Just for a read

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Just for a readWe are sitting in a restaurant waiting for our waitress to arrive since we just got there. You are wearing a thin, flowered cotton dress and nothing else. anyone who looks at you can see that your nipples are very hard and are begging for attention. As if that isn’t bad enough however, I reach over and pinch one then the other to make sure they stay good and hard like I like them. I am wearing a pair of pants that don’t hide a bulge well and a nice shirt. I sit there next to you waiting for the waitress to come by to take our orders. Since I feel that I have a good few minutes until she arrives I reach under the table and put my hand under your skirt, slipping two fingers into you and pumping them back and forth lightly while rubbing the clit with my thumb. You are soaking my hand and the seat. I hope you don’t leave a mark on that pretty dress. as We are sitting there and I am fingering you, you can see a bulge form in my pants. knowing the waitress is going to arrive soon I take my fingers out of you and then put them to your face so you could suck your own juices off of them. You look so sexy tasting yourself. I decide who cares what the waitress sees and put my hand down the top of your dress, holding one of your huge tits in my hand. It feels so good and warm. I am rolling the nipple under my palm. When the waitress gets there she blushes knowing what we are doing. She doesn’t say anything other than to take our order but I can tell from the look in her eyes that she is enjoying what she sees. after she takes the menus I continue playing with your nice tits. You mention to me that you noticed how the waitress looked. You also notice that she is hot and wouldn’t mind having a go with her. After you tell me your feelings you reach over to me and unzip my pants, and pull my cock out right there. your hand feels so good on my cock. your hand fits me perfectly. I love the softness of your skin and the warmth of your body. you slowly begin to stroke me. About twenty minutes later the waitress gets to our table with our food. she can clearly see what you are doing and since we are sitting in a booth in the back where it is very difficult to see from anywhere else in the restaurant(which you chose the seat for this very reason) you give the waitress a little wink and bend down in the booth and take my cock in your mouth türbanlı niğde escort sucking lightly. You don’t want to make me cum, you just want to tease the cute looking waitress. you can see that she is idly rubbing the crotch of her uniform, almost as if it were some savage instinct. After she leaves us you stop sucking and put my cock back into my pants so we can eat, even though I rather be eating something else. As we are eating you ask the inevitable question. “What do you think of her?” I tell ya that I thought she was cute. You ask if I would like to fuck her and tell me that you certainly would. I tell you of course I would, she is cute enough. But of course I mention how she is not half as sexy as you are. when she comes with the check at the end of dinner you ask her what time she gets off, she says 8 o’clock and asks why. You tell her that you are curious. you give me a pleading look when she is gone and I tell you it’s alright with me if it’s alright with you. We have done this before. We are such nymphos. As I am laying out the money for the bill you write down a little note about how the waitress should come to our house to collect her tip and you include directions. We then leave the restaurant to go home and wait. While sitting at home drinking wine at 9:00 pm we hear a knocking at the door. It’s the waitress, you invite her inside and offer to take her coat. You ask her her name and she tells you it’s Monique. When Monique comes in I offer her a glass of wine and a seat next to me. she takes the wine and sits down. She says to me that she is nervous and has never done anything like this before. I tell her it’s ok and that we are professionals. I then give her a quick kiss and tell you to join us at the couch. You sit with us. God I feel so special. two beautiful women, one on either side of me. both hot enough to fuck for days. As we are sitting there you ask Monique what she does as a hobby and make general small talk. Eventually the conversation turns to sex and you ask her if she has ever tried another woman before. She says that she hasn’t but has always wanted to give it a shot. You tell her you are glad because of the way she is affecting me. You then unzip my pants and pull my cock out and show Monique how hard I am. Since you see she is a little shy you take türbanlı niğde escort bayan her hand and put it on my cock. She is not too shy after that. She then begins a slow gentle jerk. As she is playing with me I am kissing you and lifting that dress off of you. you don’t need this any more I say, referring to the dress. As you sit there naked I kiss you and play with your rock hard nipples. At this point Monique isn’t too shy any more as she is bent down sucking my cock slowly. After a few minutes of me playing with you, you bend down a bit and ask Monique if you can join her. you two then take turns sucking on my huge cock. When Monique lets my cock out of her mouth, you take it into yours sucking it hard. she then, feeling left out goes lower and sucks on my balls while you are sucking my cock. It feels so good, two mouths playing with me and making me hotter than ever. I tell Monique to get undressed, while I am getting undressed she reveals her body to us. She has tits, not as big as your sexy tits but they will do just fine. Her pussy is shaved just like yours and it looks as inviting as yours. After she gets undressed I ask who will go first and you say that since she is our guest that Monique can have some fun first. she then gently straddles my hips and takes my cock in hand guiding it into her. as she is fucking me you tell her to turn herself around to face my feet. After she does this you bend down and take her nipple into your mouth, sucking lightly since it’s her first time but slowly doing it harder when you realize that she is ok with it. you love watching me fuck a woman, knowing that you are next, and that she will be yours as well. I love you, knowing that you could be so good about such a thing. To show how relaxed and at ease you are you go down on your knees and lick the spot where my cock ends and her pussy begins. It feels so good to have her pussy running up and down my huge cock and to feel your tongue on us. MMM…. You then take her clit in your mouth and suck hard on it. She is moaning loudly. I am glad we don’t live in a well populated neighborhood or we would have to deal with police coming about the noise. After a while you tell Monique that it is your turn. you are after all a horny girl and need your daily dosage of cock too. She then gets up türbanlı escort niğde and you replace her. You then tell her what to do. She gets on her knees sucking at my balls and licking your clit just like you did. She is nervous at first but soon loosens up and enjoys. God you women are going to kill me. you are pounding me so hard and so fast. I love the feeling of it but I don’t want to cum yet so I tell you two to amuse me while I rest up for a bit. you then get off of me and lay down calling Monique to you. When she gets to you, you position her then pull her hips down onto your face. She knows what you want immediately and She begins to suck on your pussy the minute she puts her head between your legs. God I love watching. It is making it hard for me not to just suddenly jump in. As I watch you two go at it I stroke lightly to keep myself hard and ready. After a while you give me a wink and I come up behind Monique and shove my cock back into her slowly pumping and squeezing her tits from below. While I am having my fun above you are rubbing her clit from below. God you look so sexy. Both of you women are moaning loudly and almost screaming with pleasure. God you are good at this. I don’t know what is getting to me more, your sucking on my balls or my fucking this sexy piece of ass in front of me. I then have you girls switch places so that you are now on top, with me fucking you and getting sucked by her. You two are the sexiest. I get you two so hot that in a few minutes you are both screaming that you are cumming. I continue fucking you. I then tell you both to get on your knees side by side. I still have one last trick up your sleeve. as you are both facing away from me on your knees, kissing each other deeply I slowly slip my cock into you pumping back and forth, in and out. After a few strokes I pull out and slip into Monique, pumping and pumping. I continue slipping back and forth between you two, loving how you both feel. When I am ready to cum I warn you girls and tell you both to get on your knees on either side of me. I then revel in the feeling of my cock going into your mouth. You suck me hard and fast until I shoot loads of cum into your mouth. After I am done spraying you take your mouth, full of cum over to Monique and give her a deep kiss, sharing my cum between the both of you. some dripping down your cheeks. You two then lick my cum off of you and then suck what ever is left out of my cock. Making me so horny. I however am spent. we all get dressed and she says thanks for the tip. We drive her home and ask for her phone number saying we have to eat out more often. We make our way out to her diner ever saturday. I think things worked out well. don’t you