Journey of a T-Girl Part Eight

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I am a trans girl, meaning, I dress and act like a girl, but I still have my cock and balls and my girlfriend Kate, is a lesbian.  I had never been in a long committed relationship with anyone before, and we were thrilled. Kate was a few years older than me and very much the dominant person in our relationship, which was perfect, as I was always very submissive.Most of our friends were her friends, and we would mainly engage in her favorite activities. That was mostly okay, but sometimes I needed to talk to someone else outside of our relationship.Beverly was one of those people. She was the first person to support me in my trans life and very much a mother figure for me, who, as you know, if you read the other chapters, was also an occasional sexual partner. Kate knew about Beverly, but I was intentionally vague about our sexual relationship.The other person was Max. He was responsible for many of my sexual awakenings. We had a Dominant/submissive online relationship and had met in person on several occasions, which were always fabulous. Kate bursa escort did not know about Max, who I met years before; she just wouldn’t understand. I called him Daddy, and I was his babygirl, I always found it difficult to explain or bring up in the first place,I received a call from Beverly one afternoon asking for my help. Of course, I agreed to help as she had done so much for me in the past.I arrived at Beverly’s and let myself in. The house was quiet except for soft music coming from Beverly’s room upstairs. I slowly opened the bedroom door, making my presence known. I peered inside, and Beverly was completely naked and tied to her bed. She was on her hands and knees; her back was arched, and her cute ass was propped up on some pillows. There was a ball gag in her mouth, clamps on her nipples, and a vibrator pulsating in her shaved pussy. I was confused and excited by this very erotic sight.“Are you alright?” I asked her.Beverly nodded and made a muffled moan.I moved forward and sat beside her on the bed. I reached over and bursa escort bayan pushed the vibrator slowly in and out of her very wet pussy. Beverly moaned through her gag.“Be careful, not to make her cum,” A voice from behind spoke.I wheeled around and saw a naked Max standing there with a hard-on. I jumped up and gave Max a warm hug.“Daddy, what are you doing here?” I exclaimed.“I have a confession to make babygirl, Beverly has been corresponding for about a year now, “Max explained.“What?” I asked, confused, and maybe a little hurt.“We didn’t mean for it to happen; we were just chatting about, both of us caring for you, and then slowly it became more sexual,” Max explained. “We were going to tell you early on, but the longer it was, it seemed harder to tell you.” Max apologized.I felt a bit betrayed. “Why now?” I asked.We didn’t want to lie to you anymore, and we hope you can forgive us?” Max asked.I looked at Beverly and then back to Max. “I am okay. I wish you told me earlier; we could have had so much more fun,” I admitted.Max escort bursa smiled, and so did Beverly. Max hugged me, and I perched up on my tip-toes and kissed him on the lips. “Good girl. Now Daddy needs his babygirl’s mouth on his cock,” Max ordered.I kneeled before him and took his beautiful, shaved, uncircumcised cock in my mouth. I noticed immediately that Max’s cock tasted like pussy. Max had been fucking Beverly just before I came in, which added to the eroticism. Max took a picture with his phone and complimented how beautiful I looked with a cock in my mouth. I loved sucking on Max; his cock had a long foreskin that covered the very bulbous cock head. My favorite was sliding the foreskin back as I took him deeper into my mouth.Max lifted me to my feet and slowly started to undress me. He took off my clothes like he was unwrapping a present. Slowly pulling off my sweater, revealing my lace bra. Then carefully unclipping my skirt. He stepped back and admired my knee-high socks and the matching lace panties that barely covered my hard cock. Max had me turn around and unclipped my bra and kissed the back of my neck that sent shivers up my spine. He then directed me to the bed and had me lie beside Beverly. Beverly finally got a good look at me and smiled through the ball gag.