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Subject: Just playing – Chapter 1 – BROTHER’S FEET. Just playing — Chapter 1 — BROTHER’S FEET. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: www.luces-delatierra.blogspot.es or in English pot.es Quam olim Abrahae Promisisti! This motif was heard twice: first in Domine Iesu and then again in Hostias et Preces. My twin Don was playing Mozart’s Requiem on the computer. After a very hard day, he was chilling out and trying to forget the accident. Before going to bed, he liked listening to classical music and I’d heard Mozart many times. It was my brother’s favourite music, but during the day, he liked playing rock. I, Ron Davis, was fonder of jazz, but just like him, liked many kinds of music. We had a sister three years older than us called Heather. She was still single but she was the owner of several jeweller’s and she had some shares in some other companies, so she was rich and had a very beautiful, big and luxurious house in the closest town and our parents Donald and Heather, had gone to live with her, leaving the old family ranch to us twins, Donald and Ronald Davis, both of us 24 now. Don was the firstborn and he was born just a quarter of an hour before me, but he boasted of being my elder brother and often called me little brother. So we were in charge of breeding our horses. We had many and we sold them and they were not cheap since they were thoroughbred. This morning we had sold one of our best horses to one Mr. Duncan, who lived five kilometers away. So we took the horse into our truck and had started the road to his ranch. It was a difficult road full of rocks and dangerous precipices, so you had to drive carefully. It was a rainy morning besides and I remembered again Mozart’s Requiem and said to myself Lacrimosa dies illa. I was remembering the music when after one kilometer I noticed the brakes started to fail. What could I do? In that road driving without the brakes was suicidal and Don had started to yell. So I could only think, when I saw a big tree ahead of me, that I should crash into that tree. Finally the truck stopped and we were safe! What a fright! It had stopped raining at least and Don and I decided we should take the horse to Mr. Duncan’s after all. So we were walking four kilometers to his house and later five kilometers back on foot. We would look for a mechanic tomorrow to repair our truck. So we had walked for nine kilometers that day on a rocky soil and we were exhausted. Our feet had several blisters and they hurt; in those conditions we hadn’t wanted to have a shower, it was summer and both my twin and I stank. But we both agreed that we would go to the shower the next day after our feet had had a good rest. My brother stopped the computer the second time Quam olim Abrahae Promisisti was heard. We’d already had our dinner and now it was time to go to bed at last. It was a habit that we slept on the same bed. When we were kids our parents decided that escort the twins had to sleep together and though there were several beds at home, now that we were alone, we hadn’t wanted to separate. We were twins and we shared the same things, though it’s a cliché that twins also exchanged their girls, something we never did. So we jumped into bed and my twin slept shirtless as all days in this hot summer and I did the same. We wore no pajamas; only our jeans and we took off our shoes and slept in just our socks. My twin then told me. -Good night, Ron. -Good night, Don. But I started tossing and turning, unable to sleep. On the one hand, there was an uncomfortable smell of stinking feet, Don’s and mine. I couldn’t blame him, of course, for I also stank. But we had sometimes slept in these conditions since we were kids; it was a consequence of the familiarity of twins and I didn’t care. On the other hand, it was the strong pain of the blisters that wouldn’t allow my sleep to reach me and I saw that Don was having the same problems. After twenty minutes he finally spoke. -Shit Ron, I can be hours trying to sleep and I know it will be impossible! I wish I could find a masseur girl who would massage my feet. -Yeah, I also need one, but the nearest masseur is more than ten kilometers away. It’s true we have another truck and we can use it, but I don’t think you wanna find a masseur right now, do you? -I know I cannot have a shower, and there is no masseur around, but… -he hesitated a moment but finally took me aback with his words-, but what if it were you that massaged my feet, Ron? -What? -Look, Ron. We both agree that we cannot sleep and we are twins and have always felt and done the same. If you were so kind as trying to massage my feet, I would return the favour to you later, I promise. -But your feet stink, Don. -Yours have the same fragrance, Ron, and I’m not complaining. And if you massage my feet, I will do the same to you later, you can be sure. What if you try? -Well, I believe you. So as I also need a masseur, I will at least try to massage your feet first. -Good. So I stood up, went to the foot of the bed, and being my twin’s stinking feet dangling there, I wanted to learn how to massage his feet, first with his socks on. I don’t know how I was moving my fingers but he started telling me. -Yeah little brother, you are jolly good, my left foot is really calming and now it doesn’t ache so much. Why don’t you spend a longer while massaging it and later do the same to my right foot? -Ok, I know you’ll do the same. If you tell me it hurts less now, I know I will feel the same later. So I will go on. I was two more minutes kneading his left foot, especially his toes, with affection, regardless of the stench. I wanted to calm him and I knew perfectly well Don would treat my feet just as affectionately later. It was the moment to give the same treatment to his right foot now. So I changed the foot and started carefully massaging his toes one by one and his sighs told me his feet were calmer and I started to perceive what I would feel later. After five minutes, I heard my brother say. -Why don’t you remove my socks? -Ok –I told him. The stench increased but I was getting used. The only thing that mattered is that his feet were getting calmer izmit escort bayan and mine would feel the same later. I started massaging all the length of his right foot, especially his toes and then I did the same to his left foot. I was getting used to the smell, I suppose, for we were twins and even had, curiously, the same feet smell. But out of the corner of my eyes, when I was busy in his second foot, I noticed Don had got hard. -You pervert, you have a boner right now! -That’s true, Ron, but what is it to you? You’re a really good masseur and I’m sure you’ll get hard later when my turn comes to massage your feet. And I’m hard because I was thinking of something I’ve often seen in porn movies. I looked at him with a very weird look then when he mentioned the words “porn movies”. What the hell was he thinking? Surely he was not thinking of having sex, was he? -I’d better tell you, Ron, for I know how queerly you’re looking at me now. It’s no big deal what I want. It could be just a game, and remember you would also have that pleasure later if you give it to me now. And our dicks won’t be implied. -What do you mean? -You could try and lick my toes. -But your fees stink, Don. -Your feet stink too and as I said before I’m not complaining, Ron. And what the hell! We won’t be playing with our dicks, well not each other’s dicks, only our own. I mean if you do it, I will stroke my crotch and will surely cum. But we have no girl right now. Wouldn’t it be good to cum? Cumming is always a nice sensation. And we won’t be doing anything with our brother’s dicks. We will just play a game which we can call brother’s stinking feet, or only brother’s feet, for if we like it, we could repeat those days that our feet don’t stink. Just a little pleasure to relax after a hard day. Come on, bro, it has no importance. We’re just playing. -I’ll have to. Oh, I’m sure you will do it to me later and I also want to know what you might feel when your toes are licked, something I’ve never been done, so ok, we’re just playing. And then I started to tentatively lick his left thumb. I stopped having any objection when I realized with some surprise that now I liked the taste of his stinking left big toe. So I went on with more security to his other toes and I saw how Don was stroking his crotch and moaning. -Thank you, Ron. Will you lick my other foot too? Please. Your tongue is wonderful, and from being unable to sleep for having sore feet we can now relax after having cum twice. -Twice? -Yeah, I will surely cum again with it is my turn, for strange as it may sound, I’m getting horny at the smell of stinking feet we have in the room now, your feet and mine, so is there anything wrong in this, Ron? -It’s weird, but ok, I’ll lick your other foot too. Hope you are not disgusted later with mine. And again I tasted his toes. My brother had said he was horny at the smell of stinking feet and hell! So was I. I was aware that possibly I was entering a dangerous phase and it wouldn’t be very sensible to have boners at my brother, but he was right, we were just playing, a bizarre game, that’s true, but two players, for I trusted his words and I could also cum twice. In fact my brother suddenly shouted that he was cumming and I noticed a white spot running izmit sınırsız escort down his pants. It was that vision combined with the fragrance and sour taste that made me cream my pants too. -Did you also cum, Ron? -I have. Shit, what a strange game we’re playing but since you’re determined to cum twice, I also wanted to achieve that number of cums. So ok –I shrugged my shoulders and sighed-, we’re just playing. -Good, so now it’s your turn, Ron, to lie comfortably on the bed. I’ll massage your feet now. And you won’t believe it when you feel they won’t hurt at all later and you will even be able to find your sleep –and he stood up then and told me to lie on the bed. Now it was the time for me to know the pleasure of a foot massage. He started as I had started with his feet, first with my socks on. I began at once to have some feelings. First, I felt deep warmth coming all over me which made me internally relax, my feet really hurt but I knew this pain would soon evaporate; second, my dick got instantly hard. My twin was a thorough masseur and in that moment I only hoped I had been just as good with his feet. And third the feeling that I was watching Don wanting to completely please me in a game, that’s what he had said, but it was something a bit sexual, wasn’t it? Filled me with a lot more affection for him. All this I was thinking as he spent ten minutes in both my feet before removing my socks. And now he started a more than twenty minutes sensuous groping of everything in both my feet, neglecting nothing, not only my ten toes but every single pore of my aching stinking feet. -Now I’ll give you the fun of having your toes licked, Ron. And he started and I knew that maybe what we were doing was not sex but it was a pleasure no girl had given me and probably none will ever give me. I started to moan shamelessly and telling him. -How good you are, Don! -I told you that you would feel this pleasure. You were so good with my toes before that I had to give you the same sensation –I started just then to stroke my crotch. I had not done it before because I felt I could cum soon and I awaited this moment-. Besides, I’m getting really horny at the jolly good taste of your feet, little brother. And just then he moved his tongue down the whole length of my feet, not only my toes. He did not leave a single spot of my feet without his saliva. He was also brazenly touching himself. I was so happy that my taste far from disgusting him, would surely make him cum again just I had cum too. Two players: if he wanted to play this game which he had called brother’s feet, I would also play with him. -So do you think we could play this game more often, Ron? -I wanna play this game as often as you want, whether our feet are clean or dirty. You’re right that we’re only playing. And oh, how good my feet feel now. I sense I have no pain. It’s a strange game where we cum too and it’s your brother that makes you cum but we have no girl and we agree. This game is funny, so ok. We’ll play this game more often, every night if you want. I saw his luminous face then when he told me that he was cumming again and told me my words were making him cum but he continued licking my toes till I also told him that I was cumming. My face also told him of my fun, but even so he asked me. -Have you enjoyed this game, Ron? -I really have. -Now we can sleep. And he entered the bed again and looked intently at me. Our faces were close and I was surprised when suddenly I felt his lips locked in mine. -Do you mind, Ron?