Katrina 2: The Embrace

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The last winter was one of less snow but increased cold and so I hurried the few steps from my car to the entrance of the “Metropol”, a nice dark-wave disco in an underground car park. It was a Friday evening and all I knew was that my best friend Katrina called this afternoon and told my AM that she would be here tonight.

I entered the large underground parking lot, which was the Metropol and took a few steps around. Fetching some beer, I found an ideal observation position from where I should be able to see everyone at the dance floor.

When I saw Katrina I nearly let go of my beer. She looked breathtaking: with her 1,7 metres of height, her red-colored hair and some really tight black lace-clothes. She wore a heavy leather-belt and an inch higher a piercing in her navel. Her well-formed breasts were covered by a black lace-top (as tight as her trousers), at the upper arm she wore a silver-spiral and her make-up mainly consisted of deep-red lipstick, white skin and dark passionate eyes. She moved her hips to the rhythm of the music and occasionally let her hand glide over her crotch. I couldn’t help but notice some guys dancing around her trying to catch her view, but izmir escort bayan she obviously wasn’t very interested in them.

Eventually she had a break and left the main area towards the smaller ones and the rest rooms. As she hadn’t seen me yet I followed her with some distance between us through a dark and narrow passage where I could see her looking over her shoulder and then disappearing through a cut in the black foil of which the “walls” consisted. I followed and stood between two large containers when I heard something behind them. Reaching the end of the container-walls I couldn’t see really much in the nearly complete darkness. Only the now-dimmed flashing lights of the disco brought some light to this dark corner. I was pretty sure that this part of the car park didn’t belong to the disco anymore but what the heck, I thought, Katrina disappeared somewhere down here.

As I stood there thinking I heard a purring voice just at my ear saying: “I want you – NOW!” and I felt two hands crawling ’round my hips and unbuttoning my black leather trousers. “I obey, my mistress” I said smiling and with that she turned me around and stuck her tongue in my mouth. We kissed escort izmir passionately and with her hands stimulating my cock I developed a raging hardon. She went to her knees and kissed the tip of my member, licking away the wet drops. “Hmmm, that’s what I like best” she moaned and I pushed her against the wall and ripped her lac-trousers open. Pulling them down I discovered a black silken slip with a large wet spot marking her sex. She hooked her thumbs in her waistband and slowly pulled her slip down. “Lucky me!” I thought as she revealed her clean-shaven glistering wet pussy just in front of my face. Slowly I began licking her wetness away, then sent one finger in her tight young pussy, probing for more. She rewarded me with soft moaning and when I reached her g-spot she screamed “Oh please fuck me, please, please, please! I want to feel you deep in me, please pleaaaaah!” and shuddered.

I stood up, pushed her harder against the wall and brought the tip of my cock at the entrance to heaven, flicking it over her clit, teasing her to shudders.

Deciding to play a waiting game I smiled and asked her “I never thought this would happen again, you know? What about your izmir escort boyfriend and the fact we’re just friends?” – “You’re my best friend” she answered “and on occasion I like to fuck you, what’s the matter? Besides, if you don’t fuck me right away I’ll go and find some other dick you bastard!” – “You know there’s none like me, so why don’t you put your arms around my shoulders, ’cause I’ll impale you right now!”

She jumped up at me, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and her legs around my waist as I grabbed her firm buttocks. With one hard thrust I pushed my cock deep in her tight hole, splitting her open. I never heard her scream this loud before. With every thrust she cried her pleasure towards heaven. When she let her head fall back I kissed her throat, knowing she would like it. “Bite me, c’mon do it!” she yelled and of course I obeyed and bit her first softly then harder in her throat.

This pushed her over the edge. I could feel a shudder going through her whole body starting at her pussy. With a fainting voice she moaned “please come nooooooowh…” and that was it for me. Squirting I shot my hot load deep in her lovely body, being grateful for this great friend.

After we recovered she kissed me softly and somehow promising, presented me her black silk-slip and told me I should keep it for her and keep her in mind when I fucked some other girl this evening. None was ever that good…