Jerome invites me to the cinema

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Jerome invites me to the cinemaMy Black Master Jerome knew I was alone during the week end.So, he called me on Saturday, asking if I liked movies at the cinema. I answered of course I loved to go to the cinema…A while later I met Jerome at the cinema’s door entrance. He kissed me hard and asked if I had obeyed him about my outfit. I told my Black Master of course I had done what he had ordered me.He had just told me to wear a sexy dress and no panties at all.Jerome smiled and I asked him what was the movie we would watch. But he smiled again, saying he was going to watch a very interesting film about me… I did not understand the meaning…We entered the cinema.Once inside, I could just about make out the faces of several men lit only by the dim light of some glow of occasional cigarettes.We sat down on the middle; the place smelled like old smoke, beer and seat. It was a bit disgusting.As we sat, the screen flickered into life and the film began.Soon I became aware of someone sitting in the seat next to me.He was a black guy; a very huge one…I looked at Jerome; but he was focused on the film. I looked forward and I then noticed it was Swedish film; a porn one…My Black Master turned his head and he kissed me passionately.I felt his strong hand on my tits; my nipples got hard in response. My red lips parted and I began to breath slightly heavier. Suddenly, I felt a third hand; it was brushing my knee.My eyes could not leave the flickering images on the screen; a white woman was being sodomized kadıköy escort by a huge black man and she was screaming in both pain and pleasure. She was bent across a desk and the giant black man was pounding her ass with no mercy.Again I felt the stranger’s hand. This time it was moving up my thighs. I pulled him away; but then another pair of hands cupped my both tits from behind. Jerome was kissing me and two other strangers were feeling my body…I just parted my legs, giving this hand a little better access. A deep voice whispered in my ear; but he was not Jerome. It was the guy feeling my nipples from behind. He unbuttoned my dress on the front side and his both hands slid inside, caressing and pinching my hard nipples.The same guy started to lick and kiss my neck also.My legs parted even further, as the hand moved between my inner thighs. I lifted my legs; so one now rested over Jerome’s knees.Jerome’s hands rolled my dress up to my waist, exposing my cunt.My head leant back and I closed my eyes. I felt I had become a slave for these men. Fingers and mouths were driving me crazy.One guy behind me asked if I was wet yet. I then felt some finger tips easing my pussy lips open and finding out my cunt was wet.I found myself rising my own hips to meet their thrusts.As the guy fingered me so fine; I felt something warm and hard against my cheek. I instinctively opened my mouth and then my red lips brushed üsküdar escort a swollen cock head. My tongue slipped out and under the bulbous head, finding some pre cum already leaking out.Jerome grabbed my waist and pulled me over his crotch. Simon took hold of her wrist and pulled it towards his crotch. There was his rigid eleven inches’ black cock waiting for me. Wrapping my soft fingers gently around it, I began to gently rub my hands all over his length. I saw Jerome smiling in the dim light, whispering I was his slutty married white bitch…Some hands grabbed my head and made me turn around, to suck another huge thick cock. It was also a black one; a huge one…Jerome lifted me and he left me fall into his hardness. I gasped and cried in pain due to the sudden intrusion. I started to move back and forth, as I sucked the other black dick.The first guy by my side stood up and positioned right behind me.Jerome looked at him and he stopped moving my body; he held my hips firmly and then I felt a thick dick trying to push into my puckered asshole. I struggled a bit, because it was a very big one; but Jerome hissed in my ear that his white bitch should try everything, including a thick black monster cock up the ass…I looked at my Black Master in the eyes, as the other man pushed hard and he finally entered my very tight rosebud. I cried in tears; but I kept staring at Jerome in his eyes…The black bastard behind me breathed hard on my neck and he began to tuzla escort pound my poor asshole with all his power. I screamed loud; louder than the woman in the screen…My Black Master then hissed in my ear that I was the sluttiest married bitch he had ever brought to the cinema. I kissed him deeply, as I moaned hard in anal pain.The guy in front of me resumed his assault on my mouth. But he came very soon, filling my throat with his warm salty semen…The next one was the man in my asshole. He grunted and gave me a brutal push. He buried himself up to his balls and he then emptied his vicious load of burning seed up my bowels. He then slipped out from my aching asshole.Jerome made me move onto his hard cock even faster; until he tensed his back and I felt his warm semen spurting deep inside of my womb. I kept riding his hard dick and a few seconds later, I came in a shattering orgasm…As I recovered the breath, Jerome helped me to dismount him. My legs were weak after such a brutal double penetration.He led me to a small raised podium underneath the big screen.I assumed a doggie style position there, as my Black Master told me he would allow five other guys there to have a go with me…One after another, these five niggers used my stretched asshole for their pleasure. Some of them even slapped my firm buttocks hard.Once the last man pulled out of my ruined poor ass, Jerome moved over me, saying he loved the slutty way I had behaved.He helped me to stand up on my shaky legs; I could barely walk straight after having these black cocks pounding my anus…Jerome drove me home and I asked him to stay with me for the night. But he smiled, saying tonight he needed to fuck his beloved wife at his own bed. I asked if he would sodomize his little black wife tonight.Jerome burst in laugh, saying he only fucked married white bitches in the ass…