richard. But I”m positive you won”t need my help to be the most wonderful dad in the world.” “I hope you are right, Sally.” “I know I”m right, Richard; I”m a woman!” “And a doggone beautiful one at that!” “Yeah, I know! I also know I am married to the most handsome, most wonderful man in the world.”


“I”m going to get the mail.” “OK.”


“Sally, you got a card from Mom � and one from Seth. I”ve never known Seth to send anyone a card. I didn”t think he ever thought about doing that; I guess I thought wrongly.”


“Perhaps, Richard, let”s see what he has to say.”


“Dear Sally,

Thank you for loving my brother and helping him to be happy. I have wanted to see Richard truly happy for a long time and thought I never would because of our angry bird sperm donor and his partner.”


“I can”t wait to see you two when I go to Erie in May; to see the glow on Richard”s face because he is going to be a Dad. The way he took care of me and protected me the best he could, I know he will be super dad. Thank you for loving Richard and me.”


“I know I will get in trouble with Jaiden for saying this, but I still think you are HOT � and perfect for my brother! Love, Seth.”


“Wow, Sally, I sometimes wonder what was on his mind, now I know; Seth truly is happy with Mom and Dad, and he does think about me. I knew Seth loved you beyond measure, sweetheart, but what he said in his card tells me his love for you – and for me – is deeper than I thought. It makes me feel better about where he is and where he is headed in life.”


“Richard, how did you have doubts about that? You have been an incredible example for your brother; you got him out of hell and literally sat him in Heaven. He is going to Veterinary medical school in January. He completed his prerequisites before he graduated high school. And look at the high school from which he is graduating; it”s the best in Alabama bar none.”


“By seeking help for Seth the way you did, you both were adopted into the most loving family possible. Your medical loans were paid off, and the new parents you both got love you without reservation; you have to admit your new dad loves Seth to Mars and back � as he has always been their son. The same goes for you.” “You”re right, Sally. Even Peyton the Jackass loves and protects him. And he loves that old mule. When I see him on the farm, his face is always glowing. And when I see mom watching him, her face is glowing with pride.”


“Richard, are you finally beginning to see how much you have helped Seth, how much you have shown him how you love him?” “I believe I am, Sally. I never thought about what you have pointed out to me. I just wanted to make sure Seth would be OK down the road, especially if I wasn”t able to finish medical school.” “Sweetie, you completed medical school. You have won numerous awards along with Peyton and Jaiden. You have the support of your brother and Jaiden, and I think their encouragement got you through a lot of hard times.” “Sally, there”s no doubt about that. They befriended me in medical school, and when Jaiden learned what Seth and I were going through, he stopped the abuse dead in its tracks.”


“Yes, he did, Richard. And why do you think Jaiden did that?” “Because he didn”t just like me, he loved me; he thought I deserved to be loved.” “Precisely. And look what his and Peyton”s love led to.”


“What do you mean?” “Richard, you”re a doctor, a very good one. You are an incredibly loving and supportive brother to Seth, Peyton, and Richard. You are the husband I always dreamed about having, and now we”re having twin sons. We are incredibly blessed by Hashem.” Richard gently pulled Sally to him, kissed her softly on the lips, and said, “Baby, thank you for giving my life meaning by loving me the way you do.”


“Richard, my love for you is my life”s commitment; no matter what happens down the road, I will always love you.” “And I will always love you too, Sally!”


“Richard, can I ask you to do me a favor?” “Sally, you know you can. What do you want me to do for you?” “Would you please go to the store and get me a half-gallon of peach ice cream and a big jar of dill pickles?


“Peach ice cream and dill pickles? “Yes, sweetie, I am craving mezitli escort those two things.” Richard went to the grocery store down the street from their apartment to get Sally”s items. As he got out of the car and thought about what Sally wanted – and why – he began to heave. Peyton and Jaiden were in the parking lot and heard Richard retching. As they turned toward Richard, he puked his guts up. Both the guys ran over to help Richard and ensure he was OK.


Jaiden asked, “Richard, why are you so sick?” “Jaiden, I”m not sick; I”m repulsed by some things Sally wants.” “And those things would be?” “Peach ice cream and a large jar of dill pickles.” “Gross, Richard, that turns my stomach too!”


“Peyton, help Richard; I”m going in the store to get something to help stop his nausea.”


A few minutes later, Jaiden returned to Richard”s car, opened a jar of sushi ginger, and handed Richard several slices. “Richard, chew this slowly before you swallow it; it”ll kill your nausea.” “Are you sure, Jaiden?” “Yep, I found out how it worked when Peyton and I went to a Japanese restaurant when I didn”t feel too well; I chewed on a few pieces of the ginger, and my nausea went away. When the sushi ginger calmed Richard”s stomach, Jaiden handed him a bag with the peach ice cream and a large jar of dill pickles and told him not to look in the bag, just give the bag to Sally.”


Richard sat in his car, leaned the seat back, and chewed on a few slices of ginger. Immediately, Richard”s nausea began to subside, so he thanked Jaiden for teaching him the trick to stop nausea and then said he needed to get the ice cream and pickles to Sally. “Richard, if you need us, you better call us, or we aren”t going to be happy campers.”


“Seems I”ve heard that before, Jaiden. I”ll call you and Peyton if I need help.” When Richard got back to his apartment, he handed Sally the bag as Jaiden had instructed and walked out of their bedroom. Thirty minutes later, Sally walked to the kitchen, put the bag in the freezer, and put something in the refrigerator. Richard dared not ask what was in the bag or what Sally had placed into the fridge.


“Hey, Phyllis, this is Peggy. Jaiden told me that Richard”s having morning sickness with Sally; she asked for dill pickles and peach ice cream. When he got to the store to pick it up, Jaiden and Peyton saw him vomiting profusely. They checked him out and said he was OK, but the thought of peach ice cream and dill pickles got to him.” “Peggy, that is hilarious. I remember wanting sardines and sour kraut. I hate the stuff and always have, but I ate a ton of it when I was pregnant with Jenny.”


“Then, when I was in a family way with Peyton, I wanted Mexican food � and I usually wanted it at four in the morning. So poor Jim started going by the Mexican restaurant near the office and buying pans of the food to store in the fridge. I guess the early morning runs to the all-night grocery store got old with him.”


“Phyllis, I had a craving for spaghetti and almost every kind of pasta when I was pregnant with Jaiden. Maybe that”s why his and Peyton”s boys love the stuff. I must have gained 50 pounds eating pasta all the time.”


“Peggy, how did you lose that weight?” “I looked in the mirror in the bedroom and noticed that instead of being the size of Rhode Island, my butt was the size of Texas. So I started working right then to get the weight off. It took me six months, but I got it off. Phyllis, I hate to run, but I have a call coming in from the hospital.”


“Peyton, you look so handsome in the nude. Your machtig is so reichlich and so rundlich that I can”t help but want it all the time. And your pobacken is so soft I want to keep my hands on it as much as I can.” “Jaiden, I don”t have a clue what you just said, but that boner you have is giving me a direct clue and cue.”


“I can tell you this, though, your Chiappe is gorgeous; it always has been and always will be to me. And I haven”t even mentioned your Hemantkumar is beyond delectable when you use it for cazzo. That puts me in orbit when you do that. I intend to experience that feeling Sunday afternoon.”


“Peyton, like you said, I have no idea what you said, but I liked the sound of it.” “Sweetheart, look up the words, so you”ll know what they mean. I think the meanings will excite you in ways that we will have to deal with before Sunday.”


“Babe, those words must mean something delicious!” Peyton looked at Jaiden and said, “you might say that.” Then he winked at his lover.


The next day when Peyton and Jaiden got off work and headed home, Jaiden said, “Damn you, Peyton, I have been in pain all day because of you!” “Babe, what did I do to cause you to be in pain?”


“Sweetheart, while I had some slack time, I looked up all those words you used last night, and I have had an incredibly hard boner all day.” “Jaiden, do you remember what I said about you looking up those words?” “I”m so tired right now that I don”t recall what you said.” “I said that when you looked up those words, you would probably get so excited that we would have to do something about your reaction.”


“Thank heaven, sweetheart, I don”t think I can go all night without some kind of relief.” “A cold shower might do the trick, Jaiden.” “Cold shower my ass! You know I don”t like cold showers, and a hot shower will probably make things worse.” “What if I take a shower with you and help you relieve your tension?” “Babe, if you do that for me, I will make such passionate love to you that you will shout from the mountain tops in a way that can be heard in Pennsylvania!”


“Hmm, I am going to have to investigate that idea.” “Love, will you please do it sooner than later?” “Maybe � if you”re a good boy!”


“Peyton, I”ll be so good and so sweet that syrup will be dripping from every part of my body.” “Will you give me some of that clear syrup you produce when we get amorous?” “As much as you want, and that is a promise.” “Looks like we may attend a rodeo tonight.” With that, Peyton leaned over in the car and gently kissed Jaiden on the cheek as he squeezed Jaiden”s mollig voll making Jaiden yelp with a bit of pain.


When they got to the house, Jaiden sat in the car for a while; Peyton went inside to love on and play with their sons.


“Peyton.” “Yes, Charley.” “Where”s Jaiden?” “He”s in the car trying to get over a severe case of blue balls.” Dale and Charley howled at Peyton”s answer. “How did that happen, Peyton.” “Jaiden said some things to me in German that I didn”t understand until I looked up the words. When I found out what the words meant, I basically told him the same thing in Italian. So while he had a few minutes of free time today, he looked up the words I used. He got so aroused he has walked around with a boner all day. You”ll see when he finally comes inside; he”s walking kind of funny.”


“I can”t wait to see that, Peyton.” “Dale, it”s pretty bad, so it may take a while before he comes in.” Dale didn”t say anything as he got up and walked to his pozcu escort bedroom.


Dale returned to the den a few minutes later with a warm washcloth he handed to Peyton. “You aren”t going to leave him in the car like that. Get up and go take care of Jaiden”s `problem”; Charley and I will look after the boys until Jaiden `feels better.””


Peyton took the warm washcloth and walked to the garage, locked the doors so they couldn”t be raised with a code or the key, and got into the car with Jaiden. “Jaiden, recline your seat as far as it will go.” “Why, babe?” “Don”t ask any questions; just do what I told you to do.”


Jaiden reclined his seat as far back as it would go and closed his eyes. Peyton undid his pants and slid them and his briefs to his knees. “Sweetheart, I hope you enjoy this and that it gives you some relief.” Then Peyton started giving Jaiden the BJ of the century. He didn”t edge Jaiden since he was in substantial pain; he got the job done and cleaned Jaiden with the warm washcloth so Jaiden could get out of the car and go inside to play with his sons.


When Jaiden walked into the house, Charley cracked a grin and said, “Good evening, Jaiden; you”re a bit late getting home.” “Charley, move your butt over on the sofa; I need to sit down and stretch my legs.” “I bet you do, Jaiden.” Charley was in rare form, and Peyton was about to roll down the wall with Dale right beside him, both laughing their butts off.


Jaiden was just starting to get over his day-long pain when Nathan Robert jumped hard onto his lap. Jaiden”s eyes intensely bulged as he grimaced with pain. It must have really hurt because Jaiden had tears running from both of his eyes. But, of course, it didn”t do any good that Jaiden”s reaction sent Peyton, Dale, and Charley into a fit of laughter; Jaiden”s intensely red face bore out that fact!”


Dale said, “Jaiden, I don”t mean to laugh, but it is kinda funny that after six years of marriage, Peyton can still turn you on that way.” “I”m glad he can turn me on like he did when we first met, but let me assure you, this pain I have been in all day isn”t funny.”


“That”s evident, bro, so I am going to give you an order, and you are going to follow it, Jaiden.” “You”re going to do what, Dale?” “I am going to give you an order, and you are going to follow it, or I will call your mother and tell her you are in intense pain. You know what will happen if I do that; you”ll have to explain your predicament to her.” “Dale, so help me, one day…one day!… I am going to get you good.”


Peyton had gone upstairs and started drawing a warm bath in the jacuzzi. Then, when the water was at the right level, he went to the den, got Jaiden, and led him to their bathroom.


He undressed his husband, helped him get into the warm water, then climbed in behind Jaiden and softly massaged his shoulders, chest, and nether region. Then Peyton paid particular attention to a specific muscle until Jaiden grunted and totally relaxed.


Jaiden turned his head and kissed Peyton and then said, “When you make a promise, sweetheart, you keep it grandly.” “Jaiden, I wanted to get you excited for this weekend, but I didn”t mean to cause you so much misery; I am so sorry.” “Babe, you got me good, and I am definitely looking forward to Sunday � if we make it that long. Besides, you took care of the situation in grand style this evening, and I enjoyed every minute of what you did for me.”


“I”m glad. It hurts my heart to see you the way you were this afternoon. I hope the day never arrives when I can”t help you overcome whatever you are facing.” “Babe, I doubt there will ever be a day like that. But, even if there is, I will know you did your best to help me.” “Jaiden, I love you so much.” “Peyton, I love you more.” Jaiden pulled Peyton into a gentle hug and rubbed his back for the longest time.


Jaiden felt so much better that he walked to the den with Peyton and yelled, “Skety kids!” Then, they piled into the van and headed to Tony”s.


“Guys, I want to try something at Tony”s if you will help me.” “And that would be, Jaiden?” “Dale, I”d like to order a pepperoni pizza and dice several pieces into small chunks and see if the children like it.” “Jaiden, Charley, and I have talked about that, and we are game if you are.” “Then that is what I”ll do. We can still get what we want to eat; the only thing different would be ordering a small pizza to try out on our babies.”


The dads ordered a large all meat pizza for them and a small pepperoni pizza for the children. When the children”s pizza was placed on the table, each of the adults took a slice, diced it into small pieces, and gave it to the children. The way they scarfed down the pizza, there was no doubt they loved it as much as their skety. All of the boys asked for more, so Jaiden ordered a medium pepperoni pizza, which, like the first pizza, was diced into small pieces and given to the kids.


Alaina Noelle pursed her lips, looked sadly at her dads, and said, “Daddy, ice keem?”


The dads forgot the children usually get ice cream after dinner at Tony”s diner. So, Dale ordered ice cream for all the children � vanilla for the boys and strawberry for Alaina Noelle.


When the waitress sat the ice cream in front of each child, Alaina Noelle did something she had not done before: she looked at Dale and said, Thank you, Daddy.” That melted Dale”s heart. He would talk to Granny and Ginny to see what they had been working on with the children so he and the other dads could emphasize those lessons with the babies.


When the families got home, the children surprised their dads again. First, they pottied and asked their dads to bathe them. Then, when their baths were over and the children were dressed in their sleepwear, they climbed into their big child beds and went to sleep without any coaxing. Finally, the dads went to the den to have a cup of coffee, relax, and talk about whatever came to mind.


Dale talked about how loved he felt in the family, and Charley seconded his comments. Peyton said he hoped they never had to be separated because he didn”t think Jaiden could handle that. Jaiden said it would be extremely difficult for him if that ever happened.


Jaiden said further, “Guys, one of the happiest times of my life was when we got married together, honeymooned together in Hawaii, and had our children at the same time. Dale, you and Charley mean more to me than most of my blood relatives, and they know and respect that. If they didn”t, they would see a side of me they don”t ever want to see. Truthfully, you two are the only people I genuinely love besides my mom, Peyton, our children, and his family.”


“Jaiden, for what it”s worth, it”s the same for Dale and me when it comes to the most important people in our lives besides our children. We have learned so much from you, Peyton, and your families. Had we not met you two at Wellstone, I doubt Dale and I would be together or be so happy. If not for you two and your family members and friends, we wouldn”t have escort bayan our children. We have indeed been blessed to have met and lived with the two most incredible, loving people we have ever met, bar none.” “Charley, to hear you say that means the world to me; I love you two as well, and I always will.” Peyton said, “Ditto!”


After that conversation, the guys enjoyed the mild weather for the season. They sat quietly on the deck, having another cup of coffee. Jaiden pulled Peyton onto his lap, and Dale did the same with Charley as they rocked slowly in the deck glider.


“Dale.” “Yes, Charley.” “Is your machtig reichlich and rundlich?” What is that, Charley?” “I don”t know, but when Jaiden looked up the words, he got incredibly horny. Maybe if you looked up those words…I”m just saying.” “Charley, you”re horny as hell, aren”t you?” Well, yes, I am; and I`m sitting here leaking through my pants while I am seeing you naked in my mind and imagining what I would like to do with you.” Hon, do you want to go to the bedroom and do some calisthenics?” “Dale, it would solve a current predicament for me, and yes, I would love to do that.” Dale got up from the sofa, took Charley by the hand, and led him to their bedroom. No sooner had Dale closed and locked the door did Jaiden and Peyton hear Charley start moaning as if he was already in ecstasy � but that would be impossible in a short span of two minutes, or would it?


Peyton and Jaiden were rolling on the floor, laughing their butts off at all the `oh god” murmurs they were hearing from Charley. Then there were the verbalizations of `yes, yes, yes, do it again, babe.” An hour and a half later, Dale and Charley emerged from their bedroom, looking like they had just completed a 26K run. Peyton, what do those words you and Jaiden said to each other mean? ” Charley, after the last hour and a half, if you don”t know now, I”m not going to say. Just suffice it to say that you just enjoyed Dale”s; from what we heard, there is no doubt you enjoyed Dale”s.”


Charley went over to the bookcase, pulled out the dictionary, and looked up each of the words Jaiden and Peyton mentioned. He put the dictionary back on the shelf, turned, looked at Peyton and Jaiden with a face that looked like a fire engine. “Yep, Peyton, I really enjoyed Dales; no doubt about it!” “I told you so, Charley. The question now is: Is Dale going to get to enjoy yours?” “Damn, Peyton! Dale, would you come to the bedroom with me for a minute?”


Dale got off the couch and followed Charley back to their bedroom. Peyton looked at Jaiden, who was laughing so hard tears were escaping his eyes. “For a minute, Charley said. He”s gotten so horny he”s liable to be in that bedroom making love to Dale for the next two hours.” “Maybe three, Peyton.” “I don”t know, Ajaiden; Dale was pretty tired from the first hour and a half when they came back downstairs.” “You may be right, love; in fact, I am sure you are.”

When Jaiden and Peyton heard Dale say, “Damn Charley, slow down a bit,” they lost it and laughed so hard they started coughing. About the time the two lovers began coughing, Jaiden”s mother called. “Good afternoon, son. How is everything going with you and Peyton and my grandsons?” “We are all doing well, Mom; how are you doing?” “Actually, I am having a perfect day, considering how busy we were at the office yesterday. We”re doing the COVID testing and re-testing for every doctor in Abingdon and the surrounding area. We”re making a fortune treating everybody family physicians will not touch with a ten-foot pole, especially the Horizon Group.” “Why isn”t the Horizon Group not handling their own patients?”


“Everybody is retiring with 40 plus years in medicine, and they didn”t hire enough replacements before retiring. Stan took over James” practice, started his own practice, and he is booked out for eight months, if not more. I doubt the poor guy has time to go to the men”s room if he needs to.” “That bad, Mom?” “That bad, Jaiden. Nobody wants to deal with Covid.”


“I”m afraid that group of physicians will have complaints filed with the Virginia Medical Boards for doing harm to their patients by booking so heavily that they can”t and won”t see sick patients. As a result of their overbooking, those patients come to my office, and we are working extra hours to see them. I have someone working with me to ensure the patients are seen as quickly as possible, and I may have to hire another contracted doctor.” “Do what you have to do, Mom; you are endearing yourself to those patients, and you know that.” “Yes, I do, son. The only problem with that is I may have to expand my practice exponentially.” “That wouldn”t be a bad idea, Mom. Think about it; you would be the owner and CEO of the practice without having to see patients in the long run.”


“That won”t happen, Jaiden; I like seeing my patients too much.” “Mom, I can now say I understand what you mean. I look forward to interacting with my patients and seeing them smile every day. They work hard, and when they reach a milestone in their treatment, I always take them downstairs to get an ice cream or a small toy or whatever they want. Also, since being in Memphis, I have gotten a letter or note each month from a child I treated. It makes me feel close to Dad because I know he would be proud to see how much I love my patients and how much they love me back.”


“Son, I”ve told you many times before, and I`m sure I”ll tell you again at some point that you are the spitting image of your Dad. I don”t know if it is possible, but you may even be more dedicated to your ideal than your dad was.”


“I have one question for you, and then I”ll let you go and get back to your boys: Why are you so horse sounding?” “Mom, all I will say is that Peyton and I have been laughing hard at the antics of Charley with Dale; other than that, you may use your imagination about what I mean.” “OK, son, I won”t say anymore. I”m simply glad Dale and Charley have such a loving relationship.” When Jaiden”s mother said that, he started howling again. “Jaiden, was the situation that funny?” “Yes, mam, it was.” “Son, you”re a nut!” “I may be, Mom, but you”re the tree I fell from.” “I love you too, Jaiden; talk to you later.” “Have a good night, Mom.”


“Sweetie, what did your mom have to say?” “She was just calling to see how we were doing. Then she asked me why I sounded so horse. I had to side-step that question and tell her you and I were laughing at the antics of Charley and Dale. She basically said she wouldn”t ask any more about the laughter, and I told her that was good because I wouldn”t answer anything else. She took the hint and ran with it.”


“Peyton, where did Dale and Charley go?” “Take a wild guess.” “You have got to be kidding me! Again? Today?” “Yep, I”m watching the children playing in the backyard since it isn”t raining for once this week. They are having a ball getting wet and muddy.” “Let me get us a cup of coffee, and we can both go on the deck and watch the children enjoy getting dirty � and enjoying doing it! They might as well enjoy getting down and dirty; that”s what Dale and Charley are doing upstairs.” “Peyton, you should be ashamed for saying that.” “You”re right, sweetheart; I should be � but I”m not.” “Babe, you”re a nut!” “Yep, just like you, and we both fell from similar trees.”