Knife Edge: Anita’s Sexy Stockings

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Anita sat on the edge of the bench at the end of the aisle, trying on another pair of heels. She admired them in the mirror, analyzing her pantyhosed feet.

We had been shopping for over an hour and this was only the first store we had gone to. Most men would be bored of this but not me. Anita preyed on my nylon fetish viciously, especially in public. She enjoyed seeing me squirm but also enjoyed the looks she got from other men.

Today, she was putting on quite the show by posing her silky feet in and out of different shoes. Even a man without a fetish wouldn’t be able to resist staring. In fact, a few men stopped in their tracks just outside the store to catch a glimpse of her sexy legs and feet.

Anita finally understood the effect she had on men. However, she was oblivious to any other men while shoe shopping because she was just as entranced as they were. I couldn’t blame her for being so narcissistic. Her seductive feet had made her an internet sensation in less than a year. With multiple accounts across different porn sites, she had amassed thousands of fans and became a household name among the fetish community.

Every Friday night, she (and I) posted a new video for all her fans. We made videos with anything from giantess foot fetishes to food foot fetishes. However, we never strayed far from what had made her so popular in the first place, nylons. This was our bread and butter.

Over the past few months, we had made dozens of nylon fetish videos showing her working her gorgeous feet against my cock. Different camera angles, different scenarios but nothing revolutionary. People didn’t flock to her pages because she was creative, they craved her feet because she made love with them. Slow and sensual footjobs all while wrapped the sexiest hosiery were our forte. Who knew that our first video several months ago would’ve blown up like this.

“Straps, no straps?” She asked as she held out two different pairs of high heels in front me.

I looked at each of the pairs but said nothing. I was daydreaming about the video we had made last week. The one where she fed me whipped cream from her nylon toes. She was wearing some neon pink knee highs so it all seemed extra cheeky to me.

“You’re right, no straps.” She said without waiting for a response.

She walked back over to the bench and slipped her black wedges back on. She swiftly popped back up and was ready to go.

“Ok, I’m ready!” She said.

After paying for her new shoes and leaving the store, I tried to coax her to the exit of the mall when she spoke up.

“What are you doing? We still have three more stores to go.” She asked.

Although I was always in the mood to watch her tease her feet in public, I was ready to go. I had enough of the show and wanted the real thing. I actually had a soft erection already and it was becoming difficult to hide.

“Ugh. Really?” I grunted.

She stomped her heel in the ground like a snotty teenager.

“Ok, alright. You go ahead. Show me the way.” I said rolling my eyes.

She pivoted on her heel and started walking to the next shoe store. I sluggishly trailed behind her like most husbands do when they are ready to leave.

Right before she entered the next store, an older man bumped into her from behind. I was still trailing behind her this entire time so I saw it happen but wasn’t close enough to do anything. I could tell the man apologized to her immediately but I don’t think she realized what actually happened. I was happy that Anita finally realized her seductive powers but unfortunately, she was still naive to the dirty tricks that men do for their own pleasure.

I tried to hurry over to meet her in the next shoe store but before I made it, I noticed the man changed direction and followed her. A second ago, I believed this was a typical drive-by upskirting but it wasn’t. This man wanted more.

Plenty of men had hit on her in the past, plenty of men had attempted to lure her away from me before but I had not caught anyone trying to feel her up or sneak pictures under her skirt. My stomach turned. I was turned on seeing her become a piece of meat.

I started having flashbacks from the night we invited her boss over for dinner. The night she crossed the line from simply teasing another man to outright fucking. I remembered him rubbing her nylon clad feet while she laid on the couch next to him. I remembered the smell of his cologne that permeated the living room air. I quickly snapped out of it as Anita walked down the high heel aisle.

I trailed into the store behind this strange man as he stalked my wife. He did his best to act oblivious to her, stopping at a sock display. Anita was clueless. She was hypnotized by a pair of sparkly stilettos she found in the middle of the aisle.

I dazed off again. Memories of the night with her boss kept rushing back to me. Her black stockinged legs over his shoulders, the looks of guilt she gave me while her body heaved each time he thrust into her.

The weeks malatya escort following the dreadful night with her boss are somewhat of a blur. To this day, she still apologizes for letting things go that far and for behaving like a slut. Her explanation for why she had sex with him was vague. Her best explanation was something about her being used or treated as if she were an object or trash. I can’t remember exactly what she said but what I do remember was that she apologized repeatedly for weeks. Deep down, I believed she felt more ashamed than guilty. However, during those few weeks, I feared that I might lose her if I didn’t forgive her. Eventually, I gave in and accepted her apology after a month of deliberation. We made up just fine and never really talked about that night since. I did my best to be a little rougher in bed or to be more spontaneous but this was never a kink she was willing to explore any further.

In the aftermath of that night, she had been promoted at work and moved to a different office altogether. I wholehearted believed she was sorry about what happened because she broke ties with basically all the guys at work that were trying to fuck her. She cut communication with her boss too, who now worked in a different office as well.

I came back to reality again when I lost sight of the stranger. I did a quick search of the store and found him just past her on the same aisle. He had his phone out and was doing a terrible job of appearing inconspicuous. She was still oblivious though. I felt I had to do something. I casually walked over to her and spoke softly.

“You remember that video I showed you like a month ago where the guy followed that girl in the grocery store and snapped a pic under her skirt?” I said quietly.

“Haha, uh yea.” She said confused.

“Blue ball cap.” I said casually.

“Huh?” She replied.

She paused for a second.

“Ohhhh!” She said surprised.

With absolutely no discretion, she turned around sitting on the bench and looked directly at the stranger holding his phone out. I should’ve given her more details so she wouldn’t have turned around so carelessly. She turned around again looking dead at me, eyes wide open.

After being spotted, the stranger appeared to search for a signal with his phone, waving it in the air. Meanwhile, Anita nervously tucked her short dark hair behind her ear and sat there staring at her feet realizing it was the same man who bumped into her earlier. She put the puzzle pieces together.

“He lifted my skirt earlier!” She whispered sternly.

“I know. I saw.” I answered.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” She asked.

“I’m telling you now.” I said.

“Do you think he knows who I am?” She asked.

“What?! No, of course not. We never show your face in any of the videos. How could he know?” I replied.

She paused.

“I guess you’re right.” She said.

“He may not know who you are but he definitely is a fan.” I said raising one eyebrow.

She gave me a dirty look. She didn’t care for my joke.

“Is he going away?” She asked.

I could still see him out of the corner of my eye. He had not budged. In fact, he was still facing her with his phone out.

“Nope.” I said.

We both waited a few seconds to gather our thoughts.

“Ok, if somehow he knows who you are, what are you gonna do?” I asked.

I could see she was getting ideas. She took a deep breath.

“You don’t suppose I should…tease him?” She answered.

“Look, I can tell the guy to piss off which he most likely will OR you can give him a little show. If you let him take a pic, he might leave immediately. That’s all he wants.” I explained.

“But he already DID get a picture. He lifted my skirt.” She protested.

“He just wants a little more. This is his once in a lifetime chance to catch a pair of legs like yours. C’mon, the guy’s like sixty years old.” I said.

A few moments passed. Anita bit her lip in hesitation.

“Don’t act as if you didn’t like him violating you.” I added.

Just as before, I was pushing us close to the edge. My heart was pounding with anticipation. I knew what I was proposing to her but my mind was wrestling with the possible consequences that might occur. I couldn’t help myself.

“Cheeky.” She said with a smirk.

Her smile confirmed we were on the same page now. I walked off down the aisle past the stranger to get a view of what she was about to do while she opened another box of shoes on the bench next to her.

Once I was in position, I pulled out my phone as well to record the man who was peeping at my wife.

Anita’s next box of shoes happened to be a pair of thin, strappy stiletto sandals. She kicked her wedges off showing her tan pantyhosed feet, posing them tiptoed on the floor. She unpacked the plastic from the new heels while the stranger focused on her exposed feet. The store lighting caused her hosiery to shimmer, sparkling as her feet balanced on her delicate maltepe escort toes. The stranger fell into her trap.

Once unwrapped, she turned slightly to give him a better view of her seductive gams. Legs crossed, she extended one of her silken legs out to slip on one of the sandals. Before sliding the shoe on, she ran her hand through her arch as if to prevent any nylon from bunching. With her shining red toes pointed precisely, she slowly guided the shoe onto her dainty foot. Then, she laced the sandal around her ankle and proceeded to the same routine for her other foot.

Now, she had both heels on. She stood up, adjusted her bouncy skirt which only came down to her mid thigh and walked a few feet away to a full length mirror.

She subtly swung her long legs back and forth, admiring the strappy heels in the mirror. She turned around getting a better view from behind, rubbing the back of her shiny thigh. I wasn’t close enough to hear it but I imagined the sound her hand made while gliding down her silky smooth leg.

From his point of view, the stranger had a clear view of her but it wasn’t enough for him. He slowly sauntered over to her, phone still out. He stopped just a couple feet away from her.

Anita boldy bent over directly in front of him to adjust the golden seams across her pedicured toes. (She had a knack for fixing the seams so that they ran across the edge of her toes instead of covering her precious nails.) Her skirt wasn’t short enough to expose her ass but for someone standing just a few feet away, all they needed to catch a glimpse would be a phone held underhand. So, just as boldly, the stranger stepped forward and held his phone underneath her skirt for a good second.

Before he could step back, Anita popped back up and brushed her backside against him. This had to be intentional because she immediately apologized.

“Oh, excuse me. Sorry. We gotta quit bumping into each other like this haha!” She said to him giggling.

The stranger muttered something incoherently and smiled.

She returned to the bench and slowly unlaced the sandals. She took her time unraveling the laces to make sure the stranger was able to turn around to get a view. Gently and passionately, she slid the tiny heels off one by one.

Once the heels were back in the box, she slipped her wedges back on and proceeded to leave the store, leaving the sandals behind.

Both the stranger and I were caught off guard because we each stood there staring at our phones as if we were waiting on the next scene of a movie.

I snapped to after he snapped to and began following her out of the store.

She pulled her phone out and called me immediately. I answered right away.

“Soooo, whaddya think? Did I do well?” She asked.

“Haha very well indeed. He is still following you though.” I replied.

“What?! Really?” She said.

“Yes, I’m behind him right now.” I added.

“I thought that’s what he wanted! Well…what now?” She asked.

“Head down that long hallway up ahead leading to the elevator. Maybe he’ll peel off.” I said.

A few seconds later, I lost sight of her as she headed down the narrow hallway. Shortly after, the stranger stopped at the entrance of the hallway debating on whether to continue after her.

This hallway always stuck out to me when I would go to the mall because it seemed too long and narrow to lead towards an elevator. Most people must assume it was for employees only.

“Well…?” She asked.

“Well, he stopped.” I answered.

The stranger looked around for a moment.

“He’s hesitating.” I added.

She took another deep breath.

“Alright, I think this will satisfy him.” She said.

I could hear her rustling about on the phone but I still couldn’t see her.

Her plan worked and drew the stranger into the hallway after her. I had to get a better view past the crowd of shoppers.

I rushed to the entrance of the hallway. The stranger wasn’t a large man but was still blocking most of my view of Anita. However, I could see that she placed her purse on the ground and was in the middle of brazenly readjusting her sheer stocking to her garter belt. Her skirt was hiked up considerably, exposing her entire leg well past the floral lace top of her sexy stocking.

She had her back to us so she didn’t see the man walking up behind her. He stopped just shy of her and began adjusting himself as well.

“Yea, he took the bait alright.” I said.

I started recording again on my phone from the entrance of the hallway. By now, I could see the man blatantly rubbing himself while staring only a step or two away from my wife. I wasn’t sure what he planned on doing because he no longer had his phone out.

I focused my phone down the hallway, zooming in on my wife’s exposed leg in the background behind a strange man. I could hear murmuring from Anita over the phone but couldn’t make out what she was saying. I didn’t have her on speaker.

Anita mamak escort threaded her stocking top back into the snap and carefully ran her hands up her nylon leg to smooth out any loose fabric. For added effect, she even popped her heel out of her shoe to provide a peek of her sexy little sole.

Suddenly, the stranger walked by unnecessarily close to her while still rubbing himself and bolted through an employee-only service hallway. Just as he did this, a faint gasp echoed down the hallway from Anita. I hurried over.

“You ok?” I asked anxiously.

“He came. I have cum on me now. Haha it’s cum. It’s fucking cum.” She stammered.

To my amazement, I looked down and saw semen roped across her leg.

She was giggling but was breathing heavily so I couldn’t tell if she was upset or fine. It was only after she snapped back up that I realized she was ok since she had a big grin across her face. I looked back down at her leg.

Her hosed leg had thick globs of slimy, pale trails slithering down her calf. A few white drops of cum landed on her black wedges.

“Are you getting this?” She asked motioning to my phone.

I forgot I still had my phone out recording. It was pointed directly at the floor.

“No…you want me to?” I asked confused.

She rolled her eyes and huffed. I drew my phone up and zoomed in on the mess. I felt stupid for asking. I guess I thought it was only appropriate seeing how she was just sexually violated.

I trained my phone on her smooth calf, capturing the cum while it rolled down to her ankle. Streams of his cum were starting to sink into the fabric creating splotchy areas in her stocking. Another area on her ankle had cum so thick it looked like it may never seep into her stocking. To any bystander, it would be obvious that something splashed on her leg. Luckily, we were still in the safety of the narrow hallway.

“I can’t believe he did that.” I said.

“What did you think he was going to do? Ask me for change?” She said sarcastically.

“No, I just thought he’d take another picture or something.” I replied.

“Alright, what now?” She asked.

“Do you want me to clean it off?” I proposed.

“No, no. Leave it. I …like it.” She murmured.

Her devilish grin came back. She couldn’t hide it.

“It’s a turn on. Don’t you think?” She added.

I didn’t say anything but my expression gave me away as well.

It did turn me on. This is what I wanted from her before. I never wanted her to have sex with another man. I only wanted another man with the same fetish to share her legs with. Admittedly, this is not exactly how I would have planned it but it did turn me on nonetheless.

“So…are you just gonna walk around with cum dripping down your stocking?” I asked.

She only smiled. She picked up her purse and we made our way back into the crowd of mall shoppers who had not noticed our perverted incident.

We only went to one more store but it was all I needed. In reality, I had plenty of fuel for my fetish for the next few weeks or maybe even months. I didn’t record everything perfectly but I had the memories already burned into my brain.

I recorded a few more angles highlighting her cummy stocking while in the next store. She continued to pose her feet just as before with different pairs of heels. This time, I could see that she was constantly admiring the semen that was slowly fading into her hosiery. Her leg, already shimmering from the nude hosiery, now shined a bit more along her calf and ankle. Her smile never left her face.

In the middle of the aisle, she played with the semen before it had completely morphed into several areas of darkened spots on her lower leg. She was in the middle of changing heels when she reached down to finger the last remaining thick glob of cum and wiped it on the inside of her black wedge, sucking her finger clean of any residue.

“I want to feel it between my toes.” She said smiling.

She wiggled her toes inside the shoe once she slid her heel back on. She had not smiled like this in a long time.

“Ok, we can go now!” She said.

I am not sure if anyone noticed her leg but it didn’t matter. I was extremely turned on just seeing it myself. The fact that she was walking around in public with this salty goo stuck to her leg multiplied the eroticism of the experience. Just looking at her leg relived the memory of that man squirting his cum on her as he walked by, claiming his territory like some stray dog. This particular stocking now had sentimental value to it. By the time we left the mall, she was walking as confidently as a runway model.


Just as we left the parking lot, she kicked her heels off again and planted her feet on the dashboard, rubbing them together making that beautiful swishing sound. Neither of us said anything. We just stared at her leg, giving each other looks every so often. Her stocking was completely dry now but possibly crusty. Still looked gorgeous.

When we got home, she rushed to the bathroom to pee. I paced around the house with an hour long hard on which was beginning to hurt.

Moments later, I heard her passionate whimpering in the bathroom. I was just outside the door so I burst in without knocking.