Kay and I Get Closer

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Kay returned to our apartment for the Labor Day weekend, arriving on Friday and leaving to stay with her folks on Sunday afternoon.James picked her up at the airport and while he took a shower, Kay and I had some girly time together for about an hour.We had often talked about our relationship and although we often masturbated together, this time our conversation cranked up a notch. We had never minded holding the other as we came but had agreed that neither of us had lesbian leanings so that’s as far as it went.That hour together was laced with erotic anticipation, knowing that James would be horny and hard and planning to give us both a good time. Lying side-by-side, we found ourselves kissing each other and our hands strayed to each other’s pussies, and we both realized what şişli escort we had been missing.Our boobs were pressing against each other as we kissed and our hands did their magic, gently at first and then harder and faster as we both discovered the joys of girl-girl sex. That’s as far as it went in that hour, but more of this later.After our bit of fun, Kay and I paraded out naked into the living room where James, not surprisingly was already in the same state. After our Memorial weekend activities, he knew what was coming and was ready.That evening was a blur with James seeing to Kay while I took photos – something tells me you’d like to see those but I’m afraid not. You will have to imagine him starting on the floor and lifting her beautiful ass into the air and taking her hard mecidiyeköy escort from behind.You will remember when they fucked during her last visit, she found him almost too big. Something tells me she had been practicing with a big dildo, ready for this weekend, as the noises were pure pleasure, if rather loud.After pounding her from behind on the floor, James carried her to the bed and once again lifted her ass and continued; now standing up. James seemed to relish the view from behind, and can you blame him?This beautiful scene before me continued until a deep groan from James was followed by him filling her wet pussy with his cum, and it was so erotic to see his sperm trickle from her cunt as he withdrew.On Saturday morning, I wandered, half-asleep into the guest bathroom to find Kay as she wasn’t in her bed, only to find James just lining up his cock with Kay’s pussy to fuck her once again. Am I stupid, I wonder, not to be jealous but to find my friend getting such pleasure from my husband a complete turn-on? Don’t answer that, I’m happy!I took more pictures. After James entered her welcoming cunt, she squealed loudly in delight with every stroke as his huge cock took its pleasure inside her tight pussy. Pushing him to the ground, Kay lowered herself slowly onto him in reverse cowgirl so once again he could stare in wonderment at her ass as she rose and fell on his erection.The sight of her backside and the pleasure the different angle gave him finally proved too much and once again he ejaculated his load deep inside her, while she told him how good he felt and how great his huge dick was. She had reached several fantastic orgasms and I was almost shaking with lust having watched them.