Jasons Adventure at Central High

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If you are not 18 please click the x button in the right corner, if you are 18 please proceed to read my story and comment it. Any resemblance to any event, place or persons is a pure coincidence, this is a fictional fantasy story

The move was tough from Philadelphia to some town in Ohio. Of all things, I had to switch high schools during my senior year. The worst part was I had to break up with my girlfriend of three years. It was all because my dad had gotten a new job with some security company. The drive was a four hour drive to Townsend, Ohio, a town I never heard of in my life.

My parents had taken an extra day, because they had to make sure the new owners of our old house made out ok in it, so as I pulled up in the drive way, I was astonished to see the two story house. The neighborhood was active, so it wouldn’t be all to hard to get used to it. As I stepped out of my car, a short brown hair girl came bouncing over smiling. She looked hot, but lacked in the chest, but something else looked right.

-Third Person-

“Hi I’m Chelsea” said the girl.

“Jason” said Jason shaking her hand feeling the soft skin she had, which drove me crazy.

“So your our new neighbor huh?” said Chelsea with a bounce in her stance.

“Yeah, moved from Philly to here” Jason said indicating the house.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll like and at least now a hot guy lives next door except some grumpy old couple” said Chelsea as she turned to leave giving me a view of what was a nice round, firm, slightly big ass that was perfect for her amazing body, but she quickly turned around meeting my glare. “So do you want me to show you the house?”

“I guess” Jason said showing her the kinship of ladies first.

She giggled and walked towards my house and stopped abruptly causing me to bump into her.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jason stepping back.

“Well silly rabbit, don’t we need a key to get into the house.

Feeling dumb for a second, he pull out the key to the house and unlocked the door. They entered and the house was already set up, since his step dad used a company that help set everything up for you as long as you gave them a list of direction where everything belongs. Chelsea swirled about as she looked at the magnificent set. Without waste they scaled the stairway and walked to a door, but Jason tapped her on the shoulder causing her to stop and pointed to the door next to it and she opened it revealing another set of stairs and she looked confused.

Taking the lead, he headed up to the attic which he asked to be my room and Chelsea followed. As Jason reached the top, everything was in place the way he wanted, except for a box of clothes, but that was it. He looked around and saw my mirror and smiled at my reflection, a mere eighteen year old, long brown hair, skinny, some what ripped, and tall. Chelsea looked around and was awed at the sight of the layout and even found a interest in the work out bench towards the back. Walking over with a seductive swing of her hips she stopped and looked at it.

“I guess I can cancel that membership at the Y cause this is all I need” said Chelsea.

“Why would quit the Y, I was planning on joining when I got settled” Jason said.

“If I went home to get change could we work out, because I need too” said Chelsea turning to face him and putting her hands on her hips.

“I guess” he said and she jumped with a wee and hugged me as she ran down the stairs causing me to smile.

Minutes later she returned in a pair of short shorts, a white tee and her hair tied back in a pony tail. Jason was already dressed and warming up with some push ups and stretches. As he looked up, he got the first look at her slender legs that looked long on her. She smiled and joined him in his warm ups. As they did our toe touches, Jason got a nice view of her ass as she bent over to touch her toes.

He gulped as he stared not able to peal my self from her ass and with another movement, Jason went wide as she brought on leg straight up and instantly had a hard on. She was first to start lifting so he helped spot her as she lifted fifteen pounds. Jason watched in astonishment as she lifted the weights smoothly and found himself getting more excited. Not realizing that he was erect over top Chelsea’s face, she set the weights down and he swapped with her.

She spotted him as he began to lift the weights and as her stared up at her as he lifted the bar of weights, her eyes were glued to my member and he could see her getting ancy. As he set down the weights she proceeded over to the front of him and looked at him. All he could see was a stare that made him putty in her hands. Slowly she stepped forward and straddled his lap pushing up against his crotch. Slowly their lips began to touch as they kissed. His hands grabbed onto her hips as he stood up and she wrapped her legs around his waist as he walked towards his bed.

Laying her down, he pushed his tongue into her mouth as we began to French kiss czech couples porno her. Her hands ran up and down his back. Breaking the kiss gasping, he pulled off his shirt and placed his hand just below her shirt. Slowly he slid my hand up her shirt pushing it up until his hand was over her left breast and surprisingly she had no bra on. His cold hands caused her to moan as her nipples reacted. Slowly he began to rub her nipple and pinch it causing it to fully erect.

With one push, he pulled her shirt off and threw over the bed. Leaning down he began to kiss her lips and then proceeded to kiss down ward. Just as he was going to latch onto her nipple a door slammed shut causing both of them to look to the door leading into his bedroom.

“Hey Jason, where you at” came the call of his step father.

Without talking quickly Chelsea grabbed her shirt and put it on as she opened the back window. Smiling, she jumped out the window as his parents came up the stairs. Hopping onto the bench, he proceed to change the weights as his step dad came into his bedroom whistling.

“Hey Jason, what’s up” said Mat.

“Nothing much, just lifting a little” he said placing a 45 lb weight onto the bar.

“Sorry we didn’t call, the buyers got settled quick and so we just headed up and now here we are” said Mat.

His mom came in through door and gave him hug.

“Hi sweetie, how was the ride up?” asked mom standing back..

“It was smooth, I must admit, I’m going to like it up here” said Jason looking around the room.

“That’s good, because we’re moving” said Mat looking sad.

“What? You just go here!” said Jason

“Just joshing” said Matt smiling

“Oh ok I see” said Jason giving Matt a cocked eyed look

“Alright honey I’m going to unpack our things, why don’t you too” said his mom and as they descended down the stairs he looked out the window and she wasn’t there a huge let down.

The next day Jason woke up and as he opened his eyes, Chelsea sat on the edge of his bed smiling causing him to jump and cover himself.

“Silly what are you doing” said Chelsea standing up.

“Um, well, when you wake up and someone’s was staring at you, you get spooked.

“Sorry, so I see you haven’t gotten over from yesterday” she said giggling causing him to blush he noticed his bonner that he had. “Get up and lets get to school.”

Quickly Jason got up and got ready for school as it should be interesting. As he ran out his front door, he saw Chelsea seated on the hood of his mustang and he click the unlock button on the key chain. She hopped off and climbed into the passenger side as he slid through the window into the driver seat like a Duke. Chelsea smiled as Jason started the car up and threw it into reverse.

He pealed out of the drive way and drove off in the direction of the school Chelsea pointed towards. As Jason drove down the road, Chelsea’s hand began to rub his thigh and looked at her and she smiled her devilish grin and held her index finger to her mouth issuing a don’t suck and tell truce and with a nod her hand slid up to his crotch. She massaged the bulge that was forming in his pants and she cooed at its response.

“You deserve a reward for waiting” said Chelsea as she began to unzip his jeans.

As she reached into his jeans, she gasped as she felt his length and smiled as she pulled it through the hole of Jason’s jeans. Leaning down, she slowly began jerk off his dick. As she ran her hand up and down Jason’s cock in swift movements she slowly began to suck on his balls and with response he gripped the steering wheel.

Slowly she began to lick up and down his shaft causing his cock to jump and as she was about to engulf his cock she felt a tap on her head and she looked up at him pointing. Getting up she saw that they had arrived at school and with out word, she stuffed his cock into his jeans and then zipped it up.

“You know what, me and you don’t have so much luck in getting things complete” said Chelsea and Jason nodded his head in agreement.

Jason pulled into a parking space as few people walked over to them and stopped as Chelsea looked at him giving him the don’t suck and tell hush and Jason nodded. Getting out of the car, Chelsea ran to one of the guys and hugged while kissing him on the lips. Grabbing his hand she led him over to Jason.

“Jake this is Jason my new neighbor and Jason this is my boyfriend Jake” said Chelsea and Jake and Jason shared a few stares before shaking hands.

Chelsea quickly introduced Jason to rest of the guys and girls who summed up to be cheerleaders and baseball players. As Chelsea and the rest of cheerleaders walked off, Jake waved goodbye and turned to Jason.

“So, I sure hope you weren’t trying to get with my girl” said Jake cracking his knuckles.

“Jake, honestly, I just moved here, broke up with my girlfriend of three years, do you really think I want to jump the gate” said Jason looking Jake in the czech estrogenolit porno eyes.

“Yeah, same here, took me two years, but Chelsea and I kicked it off when the dust settled” said Jake calming down. “So, do you play any sports?”

“Yeah, baseball, All-State baseball three years in a row, I was pitcher” said Jason pulling his book bag out of the trunk of his mustang.

“Hmm, our pitcher just dropped out, how would you like to join our team?” asked Jake.

“Well, it wouldn’t hurt, what’s your schools name any way?” asked Jason looking around not spotting a sign.

“Central High and we’re the Rockets” said Jake showing off his Jacket. “Oh, wow, is it that time already? Hey babe we got to get going for Chem.” said Jake with a nod off to some direction.

“Oh yeah, better get there before Guinn to get huffed over us not being there for the meeting” said Chelsea with a grin on her face.

Quickly the two lover birds walked at a fast pace up the stairs and Jason watched as Chelsea turned around and gave him a wink and pointed towards her wrist which Jason could only think meant some other time. Shrugging his shoulders, he proceeded up the stairs and as he came in front of the door an average height girl with blonde hair stopped him in place.

He was in aw as he gazed upon her figure, her face was smooth, her breast were hovering and from the reflection in the door, her ass was juicy. Her smile instantly hypnotized him as she looked him up and down. Grabbing his hand, she guided him into the building, she deliberately, went past the office and Jason realize where they were going until they were in a lounge.

Jason looked around at the layout, a couch in the middle, a soda machine, a table near a window, a set of counters against a wall with coffee pots and microwaves. Before he could say anything, the blonde girl began to undo his jeans as she struggled to get his cock out. Right away it popped out as she admired its veins and size. Taking no more time, she began to down his cock causing Jason to become weak in the knees. His eyes fluttered as his head tipped back. Falling onto the couch, Jason watched in amazement as the blonde head girl worked his cock with both her hand and her mouth simultaneously. She was deep throating him like no tomorrow sending chills up his back.

The blonde girl soon sat up on her knees and looked at him. Her hair was a mess and she gasped for air. With another smile, she reached down and pulled her shirt up and dropped it on the coffee table behind her. Reaching behind her back she undid the clip of her bra and as it dropped her d cup breast stop at attention along with her nipples which were thick and rock solid. Jason couldn’t help but watch as she slowly began to tity fuck him. She began to pick up speed as she squeezed her tits harder against his cock and each time his head wood pop out she would give it a quick lick as it went back between her tits.

“OH JESUS, THAT’S IT BABY!” moaned Jason for the first time.

“You like that don’t you” said the blonde in a hush voice and Jason nodded. “You wanna fuck Sarah’s pussy now?” asked Sarah.

“Jason would love to fuck Sarah’s pussy” said Jason.

Sarah stood up and straddle him as she lowered her self. Gripping his cock, she guided it into her pussy causing her to gasp. As she bottom out, she looked into his eyes as she began to rock her hips back and forth. As his cock pulsed inside of her, she began to move faster and jump up and down on his cock.

“Oooo, your cock feels so big!” said Sarah between each gasp for air.

“Oh yeah, your pussy is so tight” said Jason as he met each thrust down. “So… I guess you’re a senior here?” said Jason gasping.

“OOOOooo, yeah,….. ChelSEA called me to heLP you with your ERECTION, oh my god, come on give it to ME!” moaned Sarah.

With response, Jason used his strength as he hoisted himself and Sarah off the couch and walked over to the table near the window and laid her on the table. Without pausing, he began to thrust into her with force. Sarah clenched her teeth and grabbed onto the table as Jason slammed into her. Jason has waited so long to release as he was coming closer to it. Her walls massaged his cock, responding to his rampage as he groaned.

“Wanna, fuck my ass baby?” whispered Sarah.

Gulping, Jason pulled out of her and Sarah hopped off the table. Turning around, she bent over as Jason positioned him self behind her and guided his cock to her rectum. Slowly he edged his cock into her ass and he could feel it sucking him in. With warning he slammed his cock hard into her causing the table to smack against the wall and he repeated a second time knocking the breath out of Sarah.

He continued his violent thrust into her ass giving Sarah pleasure she never thought she get form her ass. Soon enough Jason was slamming into her hard and fast causing ripples to parade across her thick ass cheeks.

“OH God! Jason you feel so FUCKING! czech first video porno Good inside my ASS!, Fuck ME!!!” moaned and yelled Sarah.

Both of them were sweating like ice in the desert. Sarah’s hands slid as she couldn’t get a grip on the table and with wanting more, she was soon pushing into his thrust getting his cock deeper into her. She let out a loud grunt as she found her self getting closer to orgasm.

“Oh baby, I’m so close” moaned Sarah after Jason slammed real hard into her ass.

“Me too, I can just feel it” said Jason as his balls churned.

Jason could feel it rising when out of no where the intercom clicked on.

“Will Ms. Colons report to the main office” said a lady over the intercom.

Jason just kept on thrusting when Sarah stood up and he grabbed onto her chest to keep on assaulting her, but she shook her head and he ceased what he was doing.

“What” said Jason breathily.

“They called me down to the office” said Sarah stepping away and putting on her clothes.

Jason groaned as he looked down at his member who was as purple as ever and ached for release. Putting his clothes back on, his member receded to a semi-hard but still hard status. Jason walked towards the door when Sarah grabbed him and pulled him into a deep kiss.

Breaking the kiss, she began to walk out when Jason slapped her on the ass causing her to yelp. He followed her into the main office and she walked behind the desk. She reached down and clicked the intercom on.

“Will everyone in the hallways stop and everyone in the classrooms please rise for the pledge of allegiance” said Sarah waiting a little giving people some time to stop and rise. “I pledge Allegiance to the flag of the United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all. Please be seated.” she stood there for a few minutes and continued. “Alright today after school there will be a mandatory meeting for those who want to be a pitcher, freshmen softball practice is cancelled, but Varsity your practice is to four instead. A slight reminder to twelfth graders, please be quiet in the hallways as underclassmen are taking midterms today. For those interested in lacrosse, there is a mandatory meeting today after school in room F334, now for words of advice, Do you know our presidents have to swear not to lie, and as for our first president, ling never gets far, and in return, you may choose to have a great day, good day” and she clicked off the intercom.

Jason stood there as Sarah walked over to him smiling.

“Hi, may I help you” said Sarah causing Jason to look confused.

“Yeah, I’m new here and I need my class schedule” said Jason.

“Ok, may I have your name please?” asked Sarah taking a seat in a chair.

Dour, Jason Dour” said Jason.

“Is that door as an door?” asked Sarah.

“No, its D-O-U-R, Dour” said Jason spelling out his last name.

“Sarah Dour, now that has a nice ring to it” said Sarah under her breath as she typed in his name.

“Ok, Jason Theodor Dour, here’s a print out of your class schedule, your I.D. and your student I.D. is on top of your schedule, that is your number which you will enter to get lunch and now just head to your first class and enjoy” said Sarah.

Jason shrugged as he exited the office and proceeded to his first class. After climbing up a stair case, down a stair case and turning around three times, Jason ended up at his first class, Health 4, which Jason was having a fear of. Knocking on the door, someone opened the door and pulled him into the room quickly causing a confused stare from Jason when he heard a moan. Looking towards the sound, a T.V. was on with some porn on and Jason went wide eye as an entire class and a teacher were watching it.

Jason had to rub his eyes as he took in the site of a guy fucking a girl up against a door. Walking slowly over to the teacher, she grabbed his schedule and acknowledge him and pointed to a desk in the back. Carefully climbing over desk and ducking out of peoples away he jumped into his seat with disturbing anyone. On both sides of him were two girls and in front another girl, diagonally to his right was a guy and to diagonally to his left another girl. Just his luck all girls and each looked at him with admiration.

“Hi I’m Stephanie” said the girl to his right.

“Hi I’m Lisa” said the girl to the left.

“I’m Mercedes” said the girl in front of him.

“I’m Brittany” said the one diagonally to his left.

“Steve” said the guy.

“Jason” said Jason.

Jason was about to sit back t enjoy watching the porno the lights shot on and everyone groaned as the teacher clicked off the T.V. Pushing it out of the way she sat on her desk and crossed her legs.

“Alright class from this video what did you observe about response to touching?” asked the teacher and a hand rose from what appeared to be a dead class and she pointed to it. “Yes, Jacob”

“Well, Ms. Redding, the female showed initial arousal expressions” said Jacob.

“Explain please Mr. Jacob”

“Well, when she was touched on her nipple she cooed and moaned at the slightest touch and by observing, I could theorize that she has sensitive nipples” said Jacob.