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Subject: Jocks of the South: Nick Evans Part 8 8: Keeping Warm Copyright � 2016 by Scott Goulding All rights reserved. This work is copyrighted by the author and all commercial use is prohibited without permission. No part of this work may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the author. Like this story? Then please donate to Nifty to keep more stories like this posted online. Thank you to everyone who’s supported my work and for sending in all your ideas! I really appreciate your kind words and will continue to write more great stuff for all of you. And sorry in advance if this part is a little long. ****************************************** Nick Evans Part 8: Keeping Warm By Scott Goulding ****************************************** The same morning that Matt was leaving for California, Nick awoke to a sore feeling up his ass and his head pounding. He was a little hungover but it was the rough fucking he’d received by the two McCarthy brothers that had him hurting the most. By the time Nick had showered, he realized that Matt’s plane had left. He was on his way back to college, and Nick wasn’t sure if he’d ever see him again. It was a strange, empty feeling, but what stayed with him most was what Matt had said about Francis: he cared about Nick more than either of them had thought he did. That was when Nick decided. He pulled on a tight pair of briefs, pulled on some baggy jeans and a matching shirt, then made his way out of the house. He began his way to Francis’ home, hoping to surprise him. He wanted to check up on him to see if he was alright, and whether he was angry at him for having slept with Matt. Francis hadn’t actually talked to him about it just yet. Despite working with his brother to fuck the shit out of Nick, the teenager sensed some hostility. Francis hadn’t been as open as he usually was with Nick during sex, and he was only in it last night for the pleasure. Nick wanted to know whether things between them were cool, and he also felt the need to apologize for going behind his back to sleep with his brother. Both their cocks had been inside the same hole and mouth, and he figured it must have freaked Francis out a bit. Matt’s flight left at noon, but it was almost four by the time Nick made it to the McCarthy ranch. The unusual warm weather they’d been having was gone, and it had been raining hard that morning. By now, it had let up, but Nick wasn’t sure for how long. Unfortunately for Nick, that meant he wouldn’t get to see Francis skinny-dipping or sun-bathing anytime soon. Nick knew something was up when he got to the farm. Francis’ truck was parked abnormally close to the house, and there was a bunch of gear loaded up in the back. He saw Francis marching in and out of the house with a few bags and cases. He was wearing a camo-print pair of jeans that were tight on his legs, big hiking boots, and other than a loose, unbuttoned camouflage vest to match, he was basically shirtless. His muscular body was drenched in rainwater and his fuzzy body hair was slicked with sweat. A ball cap was placed over his messy brown hair and there was a large bulge in his pants–both his ass and his dick looked huge. As Francis loaded up the last of his stuff, Nick was sure he spotted a shot gun in the truck. Francis saw Nick as he drove in. He wiped some sweat and water from his body before Nick parked and got out of the car. Francis nervously made sure his face was clean and that his skimpy vest was unbuttoned. For some reason, he felt the need to look good for Nick. “Hey,” Nick said, trudging carefully through the muddy grass. “Sup?” Francis smiled, walking towards him in a cocky way. “Are you leaving too?” Nick asked, a little distraught. “Uh, yeah. For a day or so. I was going to go hunting in the woods, and camp out for a night.” “Ohh…” Nick replied, a little relieved. He barely managed the thought of losing Matt but if Francis had left too, Nick would have been devastated. He tried not to stare at the stud’s bare, hairy chest as he talked. But the large lump in his pants was just as distracting. “Do you go camping a lot?” “Not really,” Francis said, moving towards his truck as he packed the last bag. Nick watched the stud’s tight ass move through his tight, green jeans. “I usually only go to clear my head or when I need some space from home.” “Oh.” Francis hoped Nick didn’t take it personally. But the look on his face made the jock’s chest pound. He didn’t like seeing Nick like that. “Did you…” Francis began, “…wanna come with me?” Nick felt himself smile, surprised by the stud’s offer. “I–uh, okay! I mean, are you sure? Francis grinned. “Yeah. It’ll be nice to have some company.” “Yeah. Okay. I’d love to go… but I’d have to ask my parents–” “Cool,” Francis replied, unable to control the happy look on his face. He felt butterflies in his stomach, and his heart began pounding quickly. Was Nick making him feel this way? “Francis…” Nick said, getting to the real reason he was here. He wanted to set things right before they went anywhere together. “I wanted to apologize… for sleeping with Matt.” Francis’ eyes widened. “Oh, uh, don’t sweat it man. I mean… we weren’t exclusive or anything. I shouldn’t have freaked out over it. I’m the one who should be apologizing,” he said, getting closer to Nick. He wanted to put his hands over Nick’s and explain to him what he was feeling at that moment, but he remembered that his parents were still in the house. “Yeah, but this was your brother. It was probably weird for you. And I’m sorry.” It was weird for Francis. There was something about Nick that made Francis not want to share him with anyone else. What had happened last night between the three of them was just Francis’ horniness taking control, and a sort of goodbye gift for Matt before he left. And the sex between him and Matt that same morning was just another example of his uncontrollable sex drive. He was a man, which meant that he needed to plough things with his massive cock pretty regularly. “No, its fine,” Francis lied to him, trying not to let his voice crack. He didn’t like the idea of Nick sleeping with other people, but he couldn’t raise any suspicions. “I don’t care about who you fuck.” Nick was taken aback. There was an edge to Francis’ voice that spooked him. Nick felt as if Francis was just trying to be tough. “I’m not fucking anyone else. And… I don’t think me and Matt are ever going to… you know… ever again.” Francis tried to hide his smile. He didn’t do a very good job, but he used the excuse of packing his things to prevent Nick from seeing it. “Oh. Alright.” Then Francis changed the subject, wanting to talk about anything other than Matt. This was Francis’ time to spend with Nick, and he wanted it to stay that way. “So… you ever go hunting before?” “Uh, no.” Francis nodded. “Well, you have shot a gun before?” Nick was silent. “You haven’t?” “I’m still in high school!” Francis smiled at him. “That’s fine, dude. I’ll teach you how. Just… don’t tell your parents.” Nick grinned, enjoying the thought of Francis trying to teach him something. “I’ll only tell them we’re camping. It’ll be our secret.” Francis liked that. “Yeah, man. Our secret.” Before anything else happened, Nick got his parents permission while Francis grabbed some extra camping clothes from upstairs. He returned outside with a big jacket for Nick to wear. “They said it’s fine,” Nick said, trying to talk over the noise of the returning rain. It wasn’t exactly camping weather. “Cool,” Francis replied. He quickly let Nick into the truck and started to pull out, driving down the muddy road. It was much warmer inside his car. Nick shook the water from his head while Francis wiped his bare, hairy chest. “You’re like a dog,” the jock laughed, looking at Nick dry himself. “Shut up,” Nick teased. “Yeah? You gonna make me?” he said, rubbing his thigh without realizing it. More water dripped down his perfect, stubbly face and onto his rigid pecs. His hairy abs were crunched up and slick, shining in the few rays of light. Nick had the urge to sit on his lap and lick the stud dry, but he tried to contain himself. “Maybe.” “Well then,” Francis said, lightly punching Nick’s shoulder. “Maybe I’ll have to beat the shit of you, then.” Nick scoffed. “Yeah right. You’d never hurt me.” Francis was silent for a while. “You’re right, I wouldn’t do that. But that doesn’t mean I won’t spank you.” he said, laughing a bit. They drove quietly, an awkward moment between the two of them, but it was an awkwardness that Nick liked. It made him feel closer to Francis. They drove like that for a while, until Francis asked what kind of music Nick liked, trying to tune the radio. “Some pop, a bit of rap. Electronic too.” Francis nodded. “You like country?” “No, not really.” Francis laughed. “Me neither.” The jock put on some music for them to listen to, but when they started talking about Nick’s plans for university, Francis listened intently, occasionally throwing quick glances up and down Nick’s body. Nick did the same, taking care to only do it when Francis was making a turn or focused on the road. They were headed deep on a gravel road through the woods, and it was getting dark quick. Nick wondered just how far in they were going. “You’re not taking me into the woods to murder me, right?” Nick asked, trying to crack a joke. “Nah, if I wanted to kill you, I would have done it ages ago.” Nick laughed again, watching the stud drive with ease. He was desperate to climb onto his body and ride him like a horse. But Nick was once again forced to control himself. The rising stiffy in his pants, however, was suggesting otherwise. When they finally came upon legal hunting ground, it was pretty dark. Francis swore under his breath. “I should have left earlier.” “Then I wouldn’t have been able to come with you,” Nick reminded him. Francis smiled. “Yeah. Guess you’re right.” He parked his truck on the side of the road where there was some room, then got outside, where it was beginning to drizzle again. “We’ll set up camp for tonight and I’ll teach you a bit about guns before we go to bed. We can go hunting in the morning.” “Sounds good,” Nick said, secretly wondering if the two of them would be sharing a tent. He hadn’t seen Francis bring in another one, except that he had brought down a second sleeping bag. He hoped the jock liked to sleep nude. Nick helped Francis take some things out of the truck, but he insisted on doing it himself. “Don’t worry, I got it,” he said, smiling at Nick. He lifted some of the equipment easily with one arm, showing off his large biceps and beefy pecs. Nick hoped Francis was trying to get him horny on purpose. Nick took some stuff anyway, following the jock down the overgrown path. The trees made everything around them dark, and they walked through it for about twenty minutes before Francis brought them to a spot he liked. After their long trek, Nick was glad he wore his tough boots that day. “Here’s nice,” he said, showing him to small empty patch of ground that was free of any trees. There was a pile of old, burnt firewood in the centre, surrounded by ashes. Francis dropped his stuff and cocked an eyebrow. “You know how to set up a tent?” Nick nodded. “Yup. I’ve gone camping before.” Francis smiled. “Cool. You wanna set it up while I get some firewood?” he asked, adjusting the shot gun slung across his broad, bulky shoulders. He slicked back his damp hair and gave Nick a long stare while he scratched his pubes and adjusted the junk in his pants. He was definitely getting horny. “Uh, yeah. Sure,” he replied, turned on by the fact that he was alone in the woods with a hot, horny jock. “How many tents are there?” he asked, secretly trying to think of how he’d seduce the stud that night. “Just one.” Nick tried to hide his smile. “Alright. That’s easy,” he said, knowing that with only one tent, it’d also be much easier to get the hunk’s attention. “Kay, see ya in a few.” He grinned, watching his tight ass as he went off into the trees. “See you.” It was about half an hour when Francis returned with some old logs, large branches and dry twigs. Nick had completely set up camp by then and was overjoyed to see that the tent they were sharing was meant for just one person. Francis started the fire while Nick pulled out their sleeping bags. When the fire was set, Francis pulled off his camo vest, using it to wipe his damp, hairy torso. Despite the trees that sheltered them from the rain, it was still cold, and Francis eventually pulled on a tight sweater that showed off his ripped arms and large chest. He caught Nick staring but didn’t say anything. He’d been looking at Nick’s ass the entire time he was bent over a backpack full of food anyway, so he thought they were even. Then, Francis got rid of his hot jeans, temporarily wearing just his boxer shorts. Nick caught a few glimpses of his fat ass and bulging dick before he put on a pair of long-johns. They made the stud look way cuter, and it was nice to see him bulge through the cotton. Francis picked at his stirring dick a few times, trying to imagine anything else but Nick’s own body as he changed into some warmer night clothes. But nothing he did helped. Eventually, the two guys pulled out a few cans of food and warmed it by the fire, talking to each other about whatever they could think of. Night fell fast, and it wasn’t long until Nick got a bit horny. He was eager for Francis to make a move, but after waiting a good while, Nick thought it was time to take matters into his own hands. Nick began rubbing his arms, which were covered in a spare sweater that Francis had lent him. He was also wearing one of the McCarthy’s old fleece jackets. Nick shook a little, trying to make it obvious enough for Francis to notice. “You cold?” he asked. Nick nodded quickly. Francis was sitting on the ground, his legs spread wide apart for Nick to see the bulge in his cotton tights. He tapped the spot next to him on the floor. “Get over here.” Nick scuffled over quickly, sitting close enough to him that their bodies touched. Despite being fully clothed, he still liked it when he rubbed up on Francis, and it got his dick hard. The jock scooted closer to Nick, so that their legs were almost intertwined. “Stay close to me and the fire. You’ll get better.” “Th-thanks,” Nick said, smiling to him. Francis messed up Nick’s hair, grinning at him. “No prob.” Then, he took a sip from his beer. Before he put it down, he gave Nick a quick look and offered him the same can. Nick stared back at him, not sure if he should take it. “Go ahead.” Nick still wasn’t sure. “No one’s around, Nick. It’s just the two of us.” Nick smiled. He reminded himself that being alone with a horny jock was something he’d dreamt about for years. And it was even better that they were surrounded by miles of forest, undisturbed by anyone. “Alright.” He took the can out of Francis’ big hand and took a sip, tasting Francis’ warm saliva on the metal. The beer tasted foul to him, but he didn’t really mind all that much. It was the fact that he was taking a sip from Francis’ can that made him feel good. Francis laughed, looking at the disgusted look on Nick’s face. “You were eager to down a few cans of these last night.” Nick nodded, a bit embarrassed. “I was trying to impress both of you.” Francis frowned, letting Nick keep the beer. “You don’t have to do that, Nick. I like you just the way you are.” Nick’s heart fluttered, skipping a beat. Had Francis really just said that? Francis also seemed bursa escort a bit off-put, realizing what had just come out of his mouth. But he reminded himself, it was just the two of there out here. Alone. “You… do?” Francis nodded, looking off into the distance as if he was unsure of himself. “Yeah. I like hanging out with you. Before and after we… y’know…” “Well we usually don’t hang out after we do it,” Nick said. The jock looked guilty. “Yeah. I’m… sorry about that. I just… I’m not entirely comfortable with our situation just yet. It’s still new to me.” “I understand. You don’t have to apologize.” “But I should. You’ve been good to me. I mean, besides what happened with Matt…” Nick blushed. He didn’t like what he had done to Francis. He just didn’t know that Francis would’ve objected. Nick shivered again, this time really feel a bit cold. Francis grinned at him again. “Your balls still freezing?” Nick nodded silently. Francis moved around, scooting behind Nick and wrapping him up in his body. He sheltered him like a jacket, placing the boy in-between his two, outstretched legs, and letting him rest against his bulging chest. Nick felt warm by leaning into his body, and it was making him feel a certain way toward the jock as he used his big muscles to warm the boy up. “That better?” Francis asked, his mouth dangerously close to Nick’s ear. “Y-yeah,” Nick mumbled, feeling something awakening in his pants. Francis rubbed Nick’s arms, and brought his legs closer to Nick’s, trying to keep the boy close to him. “I shouldn’t have brought you out here.” “N-no, I like it.” “You don’t seem like your having any fun. I didn’t even get to teach you anything tonight.” Nick shrugged. “That’s not your fault. It just got dark fast. We’ll start early tomorrow.” “You still want to?” “For sure! I like hanging out with you too, y’know.” Francis grinned, trying to hide his feelings. Then he nodded. “Sounds good, then. We’ll start early tomorrow.” They were silent for a while. Then, Francis spoke again. “Oh, I almost forgot.” He reached a hand around to a backpack not too far away, fumbling around in it for a while before he pulled something out of it. He showed Nick a flat, small, white box. He handed it to Nick, who was thoroughly surprised. Francis had got him a present? “What is it?” Nick said, taking the box with shaking hands. “Open it,” Francis smiled. Nick took the lid off. Inside, was a neatly-folded jockstrap. It was a light blue colour with white straps–identical to the one Francis had worn the first time they had fucked. But Nick knew it wasn’t the same. This one had a price-tag on it that read $39.99. Had Francis had spent his own money on a gift for Nick? Now that Nick thought about it, did Francis even have a job outside of his farm? “Is this for me?” “Yeah. It’s yours. Since… I kinda broke your other one. I was going to give it to you before you left for California, but I guess now’s as good as ever.” Nick looked up at him, smiling. He couldn’t believe Francis had even remembered breaking his jockstrap when they’d fucked in the bathroom stall at the gym. And the fact that this was the same kind of jockstrap that Francis had worn during their first time together… “You like it?” “Yes. A lot. Th-thanks, Francis.” “No problem, man. I kinda owed you. Let me know if it fits and everything–that it’s not too tight on the boys. I wasn’t sure of your size.” Nick looked back up to the stud’s freckled face. Not for the first time, Nick saw what looked like nervousness in the jock’s eyes. “Do you… want me to try it on? You can tell me if it looks good.” Francis looked taken aback, as if he hadn’t expected this at all. He stuttered his answer. “I, uh, yeah, um, sure. I-it’s a small,” Francis added lamely. Nick smiled. “It should fit. But I’ll try it on.” Francis got up, making Nick feel suddenly cold as his big, warm muscles left his side. “I’ll look away while you change,” Francis said. Nick shook his head. “No, its alright. You can stare,” he teased, already beginning to pull down his jeans. “I mean… we’re both guys…” Francis felt nervous. ‘They were both guys…’ that was exactly what Francis had been worried about for the past few weeks. Francis couldn’t help watch as Nick turned around, pulling down his pants by the fire, slipping out of his briefs and showing his tight, white ass to him. He bent down to get the briefs off, exposing his pink, hairless hole to the jock. Francis felt his cock slither in his long underwear, awakening to an urge he told himself not to act on. But he couldn’t take his eyes off the meaty white cheeks before him. And the fact that he had Nick completely to himself out here in the woods made his mind swirl with dirty thoughts. Nick slipped on the jockstrap. He put his balls and dick inside the front, adjusting it a bit and grabbing the package to see if it fit nice. Everything was nice and snug–and unlike the mesh ones he’d find in the locker room before, this one didn’t make his balls ache. It fit perfectly. Nick adjusted the straps underneath his cheeks and turned around to face Francis. His whole package was on display for the jock, and Nick knew he’d given Francis enough view of his ass already. “It’s a perfect fit. How’s it look?” Francis realized his mouth was watering. He wished he’d gotten a longer view of Nick’s ass. “I-it’s, uh, it looks really nice on you. Real sexy.” Nick smiled. He pulled his pants back on and sat in between Francis’ legs again. “Feels great. I think I’ll keep them on a for a while,” he turned a bit pink, realizing that the imprint in Francis’ tight pants had gotten larger and more swollen. He’d turned Francis on, just by showing off his ass. “You really like it? You’re not just saying that?” Nick looked back at him, his lips close to Francis’ face. “Yes, Francis. I really mean it. I love them. Thank you.” Francis blushed, looking awkwardly at his feet. “Your welcome, dude.” Nick turned back around, leaning into this body again. The two boys continued talking, while Nick downed some more beer. He could feel something hard against his back, and the jock made no attempt of trying to distance himself from Nick’s body. Eventually, Nick began to doze off, and Francis helped him up into the tent. Nick took off his pants, showing Francis his tight ass again. He kept his shirt on and Francis tucked him into his sleeping back, fully aware that his exposed ass would only be a few inches away from him throughout the night. Nick would be sleeping in his jockstrap, and that turned Francis on. Nick lazily watched Francis, a bit buzzed, as he ripped his sweater off and threw away his long johns. He exposed his beefy, hairy body, which rippled in raw muscle and power. Then, he too slipped into his sleeping bag, giving Nick a wink before he zipped himself up. “Well… goodnight.” Nick nodded, trying to stay warm in his sleeping bag by curling his body. “Goodnight.” He suddenly wished he’d worn a jacket or something thicker overtop his shirt, and perhaps kept his pants on. He could hear the patter of rain get louder over their tent, and before he knew it, he was starting to shiver slightly. The noise of the bag rubbing up on the side of the tent, and against Francis’ sleeping bag, suddenly awoke the jock. “Are you cold, again?” he asked, feeling a bit chilly himself. Despite his love of sleeping nude, even Francis thought to wear something to bed, although it wasn’t much. He mostly just didn’t want to get a boner in front of Nick. Francis turned over to face the teenager, a concerned look on his face. As Nick turned to answer his question, he couldn’t help but think that Francis had worn this same innocent look the first time they’d met. And the first time they’d fucked. “Uh… yeah. A little,” he admitted, feeling embarrassed. Francis snuck his hands out of his bag and began to undo his zipper, while cocking his head at him. “Come on over,” he said, showing Nick to a spot next to him in his bag. Nick was awestruck. “R-really?” he asked, beginning to undo his own zipper. “Yeah, man. I’m kinda cold too.” As Nick smiled at him, he crept out of his sleeping bag, unable to look away from the stud’s meaty chest and rigid abs peeking through the opening. There didn’t seem like a lot of space for the two of them, but that only encouraged Nick more. “Th-thanks,” Nick muttered, sneaking into his bag as he tried to contain the bulge in his jockstrap. He slipped inside, his ass facing Francis’ body. The jock scooched over to give him some space, while wrapping his arm around him to zip the both of them up. “No problem, bro.” Nick lay in next to him, his ass firmly planted against the hard, fat member in his boxer briefs. The stud’s beefy legs were sliding in-between his and if Nick had been shirtless, he would have felt his fat pecs and hard nipples against his back. “Wait,” Nick said, suddenly pulling the shirt off of himself and throwing it across the tent. Francis stared at him, wondering why he did that. “Body warmth,” Nick answered, hoping the jock would be okay with it. “Makes sense,” he muttered back. Nick settled against his body, feeling the stud’s massive muscles caress and bulge around his body. The boy’s dick stirred in his jockstrap, pulsing against the fabric and longing to escape. Nick was lucky that Francis couldn’t see it. The jock’s big pecs pressed up on his back, and his abs rested right above his ass. He was basically cuddling with Nick, with a hard dick, and an excuse for keeping him warm. Nick didn’t object at all. His ripped arm came over and zipped the both of them inside, and then wrapped itself over Nick’s small body. His hand rested inches away from Nick’s bulge, however, still touching his bare skin. The two boys lay next to each other, utterly naked besides a pair of underwear. Nick couldn’t let go of the fact that Francis’s boner was bulging through his boxers, and was resting against his own bare ass. “Comfy?” Francis asked, his low, hot breath whispering into Nick’s ear. Nick smiled, wishing that the jock’s boner would never go away. The large shaft was on Nick’s butt cheek, throbbing with desire. Nick was sure that the stud’s boxers were a little wet. “Very,” he said, suddenly feeling the stud’s fingers graze his package. Then, they rubbed up on his bulge, suddenly massaging his balls. Nick mumbled his words as he felt pleasure jolting up his body. “What… what are you doing?” “Nick… I’m horny.” “…Huh?” Nick was still a bit sleepy, and the jock’s fingers rubbing against his dick and balls was making it hard to talk or understand anything. He suddenly felt Francis’ hand leave his junk and instead dig it’s way inside of his jockstrap, reaching his hardening penis and pulling his foreskin down to rub his wet head. “I’m hard for you,” Francis muttered, not sure what he was saying. “You’re what?” Francis suddenly wished he hadn’t said it like that. “I-I–I’m horny, Nick. I’m getting hard. Could you… do me a favour?” Nick nodded before he could say anything else. His eyes were finally opening, and the fact that one of Francis’ hands was on his dick while another was stroking his ass was more than what he’d expected from him. “Sure, Francis. What… do you wanna do?” “Would you… would let me fuck you?” Francis asked, suddenly sounding nervous. His mouth was pressed up against Nick’s face, and his body was beginning to get tense. Nick smiled at him. “Of course.” Francis smiled back, grinning stupidly. It was a sight that made Nick’s heart flutter. Before Nick could do anything, Francis leaned in close, putting his whole hand down Nick’s crotch while staring at Nick’s bright brown eyes. Then, he put his lips’s slowly over Nick’s mouth, wondering if he was allowed to. They were both a bit drunk, so Francis was feeling bold. Nick kissed him. He raised his face to Francis’ level, sucking on his lips and tasting his spit. Francis was on him, pressing hard on his body as he continued to massage the boy’s dick. His tongue then invaded Nick’s mouth, slobbering across his face and trying to taste every last drop of the boy’s saliva. “Uhhhnnn…” Nick moaned, feeling the jock tickle his piss-slit, sliding his glans in-between two of his fingers. “A-am I hurting you?” he said, suddenly going up for breath. Nick shook his head. “No. You’re just really good.” Francis blushed. He wasn’t sure if being good at pleasuring another man was something he ought to be proud of. The jock continued, sucking on Nick’s face and pushing on his mouth for more. They made out for a while, tasting each other’s spit and biting their lips like men as Francis straddled Nick’s body. Then, as he rubbed his bulge on Nick’s naked thigh, the boy pulled away. He was wide awake now, wanting to pleasure the stud. “I want you to fuck me,” he said, wondering if it was possible to do so in the their sleeping bag. “You want me to?” Francis teased. “More than anything. B-but… I’m still a bit sore from yesterday…” Nick said, remembering the vigorous fucking he’d received from both the McCarthy boys. Francis grinned, pecking Nick’s lips again. “I’ll glow slow, and I’ll be gentle. I promise.” Nick closed his eyes, smiling like he was in bliss. Just to hear Francis say those words was enough to get him over the edge. He turned around to expose his backside to the jock, letting him climb over his body. “Thanks.” Francis kissed his neck, then snaked his mouth down Nick’s spine. It was difficult to do in their sleeping bag, but he squeezed and moved around, reaching the small of Nick’s back and sucking on his most gentle skin, making Nick moan in ecstasy. “You don’t need to thank me. Your body, your rules.” Nick liked that. He smiled back at him, arching his back and throwing his ass into Francis’ face. “Then I’m all yours. Do what you want with me.” While the jock grinded his wet, bulging boxers on Nick’s thigh, he grinned at the twink like a horny schoolboy and began to rub his bright white cheeks. They were so round and perky, bouncing and jiggling with each touch Francis made. “You’re so hot,” he said to him. “No, you are.” Francis kissed his ass cheeks, before pushing them apart with his hands. “You’re hotter, babe.” The sleeping bag stretched and warped under Francis’ movement, but he was too horny to care. He exposed Nick’s pink, puckering hole. It was hairless and tight, waiting for Francis to enter him. Nick was expecting a cock to ram his insides, but he was surprised by what he felt first. “Oh shit!” Nick exclaimed, feeling a hot, wet tongue pierce his asshole. “Ohhh fuck!” Francis laughed a bit, tasting the boy’s anus with his dripping tongue, while placing kisses on his warm entrance. “You like that?” “Fuck yeah. You’re amazing,” he said. This was the first time Francis had kissed his hole like that. Francis continued licking him, spitting on his hole and then lapping at his juices. His skin tasted good to him, and his soft flesh was perfect for a good dicking. Francis sucked on him, pushing his ass cheeks further apart to get deeper into him. Nick moaned into the sleeping bag, grasping at it as the fat tongue lathered his ass with spit and entered his hole. “Ohhhh fuck!” Nick moaned again, pushing his butt further up into Francis’ face. The jock liked that and spanked him as he whined in pleasure. Francis continued eating him out, moving his mouth down towards the boy’s scrotum, then back up to his sweaty hole, which was puckering in anticipation, waiting for Francis to enter him. The stud gave his hole a few more flicks of his tongue before he pressed it inside him, tasting bursa escort bayan his flesh. “Uhhhnnnn! That’s amazing…” Nick said to him, writhing in the sleeping bag. Francis grinned, lubing him his hole up with more spit. “You taste so good,” he murmured. Nick pushed his ass further into his face, letting the jock take full control. Francis spanked him again before putting his hand up and down the boy’s crack. He licked two of his fingers then inserted them into Nick’s asshole, going slowly at first. “Oh shit!” he groaned, feeling the two large, manly fingers enter his anus. They stretched out his sore hole, filling him up. The man’s fingers were warm and hard, and as Francis pushed them deeper inside of him, Nick squirmed and shook. “Fuck, that feels good.” “You want more?” Francis teased him, grabbing his ass with his free hand. “Yes, daddy. Give me more.” Francis smiled, giving the twink exactly what he wanted. He inserted another finger, pushing the three of them harder into him, trying to go at a slow pace. He pushed until no more could fit. Then, after he withdrew them, he pushed them back in, fucking the boy slowly with his hand. “Uhhhnn!” “You’re shaking,” Francis said to him, rubbing his hands over Nick’s bare back and putting his body overtop to comfort him, trying to keep him warm. “It just feels so good, with you on top,” Nick answered, feeling the stud’s weight against him. He was being finger fucked while Francis leaned over his body. It was hot being dominated by him. “So you’re okay?” “Yes, daddy.” Francis inserted his fingers once more, pushing into him deep, then withdrawing to fuck him with it again. “Say my name, Nick.” “Uhhhhnnn… Francis.” “Louder. Say my name like you mean it. Tell me you want me.” “Francis! Fuck me, Francis! I want you to fuck me hard with your big, wet cock. Punish me, daddy.” That was exactly what Francis needed to hear. All the doubts he had about fucking Nick were gone as the boy cried out his name, begging to be mutilated by the man’s engorged, horny cock. Francis took his fingers out and spanked the twink hard before he began to slip his boxers off. His thighs were wide apart, flanking both sides of Nick’s body, so it would be impossible to slide them off. And with the sleeping bag still overtop of them, Francis didn’t want to expose Nick to the cold. Instead, Francis took his boner out through the fly of his boxers. He pulled his balls out too, wanting to let the boys be as free as possible. He rubbed his cock a few times before he spread Nick’s cheeks apart, feeling his trembling hole with his hands. “I don’t have any lube or a condom.” Nick arched his back again, showing his hole to Francis. “You can raw me whenever you want, daddy. My hole is yours.” “Are you sure, Nick? I don’t want to hurt you.” “Do it, Francis. I’m ready.” Francis bit his lip, spreading Nick’s cheeks apart as he held his massive, eight inch slab of meat down so that he could fit it in his hole. He smacked it hard a few times on his back and ass, making the boy wince and moan in pleasure, waiting for the large shaft to enter his body and prod the deepest, most darkest parts of his ass. Francis pulled at his jockstrap and let it go quickly, whipping the boy with the elastic waistband. Nick squealed, arching his back and giving the hunk more of his ass. Francis held his massive tool in his hands. It was red hot and raw, dripping with pre-cum as he guided the large, heavy schlong to Nick’s ass. “Okay,” he murmured, watching Nick look back at him, horniness etched onto his face. “Put it inside me,” he begged, staring at Francis rub his cock. Francis spat on his shaft, rolling it over his head and slick skin. His erection throbbed with each heart beat, the veins of his member protruding as blood filled his dick. Then, he touched the tip of his head to Nick’s hole, beginning to push his wet cock into the boy’s cunt. “UHN!” Nick groaned, feeling the wide head pierce his asshole as it entered him. It stretched his anus apart, digging into his tight, warm flesh as it drove its way deeper inside of him. “Ohhhh fuck! Francis!” “Say my name, baby,” Francis muttered, pushing more of himself into Nick as he piled over top of his small body. “Oh fuckkk, you’re always so tight.” “Uhnn… Francis…” “I’m right here, baby. I’ll take care of you tonight.” Francis drove his shaft further in as he lay on top of Nick. His massive, meaty pecs crushed Nick’s body into the floor of the tent and his rough, rippling abs twitched and flexed against his back. The stud’s powerful arms wrapped around Nick’s body and held onto his shoulders, planting Nick onto his cock. The jock shoved himself into Nick slowly, entering him with moans of pleasure and pain, for Nick’s hole was just too tight. “FUCK! Francis!” “Am I hurting you?” “Yeah… but don’t stop. Go all the way, daddy.” Francis smiled, kissing the nape of Nick’s neck and breathing his words into his ear. “You want that cock inside of you, baby?” Nick nodded, pushing his ass further up against Francis’ groin, feeling his boxers and the long, fuzzy pubes that stuck out of them. “Yes, Francis. Fuck me good.” Francis grabbed Nick’s ass from behind, rubbing his cheeks and pinching his flesh with his big hands. “How do you want it?” Francis muttered, breathing on his back as his body continued to flatten Nick down. He slapped his ass, putting red handprints on his bright white cheeks. “Fast and hard,” he whined, with Francis’ penis throbbing in his hole. The jock began moving his hips, letting his dripping member slip in and out of Nick. It was hot and hard, filling his entire hole up. It barely fit and was it not for Francis’ spit, Nick’s anus would have been burning at the intense friction of the stud’s slick, rubbery tool. “You like that?” Francis teased, spanking the boy again. He held fistfuls of his ass, giving Nick the pain that he so desperately needed. He wanted to be treated like a filthy slut by his daddy. Nick grit his teeth, unable to talk with the stud’s massive dick deep inside of him. It felt so good. “Yes, daddy.” “You want me to go faster or is this okay?” Nick nodded, distracted by the sensational feeling of Francis’ cock leaking pre-cum into his hole. His head was red hot, hitting the top of anus and pushing his body apart with it’s huge size. Francis had never been this hard for him before. “Go faster. I can handle it.” “Alright. Get ready, babe.” Then, still surprising him, Nick felt Francis shove himself deeper inside of his asshole, plugging him up and slapping his ass with his groin and balls. He went all in, impaling the twink with his veiny, eight-inch cock. Nick moaned in pain, but he enjoyed every moment of it. “Damn… you take this cock like a man. You want it, baby?” Nick nodded, biting his lip and grasping at the bottom of their sleeping bag. “Yes, daddy, you’re perfect. Keep going, Francis. Be rough with me. I can take it.” “Alright, Nick. Shit, I’m so horny.” Nick nodded, bracing through the pain of the man’s enormous member as Francis pushed himself even deeper inside. There was nothing Nick could do–he was squashed against the ground by Francis’ brawny, athletic body and his bulky arms were keeping him in place. Francis’ legs surrounded Nick’s thighs as he shoved himself in-between Nick’s tight cheeks, grabbing more fistfuls of flesh. Nick lay there with a warm, smooth dick in his asshole, pulsing hard and expelling jizz into his anus. He felt the pain coursing up his ass, but it felt so good being dominated by Francis, and he was willing to do anything for him, especially when the jock was trying to hard to please him just the way he wanted. Francis threw his head back, moaning silently as Nick serviced the head of his penis by rubbing up hard against the stud’s groin. He purposely clenched his hole, trying to milk the fat member of all its cum. “Oh man… shit…” Francis groaned, holding onto Nick as he continued to thrust into him. “Aww yeah, fuck…” he swore, slowly pulling his cock out of Nick’s hole. He got off of him for a moment and spat on his dick, trying to lube himself up even more. He rubbed Nick’s hole with his wet fingers then let the tip of his cock slip silently inside. “Mmmhh…” Nick moaned, letting the muscular jock slide his thick meat back inside his hole, making his anus expand and shake in pain and pleasure. His hard, rigid head stabbed at his prostate, and then moved further up through him, piercing his body like a long, wooden pole. “Fuuuuuckk!” Francis grunted, his mouth wide open as the twink’s tight flesh engulfed his whole, throbbing dick. The hunk grabbed onto Nick’s waist, trying to pull him closer. He made the teenager groan in ecstasy while the boy’s own dick leaked pre-cum through his jockstrap. Nick closed his eyes and concentrated on the warm, wet cock in his hole, filling him up from behind, while Francis’ entire body held him close. Nick’s anus clenched as Francis pushed, making the hunk wince and moan as the flesh squirmed around his oversized dick. His big, sweaty balls hung low underneath, slapping against Nick’s ass as Francis put his hands through Nick’s head and began thrusting his groin hard against his butt. They whipped back and forth, loose, big and heavy like a bull’s testicles. They were full of testosterone and spunk, fuelling Francis’ ego and making his veins throb and pop with power and rage. “Shit, take my cock, Nick. Take that fucking dick.” Nick looked up at his face, twisting his head back to watch the beefy stud close his eyes in euphoria. He began to sweat as he worked hard to put his wet member inside of the teenager. His abs were flexing, and his arms bulged with muscle as he held onto Nick. His nipples were hard and his rigid pecs were drenched in a film of sweat, making his smooth, tanned body look like that of a god. “UHN!” Nick exclaimed, as Francis thrust into him hard, grabbing Nick by the waist again and piling himself inside. He put his hands on the boy’s back, slowly taking his dick out and then shoving it back inside like he was sticky old sock used for jerking off. Nick felt the cock impale him, treating him like a sex slave and a horny, hungry young man. He wanted the stud’s dick even more, and he needed to be disciplined for his overwhelming desire. “Use my hole, daddy,” Nick told him. “Pound that ass…” Francis got even faster, tapping the boy’s behind quickly with hard force. “Yeah, baby… you like my cock?” Nick tried hard not to let the pain take over his body. He grinded against Francis’ crotch and let the stud’s fluid movements massage his insides. Francis took his spare hand and smacked Nick across his ass, grabbing his neck and thrusting himself deeper inside. “Answer me, Nick. Tell me you want my cock.” Nick nodded, smiling as the jock punished him. “I want it,” he mumbled, making the stud grin as the warm hole clenched his cock. “I want your fat cock deep inside of me.” “Uhhhnnn… you feel amazing on my dick,” Francis said, rubbing his hands over Nick’s sweaty body. Then he swept through Nick’s hair, trying to comfort him as he attacked his backside. Francis slapped Nick’s plump ass once more, turning his pale flesh a bright pink and causing Nick to squeal in pain. Then, the jock put both his hands on the small of Nick’s back, grabbing his waist hard and wrapping Nick’s legs with his own thick, hairy thighs. They flexed with hard muscle and bulky meat, pinning the twink down on the floor as he leaned overtop, thrusting himself deep and fast into Nick’s cheeks, using the boy like he was the last hole on earth for him to fuck. “Mmmmhhh!” Nick moaned, feeling the thick, hard rod of meat penetrate his insides and rip through him. It reached the deepest part of his body, slamming into his bladder and grinding his prostate to a pulp, over and over again. The warmth of their flesh and the friction of Francis’ vigorous movements made Nick’s anus heat up and throb, squirming in pleasure and massaging the stud’s fat, pulsing erection. Francis’ hairy groin pressed hard against Nick’s ass, slapping hard on top of him and throwing a fat sack of nuts around wildly in between them both. It hurt Francis’ balls to fly around so erratically, slapping into hard flesh and getting caught in-between his groin as he fucked Nick hard. But Francis just held onto the twink’s shoulders, trying to brace through the pain like a man and take out his anger and sexual frustration on Nick’s squirms of pleasure and submission. “Dominate me!” Nick begged, feeling the stud pick up his pace. Francis did as Nick asked, putting one hand to Nick’s mouth. He put three fingers inside of him and pulled back on his head through his mouth, stretching out his cheek. “Yeahhh… you wanna be punished like a bad little faggot?” “Uhhnn… yes, daddy,” Nick mumbled, as the fingers filled his mouth and began to choke him. He loved it this way, and he needed more of it. No one fucked him the way Francis did, and he loved him for it. Francis kept rhythmically pumping in and out of Nick’s hole, pulling on his mouth and keeping a tight hold on his shoulder to fuck his tight little ass harder than ever. He groaned and grunted, slapping the twink’s cheeks and ploughing his boner up into his ass as his fingers filled the boy’s mouth. “Uggghhh!” he moaned, grunting as he shoved more of himself inside. “Fuck!” Nick wailed in bliss as the thick erection stabbed his anal cavity. Francis was still clambering over him, putting his whole body overtop Nick and throwing his beefy hand into the teenager’s mouth. He continued fucking, drilling his hole as his cock ripped Nick’s little body apart. Francis’ hard, bulging chest was pressed against Nick’s shoulders, his naked, hairy body warming his bare skin. His abs flexed against his back, tickling Nick and sending shivers up his spine. Nick’s asshole clenched, squeezing the hunk’s dick and making him wince in pain. “Fuckk. You like this, faggot? You like it when I fuck you like that?” Nick nodded, whining again. Sweat dripped down from Francis’ face and landed on his back and neck, running down his body. “Yeahhh, baby. I’m gonna breed your ass, bare. You’re all mine.” He spanked him hard, making his ass bright red. “You belong to me, now. You understand that?” “Yes, daddy,” he replied, wishing every bit of it was true. He belonged to no one else but Francis. The jock owned his hole. “You’re so good to me, babe. You let me do whatever I want. You gonna take this cock like a good boy?” He whined, moaning in thrill as the jock impaled his cock even harder. “Yeah! Breed me!” Francis picked up speed, fucking Nick’s tight little hole. His thrusts were hard and fast, slapping into the boy’s ass so hard that each pounding was like a hard spanking. The fat pole inside Nick’s anus expanded his cavity, ripping through him fast and violently so that his whole body jumped upward, skidding across the floor of the tent with the mans’ powerful movements. Francis pulled Nick’s head back with his large fingers, while pushing them deeper into the boy’s mouth, making him choke and gag. “Uhhhhhhhhnnnnn! Oooohhhhhhh!” Nick moaned, closing his eyes as the pain overtook him, making his dick hard and his balls ache. “Yeaaahhhh! Fuck me!” Francis keep drilling his hole, pounding his little ass at full speed. He was going so fast that the jock had to keep his mouth open, panting for air as sweat dripped off his body like rain. He dug his hand deeper into Nick’s face and then with his other hand, spreading one of Nick’s legs up to better reach his ass while tightening the anus around his erect cock. It gave him more space to fuck, causing Nick’s escort bursa ass to clench in pain. “FUCKKK!” Francis exclaimed, slapping his butt and thrusting deeper into Nick’s hole. “I’m gonna cum!” Nick nodded, looking back at the jock as his whole body jerked. Francis pushed himself up onto Nick, squishing his whole body into the floor. He felt the hunk’s huge erection jerk inside of his ass, stabbing at his bladder as his whole body bucked and his hips gave a mighty thrust into him. Nick heard himself scream in pain and pleasure, probably echoing across the entire forest, announcing to the world that a man was cumming inside of him. Huge, powerful pumps of hot cum filled Nick’s ass, bubbling and oozing it’s way up inside his body. The jock kept thrusting fast and hard, moaning Nick’s name while grunting in pleasure. His thick hairy legs pressed against Nick’s waist and his hard nipples dug into his back. He kept Nick’s ass on his groin, and his fingers in his mouth, still clinging on, fucking slowly and deeply like it was their first time together. “Awwwww…. fuckkk…” he moaned, biting Nick’s earlobe and sucking on it. The sperm filled Nick’s body, squirting all over the place with each thrust. Then, when Francis began to slow down, it started to drip little by little out of his tight boy-cunt. Francis lay over top of him, their bodies flat against one another as the stud fucked him and breathed against Nick’s face. “That was so good…” Nick muttered to him, feeling the jock’s hot, horny breath on his face. “I’ve always wanted to be fucked like that.” Francis nodded, smiling like an idiot. “Well I like fucking your tight little ass, Nick,” he said, making Nick’s heart skip several beats. “There’s nothing I love more.” Nick turned his head to look at him, staring into his deep green eyes, aware that while the man’s hard cock was still far inside his body, their lips were only inches away from one another. “Really? Not even… pussy?” Francis shook his head, looking back into Nick’s eyes. “No,” he said, thrusting hard into him one last time. “Not even pussy can make me cum like that.” Nick and Francis were both blushing, though it was hard to see in the dark. Then, Francis kissed him, sucking on his hot lips and exchanging spit. He breathed hard on him, sticking his tongue against his and wrestling with it, feeling every bit of his mouth. Francis pushed him down again, feeling the boy’s chest and nipples with his hands, then going down to feel his developing abs. Nick suddenly broke free of the kiss. “You’re… still hard,” he said, realizing that unloading his spunk just once may not have been enough to satisfy his manly urge. Francis looked down at his dick, which was only half out of Nick’s hole. Sure enough, the monster was still erect. “Yeah.” “So… you’re still horny, then?” “Are you?” Nick knew the answer. Despite having shot enough pre-cum to look like an actual load, Nick knew that he was too focused on pleasuring Francis to cum himself. “Yes, I am.” Francis grinned, licking Nick’s lips. “Then what are we gonna do about it?” Nick gave him a devilish smile. “Well… since you like my ass so much… why don’t you eat me out, while you fuck my mouth?” Francis looked surprised. “Damn. Sounds hot, but… how would we…” Nick kissed him once more. “I’ll be on top of you, sucking your big dick…” he said to him, feeling the stud’s cock twitch with each word, “while my ass is on your face.” Francis rubbed Nick’s body, feeling his warm, soft skin. “Deal.” Nick instantly began moving, shuffling about in the sleeping bag so that Francis hard, rigid body was beneath his. It was easy to move considering how sweaty the both of them were, and feeling the stud’s hairy muscles brush against him made him even hornier. “A hundred bucks says I can make you cum,” Francis said to him. Nick giggled. “Oh, I believe you.” “Are you doubting my abilities?” Francis asked, spanking him once more as his ass came around his face. He noticed that Nick’s cock was still fully hard for him inside his jockstrap. It turned the stud on. “No, I’m serious,” Nick said. “Make me cum, and I’ll do the same. In fact… I’ll swallow.” Francis rubbed the boy’s ass with his big hands, mesmerized by his plump cheeks. “You got it, dude…” Nick pushed his ass down on Francis’ face, feeling the hunk’s nose and wet lips dig into his crack, licking and spitting his way up and down. The feeling was sensational, and Nick was still surprised at how eager the stud was to eat him out. The jock pecked his fat ass cheeks, licking his soft skin in-between desperate laps of his taint and tight little hole. “Mmmm…” Francis moaned, as he felt Nick’s soft fingers graze over his pink head. It was engorged and sticky with his cum and Nick’s ass sweat. It smelled sweet, like salty jizz and dirty, manly sweat. Nick licked it eagerly, tasting the man’s soft, warm fluids. He felt the jock tremble under Nick’s touch, his skin getting goosebumps. What Nick liked the most was seeing that Francis had been so desperate to fuck him that he hadn’t even waited to take his boxer briefs off before doing it. Nick took them off himself, slipping them down his hairy, muscular thighs so that he could get at the entire length of the stud’s hard dick and loose, bouncing balls. He sniffed his underwear, relishing in the dirty, grimy smells that came with being a guy. Francis, meanwhile, buried his face into Nick’s ass, pulling at his jockstrap and whipping it back against his pink, perky cheeks. He could see the boy’s junk bulging through it, and so he removed his balls and penis from the pouch, aroused by how hard and wet he was. His balls swung back and forth, waiting to let out a load. Seeing it made Francis even harder–giving him a feeling he couldn’t explain. Francis serviced Nick’s shaft a bit, pulling at his hard pole and rubbing him up and down. Nick sighed in pleasure, and feeling the stud stroke his balls was just as heavenly. Then, Francis licked the top of his scrotum, teasing the teenager and making his whole cock jump up in a frenzy. Slowly but surely, the ripped, hairy stud moved his fat, moist tongue up Nick’s hairless taint and into his bare ass crack, pushing away the straps and focusing on his wet, cum-stained anus. It was still full of the jock’s seed. “Uhnnnn… yeah, daddy…” Nick moaned, feeling the man’s tongue tickle his puckering hole. Francis put his entire mouth over his crack, kissing his wet, cum-filled cunt and tasting his sweaty juices with each eager lap. He was loving every little taste of the boy’s anus, and his eagerness made the teenager shudder in bliss, especially as his big hands continued to rub his cheeks up and down, slapping his ass every so often. The sound of his spanks were loud enough to be heard even outside the tent. Then, Nick took the jock’s member into his mouth. Francis’ waist was hairy and muscular, and his dark brown pubes were soft on his face. Francis bucked his hips into Nick’s mouth as he felt the teenager grasp onto his cock with his watering, warm mouth. Nick fondled the man’s balls with one hand, stroking his hairy thighs while using the other to keep the thick, hardening member in his mouth. He played with the man’s balls, watching his veins pop and his muscles twitch with each movement Nick made. Nick finally pulled down Francis’ foreskin, feeling the large head spew more spunk into his mouth. It was scorching hot, and pushed into his throat like a raging bull trying to mate. Nick squirmed and shook as the stud went into his ass, forcing his tongue into his already-full anus, which was leaking with the stud’s thick, oozing spunk. “Mmmm…” Nick groaned, taking in more of the stud’s hard, meaty cock into his mouth. The warmth of the stud’s body made Nick even more horny, and with the two of them pressed against each other, he felt closer than ever to the jock. Nick felt Francis’ groin tense as he really pushed himself into Nick’s mouth, pumping and grinding smoothly into his hole. It went further and further in, reaching the boy’s neck and causing him to choke and cough out pre-cum on his dick. Then, desperate to give the boy a good mouth-fucking, Francis rolled Nick onto his back. He got on top, still sucking hard on Nick’s hole while he had his crotch to boy’s face. He helped keep Nick’s ass and legs up, impatiently biting and licking his bulging ass. Francis also pumped his dick in and out of Nick’s head, fucking his mouth slowly like it was an old sex toy. But Nick loved every moment of it. The rougher Francis got, the harder Nick’s penis became. His erection leaked all over both their bodies, and Nick choked on Francis’ wood some more, slobbering his desperate spit all over his meat. Francis’ hard, heavy body was heaven as it squished Nick. He was pure muscle and testosterone, covered in light dusting of brown hair that made him look like a horny greek god. His hard, hairy abs rippled against Nick’s chest, and his veiny thighs and bulging groin pushed onto his face, making Nick even hornier. Francis could feel the boy’s hole pucker and clench as the feelings overtook his small body. More cum leaked out of Nick’s hole, followed by his own horny juices. The stud used his big hands to massage the boy’s thighs, feeling him up and down as he moved his manly lips all across his crack. He licked all of it, swallowing down the boy’s sweat and then spitting some more back up to lube up his hole as his tongue entered. While he rimmed teenager, his body shook and hardened on top of Nick’s small body. The jock’s big, beefy chest was digging into his groin, and his nipples were pricking his flesh. In fact, Nick’s entire cock was pulsing hard in-between Francis’ two pecs, spreading cum all over the man’s muscular tits. Soon Francis’ thrusting motion became rougher. He drew himself out of Nick’s mouth before pushing back in. His dick was like a large, meaty pipe, forcing itself inside of him again and again, harder and harder like a hydraulic pump. It was a large manly pendulum of hot, veiny muscle. His cock was eight inches of pure man, throbbing and leaking semen with each thrust. “Uhhhnn… Nick,” Francis moaned, taking a moment to feel the twink’s mouth on his fat cock. Then, he licked up the sperm that dripped out of Nick’s asshole. He pulled hard at he boy’s fleshy ass, spanking him hard and squeezing the life from his butt. Nick choked and gagged as the cock attacked his throat, making his eyes water. His nipples got hard as the stud’s balls flew across his face, pounding his nose and forehead again and again. The rigid shaft pushed deep into his mouth, giving the horny teenager just what he needed. “UHN!” Nick yelled, bucking his hips as the stud continued to work his behind. His dick throbbed violently, and Francis felt the scorching member jerk against his pecs. “Ohh fuckkk. You’re gonna cum, I can feel it,” he said, suddenly grabbing Nick’s erection and rubbing it furiously up and down like it was his own. Nick could only nod, as the large member still inside of his mouth prevented him from saying anything. Francis pushed himself even deeper as he watched Nick’s cock jump and twitch with his every touch. He watched in amazement as Nick blew his load. Large, watery pumps of cum burst out of the tip, spewing out like a geyser. Francis slurped up his ass juices, staring at the boy’s warm fluids run down his shaft and leak all over his body, while some of it spread across Francis’ hand and arm. “FUCK!” Nick said, the cock still filling up his mouth. He squirmed and jerked beneath the jock’s hard, muscular body as he came, pushing himself deeper onto Francis’ fat cock. When his ejaculation subsided, Francis looked up from Nick’s ass, wiping the sperm and sweat from his mouth. The sensation of cum dripping down his body, while Nick gagged on his cock, took Francis over the edge. “You ready for me?” he asked weakly, while his boner shook hard in the boy’s mouth. Nick nodded with it still inside, feeling a surge of cum leap through the man’s testicles and into his veiny shaft. Francis fucked his mouth hard, slapping his whole, hairy groin into Nick’s face while his large, swollen balls pounded the rest of his head. He grabbed onto Nick’s ankles, twisting and grinding his whole body against the teenager’s as he came, pummelling his wet lips and hammering away at his desperate hole. He fucked his mouth like a teenage boy mating with a tight virgin for the first time. His hard grunts and horny moans made both their bodies shudder and then, the man began to cum. “FUCK!” The loads of spunk shot out of his cock, spewing hot semen into the teenager’s mouth and hitting his gullet square on. The thick, hot cum filled Nick up, quickly pooling inside of him and beginning to choke the air from his hole. He tried hard to swallow it, but more and more sperm kept taking it’s place, leaking out from between his lips and dripping down his face and chin. He took the massive tool in his hands as Francis continued to thrust into him, unleashing load after load of his seed. Nick gurgled the cum, struggling to take everything in. The hunk’s semen tasted sweet but salty, smooth and creamy on his tongue, but also gritty and manly, just like the testosterone-filled man who had fucked the life out of him that night. Francis rested his hips on Nick’s face for a while before taking his cock out of him. Nick had been eagerly sucking on it while the jock tried to catch his breathe, taking in the softness of Nick’s small body, and the cum they had spread across each other, symbolizing the intense pleasure they’d made in their tent. “Shittt…” Francis moaned, feeling his dick throb in pain after having cum so violently twice within the last twenty minutes. He’d lost track of time, and had no idea how long the two of them had been fucking. Nick whipped the remaining cum from his mouth and looked up at Francis, struggling to get next to him in the humid sleeping bag. The stud swept his hands up Nick’s body, feeling his wet, sweaty body, and the semen that had spread all across it. But he didn’t mind it one bit. “You enjoy that?” Francis asked, pushing his naked body against Nick’s. He helped the boy take off his jockstrap, feeling his sore, perky ass. It still leaked with Francis’ sperm. Nick nodded quickly, feeling Francis kiss his lips before the both of them fell back into their half-sleepy state. “A lot. More than you can imagine. What… about you?” Francis sucked on his lips, massaging Nick’s wet body as he rubbed his own sweaty, meaty muscles against Nick. His cock was just beginning to go flaccid, but he pressed it onto the boy’s butt, and tangled his hairy legs between Nick’s. He hugged him, holding him close in his big arms and bulging, fuzzy chest. “Sex with you is always the best.” Nick smiled, feeling the jock squirm in their sleeping bag, still buck nude, trying to get closer to him. This was the first time that he’d cuddled with Francis after sex–or ever. And to do it naked felt better than everything, making his stomach tingle and his heart pound with hot, excited blood. “Sh-should… we put some clothes on?” he asked, making sure the jock was okay with this. Francis shook his head, his breath smelling like beer and ass. Nick’s ass. “Nah. It’s better this way. So we can keep warm ’till morning.” Nick grinned, gently rubbing his ass up and down Francis’ wet, gooey shaft. “Good idea.” ****************************************** Still way more to come! Email me at ail to let me know what you think and don’t hesitate to send me ideas of what you’d like to read next. If you want to be notified when a new story is uploaded, email me and I’ll put you on a private mailing list. The next chapter will be uploaded some time 1-2 weeks from today, due to my ongoing exams. Thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed! Like this story? Then don’t forget to donate to Nifty to help keep more stories like this posted online.