Janet gets sent to grandpa’s farm

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Janet gets sent to grandpa’s farmJanet gets sent to grandpa’s farmJanet had just turned 18 and told her parents she didn’t want to go to school any more. She was a shy small girl only 4′ 6′ and the other girls made fun of her. Her mom and dad said ” if your not going to school then we are sending you to your mom’s step-dads farm to work.” When she got there grandpa was in the barn. he showed her some chores she had to do around the farm and then said “Janet, why don’t we take a little break for a while. Come sit on grandpa’s lap so we can talk. “Janet did as she was told and snuggled up against her grandpa. It felt good sitting on his lap. They talked for a bit about the a****ls and grandpa told her some silly jokes. As they laughed together, grandpa slipped his hand on her left breast, squeezing it. “These sure have gotten bigger since the last time I saw you when you were 16! It helps them grow if someone squeezes them, so do you want me to squeeze them for you, honey?” “OK, grandpa,” the naive girl said, enjoying the attention. Grandpa took both of her tiny breasts in his large hands and began squeezing them. “That’s it! We’ll make these titties grow,” he said, as he kneaded them, pinching her nipples from time to time. Janet was surprised at how good it felt to have grandpa touch her like that. “Honey, why don’t you take off your shirt ’cause it’s just getting in the way?”The inexperienced girl said nothing as she slipped off her shirt. Her grandpa’s dick hardened when he saw her small tits with their pink nipples, but she didn’t notice this. “That’s better. Now grandpa can see what he’s doing. ” Saying this, he squeezed both nipples with his thumbs and forefingers. The trusting girl let out a soft moan. “That feels good, doesn’t it, Janet?””How did you know that, grandpa,” she giggled. “Grandpa’s know these things. I’ll bet it made you tingle right down here, didn’t it,” he said as he moved one hand down between her legs, slowly rubbing her crotch. Again, she giggled and asked how he knew that would feel good. He laughed with her as he applied more pressure to her crotch.”How would you like to be grandpa’s special girl?” “I’d like that, grandpa! Can I?” she asked excitedly. “You sure can, but only if you can keep a secret. You have to promise not to tell anyone that you are my special girl. No one can know but the two of us. “”I promise I won’t tell, grandpa,” said the innocent little girl. “To be my special girl means we get to do things to make each other feel good, like what I am doing right now. It feels good when grandpa rubs you down there, doesn’t it?” “Yes, grandpa, it feels real good. ” He could feel her moving her hips, pressing back against his hand. “Why don’t you take off those jeans so grandpa can see your pretty pussy he is petting?”Janet slid out of her jeans. Sitting there admiring her, the old man told her to take off her panties as well, which she did. “Now come back here and let me have a look at you. “She returned to her warm spot on his lap, never noticing the huge bulge in his pants.He thought he was going to shoot his load when he first saw her lightly fuzzed pussy. His hand sought out that pussy once she was back in place, her ass unknowingly pressing against his dick. “There, now I can really touch my special girl! You are so pretty. Grandpa can’t stop looking at you!” The unsophisticated girl blushed, but was very stimulated, even though she didn’t understand why it felt so good. Grandpa worked his middle finger up inside her tight honey pot. “Has anyone ever touched you here, Janet?” “No, grandpa, just you. “”That’s good. Don’t let anyone else touch you here unless I say so! You are MY special girl, so right now I am the only one who can put my finger inside you. “”OK, grandpa,” she said, as he spread her legs apart more. It felt so good with grandpa’s finger in her. After inserting another finger, he began moving them in and out of her tight pussy while squeezing her nipple. “Grandpa thinks your titties are so cute, I just have to kiss one. Is that OK, Janet?””Yes, grandpa,” she said, her body tingling at his touch. He leaned over and gently kissed her nipple, which was surprisingly erect for an 18 year old. He took the nipple in his mouth and started sucking it. She reacted immediately and said, “Grandpa, that feels good!” He said nothing, but continued sucking even harder, still fucking her pussy with istanbul escort his finger, the ball of his hand rubbing against her clit. There was no mistaking the dampness around his fingers.”Grandpa is going to teach you a new way to kiss. It’s how grandpas kiss their special girls. Now I want you to open your mouth a little when I kiss you. ” His mouth covered hers as he stuck his tongue in, gently exploring her mouth. She giggled when he broke the kiss and said, “That’s a funny way to kiss, grandpa!” He laughed and asked if she thought she could kiss him the same way. “I think so, ” she said eagerly, thrusting her sweet tongue into the old man’s open mouth. His cock was hurting in his jeans, so he said, “Honey, you are making grandpa’s dick hard, so I need to take it out. Would you like to see it?””Yes, grandpa,” she said. He unzipped his jeans and felt relieved to finally have his cock out in the open. The little girl’s eyes widened when she saw the old man’s 8 inch cock sticking straight up in his lap. “Grandpa, does it hurt, ” she asked anxiously. “It’s so big!”Grandpa laughed and said, “No, baby, it doesn’t hurt. And the reason it’s so big is because you make grandpa feel so good. “”I do? How?””It feels good when you let me look at you, and touch you. It makes me feel good when you kiss me that special way with your tongue. When I feel good, my cock gets hard. When you feel good, you get wet down here,” he said as he patted her damp pussy. “Would you like to touch grandpa’s cock,” praying all the while that she would say yes. The girl reached out gingerly and touched his rock hard cock. He took her hand and showed her how to squeeze it. “It’s OK, you won’t hurt me. Rub your hand up and down like this,” he said, as she pumped her hand on his cock.He closed his eyes and said, “Oh, baby, you make grandpa feel so good!” Janet beamed proudly, fascinated that she could make her grandpa so happy just by squeezing his pee pee. He stood up and pushed his jeans down around his ankles. His massive cock was dwarfed only by the huge sack hanging down between his legs.Janet hadn’t noticed this before and was eyeing his balls.”Now, Janet, I want you to sit right here,” he said as he lifted her and placed her between his legs, enabling him to slide his cock between her legs from behind. She could see the tip of it sticking out from between her legs when she looked down. It was a wonderful feeling having grandpa’s cock pressing against her wet pussy. “Now, honey, I am going to slide my cock across your sweet pussy. This will make grandpa feel so good! I’ll show you how to milk grandpa’s cock. You keep watching for the milk to squirt out, OK, honey?” He knew he wouldn’t last long now. “I’ll tell you when I see it, grandpa,” she said, enjoying riding grandpa’s cock. It made her pussy feel so good in a strange way. All she knew was that she didn’t want grandpa to stop. The old man was building up steam now, thrusting his cock back and forth across her pussy. He couldn’t believe how good the 18 year old felt! “Here it comes, honey, watch for the milk!” he cried as he shot his load in front of her, cum squirting everywhere. “I see it! I see the milk, grandpa!” she said excitedly, just as spasms shot off between her own legs, causing her to squeeze the old man cock between herthighs. “That’s it, baby! You milked grandpa’s dick! Such a good girl!” he said, pulling her back against him, taking in the scent of her hair. He then turned the girl around to face him, his cock still stiff. “Tonight grandpa is going to teach you another way to milk his cock. Grandpa is going to squirt his milk inside your belly. Would you like that, honey?”Smiling, Janet said, “Yes, grandpa. I like milking you! It feels good!”Laughing, he told her to give him a kiss, which she did, happily thrusting her tongue into his mouth without him even having to tell her to do so.Yes, he knew it was going to be nice having her around from now on. He also knew he was going to give his new granddaughter a proper fucking tonight. He started to get hard again just thinking about filling her belly with his seed. He will teach her all about being a brood mare and he will be the stud. It wouldn’t be too long before she was ready to breed. Every girl needs to learn about fucking and who better to teach her than her own grandpa?Grandpa avcılar escort entered the room and sat on the edge of the bed. “Janet, are you asleep?””No, grandpa. “”Did you have fun today in the barn with your old grandpa?” he asked with a grin. Giggling at the memory of milking grandpa’s cock, the naive girl said, “Yes. “”Remember what grandpa said he was going to do tonight?”The innocent girl answered, “Yes. You said you were going to teach me another way to milk you. “”That’s right, Janet. I said I was going to shoot my milk into your belly tonight. “”But how can you do that, grandpa?” the naive girl asked. “Well, honey, there are two ways grandpa can do that, and I am going to show you both ways if you are a good girl. But first, I’d like another one of those kisses!”Laughing, the unsophisticated girl sat up and threw her arms around the old man’s neck. Pressing her lips to his, she kissed him with her tongue out just like she was taught. The old man held her in his arms and twirled his tongue around hers. “That’s it, honey. Say, do you think grandpa could see your little titties again?” “Yes, sir,” she said as she raised her white cotton nightgown. The moonlight shined on her tiny breasts as he reached out to stroke them. “That’s my special girl! How about slipping off that nightgown so we can get started?” It wasn’t really a question. The horny old man had already pulled the gown over her head before he finished his statement. Now the 18 year old girl lay naked before him in the soft moonlight.The house was empty except for the two of them. The doors were locked and they were miles away from anyone. Her sweet young pussy was within reach and he had a hard-on. “Grandpa is ready to show you the first new way to milk his cock,” he said as he opened his robe to reveal his naked body. The pretty girl’s eyes immediately fell to his erect penis. “Remember how grandpa showed you how to squeeze his cock? Why don’t you do that again?” “OK, grandpa,” the unsophisticated girl said as she wrapped her hand around his shaft, squeezing and pumping it the way she’d been taught. “That’s it, baby. You do that so good!” he said as he closed his eyes and he tried to maintain control. “Now grandpa is going to stretch out here so I can show you what to do. ” With that, the old man laid on his back so that his 8 inch cock stuck straight up in the air. He took her by the arm and pulled her up to her knees. “Grandpa wants you to kiss the end of his dick. Just put your mouth right there,” he said as he guided her head to his penis. She kissed the end of it. “Now lick it with your tongue. Lick it all over. ” he said as he watched her tongue flicker all over his cock. “That’s it, honey. Now I want you to pretend it’s a lollipop and get as much of it as you can in your mouth. I want you to suck my cock, but be very careful of your teeth. You can make grandpa feel so good by sucking my cock, but it will hurt if I feel your teeth. “”OK, grandpa,” she said as she took the head of his cock into her warm mouth, sucking it like to told her to do.”Oh, baby! You are the best! That feels so good to grandpa! Now put your hand around my cock down here and try to get more of it in your mouth. That’s it. Suck it, Janet, and rub your hand up anddown. “He knew he would not last long before he came in her mouth. The little girl was a quick learner! Before the summer was over, he planned to make her an expert at giving grandpa head. “OK, Janet, grandpa is getting ready to cum in your mouth! I want you to swallow all the milk, OK, honey? Don’t let any of it spill! Suck it all out then swallow grandpa’s milk!”With these words, grandpa shot his load of hot cum into the special girl’s mouth. Even though it tasted funny, Janet managed to swallow all of the milk because she wanted to make her grandpa happy! After he came, he pulled his dick out of her mouth and reached out to cup her face with his hand, raising her head so that he could look into her eyes. “See, Janet. Grandpa shot his milk into your belly just like he said he would! You are such a nice girl to swallow it all!” he said proudly. “It tasted funny, grandpa,” she said, wrinkling her nose. “I know it did, but you will get used to it, honey. The more of grandpa’s milk you drink, the better it will taste. “He pulled her up to him so he could feel her naked body against his own.They talked şirinevler escort for a while, just enjoying each others’ company. An hour passed before the old man felt he could muster the strength to pop her cherry. He knew he’d have to get her juiced up before he entered her the first time, so he reached around to squeeze her nipple. “Grandpa is about ready to show you the other way to milk his cock. Are you ready, baby?” “Yes, grandpa, what do I do?” she asked enthusiastically. “Just spread your legs a little so grandpa can touch you. “As she spread her legs, he slid his rough hand between them. Slowly, he rubbed her pussy, stroking it with great care. “Did you like how it felt when I sucked your titty this morning?” Blushing, the innocent girl answered, “Yes. ” So he leaned over and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking hard. He could tell from her reaction this morning that this was the best way to get her lubed up. She was already rotating her hips when he started finger fucking her again. “Janet, the other way for me to shoot my milk into your belly is to put my cock in here, where my finger is now. ” “Grandpa, it’s too big! You will hurt me!” she said, her voice sounding scared. “No honey. See how wet you get? That God’s way of making it easy for grandpa to slide his dick into your pussy. It gets slippery so I can put it in a little at a time. Tonight, it might hurt a little bit because grandpa is going to pop your cherry. “”What does that mean, grandpa?” she asked curiously. “It just means that grandpa hasn’t had his dick in you before. It will hurt for a second when grandpa pops your cherry. But once I am all the way in, it shouldn’t hurt anymore. Are you ready to try?””OK, but will you stop if it hurts too much?” “Of course I will, honey!” he said, knowing full well that by that time he would not be able to stop. “Now spread your legs a little more and lift your knees a bit so grandpa can slide his cock into that pretty pussy of yours!” She did as she was told, a little scared. But grandpa seemed so happy and wanted her cherry so bad, she didn’t want him to get mad at her. “That’s it. Now grandpa will go nice and slow,” he said as he pressed the head of his cock against the moist entrance of her pussy. The head slid in easily. He slowly eased his cock in and out in order to lubricate it. With each gentle thrust of his hips, his dick went in further until it was stopped by her virginity. “Ow! Grandpa, that hurts! I want to stop!” the little girl cried. “It’s OK, honey. It will stop hurting soon. Grandpa has to push it in real quick to pop your cherry. Then it won’t hurt, I promise. ” “OK, grandpa!” she whimpered. The old man held her arms tightly to her sides as he gave a final thrust of his hips, forcing his cock all the way in. Janet let out a scream and began to moan. “It’s OK, baby! It’s over! Grandpa popped your cherry, so it will stop hurting! You’re such a big girl! And it makes grandpa feel so good to be inside you!”Her pussy was the tightest he’d ever felt and he began moving his cock in and out, building up a nice rhythm. “See, honey, grandpa is fucking you now. This is what grandpas do to their special girls. You are making grandpa feel so good!” The trusting girl stopped crying because it did stop hurting just like he said. It was still sore, but in a way, it felt good to have grandpa’s cock inside her. It felt good, just like it did in the barn when he rubbed it against her. Grandpa fucked the inexperienced girl for several minutes, enjoying a feeling he hadn’t known in years, pussy surrounding his dick! And it was young pussy at that! Janet was moving her hips and meeting his thrusts. She let out a loud moan and he felt her pussy twitch. Smiling to himself, heknew the girl just came. With that pleasant thought, the old man shot his load into her virgin belly. The first of many loads he planned to put there.There was just something about the thought of depositing his seed in his new granddaughter’s womb that set him on fire! With a final thrust, he was spent. He leaned over to force his tongue into her mouth one last time. “See, honey. You milked grandpa’s cock again. Now that milk is in your belly. Do you like it when grandpa fucks you?”Smiling, she said, “Yes, grandpa. It felt so good! I think that is my favorite way to milk you!” He laughed and said, “I’m glad you like it because grandpa is going to start fucking you every night. You might as well start sleeping in my bed with me. ” She fell asleep lying on top of him with his strong arms around her.That night, grandpa decided he would call Social Services and tell them that she was such a good girl, he would be happy to take full custody of her. THIS STORY WAS SHARE FROM A FRIEND PAGE