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Subject: jeremiah university-II-20 JEREMIAH UNIVERSITY-II-20 Parents Day Weekend / Pt-2 Written by: Eugene Marvin aka NPHILLYDOGG@AOL.COM SCENE-1SCENE-2SCENE-3 landed Cameron’s hand on Evan’s ass cheek, causing it to sting AND the anal ring to snap strongly around his thrusting rod! He gripped the boy’s waist tighter and started fucking harder, bouncing his hips off the bubbled butt, feeling his orgasm starting to build in his balls! He had been baking a creampie filling for his brother’s butt ever-since he learned his mother was driving up to see him on Parent’s Weekend…!…but Evan was the one now poised to take his load! He really didn’t care which of the fags took his nut, so long as he busted erdemli escort in ONE of them! Evan could feel his own orgasm edging closer also, his own rock-hard erection swaying stiffly between his parted legs, leaking precum from the glistening tip! He didn’t want to touch his dick for fear it might pop-off too soon! He wanted to cum when Cam came, wanting to heighten the experience with dual orgasms! He could feel Cam starting to fuck faster, driving his dick through quicker, mauling his innards with his fat poker punching into his vitals like a fist! “I’m gettin’ close…” warned Cameron, pulling Evan’s hips backwards towards him to hammer harder, slamming his pelvic bone into his backside tarsus escort like a paddle! Evan reached up to grasp his dangling erection, wrapping his hand around it to milk and massage, slow-stroking himself to cum with Cam! He could feel the pressure building in his buttock as Cam’s fuck thrusts started to become more frantic and erratic with lust! Cam could feel his dick starting to become sensitive, thickening harder and swelling under the constant plunging! He could feel himself starting to go over the edge as he began pounding Evan as hard as he could…ramming into him on the final stroke, shooting a 3day load in his ass! “…ARRHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGGGG…!!!” he yelled aloud as akdeniz escort the cum came gushing out of him in thick heavy heaps, flooding into Evan’s bowels like a force of nature! Evan gripped his dick tighter and stroked himself off faster, feeling Cam’s dick jump and jerk wildly inside him as it filled him with his load! “Urrrrhhhhhhhggggg…!!” grunted Evan, shooting all over his bed sheets, his asshole flexing and spasming strongly around Cam’s deeply embedded prick, milking out the last drops of his seed! Cam pushed Evan down across the bed, then feel on top of him, pinning him down underneath him as he kept his dick buried in him to drain off inside! Just then Evan heard his cell phone chime, indicating a text message…! “We’d better get cleaned up…” he said, lifting his head back beside Cameron’s [who panted heavily in his ear]…! “…I’m sure that’s Yonny wondering if we’re gonna meet with him and your mom…?” “Yeah, yeah, yeah…” sighed Cameron, liking it better where he was…! SCENE-4