Jr. Prom 1

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Jr. Prom 1My Jr. Prom-1When I was 8, my family moved from Chicago to the middle of nowherenorthern Wisconsin. Soon after that, I met Bob. We became friends instantlyand have been best friends ever since. We’re 16 and juniors in high schoolnow.He’s a jock and a sports freak. While I’m a science geek and a bookworm. He was 6’1″ and 190 lbs of muscle and built like a jock. While I wasabout 5’8″ and 125 lbs, with a fat ass. My mom was a nurse and my dad was acarpenter. His dad was a farmer and his mom was a teacher.Despite the differences, we hunted, fished and camped out quite often. Wedid all the things 16 year old boys did. Which of course included talkingabout sex, girls and what we wanted from them.He of course had better luck with the girls than I did. He was a horndog……………… All he ever wanted to do was get laid. So he wasalways chasing pussy. While I had only managed to finger a girl twice andalmost got my dick sucked once. He got laid all the time. I didn’tunderstand it, but that’s the way it was.Because of our friendship, I hung out with and got along witheverybody. Jocks, geeks, divas, I mean everybody and so did Bob. Plus, myparents were easy to talk to, very open and very understanding. This wouldplay a key roll in how things unfolded in the next couple of months.But, that’s enough history for now.Prom was a little over 2 months away and it was all anybody was talkingabout. Bob and I were sitting at my house talking about it and my mom anddad told us about how much fun their prom was. How nice the dance was. Howfunny it was when their friend put his name in for prom queen and thenshowed up in a dress. How he could have won if he had only shaved and donehis makeup. Finally they told us about how they went out parking and hadsex for the first time.When they asked what our plans were. I told them that everybody I wanted togo with already had a date. So I wasn’t planning on going. Bob told them hehad just broken up with his girlfriend and wasn’t planning on goingeither. My mom looked at both of us in shock.”You gotta go! It’s your Jr Prom! It would be a shame to miss one of themost important events of your high school career” she insisted.We both shrugged our shoulders and shook our heads.”Maybe one of you should do like my friend did. Put on a dress and you cango as a couple. I bet mom could help with the makeup.” my dad chuckled.Bob smiled at my dad “I’m not sure I wanna wear a dress, but if Jimmy does,I’ll take him to the prom.”I laughed “Like anybody wants to see me put on a dress and show off myhairy legs”Bob chuckled “You’d have to shave your legs, but I think it would be funnyas hell”My dad laughed “Me Too!”My mom just shook her head “You guys are terrible”Bob and I took off after that and went fishing. Except for the fact that wespent most of the time joking about how funny it would be if I really diddress like a girl and go to prom. It was a pretty average fishing trip.============2============For the next few days Bob and I joked about it alot. We even told a few ofour friends that I was thinking of running for prom queen. They all thoughtit was hilarious and assured me they would vote for me.After a few days, the whole school was buzzing about me being the promqueen. Some of the teachers were furious and the principal took me aside totell me I couldn’t run. I furrowed my brow and looked at him closely.”Why not?” I asked.He looked at me sternly “Don’t get smart! You’re not a girl and you can’trun!””The handbook says that the class votes for king and queen. It doesn’t sayit has to be a boy and girl” I remarked with a smile.He got a confounded look and stomped off. I was just joking about beingprom queen, but it made me mad to be told I couldn’t. I fumed about it allday. Now I had to be prom queen just to piss him off.When school was over, Bob and I headed for his truck to head home. He had abig double cab duel wheeled truck from the 70’s. It wasn’t much, but it wasroomier than most cars. It had big bench seats front and back. With lots ofleg room. It was like a go anywhere shaggin’ wagon.Bob could see something was bothering me so he parked out in the woods andsparked a joint. While we smoked, I told him what happened and how pissedoff I was. When I was done bitching, Bob just laughed.”I already told you. Shave your legs and I’ll take you to the prom.” hetold me seriously.I giggled “OK, I’ll talk to my mom tonight.”When I got home, I got online and looked up all the info I could find oncross dressing. I spent about two hours looking stuff up and takingnotes……………… I found out all kinds of stuff about shoes,panties, bras, wigs, clothes, hair removal. Hiding my cock. I was shockedat how much there was to know about being a girl. I had no idea what theywent through.When dinner was ready, mom called me to the table. We started to eat and mymom asked what I was working on so diligently.”I was doing a little bit of research and I was hoping you could help melater.” I told her.”Sure sweetheart. What are you working on?” she asked.I bit my bottom lip. “I was wondering what it would take to dress like agirl so I could run for prom queen”My mom stared at me dumbfounded while my dad started to laugh.”Go big or stay home!” he chuckled.My mom gave him a dirty look. “Don’t encourage him!””I’m sorry honey. But I thought it was funny in high school and I stilldo. If he wants to do it. I say we help him” he said plainly.She looked at me. “Ok. I’ll help you with whatever you need, but you haveto do it like you mean it.””Of course!” I eagerly agreed.”And you’ll do whatever I tell you?” she queried.”Yes!” I said with a smile.She smiled and shook my hand. “OK, we have a deal”============3=============After supper, my mom helped me clear the table, while we talked. She askedabout what I wanted to look like. what color hair and how big I wanted mytits to be. I giggled, told her I wanted big tits but other than that Ididn’t know.She smiled “I should have known. I’ll take care of it.”She got a tape measure. Measured my chest hips and inseam. Then she tookoff. I did the dishes like always then went to watch TV with my dad.”Where did mom go?” I asked.He shrugged his shoulders “To the store I guess”We watched TV for about an hour when my mom walked in with some bags.”Let’s go Jimmy” she said as she walked through to the bathroom.I jumped up and followed her. Once in the bathroom, she closed the door.”Strip” she told me sternly.I looked at her funny, but she was a nurse, so I reluctantly strippednude. She pulled out a can of hair removal cream and started to shake it.”Tell Bob, for the next two months you’re grounded. You’re to be home bydinner time every day and you can’t have visitors.” she explained “I wantyou to spend every spare minute as a girl. I want you to dress like agirl. Talk like a girl. And act like a girl at all times. I want you to beso used to it by the time prom gets here that it will be like secondnature. Your father karaman rus escort and I are even going to start calling you Susan, OK?”I smiled and nodded. She had me stand in the tub, where she proceeded tocover my whole body with hair remover. Everything except my cock, balls,armpits and anus. She explained about not coating them because it wouldburn and that I should finish with a razor. Plus, I was to do this everySat morning until prom. I of course eagerly agreed.Once we waited long enough, my mom gave me a razor and told me to take ashower. When I got in the shower, every bit of my body hair rinsed rightoff. Then I shaved the rest. I was smooth as silk everywhere. It wasamazing.When I was done, I wrapped a towel around my waist and called my mom. Shequickly followed me to my room where all the bags were laid out. The firstthing she had me do was sit on the bed while she pulled out a large set ofsilicone breast forms.I picked one up and examined it closely. It was big soft and bouncy. It hada big puffy nipple with a large areola. I was shocked. It looked and feltjust like the real thing. It was incredible.”Wow, where did you got these?” I asked.Mom smiled “At the hospital. They keep them as a prosthesis for women whohave had breast cancer. They’re a D-cup. I hope they’re big enough foryou.””They’re huge!” I replied emphatically.”That’s what you wanted so that’s what I got” she giggled.She took back the breast. Showed me how to apply the adhesive and how toproperly position them on my chest. Once they were on, they were fuckinggreat. They were quite heavy but they looked, felt and bounced just likereal tits.We practiced talking like a girl for a little while as she put a wig onme. It was flame red with long flowing curls that came about four inchespast my shoulders. It was really quite impressive.When she emptied the rest of the bags on my bed. There was a package of sixlow rise bikini panties. Two pair of low rise jeans. A blue tube top. Ayellow tank top with spaghetti straps. A white lace top that was extremelylow cut in the front. Last, she gave me a note on hospital stationary thatsaid I was to be excused from gym for the next three months.I smiled real big and gave her a big hug. “Thanks Mom”She hugged me back. “Any time Susan. Now hurry up and get dressed so I cansee what you look like.”Then she walked out and left me alone in my room.I put on a white pair of panties and pulled my cock back like I had readabout. I pulled up the jeans. They were a little tight, but not bad. Then Iput on the lace top and looked in the mirror.I had a monster camel toe. Huge bouncy tits and my nipples were so big theypoked right through the lace fabric. It was one of the sexiest things I hadseen in a long time. I looked like just about every hot babe that I everwanted to fuck. I was shocked at how easy it was and thought it was great.I walked into the living room to show mom and dad. Mom said I lookednice……………. Dad made no bones about saying that he thought it wasamazing and that I looked great. I smiled, sat down and watched TV likethat and they called me Susan for the rest of the night.=============4=============The next morning I took off my tits and got ready for school. I put on aclean pair of panties under all my usual clothes. Then I smiled real bigand stuck the note in my pocket. I never liked gym class anyway.When Bob came to pick me up in the morning, My mom pulled me aside.”I have Sat off, so plan on going shopping so we can pick up some morestuff that you need. OK?” she told me.”Cool, that would be great” I said as I smiled and hugged her goodbye.When I jumped in the truck, Bob handed me a joint and pulled out.”Did you ask your mom?” he smiled.I fired up the joint. “I sure did. She wasn’t very happy. For the next twomonths I gotta be home by dinner and no visitors, but she said she wouldhelp me.”Bob laughed “What did your dad think?”I hit the joint again “He thought it was funny as hell. He was the one thattalked her into helping””Figures, he always liked hot T’nA.” he gave me a sly look “Am I takingsome hot T’nA to the prom?”I laughed “I don’t know about that, but I’ll shave my legs for you”He chuckled “I guess that’ll have to do”We finished the joint and headed into school like any other day. I went tothe office and gave them my note. They made all the scheduling changes andtold me to report to study hall.It was like any other day, except that by the end of the day I had beenasked at least dozen times if I was going to run for prom queen. I nevertold them yes or no, I would just laugh and say ok.After school, Bob and I parked in the woods, did some fishing, burned acouple joints and talked about prom. I was planning on surprising him onprom night. So I didn’t tell him what my mom had planned.When I got home, I said hello to mom and dad. Went to my room, strippeddown to my panties, put on my wig and tits. I had quite a bit of troublewith my cock slipping out of my panties while I did this and it caused mequite a bit of consternation. So I finished getting dressed.I put on my low rise jeans and the tube top. I went out like nothing waswrong, set the table and jumped on the computer to look for better ways tohide my cock.I found a couple stories in nifty that talked about taping your cock to abutt plug to keep it restrained. Others talked about rinsing your ass outwith water or a douche to keep it juicy, wet and smelling nice. I thoughtthey were all cool ideas and decided to try them all after dinner.During dinner, I kept catching my dad staring at my tits and smiling. Quiteoften I caught myself doing the same thing so I would just smile back athim. Mom just sat quietly, smiling at both of us. I ate dinner like alwaysand did the dishes like I always did.=============5=============As soon as I was done with the dishes, I set about finding something to useas a butt plug. All I could find was a ping pong ball. Since I had read astory about a butt plug that size, I grabbed it and some tape and headedfor the bathroom.I used the enema bottle to rinse out my ass with water a few times. Then Idouched and started on my butt plug. I taped my cock to it as best I couldand stuck it in my ass. I had some trouble getting it in at first, but onceI fingered myself a little bit, It slid right in.It pulled my cock back so far it just about pulled my cock head in. Ire-arranged my balls and looked in the mirror again. It looked nice andonce I pulled my panties up, it looked great.Just like in the stories.I ran my finger through the crack and suddenly my pussy became more visibleand more defined.I giggled, squatted, reached into my panties, pulled my cock and ballsapart and watched as the smooth fabric folded right into the crack. When Istood up and looked in the mirror again, I had the perfect camel toe. Itlooked like my pussy lips were just about hanging out at the sides and mypanties were pulled way up into karaman rus escort bayan my pussy. I had a nice looking pussy and anawesome camel toe. It was fucking perfect.I pulled up my jeans with a smile and went out to watch TV with mom anddad. The whole time I was watching TV, I was thinking about the stories Iread and how nice it felt when I fingered myself.It was soft wet and juicy just like they said.They also talked about how much fun it was to suck cock and get fuckedwhile dressed as a girl. That made me think about Bob’s last girlfriendLinda. She was one of the new Christians and was proud of being avirgin. Bob told me he never got any pussy, but she would suck him off andlet him fuck her in the ass whenever he wanted. He told me it was good sexand she always put out. Every time I pictured myself doing that, I couldfeel my cock start to get hard.That night, I pulled out the butt plug and put it on my dresser. Then Ijumped in bed wearing nothing but my panties. I laid back, spread my legs,reached into my panties and started to finger myself. It was warm and wetand it felt great. I sniffed my finger and just like the story said, itsmelled like floral douche. I smiled and drifted off to sleep.==============6=============First thing in the morning, I got into the bathroom, rinsed out my ass anddouched. I got the solvent and took off my tits. It was Sat morning, so Idid all the things my mom told me to do. I coated my body with hairremover, waited 10 minutes and jumped in the shower. I shaved my ass crack,balls and armpits. I couldn’t grow whiskers so there was no need to shavemy face. Finally I soaped up and took a shower like I always did.Once I was done, I taped the ping pong ball to my cock again, fingered myass and stuck it in. I put on a clean pair of panties, put my tits back onand headed to my room. As I was standing in the middle of my room wearingnothing but panties, my dad poked his head in. I watched as he eyed me upand down, spending extra time examining my pussy and tits. He had a bigsmile the whole time.”As soon as you’re dressed your mom wants to talk to you.” he told me.I smiled back at him “OK”He gave a little chuckle and closed the door. I quickly put on the tank topand the other pair of low rise jeans. Then I headed for the kitchen to talkto mom. She sat me down, took off my wig, shaved up the back of my neck andon the temples. Then she put the wig back on and carefully applied theadhesive for my tits to the back of my head and temples to hold the wig inplace. Once she did that, it was stuck on like it was my own hair. Ibrushed it as quick as I could and we were out the door.When we got to the mall, the first thing we did was go to the makeupcounter. She told the woman that I had never worn makeup and would she showme how it was done. She also told the woman to help me pick out whatevermakeup I needed.The woman said she would be happy to. She sat me down and began explainingeverything there was to know about makeup. What I needed, why I needed it,what I needed it for and most importantly.How to put it on and take it off.An hour later, I had a bag full of makeup, and I didn’t even recognizemyself. I looked like a whole new person. My mom was of course thrilledwith the way I looked. She told me over and over how pretty I was.Next we went to get shoes. I must have tried on every pair in theplace. When we finally finished, I had 6 pairs of high heels. Three of themhad 4″ heels, two of them had 2″ heels and a cute pair of sneakers.I complained about trying on so many shoes quite a bit. As a guy, I had 2pair. Dress shoes and gym shoes. I didn’t see the point in having so manystyles and colors. My mom assured me it was normal for girls. It wasimportant that we have shoes to fit any outfit or occasion.Next, we went to get some clothes. I was more excited about this thananything else. My mom giggled at my excitement and told me I could only getskirts and tops. Maybe a couple pairs of shorts. Being a guy, I picked outall the sexiest things I could find.My longest skirt came to just above my knees. The shortest was a hot littleblack mini skirt, but most were to about mid thigh. We also picked out acouple short pull over dresses.When we were in the changing rooms trying on the first outfit. My mom wasamazed at how nice my pussy looked. I eagerly showed her what I had doneand told her about rinsing and douching. She thought it was the coolestthing and assured me that she would have extra douches for me.After she saw that, we picked out all the sexiest panties we could findtoo. Almost all were thongs and you could see thru most of them. Some ofthem had saying on the front ‘juicy’ ‘sexy’ ‘burger time’ ‘yummy”breakfast of champions’ ‘where’s the beef?’ We must have gotten 20 pairs.We spent pretty much the whole day shopping. We picked up stockings ofevery color, shoes, clothes, baby doll night gown. Everything a girl wouldneed and lots more than I thought I would ever need. We even got a bunch ofjewelry and perfume.=============7==============When we got home, I turned my cock loose and got on the computer to lookfor more cross dressing tips. I had to find a better way to hide mycock. What I had looked great, but after two hours it wasuncomfortable. After six hours it was unbearable.I didn’t really find anything until I stumbled onto 420chan. There was asection just for cross dressers. As I looked at the posts, I became quiteexcited. I hoped I looked as good as some of the guys that were there. Iknew I looked better than most of them.When I got to some pics of a guy in drag sucking cock and getting fucked Iwas mesmerized. I couldn’t take my eyes off them. My cock got so hard, Icould hardly sit still.I couldn’t stop thinking of all the stories about how much fun it was andhow good it felt. I couldn’t help but to be turned on when I picturedmyself doing what ‘she’ was doing. My thoughts and desires were so strong,I didn’t know what to do about them. I found myself reaching up my skirtand playing with my cock.When I finally tore myself away from the pictures. I found a post called’glue a vagoo’. It had pictures of a guy using super glue to hold his cockback then pull his ball sack over it to look like pussy lips.There were step by step instructions of how to pull your balls up, how tosituate and pull everything and close up pictures. When he was done….. itlooked just like a pussy. He had pictures of everything. Front, sides, legsspread, everything and it looked great.I knew I had to try it.I called my mom over and talked to her about the problem I was having. Ishowed her the pics. We talked about it. The super glue might burn at firstbut wouldn’t hurt anything. She said she didn’t see any problems and to tryit if I wanted. I gave her a big hug and said thanks.We all went to bed early that night. I had a long day so I was wore out. Iput on my new baby doll night gown and smiled. The ruffles rus escort karaman ended just belowmy butt cheeks and the top covered just enough of my tits to cover thenipples. I thought it looked great.I jumped in bed and just about the time I was about to fall asleep, I heardmy parents going at it. As I listened I thought about the pictures andbegan to stroke my cock. Mom was being more vocal than usual so my dad musthave been giving it to her good.I got so turned on listening to them I was rock hard. I got a big smile andimagined what it would be like to be her. I could be laid back with my legsspread while my dad was fucking me silly. I could almost feel him insideme. The thought of it was so erotic, I came almost instantly.As I came I watched it shoot out and collect in my hand. The image of a’girl’ with a mouthful of cum or dripping out ‘her’ ass flashed into mymind. I thought about what a rush it would be to have somebody do that inmy ass or mouth. I smiled real big as I licked up and swallowed cum for thefirst time.As I drifted off to sleep, I was listening to my parents going at it hotand heavy, and thinking about how good my first taste of cum was.==============8============In the morning I got up about 4:30. I was so excited about trying my newvagoo that I couldn’t sleep. I told Bob I would be busy all weekend so Iknew I had all day.I rushed into the bathroom, rinsed and douched. I took a quick shower andjerked off again. Since we didn’t have any super glued I grabbed theadhesive for my tits. I figured it would be better anyway. It was pliablelike rubber cement, plus it was flesh tone so it was easy to hide.I was having trouble getting things together at first because my cock wasalways getting loose. I decided to cheat by putting in my butt plug. Itworked perfect, it pulled my cock back and held it in place while I pulledmy balls up and stretched the sack around my cock. I put the glue under mycock and followed the instructions to the letter.When I finished, I was thrilled. It looked just like a pussy and just likethe pictures. When I took off the butt plug I was even more thrilled. Mycock disappeared inside itself like a turtle into it’s shell.There was no sign of my cock or balls. There was no indication that I hadever had a cock or balls. Not only that, it looked just like avagina. There were curled up folds of skin similar to an uncircumcised cockand an opening. I could even stick my finger into it almost to the secondknuckle. It was fucking amazing. Plus it was so comfortable, it seemednatural….I brushed my hair in the nude. The whole time I was staring at myself, Icouldn’t believe how hot I looked as a redhead. I watched my tits jiggle,sway and bounce when I moved. They looked so hot. They were almost as goodas real ones, but my pussy was all me! I could examine it as close as Iwanted and it was all real. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at.I had the hottest little pussy I had ever seen!!I didn’t have near the camel toe that had and you couldn’t fuck it, butother than that it looked just like any other pussy. I could walk aroundnude. I could get felt up. I could even get fingered a little bit and therewould be no way to know I wasn’t a girl.I squealed with delight and put my night gown and panties back on.=============9==============I walked into the kitchen to get breakfast and talk to mom. What I foundwas my dad sitting in his underwear drinking coffee. My dad did that everyday from 5 till just before 7 when he went to work. I looked at the clockand it was 5:30. I had forgotten how early I got up.”You’re up early” he said with a big smile.I smiled “Yeah, I couldn’t sleep”I got a glass of orange juice and sat at the table with him. We talkedabout what I was doing and he told me how nice I looked. He told me I waseven prettier than mom was when she was 16. I just blushed. He told me hethought it was funny when I said it at first, but now he couldn’t wait tosee me in a prom dress. I blushed again.I got up to get some cereal and poured coffee for my dad when he asked. Mydad and I continued to talk about the usual things as he drank coffee and Iate breakfast. Every time I got up he would ask for coffee and I would getit for him.At 6 when my mom finally came out in a bath robe, I was just finishing withbreakfast. She leaned over to give my dad a kiss, looked down and smiled.”Rise and shine” she giggled as she kissed him.She sat down and asked me to get her some coffee. While I got her coffeeand cleared my place she asked if I had tried what we talked about.I smiled real big “I sure did!””How did it work?” she asked.I put the last of the stuff in the sink.”I gotta show you! Come here!” and headed for my room.She got up and followed close behind me. I closed the door and stripped offmy panties.”Wow” was all she said.I sat on the bed and spread my legs to give her a good look and told hereverything. I told about the glue. I told about the plug. Where my nutswent. How I pulled the sack around from the sides. How my cock pulled backinside itself. How comfortable it was. I even showed her how far I couldstick my finger in.She smiled, took off her panties, sat on the bed and we comparedpussies. After a short time, she put on her panties, told me to get dressedand left.I picked out a tiny pink thong, short denim skirt and a tight white tanktop. I put on my makeup and nail polish and headed to the computer. Mom anddad were nowhere to be seen so I looked up more dirty stories. No soonerdid I start reading, than I heard my parents banging around while my momsquealed like a tea pot.For the next 2 hours I sat and read stories about guys who were having thetime of their lives dressing in drag and being used as a woman. They talkedabout how much fun it was to turn guys on, get fucked and get off insidethem. They talked about how erotic it was to suck cock and what a feelingof satisfaction and accomplishment they got from swallowing a mouthful ofcum.While I read the stories and listened to my parents fuck. I was fantasizingabout sucking Bobs cock or letting him fuck me. I was so turned on and itwas so vivid, I could almost taste and feel his cock in my mouth. I hadseen it in the locker room a million times and now I wanted to suck it inthe worst way.I fantasized about kneeling in front of him. Pulling his hard cock out andsucking on it. I imagined him grabbing my head and fucking my throat. Untilhe finally fills my mouth with ball juice and watches me swallow it.I was so turned on and so horny, I couldn’t stand it. I wanted to reach upmy skirt and play with my cock so bad I thought I was going to die. Sinceit was glued up like a pussy, the best I could do was grind my crotchagainst the corner of the chair. It wasn’t a total waste tho. I sorta hadan orgasm and it was enough to satisfy me for a little while.While I continued to read and fantasize about taking care of a bunch ofstiff cocks. I began to caress my pussy again. When I got to where myvagina should have been, I was shocked to find a big wet spot. I reachedinto my panties and stuck my finger into the opening and it was wet andjuicy…. I smiled real big when I did that. My pussy was a wet juicy holejust like any other pussy. When I pulled my finger out I could see it wascovered in cum and licked it clean.