Janet and John – Book 4

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Janet and John – Book 4Janet and John are twins. They live in a big house in the country.Janet and John have a beautiful older sister Anna.See Anna and her best friend Missy cuddling in the long grass under the big tree.Anna pulled up her tee shirt. Anna was not wearing a bra. See Anna’s breasts.”That horrid old man who writes these stories says my breasts are ‘floppy’. Do you think they are floppy, lover?”Missy very carefully inspected one bare breast; planting little kisses all around the nipple.Then Missy very carefully checked Anna’s other breast; lightly chewing on that nipple.”No, they are definitely not floppy. They are gorgeous. You have the loveliest breasts I have ever seen”.Missy pulled off her tee shirt. Missy was not wearing a bra. See Missy’s breasts.”My step-dad, Mike Cotton, calls my boobettes. Do you think that is a good name for them? I just prefer ‘breasts’ or ‘little knockers’ or ‘tiny tits'”.Anna adored Missy. Anna adored Missy’s tiny tits. They made love all the time. Anna was a lesbian.Missy adored Anna. Missy adored Anna’s lovely breasts. But Missy also made love to boys sometimes. Missy was a bi-sexual; but didn’t want to tell Anna.Missy wanted to ask Anna “Do you think it’s inc3st if you fuck your step-dad?”, but just licked Anna’s pussy instead.See Anna and Missy kissing.Anna did not want Missy to leave.Missy did not want to leave; she loved Anna.“Please stay. Please stay and make love to me all night” pleaded Anna.“Sorry babe, but I have to go home”.Missy pulled up her damp bikini bottoms.“Goodnight babe, I have to go now. I’ll come again tomorrow. We can make love all day”.Janet and John pleaded with Missy to stay and make love to them.”Off to bed you two” said Mum “It’s past your bedtime. Give Missy a good-night kiss”.See Janet reach up and kiss Missy full on the lips. Janet slipped her tongue onto Missy’s mouth.”Naughty girl” said Missy “now off you go to bed”.See John stand up and try to kiss Missy on the lips.His little willie stuck into her leg.”Naughty boy” said Missy “off to bed, pleasant dreams”.”Will you come upstairs and tuck us into bed” asked Janet sweetly.”Oh do please” asked John “we will be very quick”.”OK, off you go. Time for bed” said Anna.Dad found a bottle of wine and poured out 4 large glasses.”Cheers” said Anna, curling up on the sofa.”Cheers” said Mum, cuddling up to Missy.”Cheers” said Missy, see her stroking Dad’s thigh.The wine was making Anna feel sleepy; her head was in Dad’s lap.Missy went upstairs to check Janet and John were asleep in bed.Missy went into John’s room.John was wide awake, looking at the rude pictures in Dad’s magazine.”Look Missy, that lady is sucking that man’s penis. Is it nice? Will you suck mine, please?””How could I refuse, as you asked so nicely” replied Missy, pulling John’s blanket down.See Missy go down on John, sucking on the head of his little willie.John made little gurgling noises; he loved it.See John slip both hands inside Missy’s bikini top; her breasts bahis siteleri felt delicious.John squeezed Missy’s nipples as she sucked his entire willie into her mouth.Missy’s breasts were much smaller than Mummy’s or Anna’s, but they were so warm and smooth.Except for the bumpy nipple in the middle – it was hard and pointy.See Missy breathing hard, sucking on John’s penis.Soon the first drops of cum splashed into her mouth.”Oh you very naughty boy” coughed Missy “now I shall have to swallow all that”.Missy tried to stand up: “OK you’ll have to let go of my breasts now. It’s time for you to go to sleep”.Missy kissed John gently “Good night, little man” and crept out of the room.Downstairs Anna had fallen asleep with her head in Dad’s lap.Dad could feel her warm breath right next to his penis.He managed to wriggle around so that his penis rubbed against Anna’s nose.See Anna stir in her sleep, perhaps she is dreaming.Anna opened her mouth and sucked in Dad’s penis, just as he wanted.Dad held the sides of Anna’s head to stop her moving away.Anna was dreaming about the time before she became a lesbian.Anna was dreaming she was sucking an enormous penis.Suddenly the penis hit the back of her throat.Anna woke up suddenly.”Daddy what are you doing? Was I really sucking you? Oh, that’s disgusting”.Upstairs Missy went quietly into Janet’s room.Janet appeared to be asl33p in her little pink bed.Janet was only pretending to be asl33p.Janet called over to Missy at the door “Give me a kiss”.Missy came over to the bed and gave Janet a little kiss on the forehead.”Lower” demanded Janet.Missy gave Janet a little kiss on the nose.”Lower” asked Janet.Missy gave Janet a big sloppy kiss on the lips.”Lower” pleaded Janet.Missy pulled down the bed-sheet and planted kisses on Janet’s hard little nipples.”Lower?” asked Missy.Missy kissed Janet’s belly button; circling it with her tongue.”Lower, yes please” asked Janet, not knowing where Missy would stop.Missy pulled the bed-sheet right down to Janet’s knees.”What have you got there?” asked Missy, spotting the photograph Janet was holding between her thighs.”Let me see. Oh it’s me and your big s1ster Anna. We haven’t got any clothes on. I expect your Dad took that picture”.”Yes, I found it in his darkroom. He has lots all hanging up to dry. I thought he wouldn’t miss just one. It shows you kissing Anna’s pussy. So I’m showing it to my pussy; so she knows how to be a lesbian when she grows up”.”That is very naughty” replied Missy, lowering her mouth onto Janet’s tiny slit.Janet bucked and writhed as Missy’s tongue found her little hard clitoris.Then Missy slipped two fingers into Janet’s pussy.Janet’s pussy was very wet.Janet bit her own hand to stop screaming when she climaxed.It was her first proper lesbian sex – she loved it.Afterwards Missy pulled up the bed-sheet over Janet’s lovely young bare body.”Good night, babe. Sweet dreams”.”Good night Missy, I love you…” Janet trailed off into a wonderful dream. canlı bahis siteleri Back downstairs Anna was sitting on Dad’s lap.His penis was touching her bare bottom.Dad’s hands were on Anna’s bare hips; Missy watched them slowly sink between her lover’s thighs.Anna slapped her Dad’s hands “Stop it” she laughed.Dad’s hands slowly slid up her body and cupped her bare breasts.Anna slapped her Dad’s hands “Stop it” she moaned.Dad was holding onto Anna’s lovely breasts.Anna was very happy; she seems to have lost her fear of fam1ly love making.Mum came back into the room, wearing a black fish-net play suit.Missy could see her large breasts trying to escape from the top.“Your Mum rang, Missy; she said it was too late to cycle home, so you could stay the night”.Then Missy saw the enormous black strap-on dildo between Mum’s legs.“Perhaps you could sleep with me, and show me how this works?”Missy looked over at her lover Anna making love to her Dad, then back to the dildo.Missy crawled forward on hands and knees, with her bottom in the air.Missy pushed her head between Anna’s legs, seeking out her pussy.Anna’s pussy was very wet. Missy licked up her juice.Anna’s mum looked at Missy’s bare bottom, wondering if the dildo would fit.Missy reached behind and pulled apart her bottom cheeks; knowing what Mum wanted.Jackie moistened the tip of the dildo with her spit and slid it into Missy’s bottom.Missy bucked her hips, loving the feel of the dildo deep in her bottom.Missy licked Anna’s pussy even harder; her pussy was overflowing.Missy had to swallow all the juice to stop it running down her chin.Dad climaxed first; mostly from the feel of Anna’s pert breasts.Anna climaxed second; mostly from having her clitoris chewed by Missy.Missy climaxed next; mostly from the dildo buried in her bottom.Mum climaxed last, waiting for everyone else.The 4 adults may have tried other styles of making love, but remember this is a ch1ldren’s book for Janet and John. They have already learnt enough new sex for one day.In the morning Dad woke up first and took two cups of tea into Anna’s bedroom.Anna only has a small bed, so Missy had to lie on top of her.Missy had not brought any pyjamas, so borrowed one of Anna’s old tee-shirts.See Anna and Missy only covered by a thin sheet. Anna’s bedroom was hot; the window was open.A light breeze ruffled Missy’s hair blowing it over Anna’s face.See Dad pull up the sheet, exposing Missy’s bare legs.See Dad’s fingers stroke Missy’s feet, then calves, then knees.Dad gently stroked all the way up Missy’s thighs and touched her bare bottom.It felt lovely – all dry and warm and curved.Dad slipped his fingers between Missy’s thighs.Missy woke up.“Good morning, sleepy head” whispered Dad, not wanting to wake up Anna.“Good morning you lovely man” replied Missy, spotting the 2 cups of tea and the enormous erection poking out of Dad’s pyjamas. “Let’s see, I have made love to your gorgeous daughter Anna. I have made love to your lovely canlı bahis wife Jackie. You probably imagine I have made love to your ch1ldren Janet and John. So now you think it’s your turn”.Dad’s erection grew another inch; his fingers itching to be inside Missy.Missy leapt out of bed, leaving her delicious scent on Dad’s hand, and ran downstairs. “You’ll have to catch me first”.Dad made sure Anna was still fast asl33p (or at least pretending) and tiptoed out.Missy was out of the back door and running across the wet grass in just Anna’s white tee-shirt towards the big tree. “I’ve always wanted to make love in a tree” panted Missy.Dad caught her leaning back against the big tree, pulling the tee-shirt above her waist exposing her perfect pussy. “On your knees, use your tongue, make me cum”.Dad did not need telling twice. He licked and sucked all around and inside Missy’s hot pussy, making her very wet. He didn’t care about the grass making his knees all wet and cold. He would do anything to pleasure this sexy creature.Missy went very quiet and her legs shook around his head. He looked up. Missy’s eyes were closed, her mouth was open.“Oh that was fabulous. You just made me climax. Just with your tongue; you clever man. OK, now I want you to worship my bottom”.Missy turned around and stuck her bare bottom into Dad’s face. “Now lick me out. It’s OK my step-dad says it tastes gorgeous”.From her bedroom window Janet could just see her dad and Missy under the big tree. Dad appeared to be touching her bottom.From his bedroom window John had a better view of Dad and Missy under the big tree. John could see Dad was licking her bottom.From behind the tree, up close, Anna could clearly see Dad licking one finger and sliding it into her lover’s bottom. Anna could hear Missy moan. Anna now knew she wanted to be loved like that.From the kitchen window Mum could see her husband kneeling in the wet grass sucking this beautiful girl’s juices off his fingers. She wanted to be loved like that.Missy pushed Dad back down onto the grass; his erection pointing towards the sky.Jackie came out of the kitchen with a condom and eased it onto his penis.They were thick and heavy in the 1950s, but she had to protect Missy.Anna helped Missy lower her pussy onto Dad’s penis, and then sat on his face.Janet had come outside in her pyjamas to watch; she saw Dad’s tongue inside her big s1ster’s bottom.John had come outside in his little shorts to watch; he saw Dad’s penis deep inside Missy’s pussy.Jackie knelt down beside Dad and the two girls. She watched Anna and Missy kissing. She held onto Anna and Missy’s breasts as they bobbed up and down on her husband.“Can Missy come to live with us?” asked Janet, loving the way her breasts trembled with making love.“I’ll have to ask my step-dad Mike Cotton” replied Missy “but I’m sure he will be fine with the idea, so long as I go home occasionally for some fam1ly loving, perhaps Anna can cum too”.“Yes can she, please” asked John, eager to see Missy climax again.“Only if we can have a double bed” said Anna, practical as ever.“Perhaps we should get them a king size bed, then we can all make love indoors” said Dad, lifting Anna’s bottom off his face for a moment.