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Subject: Jamie and Uncle George 74 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. It contains descriptions of sexual interactions between a teenager, his uncle and other males. Feedback is always welcome. Please send comments to ail and I will reply as quickly as possible. JAMIE AND UNCLE GEORGE Chapter 74 Driving back from Agay through the red rocks of the Esterel mountains, Dennis told Jamie about the nearby hermit’s cave used by Saint Honoratus. “He was born in Germany, in the city that was once the capital of the Roman Empire,” said Dennis. “After becoming a Christian and visiting the Holy Land, he settled in a cave high up there in the mountains. He became famous and eventually moved to one of the islands off Cannes and founded a monastery.” “I’ve heard of Saint Honorat Island,” said Jamie. “Sture wants to visit Cannes and perhaps we can go to that island.” “That might be more interesting than visiting a cave,” said George. “I don’t know about that.” Dennis smiled and added, “I’ve had fun with a few young men in the caves around here.” George rolled his eyes and changed the subject. “What do you fancy for dinner, Jamie?” *** After dinner, Dennis and the others walked to Mario’s small apartment. “We won’t spend too long at the casino,” said Dennis. “Can you get Jamie to the station for 9.30pm? We’ll meet you there.” Mario agreed and turned to Jamie. “I thought we might go to the old Roman amphitheatre in Frejus. I can take you there on my scooter. Would you like that?” “Yes, please,” said Jamie. He didn’t care where they went but he wanted to be alone with this guy who looked a lot like his boyfriend Sture. “Okay, follow me.” Mario smiled and led Jamie to his bright yellow Vespa scooter. “Have you been on a scooter before?” “No, Mario,” replied Jamie. “I guess I better hold on to you.” Mario laughed. “Yes, climb on behind me and hold tight.” Jamie got on the scooter and wrapped his arms around Mario’s waist. His legs were on the outside of Mario’s thighs and his already stiff cock was pressing against Mario’s butt. “Somebody is excited,” Mario said. “Sorry. I can’t help it,” said Jamie. Mario didn’t respond. He just switched on the ignition and started moving the scooter in the direction of the main road. Jamie quickly adapted to being on the back of the scooter and no longer felt nervous. His right hand started to move slowly downwards towards Mario’s crotch. Mario felt the small hand moving towards his cock and started to become aroused. It was clear that this young boy wanted sex and he too was eager for it. He turned off the main road into a quite tree-lined street. The few buildings seemed deserted and Mario drove his scooter through a gap in a wall and into an abandoned garden. He took his helmet off and looked round at Jamie. “I think we both need some quick relief. You agree?” Jamie smiled and nodded. “Can I suck you off?” Mario grinned. Here was a boy who loved sex as much as he did. He climbed off the scooter, lifted Jamie onto the ground and pulled him close for a kiss. While kissing, his hands roamed over Jamie’s back and then down to grasp his buttocks. “Will you fuck me?” Jamie asked when they moved apart. “Later. Not here,” replied Mario. “Let me see your body.” Jamie quickly stripped off his t-shirt and then pushed his shorts and briefs to the ground. Mario whistled. “Very nice,” he said as he looked at the boy’s rock hard cock. Then he undid his jeans and pushed them part way down his thighs. “Suck me,” he ordered. Jamie got on his knees between the young man’s legs and gazed at the stiff cock in front of him. Mario appeared to have trimmed kocaeli escort bayan his pubic hair like Sture but his cock was smaller. Jamie estimated it to be 7.5 inches (19 cm) and of average thickness. Although a little disappointed that it was smaller than Sture’s, Jamie was pleased that his boyfriend had the best cock. And this was still a very nice cock. Jamie dived forward and started sucking. One hand played with Mario’s almost hairless balls while the other caressed his smooth thigh. “Ooh!” Mario gasped with delight when Jamie began to deep-throat him and took his cock balls-deep. He never expected the boy to be capable of that. Soon Jamie pulled back and worked on the cockhead with the tip of his tongue, teasing the glans and digging into the piss-slit to lick up the pre-cum. Mario moaned and warned, “I’m going to cum soon!” Jamie took the cock back into his mouth, using his tongue on it and sucking it. Moments later, Mario gasped and sent the first of several large blasts of cum into Jamie’s mouth. The boy swallowed ever drop and then licked Mario’s cock clean. “That was amazing,” said Mario as he pulled Jamie to his feet. “You’re really good,” he added before kissing the boy. While their tongues fought, Mario squeezed Jamie’s buttocks and then reached for the stiff, dripping cock. “This needs urgent attention.” Mario smiled and dropped down to take Jamie’s cock between his lips. Jamie was very aroused by what had already happened and by the feel of Mario’s mouth. However the sight and feel of the blond hair reminded him again of Sture and it wasn’t long before he gasped, “I’m cumming!” and spunked off. “Very tasty.” Mario licked his lips and smiled. “That will take the edge off our hunger for sex.” “But you will fuck me later, won’t you?” Jamie asked as he pulled his briefs up. “Definitely!” Mario smiled and ruffled Jamie’s hair. A short time later they approached the Roman amphitheatre in Frejus. “I won’t bore you with a history lesson but I think you will enjoy seeing this,” said Mario. “I was expecting ruins,” Jamie said as he gazed up the structure. The tall building was easily recognisable as a sporting arena. “Let me take you to where the action took place,” said Mario. He led the boy into the oval amphitheatre which was surrounded by rows of seats. “It was built in the first century AD but it’s currently used for concerts and other outdoor events,” he explained. “And this is where the gladiators would fight,” Jamie guessed as he looked around and then up to the seats where the audience sat. “Yes. The gladiators were mainly slaves and they would be kept down below until they came here to fight,” said Mario. “Can you imagine what it must have been like having to fight for your life while a huge crowd of people looked on?” Jamie shivered. “It must have been horrible. Can we see where they were kept?” “No, but we can visit some of the corridors they walked along,” said Mario. “Come with me.” Jamie walked with Mario back the way they had come, under the seating area and then along some dark corridors. “The gladiators would walk along places like this on their way into the arena,” said Mario. “Many would never return alive.” “Are there ghosts here?” Jamie remembered Dennis talking about the beach house being haunted and thought this place was scarier. “I’ve not heard of any ghosts,” said Mario. He stopped and pulled Jamie into his arms, smiled and said, “But I’ll look after you.” Jamie smiled up at the tall blond and said, “I am sure you would. I feel safe with you.” He stood on tiptoe and gave Mario a kiss. “Ready to fuck me now?” Mario looked around and listened. “We seem to be here alone so why not?” His hands slid lower until they were cupping Jamie’s buttocks. “You like being fucked?” kocaeli sınırsız escort “I love it.” Jamie grinned. He unbuttoned his shorts and let them drop to the ground. Mario immediately slid his hands inside the back of Jamie’s briefs and began gently squeezing the small firm globes. When Mario started sliding one finger up and down the moist arse crack, Jamie moaned softly then said, “Push your finger inside.” He moaned again when the finger slid into his arsehole. The pair kissed while Mario finger-fucked Jamie with one and then two fingers. Pre-cum oozed from Jamie’s cock as he pressed himself against the older teen’s erection. Soon Mario spun the boy around and dropped down to lick his arse crack. When the tongue started probing his hole, Jamie moaned louder. “Oh yeah. That feels so good. Yeah, I like that. But give me your cock now, Sture�I mean Mario.” Mario wondered who this ‘Sture’ was but he didn’t ask. He was too busy freeing his rampant cock to worry about another guy. His cockhead was wet with pre-cum juices but Mario spat on his hand and wet his cockshaft. “Hurry up,” said Jamie, pushing his arse back. Mario used one hand to open Jamie’s arse cheeks while using his other hand to guide his cock towards the twitching wet hole. He pushed but couldn’t gain entry. Then he said, “Let me in” while giving Jamie’s bum a sharp spank. “Oww!” Jamie relaxed his arse muscles enough to allow the cockhead entry. He gritted his teeth and pushed back as Mario’s cock penetrated deeper. “So tight,” muttered Mario. Then when the full 7.5 inches (19 cm) was inside he asked, “Are you okay, Jamie? I’m not hurting you, am I?” “Just give me a minute,” said Jamie. “It was a bit sore with only saliva but I know it will feel good very soon.” Mario hugged Jamie and kissed the back of his neck. Then one hand caressed the boy’s chest while the other grabbed hold of the still very hard boy-cock and squeezed it. Jamie shivered and said, “Ooh!” He paused and then added, “Okay, fuck me now.” Mario pulled back a little and then began fucking Jamie with slow, quite short thrusts. Gradually his thrusts became longer and faster. “Fuck me harder!” Jamie cried and Mario obliged. Soon he was really pounding into Jamie, battering his prostate with each forceful thrust. Jamie whimpered and moaned but Mario could feel the pre-cum dribbling over the fingers holding the boy’s stiff cock. Suddenly Jamie let out a howl and began spunking off, shooting hot boy-cum onto the stone walls of the ancient Roman building. Mario let go of Jamie’s cock and licked the boy’s pre-cum from his fingers. Then he put both hands around the boy’s narrow waist and and fucked him furiously. The sound of his body bouncing off Jamie’s buttocks competed with the moans of ecstasy coming from Jamie’s mouth. And then Mario groaned as he sent volley after volley of cum deep into Jamie’s hole. Mario hugged Jamie tightly, breathing deeply while he came back down to earth after his best orgasm in a long time. Finally he said, “That was fantastic, Jamie. I got a bit carried away towards the end and I hope I wasn’t too rough.” “No, you were great. I really loved it,” said Jamie. “I wish we could do it again.” Mario laughed. “Yes, well it won’t be today. Now I need a piss.” He started to pull his cock out but Jamie put a hand on Mario’s bum to stop him. “Please don’t take your cock out yet, Mario,” said Jamie. “But I need to piss,” Mario explained. “Then piss inside me. I’d like to know what that feels like,” responded Jamie. Mario was surprised but he had already discovered that Jamie was not like other boys. “If you are sure…” He put his arms back around Jamie’s body and closed his eyes. Eventually he was able to relax his bladder and izmit anal yapan escort let go. Jamie felt the warm liquid flow into his rectum. “Hmm, nice feeling.” “You like a piss enema?” Mario smiled. “I’m almost finished. Hold tight when I take my cock out and then squat down and release the liquid.” Mario removed his cock slowly from Jamie’s hold and quickly bent to move the briefs and shorts out of the way. Jamie squatted down and the piss and cum mixture exploded from his arsehole. “Whoa! That was wild,” said Jamie as he stood up. “I need to piss now.” “Let me taste some,” said Mario, being careful to find a dry area before kneeling down. Jamie was delighted to find someone else into ‘yellow action’ and smiled as he held his semi-hard cock out towards the older boy. Mario wrapped his lips around Jamie’s cock and then nodded to him. Jamie let his piss go, trying to keep the flow at a moderate level. To his surprise, Mario swallowed every drop. Mario then stood up and kissed Jamie passionately, allowing him to share the taste of his piss. “You are amazing, Mario. I wish we lived closer as we could have lots of fun together,” said Jamie. “I’ve never met anyone like you before.” Mario smiled. “Bet you’re up for anything, you sexy boy.” “With someone like you – definitely. We’d have lots of hot sex,” Jamie said with a grin. “Maybe you can visit me sometime.” “Maybe but now you’d better get dressed,” said Mario. “It’s time we headed back to the railway station.” “Did you have fun?” George asked Jamie when they met at the station. “Great fun! Mario is amazing,” replied Jamie. “And you didn’t mind babysitting, Mario?” Dennis asked his student friend. Mario shook his head and smiled. “I’d babysit Jamie anytime.” “I want to hear all about what you got up to,” said Dennis. “Now George my old friend, it’s time you and Jamie crossed over to the other platform. The train for Nice will be arriving in a few minutes.” *** Anders waiting at the station when Jamie and George arrived back in Nice. “Did you have a good time?” he asked. “Yes. Maybe a bit too much wine but I won about two hundred francs at the casino,” said George. “That’s nice. How about you, Jamie?” responded Anders. “I’ll tell you when we reach the car,” said Jamie. “Too many people around here.” George staggered a bit on the way to the car so he was helped into the back seat. Jamie sat in the front beside Anders and they drove off. They hadn’t gone far before the sound of snoring came from the back of the car. Jamie looked behind and smiled. “Too much wine.” “So tell me what you got up to in St Raphael. I guess it involves sex since you wouldn’t tell me at the station.” Anders grinned at Jamie. “Yeah, it involves sex,” said Jamie. “And with somebody who looks a lot like Sture!” “Really?” Anders looked doubtful. “Really. He’s half-Swedish, blond and muscular like Sture,” said Jamie. “Not as gorgeous obviously but still very handsome.” Jamie went on to tell him about Mario and then what they had done together. “I think you’ve got a stiffy,” Jamie said and then reached over to grab hold of the bulge in Anders’ jeans. “Bet you’d like to meet Mario.” “I wouldn’t cheat on Gom with anyone other than you and George,” declared Anders. “No? Pull over when it’s safe and I’ll give you a blowjob,” said Jamie. Anders looked behind him and saw that George was sound asleep. “Okay. I won’t say no to that.” He turned off into the next side road and parked the car. It was dark and nobody else was around. Jamie quickly undid Anders’ jeans and fished out the fully erect 9 inch (23 cm) cock. The cockhead was shiny with pre-cum and Jamie licked this before taking the cock into his mouth. Anders lay his head back and let Jamie work his magic while picturing the scenes he had just been told about. Not having met Mario, he thought about Sture and Jamie together and it wasn’t long before the boy was swallowing yet another load of cum. As he licked his lips afterwards, Jamie thought that this had to be the best day in a very long time. To be continued