La Macarena – part 6

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La Macarena – part 6Then it was time to dress up. I posed in front of the big mirror with a few dresses but all of them were less hot than my white dress from last night. It was end July and in the South of Spain still warm weather. My red lingerie I was wearing to please the waiter was still out in the room and I was wondering if that was a good idea. I would not be an exception, I saw other women the evenings before wearing even more daring lingerie than mine. Now I had the chance to wear it outside our bedroom was tempting. I looked at C waiting for some confirmation and he gave me “green light”! So no clothes, no dresses or skirts… I got exited already! I quickly searched for other stuff and found an other sexy black set. “Black or red?” I asked while holding the pieces up in the air… “Red!” he said… okay! I started to attach the silky black nylons to my red garter belt. C stopped me there to say i was already wearing enough, just my heels and that would do it. I listened to him, put on my highest heels and stood in front of the big mirror and watched myself. I had to agree I was looking sexy with only the nylons and garter belt. My boobs where still firm and my dark nipples pointed in the right direction. My bald pussy was not covered by panties and guess open air is what she prefers and probably what the men out there prefer. Nevertheless I wanted to wear the other accessories as well, would also be more classy: my bustier with half cups: I could choose to have my nipples just under or just above the lace edge, just a matter of adjusting the different way I could wear it. I had two panties matching with the set: a string with mini see trough triangle and a tanga. Again I let C choose: he opted for the string and my nipples peeping above the lace was more sexy especially bahis şirketleri if I planned to seduce someone he said. I knew it, I expected it and if he would have chosen differently I would have been disappointed! I put my hair together and up in a knot, put some heavy make-up, a nice necklace and I was ready to show off. Before we left C asked if I had any plan for more sex on my mind or if I already could give him a name…. I just returned the question with:how about you? Maybe some more BJ? C laughed at me and although there was no problem between us I felt some little tension going on. The truth was I did not had a name on my mind but I was horny as hell, sex yes, with who was not important at that moment (which doesn’t mean I would fuck every guy at La Macarena: I found myself still to be very picky!) I was also thirsty and hungry and wanted to enjoy the evening. As usual we were the last to arrive for the aperitif. When the couples saw us arriving I got approving looks. The Dutch and Spanish guy where also near and after we got more “physically acquainted” in the afternoon we had more up close conversations with each other with friendly body touching, a hand resting on my bare ass, a kiss now and then. After having a few glasses of Cava the topics got hotter and also other men approached me to make “indecent proposals”. The way I dressed was like an open door to freely say and ask whatever was on their horny mind. I never felt insulted or treated without respect. On the contrary… Some asked C if we were open to share and swap wives, and some asked me directly: one I remember as the day of yesterday: “I noticed your boyfriend has a little dick, what would you think of trying a real big cock?” I was speechless, all I did was laughing and thanked him for the offer. bahis firmaları I overheard couples making plans for tomorrow going back to the clothes optional beach and I was looking forward to that. Now everybody starts to know each other better and better its sounds like really fun to do that again. Then the chef called the guests at the big diner table. Don’t know if it was a coincidence but left and right from me I had Mr Spain and Mr Dutch and opposite Mr C. He had Mrs Spain and Mrs Dutch next to him. Hmmmm interesting! My male neighbors were very enthusiastic and during diner I saw they poured my glass with wine every time I drunk, even for a little. I was already tipsy with the Cava and after seeing me the other evenings they knew I get more exited with some alcohol and my defense goes down. The waiter was present of course, served us as usual and smiled at me all the time. He saw how the two men gave me full attention and wondered about his thoughts to see their hands going more than once under the table touching my legs, inner thighs, ass…. I did not mind and anticipated touching their legs and thighs as well. C from the other side of the table noticed of course their moves as the chairs of both guys were almost against mine and one arm always under the table or around my back. Before dessert I caught myself having both my arms under the table as well with my hands between their legs feeling the crotch of their pants. I laid eyes on their hungry cocks many times now during the past days, one I even tasted in the afternoon and knew if I wanted I could choose one to fuck me tonight. The guys felt I was a willing horny woman and started touching me more in a way to seduce me. Friendly touching changed to more sensual, one kissed me in my neck while the other had his hand kaçak bahis siteleri between my legs feeling the fabric of my little triangle and teasing my pussy and same time kissing a nipple. I spread my knees while I sat on the chair for easier access and let it all happen with pleasure and enjoyed their attention very much. C watched me with intense looks while his female neighbors gave him similar attention: their hands under the table while he had his arms around both of them pulling them closer. Hmmm… I really wondered what was happening under the table at the other side… A finger suddenly made his move under my string and found his way between my juicy lips. I looked at Mr Spain who dared to try this naughty move. “Go on”, I heard myself saying and turned my head to Mr Dutch who was kissing my nipple. When he looked up at me I kissed him on his mouth in the same way his wife kissed me in the afternoon. A tongue touching mine and a finger slowly in and out my pussy were a nice foreplay of a hot night! At the other side of the table things were going on also, just did not know what exactly. I balanced my head on Mr Spains lap to have a peek under the table to witness how the girls at the other side already opened C’s zip and rubbing his cock! Okay, Mr C was not loosing time to enjoy our new rules… time for me to act: I unzipped Mr Spain to give his dick some freedom and I still had to return him a favor from this afternoon when he was licking my pussy so deliciously! Whilst the two ladies were discreet with playing C’s dick hiding under the table, the other guests did not had to guess what I was doing when they saw my head going up and down. Mr Dutch enjoyed the view from close and teased my ass with his fingers sliding between my cheeks. We got interrupted when the waiter was bringing the dessert – that was a bit of an embarrassing moment. I just said “sorryyyyy” in a funny way to the guys and stopped what I was doing… I did not want to skip dessert and the ice cream was nice to refresh my mouth…