Karen My School Teacher 8

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Karen My School Teacher 8I woke up the next morning still dressed in all my clothes. Had a boner in my pantyhose so i took care of that first. The sun was shining thru the window, and onto my hosed legs. Loved how the sun was warming my pantyhose legs. I loved how they looked. I wanked while i arched my feet in the air. Didn’t take long for me to cum. Thinking back on the last few days. Mmmm felt so good. I heard a knock on the door. I hide my cock away and pulled my dress down and sat on the edge of my bed. “Come in” The door opened. “Hi. Oh you’re still in girl clothes. Sorry didn’t know” “It’s ok mom. You can come in. Now that you know, i don’t care” Her legs were encased in dark blue nylon pantyhose black high heels and a black skirt and a white silk shirt. I know where i got my good looking legs from. She pulled my chair from my desk in front of me and sat down. “Ok as long as you don’t get uncomfortable about me being here while you’re dressed” She handed me a cup of coffee. “Thanks mom. Well it’s better this way now you know” She looked down on my hosed feet. I guess se saw all the cum on my pantyhose feet. I tried to hide em. But there was no place to hide my feet. My face blushed. And i knew that she knew what it was. I smiled and she smiled back. “You naughty little girl. Hehe” My face turned even more red. And i drank some of my coffee and tried to hide behind the cup. “Are you not going to school today? You meeting in like 15 min” “No i’m not going to school anymore, it’s soon done. So i don’t see the point in going. Then i got 1 week vacation and getting ready for boarding school” She looked at me. “Whatever you want sweety. You’re old enough to figure that out for yourself” She looked at my hosed feet again“It certainly looks like you made a big mess on your pantyhose feet. Is it your own cum?” It felt very weird that my own mom asking things like this. I looked down at my own feet. “No…. ehmm i mean, yes it is” “Hehe ok. So you are turning others guys on. Dressed as a pretty girl?” “Mom why are you asking me this things. I said it was my own cum. Why are we even talking about this. It is so weird” She slipped one of her nylon feet out of her high heel. And i saw her pretty nylon toes with mat dark blue nail polish on. They were so beautiful. Then she slipped her foot on my feet. My god my moms nylon feet were rubbing my cum stained pantyhose feet. Then her other nylon foot started rubbing my hosed feet also. I almost dropped my coffee on the floor. It felt amazing and was so forbidden. My mom was playing footsies with me. “Mom why are you doing this? This is so wrong” My hosed feet started rubbing hers back. My tiny dick had taken over my brain. “Doesn’t always have to be a reason for everything. I always knew you wore girl clothes, and often wondered how you would look. But i never imagined you looking this good. Did it feel good? Feeling your pantyhose feet filled with cum?” i was very shy and did not wanna tell her. “Maybe, i don’t know. I guess so” “Oh my son. I always knew you had a thing for pantyhose feet and legs. I remember when your were younger. You always touching my pantyhose legs. Remember that time with the footrub hehe. That felt very good” Then she popped her feet in here high heels and stood up. “Well i’m off to work. You can throw your girl clothes in the laundry and i’ll take care of it. Enjoy your day sweetie” I stood up “Bye mom” and she left. I was thinking about my moms pretty feet. I took my clothes off and went of to take a cold shower. It was a strange experience with my mom. I did not know what that was all about. Or is she just telling me thats she accept me in girl clothes. Well i went off to boarding school. And i had a great time there. I did not have the change to crossdress in school. So i mist it alot. Every other weekend when i got to get home, i was in girl clothes the most of the weekends. And then back again. But i made some good friends there. And even took my drivers licence for car and motorcycle. Well after that year was gone it quickly became daily life again. My mom pushed me to get a job. So signed up for a job agency. I did not have any skills. But one day i got this phone call about reformatting computers on schools around the area. Well i knew i could do that. So one thing let to another and had to start after the weekend and the first stop was my old school. I was a bit worried to run into Karen or Mick. But then again that was a year ago. I got up early monday morning and head of to school. I always had pantyhose on underneath my jeans, and a gstring over my pantyhose to keep them up during the day. I took on some black 40 denier with black opaque dots on them. Got dressed and went off to school. When i arrived, I meet the man i would be working with “Hi i’m James. I’m just gonna show you quickly how we do this. And then we go of to different areas around the school” He showed me all the steps. And then i got a map over witch rooms i should reformat computers in. And i had the teachers lounge. I laughed to myself. Haha How big is the oods. But anyway i would hit the teachers lounge when the teachers were in class. I came to the teachers lounge and went in. I looked around for the computers. There were 3, and i didn’t see any teachers. Phew, maybe i be so lucky not to run into anyone. So i started to format the computer and as i did, i heard the door go open. Everything seemed in slow motion, and a woman walks past me. My eye catches her beautiful white opaque pantyhose with some black high heel ankle boots in leather. A black pencil skirt and black top. With sleeves till her elbows, and a white lace cardigan. Dark red long hair and black classes. It was fucking Karen. And she was still beautiful as ever. My heart started racing. I thought i had thrown her out of my head. But when i saw her, i was still very much in love with her. Well she walk past me. And i didn’t want to make myself notice. I heard she made herself a cup of coffee and sat down. I looked back at her. She was sitting in the same spot as i last saw her. My god, i really missed looking at her. And she was still wearing pantyhose. I had to type some stuff on the computer. She heard. “Oh i’m sorry i didn’t see you there. You are the once fixing the computers right?” I nodded “Yes mam” She stood up and i heard her walking over here. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” And before i got to answer i felt her hand on my thigh. “Did you hear me?” She looked at me. “Oh Hi Brian. It’s so good to see you. How have you been doing?” “Hi Karen. I missed you to. You look absolutely stunning as always” “Haha Thanks Brian. So you are fixing computers now?” She took a chair and sat next to me. And crossed her one pantyhose leg over the other. Oh i’ve missed looking at her pretty legs in pantyhose. “Yea for now. I still canlı bahis don’t know what i really want. So this is thru a job agency” “So you are looking for a job? I maybe got a job for you. But it’s for me personal” “Well what do i have to do on this job” She got up to get her coffee and sat back down. “It just so happened to be that i need to visit my farm for while. I need to sell some of my horses because there are coming some new once soon. So i be up there for a while to keep a eye on everything” “So what do you want me to do on this job?” “First i want you to take care of my cat. Let him out in the morning and let him back in evening time. And remember to fill his bowl with dry food. Second watch out for my apartment. There some people in the neighborhood had thiefs in there home. But you don’t have to be there all the time. And last thing. You have your drivers licence right?” “Yea i do. But i’m not use to driving since i don’t have a car. Why?” I wanted to touch her white opaque pantyhose legs. There were right there next to me. Mmmmm They looked amazing. “I need ride to my farm. Then you can borrow my car. Just be carefull. Don’t want you to get hurt Brian” “Wow can i really borrow your car?” “Yea sure you can. I don’t need my car on the farm and it seems better to leave the car at home. And i need you to pick me up again” “So let me get this straight. You want me to take care of your cat. Stay at your apartment. And be your driver. Will i get paid” She laughed “Yes Brian, i will pay you. And you don’t have to stay at my apartment. Don’t know. Maybe it would be alot easier if you just stayed there. Well if you decide to do that. Then pliz wash some of my clothes, i’m pretty far behind. And your welcome to sleep in my bed. I need to go finnish up some things before tomorrow. So meet me at my place early tomorrow morning. Around 7:30 would be fine” “What! You mean my job starts tomorrow?” “Yes it does. You came just in the right moment that i needed your help” “Ok Karen see tomorrow morning” And off she went. I sat there with coolest feeling that i’m about to work for my teacher. Then it hit me. I’m going to be Karen’s maid. Mmmm Yes this is a dream come true. I found James and told him that i found another job. So i wouldn’t come tomorrow. Infact i would go home right away. And i just took off. Next day i was already up at 6:30. I was so excited about starting my job with Karen. I took on my pantyhose from yesterday. Some jeans and black socks, t shirt and a hoodie. Then head for the kitchen to make myself a cup of coffee. My mom was there eating an egg and toast. “Hi mom. Did you sleep well?” “Yea it was fine. And you honey. You look happy” “I am i’m starting my new job” Mom looked at me “New job? But you already had one” I took my coffee and sat down at the table. “Yea but yesterday at school i ran into my old teacher. And she told me that she would offer me a job to watch her cat and apartment. Plus i could borrow her car. Isn’t that cool” I smiled from ear to ear. “Are we talking about Karen, your old class teacher. The one that always wore pantyhose? I see why you are excited about it now. But that’s not an good ideer” “What do you mean?” “Brian come on, i know you got a huge crush on her. I can hear you masterbate and saying her name. Don’t go around peeking around her clothes and other stuff. I know you Brian” I got pretty mad at her for saying that. Drank my coffee and smacked the door close behind me. I jumped on my bike and drove over to Karen’s apartment. I rang the doorbell. It took a minute. And the door opened. Karen stood in front of me in the same bathrobe i borrowed from her. And she had still her white opaque pantyhose on. I guess i must have woken her up. “I’m sorry Brian i overslept. Come inside” I closed the door behind me. And took my shoes of. She walked in the bathroom. But did not close the door all the way. “Brian!” “Yes mam?” “Make yourself at home. Now you gonna stay here you might aswell get to know it. So be a darling and make some coffee” “Yes of course Karen” I walked in the kitchen and sat some water to boil. And made some coffee. As walked in the living room she was already over in the sofa. With her legs up. My eyes kept staring at her white pantyhose feet. I gave her a cup and sat down in the sofa at the end of her feet. “Thanks Brian. Its nice to have someone bring me my coffee. Hehe” “No problem Karen, anything for you” She poked me with her hosed foot. “Brian stop it haha” I drank some of my coffee and placed the cup on the table. I turned with my front against her feet and started massaging them. “Oh Brian already? You know i actually missed this. And i really appreciate what you do for me here. I will pay you, dont worry. But i really need to take care of my horses. So you can do whatever you want here. Take long bubble bath. All soaps and bath salt you can use. Use my bed if you want to. You can even invite guests or a small party. Just tidy up when your done. So make yourself at home Brian” I smiled. “Thank you Karen it is all my pleasure to be at your service. And i missed your pantyhose feet so much. Those pretty toes encased in opaque white. Look at them. A thing of beauty. Mmmmm i’ve really missed you, Karen” I took her hosed feet and planted my nose in between her toes. And sniffed and smelled them. Oh my god. That scent just drove me crazy. She pressed her feet against my face. “Smell my sweaty pantyhose toes Brian. I kept this white pantyhose on all day yesterday and the night thru. Because i know you would fall over my hosed feet again. Isn’t that right Brian. You love touching your teachers pantyhose feet” I sniffed all i could and mumbled out as good as i could with her feet in my face. “Oh wow… Yes Karen… Your angel feet encased in pantyhose. Is the best thing i know” She placed one foot at my crotch, and started rubbing. Then i saw her spread her legs. I could see her pussy thru the stretched opaque pantyhose. She started rubbing her pussy. The sight of her pussy was so amazing and hot. And i felt the fabric of my pantyhose rubbing against my dick as she moved her foot around. “You like seeing me like this Brian? In pantyhose just for you. As you smell my pretty feet. Mmmm worshiping my hosed feet” “Yes Mmmmm Yesss” “Brian you make me so wet. You gonna make me cum again in my pantyhose?” I rubbed her one foot while i smelled it. And i looked at her playing with her pussy outside her pantyhose. “My god Karen you look fucking amazing. Rubbing your clit like that” “Mmmm it feels so good. Oh yes! Mmmm Brian suck my sweaty pantyhose toes!” She got a little wild, and i loved it. I saw a huge wet spot on her pantyhose. Man she was dripping with pussy juice. “As you wish Madam. I will suck you delicious pantyhose toes” I stuck her toes in my mouth and sucked them good. “Mmmm bahis siteleri yes Brian, you are such a good boy. Now keep sucking your teachers pantyhose feet, so i can cum” I sucked only her big toe. I loved how it felt in my mouth. And she loved it to. “Oh Yess! Brian i’m gonna cum. Fuck!! Mmmm” She squirted all over the place and she even hit me. Her legs were shaken wildly. “Mmmm Ohh… Damn that felt…. Fucking amazing!” Her white pantyhose were soaked in her pussy juice. She stood up. “Thanks for the help Brian. I’ll take a quick shower and then we can go” She closed the door behind her, and heard the shower start. My god that was intense. And unexpected. And i completely forgot about the job for a moment. I stood up and cleaned the coffee cups and all her pussy juice from her leather sofa. And waited for her. I heard the door go up and she came out completely naked. “Oh you already cleaned. Well i guess that you more useful than i thought. Hehe” I was surprised that she just walked out naked like that. What a beautiful body for an older women. “Ehmm Yes what else do you pay me for?” “Yes your right. About the money, ill pay you 1000 dollars per week” I almost fall down from the chair i was sitting on. “What! A 1000 bucks. Isn’t that a bit too much” “I just thought i could help you out a little with the money side. Now your helping me. Maybe there was something you wanted or needed. Just accept the money. I got plenty” I got up and hugged her. “Thank you Karen. I mean it” I realized i hugged her while she was naked. “Oh i’m so so sorry Karen. I did not mean…. To.. You know… Touch you or anything” She walked in her bedroom. “It’s all good Brian. I don’t mind. I could tell it was a genuine hug. Brian come in here” I stood up and went to her bedroom. She was about to take on some black opaque pantyhose on. My eyes followed every step of her taken her pantyhose on. “Brian i got you a cell phone so if you need anything, you can call me” She then took on some jeans and boots a white t shirt and like a thermo jacket. She reached down a draw in her room and took out a iphone. “Here from now on this is your phone. And here are the keys to the car. Now let’s get going” I looked down at the 2 keys in it. One for the apartment and other for a mercedes. “Did you get a new car Karen?” I took my shoes and jacket on. We went out the front door and i locked it. “Yea i did. I love this car. It’s a C220 ML63 5.5 liters” “Sounds fast. Are you sure i should be driven this. I don’t wanna make a dent or maybe wreck it” We got to the car. This was a much bigger car than the one i had taken my driver license in. “You will be fine. Just be carefull. Its an automatic so you don’t need to struggle with gear changes” The car was all black with black tinted windows. We got in the car. The interior was all in a whine red leather. It even smelled new. And those were the most comfortable seats i’ve tried in a car. And off we went on a 3 hour drive. The car was very fast. But i got used to it pretty quick. This car was amazing. As we drove we talked about how it went when i was at boarding school. And that she thought about quitting her job as a teacher. She took her boots off and placed her pantyhose feet on the dashboard. I looked over at those black opaque pantyhose feet shining in the sunlight. I got very horny. Then she wiggled her hosed toes. Mmmmm. Man they looked nice. She saw me staring at her feet. “I’m sorry Brian, i didn’t mean to distract you from driving” She put her feet in her shoes again. “Brian listen… I really like the attention you are giving me and my pantyhose legs. But we are not going to be boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m not looking for that. So don’t get to sad if that’s what you expected from me. I’m just using you to my benefits. And as long as i like getting my feet touched kissed and worshiped. I keep doing it” Mmmm i like that she said that she just uses me.“Yea sure Karen. I’ll do what you want me to” We reached the farm. Around 12 a clock. “Just drive all the way to my house over there to the side” I saw a little house surrounded by threes. And a big farm to the other side. There were alot of horses. I stopped by the front of her house. “I need your credit card number Brian, then the money will be on your account tomorrow. Oh yea, there is a card for gas in the glow compartment. The code is 1991” I gave her my credit card number. “Ok thanks Karen. Call me when you need a ride home. I come and get you. How long while you be here for?” She stepped out of the car. Turned around and faced me. “Don’t know for sure yet. 3 weeks or maybe a month. Take care Brian. And drive save, bye” “Bye Karen. You take care to” She closed the door. And i was on my way home. There was a lot of traffic on the way home. But i enjoyed myself in Karen’s car. It felt so luxurious. I can see why she loved the car so much. Such a smooth drive. Around 15:40 i was back in the city. I wanted to pick up some things from home. Like a bit of clothes. Maybe some of my wigs and pantyhose or girl clothes. I parked the car behind my mothers car. And walked inside the house. As i entered the house i saw my mom just had gotten home to. She was sitting at the dinner table reading the newspaper and enjoying a cup of coffee. “Hi sweety. How was your new job?” “Very good. Just coming home to get some clothes” I ran upstairs took a backpack and filled with different girl clothes wigs and my makeup. My mom come in my room. “Where are you going Brian?” She saw me pack my pantyhose. “Where are you going that you need to take your pantyhose with you? Don’t you have that job?” “Mom this is my job. Im keeping an eye out for Karen’s apartment. So i’m staying there” “What!? No you can’t go around her place all dressed up, and do whatever you want. That’s another persons home. If you leave this house you are not coming back here to live with me, you hear” I looked her in the eyes. “Ok mom have it your way. I’m not coming back. Bye” I walked out the house and got in the car. She came running out. “Brian! Brian! Hold up” She saw the car and looked a little shocked. “Where did you get this car from?” I rolled the window down. “It is Karen’s car, and i borrowed it from her” “She let you borrow this car? Is she out of her mind?” “Goodbye mom” and i rolled the window up and drove over to Karen’s apartment. I parked the car. Walked a couple apartments down. Found the key to her apartment. And walked inside. Locking the door behind me. I took my shoes, jeans and socks off. Walking around her apartment in my black 40 denier dotted pantyhose. It was already getting dark. So i turned the light on in the apartment. I boiled some water for a cup of coffee. And turned on the tv. I was loving it already. Feeling free with my own space. But even better this was my teacher place. Mmmm I could not bahis şirketleri believe this was happening to me. My body shaked of sheer excitement, thinking of all the naughty things i could do here. I walked in the bathroom and turned on the shower. As i was about to walk out again. I saw her white pantyhose sticking out of the loundry. I took them out. And smelled em. Mmmm and they were still moest from her wet pussy. I’m gonna take em on after my shower. I then opened some draws to find a razor and shaving cream. I found a pink razor in the 3rd draw i looked in and some fresh blades. There was also a can of pink shaving cream. I took my clothes off and got in the shower. Though there was not much hair on my body i still shawed. I like my legs clean and smooth. And shaved under my arms all my pups and my stubs in the face. After i washed myself with soap. I turned of the shower and found some cream to lotion my legs and body up. It felt great being all alone taken my sweet time and enjoying every minute of it. After my lotion application. I saw hr bathrobe, took it on all naked. And just for fun i looked thru her draws again. I found nail polish. And saw the red one she wore the last time. I grabbed the nail polish and white pantyhose, and went out to make myself some coffee. As i got in the living room i sat down did my nails and watched some tv as i drank my coffee. As i finished my coffee my nails were done drying. I like the look very much. I saw the white pantyhose laying next to me in the sofa. I smelled them again. Mmmm just thinking about her while i sit here in her apartment about to take her used pantyhose on. Made me very horny. I rolled one hose leg up. And stretched it over my foot. As i slowly kept going till my knee. I rolled the other leg up and saw the opaque white pantyhose encase my newly painted toenails. Mmmm they felt so good on my legs. And i pulled em up over my ass. I did some tiny adjustments so they sat perfect on my legs and ass. And suddenly the phone rang. I went out in the hallway to get the phone from my jacket. As i took the display said. Karen. I answered “Hi its Brian” “Hi Brian. Its Karen here. Did you get home safely?” I walked over to the sofa again and sat down. “Yea i did. Is everything ok there?” “Yea but good thing i came when i did. One of the horses gave birth. So that’s good” “That’s nice to hear” My hand started rubbing my dick. Hearing her voice was very nice. “Well i just wanted to know if you got home safe. And Brian i hope you are enjoying yourself. Because i really appreciate you helping me out. So do what you want. As long as i don’t get home to a ruined apartment. Haha” Mmmm I was rubbing my dick so hard as she said all of that. I even made small moan noises. “Brian are you ok?” I was looking down myself in Karens white pantyhose and talking on the phone with her. Mmmm it felt so good. “Yes Karen… Mmm, i’m… fine. Just a bit cold. Mm.. ah.. I Appreciate you giving… Mmme the chance. Karen” “it’s good we can help one another. And pliz turn the heat up Brian. I call you. Bye” “Bye Karen” She hung up. My dick got hard hearing her talk while i was in here white pantyhose. Mmmm I went in to her room. I opened the door and it smelled like Karen i loved her scent so much. I turned on the light. There were some cabinets along one side of the wall. With a makeup table. And the entire side with windows. The side opposite the cabinets was the bed with some little bed cabinets on each side of the double bed. And the last wall opposite the windows. Was a big mirror which covered most of the wall. I could stand up in the bed and still see all of myself. I took off my bathrobe. And stood in front of the mirror only in Karens white used pantyhose. Oh my hosed legs looked so nice. But i needed to find more i could wear. So i went thru the cabinets. I saw the cabinets were organized. Even small labels on each shelf. There was a shelf for long skirts and short once. The next shelf was panties and matching bras. And almost everyone i could see was with lace. Mmmm. And there was 2 shelf for pantyhose. And other hosiery products. The first shelf was used pantyhose and the other were all in original packages. I was stunned by my find. All this pantyhose remind me of myself. Never can get enough pantyhose. I picked out a short black leather skirt. I put it on, and looked at myself in the mirror. Yes baby. Good start. I was so fucking horny going thru Karen’s stuff. I was literally in my heaven. And this was only just beginning. I went in the hallway to get my backpack. Emptied on Karen’s bed. And found my silicone breast to stuff my bra with. I found a nice wine red color bra and smelled it. Mmmmm Karen. I put it on and placed my silicon boob in them. I felt more and more feminine. I opened the next cabinet and there were tops sweaters cardigans and a lot of dresses. In the bottom draw were even more pantyhose. I took a handful pantyhose. And sniffed them. It all smelled like her wet pussy. Damn i bet there all used for playing. Mmmm she must masterbate alot. Because there were alot of pantyhose. Or maybe not. But the thought made me touch my dick and jerked as i kept smelling them. Oh my god this is so good. I put the pantyhose down in the drawer again. And picked up a white silk shirt. I took the shirt on and buttoned it. The fabric felt so amazingly soft on my skin. I checked myself out in the mirror again. Mmm good girl. Become who you really are. Now for the makeup. I went and took a seat at her makeup table. And this table had a big mirror on with the lightbulbs all around the mirror. Really vintage style. I found a foundation to apply to my skin. I matched pretty good with Karen’s skin tone. But i used darker powder brown and blended it all. Yes much better. Then i took some black and made smokey eyes with a hint of silver on top. Found a light red lipstick, felt very nice touching my lips. And made my lips pop. I finished my eyes with an eyeliner. Perfect. I took out my red wig and glasses. The once i got from school. I adjusted my wig. And put on my glasses. I saw myself in the mirror wall. My girl voice had taken over. “Mmmm so fine you are Karen” I posed in the mirror. “Look at those white pantyhose on you little bitch. Mmmm You love being in Karen clothes” My hands glided over my boobs and down my bum. Feeling the leather Mmmm. Shoes! I need high heels. Where are her heels. I looked and found some over under the makeup table. I took a pair of high heels with peep toe and a strop black suede. I took em on. And i still had same size feet as my teacher. Taken them on felt great on my hosed feet. Feeling them slip in nicely showing my painted toes thru the white pantyhose encased in some pretty high heels. I then took some perfume from the makeup table and sprayed myself alot. Oh I know this smell. Think one of Karen’s favorite. I sat down on her bed. Crossed my legs like a real lady does. And caressing my own hosed legs. Acting all girly. This felt so amazing to be a real girl. I felt like one. Mmmmmmmm