Jerry’s World – First Viewing

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Jerry’s World – First ViewingI went up to shower before dinner and didn’t even think about shutting the bathroom door, why would I anyway as Bev was cooking plus it’s not that kind of household, privacy is not only hard to come by its also deemed unnecessary. I was happily soaping my body and as often happens was a bit over zealous in the nether regions but then my parents had always instilled in me to give that area a good clean, it’s something that has stayed with me all these years so it was no surprise that I ended up soaping an erection.It felt good as I ran my soapy hands all over my balls and cock and then reaching round and sticking two soapy fingers up my arsehole, my parents had told me that is the best method so again it stuck with me.“OMG bro, I can’t believe you still wash yourself like that” came the voice of my sister standing at the door, “WTF sis” I cried out wiping the soap from my eyes, she apologised saying she spilt something on her dress and had to change and soon disappeared but in all honesty the moment had gone, it was weird really as I would have thought my sister catching me wanking with my fingers up my arse would be a turn on for me but alas it was slightly embarrassing.I came down in my boxers and sat at the table watching Bev who was now in just a tee shirt and quite visible panties and I have to say she did look appealing although we had often adopted this dress policy so seeing each other like this was nothing out of the ordinary. I don’t know how the conversation got back to her seeing me in the shower but I told her that I had always washed like that, “Don’t you?” I asked and she told me that she did but didn’t realize that I still did, funny how things your parents taught you stay with you.What she told me next should have shocked me and a few years ago probably would have but today it didn’t, “Why do you think I don’t have boyfriends bro?” she asked and I didn’t want to tell her it was because she was ugly because she wasn’t however I always thought she could make a bit more of an effort but I never expected this admission, “Why do you think I have had girl friends over for sleep overs?” she added and although the penny should have dropped sooner it didn’t and I stared at her with an open mouth.Of course my sister thought my reaction was one of shock however it wasn’t and I was frozen in time thinking of all the times she had had a friend stay and I had been wanking in bed in the next room while they were ‘at it’, how fucking hot it THAT?In some ways it was a disappointment but in a lot of other ways it was a relief as her seeing me naked now didn’t have the same connotations and put her catching me wanking in context, I felt a weight lifted however it had filled my imaginary wank bank with a shit load of more visions.Maybe Bev’s coming out plus the offer to help her brother was the reason for her change of attitude, maybe she wanted me out so she could be more open about her sexuality and I felt honoured that she has chosen to come clean with me and we actually had a good open conversation, good job the table was between us or she would have seen just how aroused I had got from her revelations, it certainly explained her ‘Plain Jane’ image of short hair and no make-up, fair play sis.“You do have a nice cock though bro” she said laughing as we went into the small lounge and fired up my old desktop PC to check the advert responses. I did giggle as it now made sense why she wanted me to stay over on a free trial, very cunning.“Thanks sis” I replied although I didn’t know why I was thanking halkalı escort her for saying her brother had a nice cock but I did appreciate her honesty and now knew I didn’t need to be so coy.I let Bev sign on her email as it was her that the responses were going to, “YES” she cried as she see a message in her inbox.I grabbed a couple of cheap beers from the fridge and pulled up a chair next to my sister as she opened the email, I felt a twinge as our thighs touched and for some reason it took on a whole new significance as my sister was a lesbian so any touching had no inference. “Aww, look bro” she said as she opened up the email from a retired guy called Roger, I read along with her which didn’t take long as it was only a short introductory message:‘Roger here, I can help you, I have spare room I am decorating and putting a bed in. Friendly household in quiet rural setting, Friendly neighbours, few odd jobs may cover the rent, contact please’.“Wow sis” I said excitedly, “He sounds alright and a few odd jobs and it’s free” I continued and we high fived. “Let’s reply” Bev said sharing my excitement. We exchanged a couple of emails and swapped numbers and agreed that I would go round after work tomorrow, Roger sounded like everybody’s favourite grandad. He sounded very considerate, into keep fit and also does physio and the plus point was his daughter, granddaughter and grandson who is into football lived next door, it sounded incredibly good and even Bev said it was worth checking out.Bev went to bed as usual but I stayed up a while chatting on text to Roger which was good in an ice-breaking kind of way, I asked him about the odd jobs and he said not to worry about it as he would find something for me to do.Don’t ask me why as I can’t put my finger on as to why I went to bed with a boner as I was only talking to the old man and we were having a laugh so I can only put it down to my bloody hormones again, I crept past my sisters door but back tracked as it was ajar once again, my cock pulsed as I slowly pushed the door open.OMG there she was in the moonlight laying on her bed however this time she laid on her stomach and with her little PJ shorts on with her legs slightly spread, the fabric of her shorts wedged in her crack which did look quite erotic and now I knew just how heavy she slept I wasn’t so nervous, I think this heavy sleeping is generic because I suffer the same.This time I took my shorts right off and stood there at the bottom of the bed staring at my sisters lovely arse increasing the strokes on my throbbing cock, I reached down gently grabbing her ankle and widening her leg which increased the gap up her little shorts and with the moonlight shining in I had a very good view of her protruding labia lips, OMG I nearly cum there and then it looked so inviting but then out the corner of my eye I saw her worn panties on the end of the bed, ‘oh yes’ I though as I reached down to pick them up feeling the soft cotton fabric, dare I? I thought, damn right I dare as I held them up to my nose ensuring I got a good deep sniff of her musky gusset, OMG my head spun as yet again I unloaded a stream of my hot creamy sticky stuff all over the end of the bed.My eyes were closed and the lights were dim so I didn’t see where it landed but after my head cleared I dropped her knickers and headed off to bed, I don’t think my sister would be too impressed but I was confident that her sleeping habits wouldn’t throw up any red flags plus I have cum on myself taksim escort at night before and its gone in the morning so I didn’t need to worry about my spunk on her leg.It was the smell of the fresh coffee on my night stand that woke me up and as I opened my eyes I was greeting by Bev’s big blue eyes and wide smile, “Morning Bro” she said softly and she looked down on me trying to focus and I could feel my morning wood pushing up the tiny thin sheet that covered it, Bev sat just inches away from it as it pulsed under the sheet, if she noticed which I am sure she did she didn’t comment, she was in a happy mood again and coffee in bed two days in a row.I returned her smile as she reached forward and ran her hand across my chest stopping to giggle as I seemed to have a single hair on my chest which of course she found, her hand then moved down to my belly which I remember her rubbing for me when I was younger and had a belly ache, bless her.I wondered if she was having flashbacks too but what I did know was that she had become very affectionate over the last couple of days, her fingers were getting dangerously close to the tip of my cock which was only just hidden, “Don’t think you have to take Roger’s offer bro, not unless it’s 100%” she sighed softly and somehow I got the impression that deep down she didn’t want me to leave. “Thanks sis” I replied as she slowly got up leaving me to my morning routine.“Have fun tonight bro” she said smiling as I left for work, “You too sis” I said giving her a wink and I went on my merry way to work where I spent the day thinking about my viewing tonight, things seemed so much better at home with Bev’s new found happiness so did I really want to leave?, did she really want me leave? Surely there must be another way where Bev can have her privacy? I made a decision that whatever the outcome with the old man I wasn’t going to commit myself just yet.My day went rather quick and I jumped on a bus over to Roger’s house and got there right on 6pm as arranged, “Good evening young man” he said cheerfully as he opened the door.I stood there amazed that this well-spoken man was as fit as he was but did giggle to myself that he was wearing a pair of boxers which if I am honest is usually my choice of indoor attire and his warm handshake made me feel at home straight away. “Do come in” he said ushering me into the lounge.“Hello Jerry” said the woman standing by his desk who I now know to be Sam, his daughter who lived next door, I stuttered my reply, “Oh.. um.. hello miss” and my eyes were drawn immediately to her fit body clad only in a tight crop top and a pair of small yoga shorts that hugged her body like a second skin.Roger motioned me to the armchair where I sat down with my hands on my lap hiding any signs of arousal while the old man sat on his desk chair and Sam disappeared to make some drinks.I totally get why his daughter was there as having a strange guy visiting you have to be safe and after about half an hour chatting the atmosphere was upbeat and very friendly, both Sam and Roger were funny and made me feel totally at ease, we even joked about the old man’s boxers.“Daddy likes to dress casual in the house Jerry” Sam said smiling, “How do you feel about that?” she asked as if it was a job interview which I guess it kind of was, “Oh it’s ok” I replied with a giggle, “It’s my choice of dress at home too” I continued and both Sam and the old man raised their eyebrows, everything was going well thus far although as we chatted I did notice the old man’s şişli escort cock wobbling about under his shorts which struck me as a little strange considering his daughter was there.I don’t know what was in the drink Sam gave me but I felt my whole body start to tingle and my face felt flushed but I did feel so relaxed, “Why don’t you make yourself comfortable Jerry?” Roger suggested, “See how you feel Jerry, do you wear boxers too? Sam added and although a little nervous I nodded my head, “OK” I murmured as I stood up and noticed both of them looked down at my groin where my obvious bulge was on display. It was a strange feeling as I pulled off my tee shirt exposing my bare hairless chest having both of them watching my every move but I also felt a sense of excitement as I looked across, my shoes and socks came next and then I took a deep breath as I unzipped my trousers.I looked across at Sam who was standing next to her dad with her legs slightly apart and the sight of her tight crotch was something that was really turning me on and as I dropped my trousers to the floor my arousal was plain to see inside my small boxers, “Wow” said Sam as I sat back down and even the old man smiled at how comfortable I seemed to be.“Don’t worry about the boner Jerry” Sam said softly, “It happens to daddy all the time” she continued which seemed to remove all the nervous tension and I immediately felt better now that my embarrassment had passed.“More drink Jerry?” Sam asked and as I looked at her to say yes I could see her nipples were like bullets under her tight top, OMG what have I walked into here was my immediate thoughts but they all seemed so friendly. As Sam left to refill my glass I chatted away to the old man and was amazed at how much we had in common and he showed no embarrassment at all sitting there with an obvious erection under his shorts and even that made me feel more at ease, getting a boner when you don’t want one is the most awkward of situations to be in but there seemed none of that here.“Here you go darling” Sam said as she returned with the drinks. “I have to go guys so I will leave you to have a chat” she continued stepping over and giving her father a kiss on the forehead which gave me a perfect view of her rounded arse, OMG I thought I was going to cum right there and then as I saw the fabric of her shorts wedged in the crack, living here would definitely have its benefits.Sam left and the old man told me all about her and also about Ollie who played a lot of football and Ella and every second I was feeling more and more at home albeit a bit woozy from whatever it was Sam had given me to drink.We then started talking sport and fitness and how he trained in physio and I could tell from his toned body that he was a fit man and when he leant back in his chair to show me his flat abs I was amazed especially as his boner was straining under his shorts, I don’t know why but I was actually feeling my cock getting stiffer at the sight, “Let’s have a look at you Jerry” he said motioning me to stand up, I was a bit wobbly on my feet but stood up as requested, “Hmm, interesting” he sighed softly as he looked me up and down, “Hmm” he sighed again as he seemed to stare at my groin aria which was showing a bulge which was nowhere near as big as his.“Do you have any issues with your calves and thighs?” he asked surveying my legs, I giggled as I stepped towards him, “A little tight in the thighs” I replied looking for his expert opinion.Roger reached forward and started to poke and prod my knees and my thigh which for the most part was pleasant however I did feel a couple of nagging pains as he moved his fingers up my thigh, “Turn around for me Jerry please” he asked and he did the same with the back of my thighs working his way up I could feel his fingers move up inside my shorts, OMG.. actually it feels quite good, “Hmm” the old man sighed.To Be Continued….