Jane helps me out part 3: Inhale

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Reedie was older than the rest of the advertising girls. She must have been about forty and was regarded as a bit of a mother figure. In addition to her age was the fact that she had traveled a lot, spending time in Europe and Israel before going the whole hog with a long stay in India, just absorbing the cultures of the world and working when she needed to. Back in Guernsey she had married a man twenty years older and, with no real career behind her, had resorted to selling advertising for our little magazine because there was nothing to it: she had a sunny, outgoing personality, and that was all she needed.I never found out why the girls called her Reedie because that wasn’t her real name, but apparently, she had a long, old-fashioned first name which she hated. She had permed hair in a slightly mumsy style which I thought was an attempt to fit in, back in this unadventurous, safe world, and waist-length locks and patchouli oil weren’t going to do it.She hadn’t been at the summer party in Herm because her husband didn’t go out bonus veren siteler much and she tended to stay home with him, for an easy life. I thought he had probably heard some of the stories, though, because conversations ended abruptly when I walked into the room and there were knowing looks flying around. The atmosphere was decidedly strained, as was only to be expected when Jane had set me up with not one but two of her early twenties colleagues.It was a busy time in our monthly publishing cycle and I had a lot of writing to do, so on this Wednesday night I was still at the office at seven pm when a car pulled up in the gathering gloom and Reedie stepped out of it. She breezed in and said hello.“What brings you here so late?” I asked.“Stuff to catch up on,” she replied. “Without the girls yakking about this and that. Some days you just can’t get anything done.” She was wearing her work clothes. She liked dresses and on this occasion, it was a black and white flowery number with a wide skirt. It bedava bahis was a fashionable style at that time, and I had always wondered why. It was attractive enough but not all that distinctive, and yet every woman in the island seemed to have one the same.“I did take the precaution of bringing supplies,” she said, producing a bottle of white wine from her voluminous bag. She breezed into the little kitchen and I heard the popping of the cork before she came back in with two glasses of pale golden liquid.Reedie stood alongside my chair at my desk, as she often did during the day. She had a habit of standing too close, in fact, and I had once or twice touched her buttocks, to which she had not objected. We talked for a while about grown-up life and the sheltered lives the girls lived. Then without explanation, Reedie went around the office, closing Venetian blinds and making sure the door was locked.Returning to her position next to me, she nudged my shoulder with her hip. I put my arm around her rump and stroked deneme bonus the outside of her thigh.“No prying eyes,” she said, rubbing herself against me. “Maria notices things. She asked me if I let you touch my bum.”“And you said…”“I said certainly not,” she said with a laugh. Despite the drawn blinds, we were still uncomfortably close to the car park, so I stood up and led the way to the boardroom, into which a huge rectangular table was squeezed. Reedie followed me in and we stood awkwardly before she looked deep into my eyes. Then we fell into a wonderfully warm kiss as our hands roamed. She took off my tie and unbuttoned my shirt. I felt her large breasts through the dress and then slid a hand into her skirt and up her thighs.“At this point,” she said, “the girls would be bending over so you could have them from behind. But you and I are people of the world.” She squeezed my erect cock and whispered, “Get on the table.”I did.“Trousers off,” she said confidently. I pulled them down and took my underpants with them, so my hardon was there for her entertainment. She took off her shoes and climbed onto the table, maneuvering until she was facing where she had just come from. She lifted her skirt and crouched over my face, my head in darkness as her panties rubbed against my nose.