Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 12: Conclusion

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Killer Tuna Redux – Chapter 12: ConclusionKiller Tuna Redux – Chapter 12: ConclusionThe four teens finished their couple-shared showers around an hour ago and now were relaxing in the girls’ bedroom as the TV played at the end of the room. A few cups of soda littered the room along with two nearly empty pizza boxers (thanks mostly to Sam) were strung on top of the crate stacks used as steps at the end of Sam’s bed.Sam was propped up with some pillows as she sat up in Cat’s bed watching the television and just having finished another piece of pizza. After her shower, she had thrown on one of her white formfitting tank-tops and a pair of short boxers. Well ‘wearing’ the tank-top was a loose term as the left side had been pulled up to expose her left breast for Cat to intermediately suckle from her pink nub while the redhead drifted in and out of sleeep while snuggling on the left side of the blonde.Cat had been thoroughly worn out from their marathon love session and barely made it through their shower and hitting her bed. Sam had to help her pull on another little camisole and a pair of cute little pink panties before she practically passed out on her girlfriend’s left, skipping eating all together.The blonde gently stroked the back of Cat’s head as she relished in feeling happy, genuinely happy, and struggled to recall a time she felt happier: her stomach was full, she was comfortable in a soft bed, she was holding a girl that unconditionally loved her and as odd as it may have been for her girlfriend to be suckling from her, it was a genuinely loving act from the redhead—despite the soreness she was starting to feel from her tight nub beginning to become raw from all the attention it had received since this morning.Sam looked to her right to see Jade snuggled up to Freddie’s left as the new couple rested on her bed and watching the television and it actually brought her a bit of happiness instead of the original ache she felt last night when she saw the pair enter the goth’s house together. Freddie was moving on and so was she and it was okay. She felt at peace with ending that chapter in their lives.On the other bed, Freddie and Jade felt the same with only the soft grey cloud over their heads that they would be apart for a while and softly conversed on how to deal.Freddie was lying in the center of the bed, shirtless and only in his boxers. His sweaty muscle shirt along with his button shirt that Jade had reluctantly given up was thrown in the wash. The teen needed his shirts back for the ride back to her place, but in Jade’s mind, he wouldn’t be getting it back before he left for Seattle. It was her shirt now to wear when she needed to feel close to him and he wasn’t there… especially since he wouldn’t be, for the most part, until graduation.Sam gave Jade one of her Penny-Tees and a pair of her spare boxers to wear and to Freddie’s eyes, she looked mighty fine in them. The shirt was one of Sam’s she had kept just as she was going through her change upstairs and it fit really snug on Jade without leaving much to the imagination due to the smallness of the shirt and Jade being a cup bigger than Sam.Jade shifted from his side to straddle his abs and rested her hands on his bare chest for balance so she could look down on him and continue their conversation.Freddie’s nearly worn out loins slightly stirred at the sight of the shirt straining to contain Jade’s flesh pillows. He ignored the feeling and continued, “We have a week off from school about a week after my birthday. I know my mom would insist that I stay at least a day or two with her for it, but I would definitely be back down here.””I guess I could ditch a week of school while you’re here and properly celebrate your birthday.”He chuckled, “Oh no. I will not be responsible for you being a delinquent.”Jade bent forward and let her fingertips play with his cheeks with the pads of her fingertips. She whispered against his lips, “Then I guess I’m going to have to drag you to every one of my classes and to lunch…” She felt a little unsettled when she realized that he would meet the rest of her ‘friends’ at lunch, Tori in particular giving her pause with the irrational fear that they could be drawn to one another through their likeness. She picked up without too much of a misstep as she sat back up, “I’ll show you around the school, my classes, the little canlı bahis hideaway room above the Black Box, the Janitor’s closet.””Janitor’s closet?””Yeah, the closet, but I think I want to show you Cat’s little hideaway. It’s more… private.”Freddie teased, knowing exactly what she meant, “Private?”The pale teen smirked in naughty manner and nonchalantly remarked, “Yeah, just a place we could sneak away to have a moment or two in that chaotic place. It’s kind of our place to talk in private.””I’m looking forward to it… and we have Spring Break. I’m not sure they line up, but… I’ll definitely be back for that and…” His smile slightly faded to one of a sombre expression as he finished, “…and if you need me for anything else, I’ll be down.”Jade cracked an innocent smile while replying, “Right.”His smile brightened back up for her while he added, “Then I definitely know a few universities I could go to after graduation. I need to get my application in to the as soon as I get ho—back to Seattle. Do you know of any place I could stay this summer?”Jade broadly grinned and offhandedly answered, “Oh, I have an idea.”They shared another smile, knowing the answer to his living arrangements for the summer, but eventually the gravity of the situation fell back on the dark haired gothic angel. She commented with a weighty voice, “I’m going to miss you until then.””I’m going to miss you too,” he answered just as sombrely.Sam called out, “You got us if you ever get too lonely. You’re always welcome here.”Jade looked over her right shoulder and Freddie leaned slightly to his left to meet the blonde’s eyes.The tough girl flicked her eyebrow, signalling what she meant.The straddling girl looked back down at her boyfriend, caught in how to respond. She had innocently been involved with Cat a few times before she got with Beck, a little bit of snuggling and a few experimental kisses, and really intimate with the redhead afterwards, but never during her relationship with the long haired actor. In her mind, that would be cheating, even if it was just with Cat.Freddie reassuringly rubbed up and down Jade’s bare thighs. “Hey, if something ever comes up—a moment—between you, Sam and Cat while I’m gone… it’s okay.””Really? You’re just cool with that? Just sometimes getting it on with Cat or Sam? That wouldn’t exactly be fair to you.”He shook his head and chuckled, “So what if it isn’t ‘fair’ to me? You and Cat are best friends and Sam… you two definitely are getting along now. I’m committed to you, you’re committed to me and they’re committed to each other, but we all love each other in our own ways… okay, it’s a little tentative between me and Cat, and I don’t see how it takes away from what each of us has. I don’t want you to feel all lonely while I’m gone and if you need that comfort with them if you’re feeling really low then…”Jade’s eyes lit up and she put on a seductive, teasing grin. “Then we can screw each other’s brains out? You’re not afraid that they could give it so good to me that they could steal me away from you?”He flicked an eyebrow. “It’s a chance I’m willing to take. When it comes down to it, it’s trust that we have.”Jade thankfully smiled to him, touched with the trust she placed in her.”But…”‘And here’s the but…’ crossed her mind.The light skinned actress hesitantly asked, “But what?”He grinned playing the part for the moment of just a horny teen, “I wouldn’t mind if you shared the details with me after the fact. And maybe some pictures too.”The busty teen leaned back down to rest over him and stole a kiss. She returned with her one closed lipped grin then answered, “Oh, I think that would be a fair exchange… we might have to re-enact it for you instead of leaving it to your imagination.””Don’t tease me.”She chuckled, “I wouldn’t dream of it.” She gently started exchanging kisses with him while her fingertips above his crown and played with his hair.He smiled into the kisses and felt another stirring down below, but unfortunately it was one induced by another biological reaction: a full bladder. He reluctantly grinned as he reluctantly pointed out, “As much as I like this position, I have to go use the bathroom.”Sam teased, “I feel your pain. Mama needs a refill.” The blonde scooted off the bed, but helped Cat nestle her head against the pink pillow and continue sleeeping, despite losing her flesh binkie. She pulled bahis siteleri down her shirt before reaching the doorway.The former couple exited the bedroom and Freddie stopped at the restroom while Sam continued to head to the kitchen. They returned from taking care of their business a few minutes later and they met just before reaching the bedroom.Freddie softly smiled and hesitantly asked before they slipped back inside, “I have a favour to ask.”The blonde rolled her eyes and muttered in a flippant tone, “Okay, what is it?”He flicked his eyes downward and quickly asked, “Could you keep an eye on Jade about her ex while I’m gone?”The one-time bully flicked an eyebrow and questioned in mild disbelief, “Really? You really think she’s going to go back to her ex while you’re gone.””Oh course not, but I don’t know him, I haven’t met him and anyone that would treat Jade the way I’ve found out is not someone I would trust.”Sam’s eyebrows wrinkled and her eyes turned darkly, ready to break something v!olently. “How did he treat her? He didn’t like… hurt her? I mean, physically hurt her?””Not that she mentioned, but from what I picked up he wasn’t the best of boyfriends and I’m not going to be here to remind him that I’m Jade’s boyfriend now and that he can’t pull any chizz on her.”Sam patted his muscular bicep. “From what I’ve seen and heard, Jade can take care of herself, but little bitty Freddie wants to be all protective… I guess I can help out. Don’t worry. If this ‘Beck’ starts bothering her, oh Mama’ll set him straight real quickly.”He thankful smiled. “Thanks Sam.”The former couple walked back to the girls’ room and stopped to see the change in position from their left loves: Cat had climbed onto Sam’s bed and snuggled up to Jade on the pale girl’s left side, but hadn’t latched onto her hefty mound.Jade shrugged the shoulder that Cat’s head wasn’t occupying and answered, “She got cold.”Sam rolled her eyes. “I’ll be right back.”Freddie looked over his shoulder as she headed out of the door. “Where are you going?””I’m going to get a bigger mattress.”The geeky guy turned to Jade and mouthed, “Bigger mattress.”The goth shrugged her shoulder, just as confused as her boyfriend.The blonde returned a minute or two later by pushing the end of a mattress through the doorway.Freddie looked mildly shocked, but wasn’t surprised that Sam could bring a mattress into the room. “Where did you get the mattress?”Sam settled it in the center of the room while she answered, “It goes to the old bed in here.” She continued her set up by tossing a sheet onto it. Freddie followed up by helping Sam put a few pillows from Cat and her bed at the head of it.The muscular teen turned and helped pull the tired redhead off the bed with Jade and helped her rest on the center of the mattress without much fuss. Jade took a position near the center of the mattress and propped her head on one of the pillows. Cat immediately snuggled her head into the crook of Jade’s neck and the taller girl protectively pulled her close. Sam slipped up behind her redheaded girlfriend and protectively spooned her, ready to have a nap herself feeling so full and their activity really catching up with her.Freddie slipped up to Jade’s right and rested on his side, slipping his right arm under the pillow to support his head and resting his other hand on her stomach. He kissed her cheek and they shared a smile.The couple looked towards the television and just relaxed in each other’s embrace for the rest of the afternoon while Sam and Cat drifted off to sleeep.* * *LAX AirportThe quartet was waiting for the boarding call in the passenger lobby, all dressed appropriately of course since leaving the apartment. Sam had thrown on her black leather jacket, a baseball-tee that hugged her assets nicely and blue jeans; Cat another flower sundress with a pink cardigan; and true to Jade’s thought, Freddie didn’t get his shirt back as she was wearing it over a back athletic tank-top and a pair of hip hugging blue jeans; and Freddie put on another one of his buttoned shirts and jeans. All three girls were eye catching to passing guys, but none approached as they had a feeling that the muscular teenager seemed to have the situation at hand.They were happily chatting despite the sombre farewell. Each of the girls felt the weight of his departure: Cat in making a new friend bahis şirketleri just to see him leave for a while, Sam being reminded of the good times that were gone from Seattle and being taken away again with his departure and of course Jade, finding her ‘one’ that she thought she’d never find then to see him depart.Freddie in turn tasted the bitterness in having to go back to a city that hadn’t felt like home in a while despite the freedom he had felt since the most important people in his life had left. However, the sweetness of course was that he had found a new home with a girl he knew in his very soul he could be happy spending the rest of his life, making peace with Sam and picking up a new friend on the way. He knew things would just get better from there.Their idle chatting was interrupted with a call over the loudspeakers: “Seven fifteen flight to Seattle is now boarding.”Freddie reluctantly smiled to the gothic angel that had slipped seamlessly into his life. “That’s my flig—”Jade cut him off by wrapped her arms behind his neck and crashing her lips against his lips. He wrapped his arms around her back and held her tight.They shared one more passionate kiss before breaking their lips apart. Freddie whispered against her lips, “I’ll be back before you know it and there’s always the internet and phones.”She nodded and f0rce a smile, but he could see the sadness in her eyes. “Right, back before you know it.”Freddie kissed her soft lips again and whispered, “I’ll be back as soon as I can.”He pulled out of her embrace and the teen from Seattle turned to the redhead and hugged her. She eagerly returned and gripped him tightly, threatening to cut off circulation to his brain. He chuckled and whispered into her ear, “You stay sweet Cat and I’ll see you soon.”The redhead let out a giggle then placed a quick kiss on his cheek before she pulled away.The brown eyed teen looked with a smile to his tormenter, friend, lover, ex and back to friend. “Sam.”Sam closed the distance and pulled him into a hug. She whispered into his ear, “It was good to see you again and… to settle things.””Yes it was,” he answered with a pat on her back. The words easily rolled off his tongue, “I love you Sam.”She answered without a hint of sarcasm, “I love you too nub.”The blonde chastely kissed his cheek as he pulled away. He turned towards the boarding gate, sharing another quick glance with Jade before picking up his bag and heading on his way. He pulled his ticket from his bag then handed it to the woman at the counter, beating a number of others to the head of the line. She checked his ticket then waved him towards the boarding gate. He looked over his shoulder and waved at the girls before he turned into the tunnel.Jade continued watching the handsome boy until he disappeared down the tunnel. She looked at the empty spot for a few more seconds until Sam softly called from behind her, “Hey.”The actress turned her head to meet Sam’s gaze, struggling not the moisture she felt in her eyes become visible.In a rarely used voice, Sam reassured her new friend, “Freddie’s good to his word and he’ll be back. Whatever chizz I’ve given him or said about him is just that: chizz. He really is a good guy and you’re lucky to have him.”The goth cracked a genuine smile and answered in a soft voice, “Thanks Sam.”The two shared a look of solidarity, one that each had very little experience in only having one or two people in their lives they had that feeling to share.Jade cleared her throat and took a deep breath to break the weighty cloud above them then conversationally remarked, “We need to get back to your place. I need to help Cat finish our project that I dumped on her Saturday.”Cat happily brushed off the concern, “Oh, I already did it when you and Sam were out Saturday, but you could look over it then…” The sweet and ‘innocent’ girl put on a devilish smile as she finished, “…we could work on another project together… a photo project we could send to Freddie to tide him over until he gets back. You could just stay the night with us and we could go to school together tomorrow.”Sam smiled at her girlfriend and resisted kissing her in public at knowing exactly what she was suggesting. “You devilish little kitten.” The blonde looked to Jade and teased with an eyebrow, “Are you up for it?”A wicked grin slowly formed on her lovely face. “Let’s just swing by my place so I can pick up a few ‘things’ and let me get my camera.”The girls turned together, Cat looping her arm with Sam as she had done for a while, and headed out of the airport and to Jade’s car.The End