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Subject: Rooming with my Best Friend Chapter 8 ROOMING WITH MY BEST FRIEND — JUNIOR 8 ****************** Warning: The usual disclaimers apply here. If you don’t like any of the following, leave now: gay sex, vulgar or harsh language or underage wherever you are reading this. Please leave now!! This is pure fiction. No one in this story is a real person, living or deceased. Please do not copy without my consent. Action will be taken against those you do copy my story! If you wanna write me, please do so at: hoo. ***************** LABOR DAY WEEKEND… FIRST GAME OF THE YEAR So far, everything was going very well for us to start out our Junior year. Kris was pissed at first that he wasn’t notified about Scott’s wreck but then realized it was best that he didn’t know or find out until afterwards. Scott’s car wasn’t totalled and was in the shop. My classes had been what I expected and looked to be challenging. I had really enjoyed working for Mr Jackson, who had things lined up for me each time I worked. Friday, Scott, Jordy and I had been to the Rec Center together to enjoy our weekly swim. They came to my apartment after we were finished and kicked back. “So when’s your car gonna be ready?” I asked. “Hopefully this time next week,” Scott replied and signed to Jordy. “Looking back, Jess and I were so lucky.” “You were,” I said. “They’ll probably never find out who did it. If they do, that son of a bitch will get all sorts of charges,” Scott said. “No doubt he will,” I said. “I take it we’re all set to tailgate in our old parking lot with Jess, Tabor and Chase?” Scott said. “We are. Kris said his parents will be bringing most of the food, with my Mom bringing some too,” I said. “I know you’re excited to see your Mom and her boyfriend,” Scott said with Jordy taking it all in. “I am. She’s really coming to see my place, though Vince does enjoy the games. Ted was awesome in getting them some tickets,” I said. “Jordy, so what’s the deal between you and Brad?” After Scott signed and Jordy replied, Scott said, “We wish we knew. Jordy thinks he’s letting him down easy before breaking up with him. Like Jess, Brad sees there’s a ton of work and responsibility with being an RA.” “Don’t worry, Jordy. There are a lot of cute guys around,” I said. “He knows, but few like Brad,” Scott replied. As we were talking, Corey came in the door. It was strange that he was home so early on a Friday. “Hey wassup?” Scott asked Corey. “They let me go early. Hey, I succeeded and got Tabor a job. He’s working right now as we speak,” Corey replied. “That’s awesome,” I said and waited until Corey took a seat before delivering his welcome home kiss. “Jordy wants to know, if you two break up can he have Corey?” Scott laughed. “I am fond of hot guys with great tans, kick ass bodies and big dicks,” Corey laughed. Jordy smiled and grabbed his crotch. We laughed and continued to talk. Corey said Kris should be off early as well since both had put in a lot of hours this week. Corey had worked every day since Sunday, with Kris off only on Tuesday. As we were talking, Jordy left and said he’d see us shortly before going to the pep rally. Colt and Kris came in the door together. Colt walked over and patted Corey on the shoulder. “Thanks. Kris told me you made sure Tabor got the job before anyone else,” Colt said. “I was helping out a few friends,” Corey said. “Corey told them he wanted Tabor and put his foot down,” Kris said. “I was sick of having those damn scrubs there just to draw a check. I hope Tabor doesn’t let me down,” Corey said. “I’ll be all over his ass if he does. You stuck out your neck for him. He did call me and thank me for getting him the job,” Colt said. “He came right in and started doing whatever someone told him,” Corey said. “Bros, tonight I’d say we leave about eight to head over. Then tomorrow we should be at the parking lot no later than twelve thirty,” Kris started with his plan. “Sounds good to me,” Scott said. “Are your folks coming, Scott?” Colt asked. “Nah, but Trevor’s coming so he can see Reese,” Scott said. “He’s staying with me though.” “Bro, he should shack up with Reese and get his little ass some,” Kris said with a big smile. “I don’t know if Trevor and Reese are even fucking or not. By the way Trevor tells it, they aren’t,” Scott said. “Unlike his brother,” Kris joked. “Fuck, I wish I was. I appreciate the times I do get some of Jess,” Scott stated. “He does have his hands full, but Chase says he’s finding out who are the good ones,” Colt said. “Matt, any word on when you’re rolling in more dough?” Scott asked. “Hopefully next week sometime. My lawyer is looking things over,” I replied. “And drawing his fee,” Corey added. “Matt wants to make sure it’s done legally and right,” Kris said and I agreed with him. At eight, like Kris wanted, we were ready and raring to go. We debated on driving but walked instead. I’d say there were over a dozen of us heading to be a part of the pep rally to begin the new football season. I was excited about it and anxious to see what it was about. We walked on campus and saw the gathering at the amphitheater. It made sense to hold it there since I didn’t know what else it was used for. I had passed it several times over the course of the past two years and wondered how it was utilized. We were in the center of the mass of students with it being rather dark. At 8:30, the pep band started playing the fight song to energize the crowd. The cheerleaders came out and led us in a few cheers to further excite the crowd. Things went dark before lasers lit up near the stage area. Smoke followed to fill the area. I was able to make out four people walking across the stage while the laser show continued. The lasers stopped before the lights were turned on the stage. On stage were Luke, Ted, another player and the head coach. We now screamed out our lungs when they announced Ted and Luke’s name while they were wearing their jersey tops. It appeared like Ted and Luke were almost embarrassed to be there. Once the screaming ended, the head coach took the mic and began speaking. Of course it was nothing but high praise for the team and his lofty expectations for the season. Coach handed the mic to Luke. “Five words is my bet on the max he says,” Colt said to us. Luke did say more than five words before handing the mic to a lineman. At first glance I thought it was Mike, who was in my class with Ted, but it was another guy who was just as big. He had a great speaking voice and really knew how to fire us up. Next it was Ted. He was looking at his feet before speaking, “Thanks for all y’all coming out tonight. I promise you I’ll give my best effort each play. Hope you come tomorrow to see us kick some ass!” Kris and Colt were yelling at the top of their lungs at Ted. They weren’t the only ones. The pep rally ended with the fight song being played again while the four gaziantep travesti exited the stage. “That was fun,” Kris commented. “Yeah it was,” Shawn said. “I don’t know why we didn’t come before now.” “Me either,” I said while we started walking away. “Now it’s party time at our place tonight,” Alex said with Elise by his side. “It is,” Kris said with Megan there with him. She and Andrea had found us before the pep rally began. We walked back and headed to Alex, Bishop and Tom’s apartment with Scott’s apartment next door for the overflow. We started in Bishop’s place but I saw how crowded it was and retreated to Scott’s since it was less crowded. I’m sure the other tenants didn’t know what to make of us, but so far everyone had been cool. After a while, I started looking around and noticed Corey had left me. I walked back over and saw him coming back from the patio area with Kris and Colt. “I’m right here,” Corey said. “You’re fine. I thought maybe I was missing something,” I said. “Bro, unleash that lock and let him breathe a little bit,” Kris said with a beer in his hand. “We were catching a little fresh air.” I left and went back over to Scott’s. Tom had made his way over too and was shaking his head. “Are you okay?” I asked. “I’m good. I just needed to get away,” he replied. “I can handle it at times, but tonight I felt that urge inside of me and needed to escape. Thank goodness we’re taking up two places tonight,” he said. “We told you to expect crowds,” Scott said. “I know and I have enjoyed being around everyone. It’s really a cool and eclectic group of people,” Tom said with just him, Scott, Madison, Garrett and Brennan in the apartment. We watched TV and did have a few who drifted over. I let Corey stay next door and enjoy his night. The last thing I needed was a nasty hangover with Mom and Vince coming the next day. Our party started breaking up about midnight with the hardcore souls hanging in there. Corey came and asked if I was ready to leave. I was more than ready but had enjoyed my night. We left and went to our place with Kris, Colt and Andrea. Megan stayed around for a while but left since her family was coming to the game and she wanted to be at her place when they arrived. We were there not five minutes when Andrea got up to leave as well. “Andrea, please stay,” Colt begged. He had enjoyed a few by the look in his eyes and the smell of him. “Colt, deal with it. I’m going back. I told you I was tired,” Andrea stated strongly. “Fuck it then,” Colt said. “I have Kris.” Kris slung his arm around Colt. “Damn right you do.” “Fine, I hope you enjoy his ass,” Andrea said and left. I glanced over and saw Colt wasn’t real happy. “Colt, that’s what you get for running your mouth,” Corey stated. “Fuck you too, Corey,” Colt said. “I was just kidding. Damn!” Corey said. “Let’s just call it a night. I can see everyone is on edge, plus I see three guys who have had just a little too much to drink,” I said. “Bro’s right. My ass is exhausted,” Kris said. We stood to leave and heard Colt’s phone ringing. He answered it and started screaming into his phone. Kris tapped him on the shoulder, “What’s the deal?” Colt covered his phone, “Fucking Chase and Tabor are out at a party and need a ride.” I held out my hand. “I’m sober and will go get Brennan to go with me since he wasn’t drinking either tonight.” Colt’s phone hit my hand. I heard Chase on the phone and found out where he was at. He was at a frat house on the other side of campus. I hung up and handed the phone back to Colt. “Sorry ass motherfucker!” Colt stated. “Bro, we’ve been there. Chill!” Kris said. “Just what I needed,” Colt said. “Well I’ll be back shortly,” I said. “I’m going with you,” Colt said. “Then I am as well. Colt, I don’t want you cussing his ass out when you’re not sober either,” Kris said. “But I’m not a dumbass and go out like he did,” Colt said. “Kris, I’m sorry but my car will only hold so many,” I said. “Matt, you’re going to drive Chase’s truck back to the dorm,” Colt said. I wasn’t thinking right at the time and knew Colt was right. I called Brennan to see if he was available. He understood and would be over in a flash. We headed out and found the crowded frat house. I drove slowly by and saw Tabor and Chase waiting by the curb. I found a parking spot, parked and got out with instructions for Colt and Kris to stay in the car. “Thanks Matt,” Chase said with the combo of alcohol and maybe weed on his breath. “You’re the best,” Tabor said and was hammered with his shirt off in his hand. I stuck out my hand and took Chase’s keys. We walked to Chase’s truck and saw Colt coming our way. “Chase, what the fuck?” Colt yelled. “Colt, get back in the car,” I said. “Fuck off, Matt. This is my brother,” Colt said and almost fell down. “Colt, I admitted I fucked up. There was beer everywhere…” “Fuck yeah!” Tabor said. “I don’t give a flying fuck…” Colt said loudly. I knew something bad could happen. I got between them. “Colt, he had enough sense to call you. Please let me handle this.” Colt walked away and was pointing his finger back, “Chase, this is the last goddamn time!” Brennan and Kris got out of the car and grabbed Colt. I got in Chase’s truck with the two getting inside as well. “Chase, don’t listen to him. You made the right call. He’s wasted too.” “Fuck yeah Colt’s wasted,” Tabor said and laughed. “Shut the fuck up, Tabor,” Chase said. I drove off with Brennan following me. Tabor stuck his head out the window but Chase was there to pull him back in as I drove. I wasn’t used to his truck, or any truck, but it was just a short drive. “Guys, when we get to the dorm, run inside. I have a feeling Colt wants more trouble,” I said. “I don’t get him,” Chase said. “Chase, your brother is the best,” Tabor said and clung to him. “Just hurry up and get us there before I kick Tabor’s ass,” Chase said. We arrived at the dorm. I found a place to park and told them to hit the ground running. My plan worked to perfection since Colt was about to get out and continue after them. Brennan drove my car back. I had to listen to Colt run his mouth the entire time. I thanked Brennan before we headed inside. Colt left in a rush and ran into the apartment. He barely made it to the bathroom before starting to puke his guts up. I went to our bedroom and found Corey sound asleep in our bed. I came out and saw Colt in the bathroom asleep at the toilet. I motioned to Kris for help. We carried him to his room and threw him on his bed. Kris was drunk but he was functional. Saturday, I woke early and started tidying up the apartment. It wasn’t messy but I wanted to make sure it was very neat and orderly for my Mom and Kris’s parents as well. While I was having breakfast Colt came out and looked like a truck had run over him. He headed to the cabinet and found the pain reliever gaziantep masaj salonları along with a big glass of water. “Thanks Matt. Was I too bad last night?” Colt asked in his boxers. “You were. You went off on Chase. I know he’s your brother but give him a break. I remember a few nights where you passed out. At least he had sense enough to call you. He knew he made a mistake.” “I don’t know why that went all over me…” “You were drunk, plus Andrea had basically rejected you. I did tell him he could call me anytime he needed to. We need to be there for him, Tabor and Reese and show them how things are done. I was proud that Chase didn’t think he was sober enough to drive. He really wasn’t that drunk, unlike Tabor.” “I will tell him to call anytime. I should be proud that he had enough sense to call. Then I acted like an ass.” “I told them to run when we got to the dorm,” I said and saw Kris walk across and go into my bedroom. “That’s odd.” “What’s odd?” Colt asked. “Kris going into my bedroom,” I replied and walked to see what was going on. I opened the door and saw two heads turning my way. “We were getting our shit straight for today,” Kris said quickly. “Yeah, he wants to make sure we have everything in place. I was telling him we needed to go find Mike,” Corey said. “Bro, we sure do,” Kris said, but I could tell Corey had made the last part up. “No, something is up between y’all. I can feel it,” I said. “Trust me, bro, nothing is up at all,” Kris stated. We hung around and dressed for the game with the three trying to recover from their night. At 11:30, Mom called to tell me she was on her way and needed good directions. I did the best I could before handing the phone to Kris since he knew street names. Twenty minutes later I heard a knock at the door. I walked over and saw Mom, Vince, Walt and Jenny at our door. I could see they were all eyes while they entered our apartment. “You can tell Matt makes them keep it clean,” Walt said. “Are we sure Kris even lives here?” Jenny asked. “Just stay out of my bedroom,” Kris joked before giving them a big hug. I hugged Mom and shook Vince’s hand. “Matt, this is so nice. I’m so proud of you,” Mom said. “There shouldn’t be four college guys living here,” Vince said before greeting Corey and Colt. Mom hugged Corey’s neck before we took a seat. “Okay, where do you hide the keg?” Walt asked. “Dad, just wait until February,” Kris laughed. “I can’t even imagine,” Jenny said, rolling her eyes. “I can,” Colt said. “Come back in the spring and those counters will have every liquor bottle you can imagine.” “Damn, Colt,” Kris said. “I’m surprised it isn’t now,” Walt stated. “I will say this place is very nice and has Matt’s doings all over it. No way would Kris hang a picture unless it was a beer sign or something.” “Mom, I told you I’d find the perfect place for my poster of the Van Gogh,” I said and pointed. “You sure did,” she said. “I had seen the pictures but I’m in shock. Their kitchen is nicer than mine.” We sat around until deciding to head over to the parking lot. We did have to park a little ways from it but were pretty close. The lot was beginning to fill with tailgaters, but it was mostly college kids and their families like us. We found Chase and Tabor’s trucks side by side and began unloading the food for us to eat. I did worry if our friends would find us or even make the effort. As we were sitting around Kris headed off in search of Mike. Colt headed up to get his brother. Chase and Tabor came down and saw we were set up. I wasn’t sure Mom knew them so I introduced them to her and Vince. We sat around and chatted. I could see Mom was elated to be here and be a small part of this. She really didn’t cling to Vince like I expected, but then again she was older now. First to show up at the tailgate party was Scott. He said hi before heading up to get Jess. Then two guys walked up and started chatting with Chase and Tabor. Walt invited them to stick around since there was enough food to feed the masses. In waves, our friends began arriving, with no sign of Kris. I looked and saw Andrea walking up with two of her friends. Then we heard Kris before we saw him. He came walking back with Mike and Mike’s parents. It was easy to see the big smile across Mike’s face with Kris at his side. With about twenty around, we started in on the feast. Walt and Jenny had gone all out, with lots of chicken, ribs and all the sides you could ever want along with lots of cold drinks. We stood around and crammed our mouths full of the great tailgating fare. Mike was right in the middle of us. We treated him like we would anyone else that came along. Sure some didn’t know him but they saw Kris’s big heart on display. As we were eating, Corey patted me on the shoulder and pointed. I saw Bryson walking our way. He was wearing dark shades with a trimmed beard. The sight of him caused an uproar. We stopped eating and went over to greet him. “Bro, do you miss us?” Kris asked. “Miss you?” Bryson replied. “I do right now, but not come November and December.” “You know you got lucky,” Colt said. “I heard,” Bryson stated. “Guys, I’m sorry I pulled out at the last minute. I just didn’t have it in me to continue.” “You’ll regret it,” Jess said. “I might, but I’m still young,” Bryson said. “For now I’m happy and not worrying about classes and all the shit to do. I found a great job that has great possibilities for the future, if only the housing market turns around. When it does, I’ll be rolling.” After we finished eating, with Bryson grabbing a plate, Mom pulled me aside and walked away with me so we could speak in private or as much as possible. “Matt, so you know we are leaving as soon as the game is finished.” “Oh Mom, I was hoping you could at least stay a little while.” “Son, I appreciate that but we’ll need to get back. I can tell you don’t need me around.” “That’s some crap. I’ll always need you around.” “Matthew, I know you do, but we need to get back like I said. Vince has said we’ll come again and bring VJ to show him around. I’m really impressed with your apartment. I know how you went on and on how nice it was but you didn’t go far enough.” “I’m proud of it as well.” “So, is everything set with Larry’s house?” she asked. “I think so, unless something comes up. Mom, I’ve been thinking and want to give you some of it too. You’ve helped me out so much.” “Matt, you keep the money and spend it when you need it. You deserve it, plus I have about everything I need.” “A new kitchen would be great,” I said. “It would, but it can wait,” she said. “Any wedding bells yet?” I said raising my eyebrows. Mom laughed, “Not yet, but there has been discussions about it. I’ll let you know if and when that occurs. You’ll be the first to know.” Mom and I walked back. The others had out a football and were tossing gaziantep escort bayan it around the parking lot. Megan had made her way over to see Kris’s parents. It was a challenge getting Kris away to even introduce her to his parents. About an hour before kickoff, we cleaned things up to make our way to the game. It would be a familiar walk, but longer than last year. Now there were people everywhere you looked coming to the game dressed in our team colors. I did spot a lot of jerseys displaying Ted’s number 48 being worn by the fans, including Mike with a new one as well. Walking up, I passed the same spot where I heard my dad call my name almost two years ago. A smile came on my face remembering that event since we did reconnect. I said goodbye to Mom but told her not to leave before I said one last goodbye. We stood in line with our student passes. “I’m pumped for the season,” Colt said. “Colt, are they going to be that good this year like everyone expects?” Bishop asked. “Bro, they are going to be even better,” Kris replied. “I can feel it.” “No, you’re still feeling that hangover from last night,” Shawn joked. “You aren’t cause your ass is used to it,” Kris fired back. “Fuck that,” Ethan said. “A hangover is a hangover.” The guy behind us said, “I agree there.” We made it inside the stadium and went straight up to claim our seats. We were a little higher up than normal with a lot coming early to get the better seats. We filled our rows with sun beating down on us. Slowly shirt after shirt started being removed with mine off as well. We garnered some looks and took it as compliments of our hard work. Before kickoff, I looked up and saw Reese and Trevor coming in our direction with two more behind them. We managed to squeeze together and allow them to join us with Reese next to me. He introduced his roommate Brax and his boyfriend David. I had to agree with Reese in the fact that his roommate was a real little hottie with blond hair and big blue eyes. His boyfriend looked Hispanic and was cute as well. “Glad you could make it,” I said to Reese. “We did because Scott told us where you were or else we’d been stuck down below,” Reese said and leaned over to me. He whispered, “This is Brax’s first football game.” I nodded and knew the feeling of not knowing what to expect. “Tell him just to act crazy and no one will know the difference.” With the band playing, the team entered the field and were fired up. Reese tapped me on the shoulder and pointed out Ted in the middle of the big football players. Ted’s friend Todd kicked off to start the season. The other team returned the ball to the thirty yard line to start the game. We were standing and yelling our lungs out. I looked over to see Brax just standing there with his shirt off and showing off his cute body. Reese leaned over and told him to at least act like he was excited. The second play of the game Ted was there and leveled the running back for a loss. All of us were excited and high fiving each other with Tabor turning around to high five Reese. The next play the quarterback dropped back. I spotted Myles on defense and saw him going after the ball when it was thrown. It was well out of his reach but he gave it a nice try. Ted patted Myles on top of the helmet before they ran off the field together. Now it was time for Luke to take over the offense. His attempt was a little high but the next one was a bullet that led to a big gain. After three more plays, Luke dropped back and looked like he was going to take a loss but got away. He fired the ball down field to a wide open receiver who caught it and walked into the end zone. It was an easy score. “It should be like this all game,” Colt said. “I feel a royal ass kicking coming.” By halftime, Colt was right. The score was twenty seven to nothing, with Ted making lots of plays. Myles did get his name called a few times as well on defense making a few tackles. On offense, Luke was on target and was having a great game. We were able to sit down and rest our legs. Shawn, Garrett and Kris were brave and headed off to get something to drink. I was talking with Corey and Scott and heard Reese laughing. Reese whispered in my ear, “Brax thinks all of you are hot, especially you and Colt.” I smiled, “He’s hot too.” It took a while before we saw the three returning with drinks. The game had resumed and still was a blow out. It didn’t matter to us while we were standing and enjoying it. To start the fourth quarter, I got a call from Mom saying she would be leaving in the next five minutes. Now the excitement was drained from us in the heat and the fact our friends were out of the game. Once I said I was leaving, everyone followed in behind. We made our way and found Mom, Vince, Walt and Jenny waiting where they said they would be. I gave Mom a big hug and thanked her for coming. Kris hugged his parents as well before we separated to walk back. “Big party tonight again,” Kris said. “Hell yeah,” Tabor yelled. Colt whipped his head around but Kris grabbed him. “We can keep an eye on them.” “Okay then,” Chase agreed. We did say goodbye to Reese and his crew. I saw Scott talking with Trevor before he and Jess returned. Jess said he couldn’t stay long and needed to be on the watch tonight after the first game. We entered our cool apartment due to the fact no one ever turned up the AC before they left and the other three liked it that way. I headed to my room and wanted to take a shower to freshen up. Corey came in and joined me to shower. I was in my dresser looking for my mesh underwear and couldn’t find them. I assumed they were dirty, though I didn’t recall wearing them recently. I put on some others while noticing Corey was putting on khaki shorts and a nice shirt. I threw on some comfortable athletic shorts. “You’re going to run around in that?” Corey asked. “I am. Give me one good reason why I should wear something different to just hang out,” I replied. Corey walked over and pulled out a nice pair of shorts, “I want you to wear these.” I looked at him. He was acting so weird. “Okay then.” He handed me a shirt to put on as well. He reached on the dresser and grabbed my wallet and keys. “Dammit Corey, what is going on? Are we leaving?” “Just come with me,” he replied and took my hand. We walked out with our apartment crowded. “Have a good time,” Kris said. “Huh?” I asked with Corey pulling on me. “Enjoy,” Colt said, waving to us. Corey had me out the door and shut it behind us. “Do you mind explaining to me what is going on here?” I asked. TO BE CONTINUED… I hope you enjoyed `Junior 8′ in my long running series of “Rooming with My Best Friend”. 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