La Playa: Polynesia Ch. 02

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Author’s note: This episode has a lot of character development in it, and starts off slowly. I hope when you get to the sex you will find it worth the effort. The character development is important to a later story in this arc, and readers will get more out of it if they have read the stories in the original La Playa series. But if getting off is your thing, scroll down and enjoy our heroine as she works her magic on an unsuspecting guy…


Tuesday Morning – Deana’s Awakening

It was Tuesday morning at La Playa – Caribbean. While Steve and his staff still slumbered in a tangle of naked limbs in Papeete several thousand miles away, Steve’s wife, Deana (or Dee as she preferred) was sipping a cup of strong Jamaican coffee, and squirmed a bit on the bar stool in their home above the original La Playa resort. There was no other word for it – Dee was horny. Steve had been away nearly two months now, and her fingers just weren’t meeting her need anymore.

Her horniness was accompanied by a tremendous case of Catholic Guilt, because she wasn’t horny for her husband. She had used a couple of different vibrators, and one very life like dildo made from a mold of Steve’s cock, but even it wasn’t satisfying her. She didn’t want to think about the other things she’d done to scratch her itch, like fucking Jeff. Jeff, the swinger’s website guru who had fucked her at the closing orgy during La Playa’s inaugural week, and who recently fucked her again.

The tall blonde man, whose blue eyes stayed locked with hers while Steve sank his cock into Jeff’s ass at that inaugural week orgy. The man whose seven inch cock had pounded her into the cushions with the power of two men’s hips as they fucked. The gorgeous stud who had brought her to multiple orgasms out under the stars. The same man who, just three weeks ago, had again fucked her to three marvelous orgasms at a similar Bacchanal, only this time as she was cradled in the arms of Penny, Jeff’s wife. And with that thought Dee felt another pang of guilt, because she had found herself attracted to Penny too, and she’d never had the least lesbian inclinations before.

And then Steve made the guilt even worse on their daily call just yesterday. Dee had expressed her feelings, and instead of making soothing noises and encouraging her to be true, Steve suggested she call Marc, the General Manager, and have a tumble! “Remember how good he was when you fucked him and John after that staff volleyball game,” he reminded her. She blushed at the thought – the three of them had won the volleyball tournament at the staff barbecue, she had a few glasses of red wine, and the next thing she knew she was flat on her back in a bungalow, being mauled by two men. Steve had kissed her warmly when she came back to him, telling her how proud he was of her and hoping she had enjoyed it. As if she needed more evidence of what an unusual, and wonderful, husband he truly was.

When Steve and the planning team went to Polynesia, Dee went back to their home at La Playa – Caribbean, and spent many days wandering the forests, shores, and grasslands of the island with her camera. Each day she ran or swam for at least an hour. She quickly came to relish the freedom of the island away from the resort, and spent more than one afternoon nude on a secluded beach or by the pool of a stream, swimming until her heart pounded, then taking many pictures of native plants as she hiked back home.

But always in the back of her mind was Jeff. She also regularly went down to the resort’s pool bar for an evening glass of wine just to be around other people. In that setting she saw many sex acts, some loving and quiet, many lewd and raucous, and all of them adding to the growing knife-edge of her need. She always imagined it was she being fucked on the little island in the pool, or on the bar stool, or on the bar. And she always imagined it was Jeff doing the fucking.

And now her thoughts went back to that time…

When Jeff and Penny returned to La Playa, Steve had been gone for a month, and Dee had settled into her routine of hiking, swimming, and perving the guests. She really didn’t realize that was what she was doing, but more than one wife had complained to a manager about the woman who was looking at her husband so strangely.

Jeff went looking for Dee right away, leaving Penny enjoying three men and one woman on the Isle of Eros. He casually strolled into the patio bar, nude except for the bands he wore on his wrist that identified him as a true bisexual and the flip flops that protected his feet from the scorching concrete. He immediately saw Dee on a stool at the far end of the bar.

Jeff lit up when he saw her, and gave her his winning smile. This guy was the whole package. Tall and blonde, he was carrying a few extra pounds but his frame could handle it. Not a tan line on his body. And that cock, that glorious, deeply tanned cock that stood out against skin that was totally hairless. Like many swingers, Jeff found canlı bahis pubic hair to be more trouble than anything else, and had paid for himself and Penny to get laser treatments as soon as their website was producing enough income to afford it.

Dee blushed as Jeff smiled at her. “Who the hell blushes at La Playa?” he thought.

But he could not deny the evidence. Her face was red, and down her chest he could see bright red splotches emerging. Dee was in her traditional hiking garb, short shorts made from gabardine, sturdy hiking shoes, and a photographer’s vest with no shirt underneath, unbuttoned. It was cooler this way, and she wasn’t a prude, despite the evidence of the flush that came over her body when that dazzling white smile under that ridiculously blonde hair flashed her way.

“Look him in the eye,” she kept telling herself, but her eyes constantly betrayed her and strayed down to the seven inches of heaven dangling between his thighs. It looked half hard as it bobbed toward her. She hoped it was because he wanted her.

Jeff played it cool and slow. He kept up a lighthearted banter, and eventually Dee relaxed into the flow. Within half an hour they were old friends, laughing, people watching, and just enjoying each other’s company. A second glass of wine helped her relax, and she noticed that his cock deflated as they talked.

Jeff had been here before. This was a woman dipping her toe into the deep and sometime treacherous pool of swinging. She was struggling with the warring feelings of infidelity and lust. He knew that if he made a move now he would be risking a lot, and this was the wife of a vitally important business ally.

He made his excuses “I need to find Penny,” and escorted Dee out of the bar. Kissing her on the cheek, he also put his arm around her and pulled her close, thrusting his hips and his once again tumescent cock against her mostly-bare thigh.

“Can we get together again this week?” he asked. “I’ve been thinking a lot about you. I would love to make love to you again,” he used the softer terms of romance as opposed to the more common, and straightforward, language of the swinger. “And I want you to meet Penny.” That last sentence jarred against Dee’s sensibilities a bit, and added a touch of reality to the situation.

“Of course we can,” she stammered “I’ve been thinking about you, and…” here she hesitated before using language her mother would have found unbearable “I want to fuck you again.” After a brief pause she also blurted out “and I’d love to meet your wife.” They parted with a mostly chaste kiss.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid!” she railed at herself as she walked up the hill toward her home. “You’ve got to realize that these people are real swingers. They’ve seen and done things that you’ve only imagined. Oh why didn’t you ever let yourself go with Steve to those parties?”

She spent a restless night of imaginings, from Jeff sweeping her off her feet and the two of them sailing off into the sunset (with Steve and Penny finding comfort in each other to allay her guilt) to her getting in to swinging totally, and treating Jeff like just another cock to conquer. Her fingers were busy, but she never came.

The next day a note was delivered to the Residence. “Dear Dee, please join us at the Friday evening celebration. No strings, expectations, or demands. You are an incredible woman. I want to know you better, and I want to fuck you again. Kisses, Jeff”

The change from “make love” to “fuck” stood out like a sore thumb. Dee knew she was married to one of the world’s leading swingers, but she was only now beginning to appreciate what that really meant, as she struggled with her own feelings of lust. This note made her realize that she had been infatuated with Jeff like a school girl, but that he didn’t see her that way at all. He was looking for a sex partner, a playmate, and for the first time in her life she began to feel the same way. She began to realize that she could have that beautiful cock, and still keep the rest of her life too.

And so came that Friday evening two weeks ago…

She wore the same gauzy toga that she wore at the inaugural Bacchanal, now nearly five months ago. Jeff and Penny were standing outside the portals to the outdoor banquet facility, and Dee couldn’t help comparing herself to the other woman. Penny was shorter than Dee, with much larger breasts. Dee knew that her own body wasn’t as tight as it once was, and she hated the places that insisted on putting on fat as she aged no matter how many miles she ran or swam. Penny tended toward the voluptuous, as many women in the lifestyle did.

Dee wondered again how women could stand having their nipples pierced. This was because Penny was topless, wearing sunburst nipple shields and diamond studded bars through each nipple. God that had to hurt when it was first done. Was it worth the pain? So many women here at La Playa had nipples, belly buttons, tongues, vaginal lips and even clit hood bahis siteleri piercings. Maybe there was something to it. She stored that away for future consideration as the pair approached her.

“Dee, I’d like you to meet my wife and favorite lover, Penny” Jeff gestured. “Penny, meet Steve’s wife Dee.”

“I’ve heard so much about you” gushed Penny. “Jeff told me what an amazing experience he had with you and Steve that first time. I want you to know that, for you, Jeff has a permanent kitchen pass.” Penny smiled and kissed Dee on both cheeks as she said this.

“Oh, it’s nice to meet you too. I’m sorry, I know I’ve been married to Steve a long time, but I’m still a little new to all this” Dee responded, blushing again.

“I know just how you feel” said Penny. “Jeff is my second husband, and I didn’t get into the lifestyle until we married when I was 40. He introduced me to swinging while we were dating, but somehow that first time with a ring on is different.”

“The strange thing to me is, it wasn’t my first time when I was with Jeff” Dee explained. “I’d participated a couple of times before years ago with Steve, (she left out the fact that she had been double-teamed by two of the male employees of La Playa before it opened – with Steve’s knowledge and blessing) and decided it just wasn’t for me. Now I’m not so sure that wasn’t a mistake, and I’ve missed out on a lot because of it.”

“So you’ve got a lot of catching up to do, and we need to go take our seats” said Jeff. “Marc is calling for attention to start the party.”

The three found their places and listened to the opening remarks politely. Penny very purposefully placed Dee between Jeff and herself. Then the food and the wine began to flow, and the awkwardness slowly subsided. Penny made a conscious choice to engage the couple to her right, winked at Jeff, and turned to give Dee some exclusive time with her lover.

“I’ve thought about our last time at this party a lot” said Jeff, very truthfully. Who wouldn’t remember screwing a woman who was worth, rumor had it, a billion dollars? Add to that the fact that her billionaire husband had been rogering Jeff’s ass at the time, and it made for a memorable event.

“So have I,” said Dee. “I felt pretty guilty for a while, and I guess it showed. Steve and I talked it through and he’s given me the same ‘kitchen pass’ Penny gave you just now. I was just a little confused by my emotions. No one has ever made me feel the way you did that night, not even Steve.”

“Well, as I recall it, Steve was definitely contributing to all of our feelings,” Jeff smiled as he replied. “He’s not just a great swinger, he’s a great guy, and yes, a truly good man. We should both be thankful for knowing him so well, and for the fact that you two are so close.”

Dee nodded her head in agreement, but said nothing. She had been steeling herself for this moment, and she simply leaned over, laid her head on Jeff’s shoulder, and her hand on his cock, which twitched beneath her fingers. Jeff folded her in his arms, smiled at his wife who had noticed the movement, and nuzzled Dee’s hair.

Dee gathered her courage and took her next step. “Penny,” she called. “Would you mind if your husband fucks me right here, right now?” she boldly asked.

Penny grinned a wicked grin, leaned in, and kissed Dee for an answer. “Have fun honey, my man is one great lover, as is yours. I’ve fucked Steve a lot over the last few years, it’s only fair that you should have some payback. And maybe I’ll help him out in a bit. Would you like that?”

Dee hadn’t considered the possibility of a lesbian encounter. Penny saw the startled look in her eyes. But Dee fought down the feelings and said “I’m not sure how ready I am for that, but thank you for your blessing and I would love to have you watch.”

But Penny did more than watch. She gave them their space for the first of Dee’s orgasms, then moved close and was really obvious watching their second fuck, reaching out to caress their shoulders, and brush Dee’s hair from her eyes.

When Dee came the second time, fucking in the classic Missionary, she wrapped her arms around Jeff’s neck and pulled herself up, arching to meet his thrusts and nearly yelling with abandon. Penny took this opportunity to position herself so that, when Dee’s convulsions subsided and Jeff lowered her back toward the cushions, Dee was now cradled against Penny’s bosom.

Penny told Jeff “don’t stop ’til you cum, stud” and leaned down to lightly kiss Dee on the lips saying “Just relax and enjoy my man, honey, I promise not to bite.”

And she didn’t. She murmured words of encouragement in Dee’s ear, told Jeff when to speed up or slow down, and generally took charge. When she saw the tell tale signs of Jeff’s impending explosion, she reached one hand down to cup and caress Dee’s breast, lightly squeezing and massaging the orb, then lightly pinching and pulling on the nipple. This sent Dee over the edge just as Jeff reached his climax. bahis şirketleri This time Dee did yell, and Jeff echoed her cries. He pumped Dee full of his sperm as Dee ground her head against Penny’s tits, and Penny pulled even harder on the nipple.

Dee shook and screamed incoherently, and, for the first time in her life, she squirted as she came.

Penny held her tight and whispered soothing words to her as Dee came down from the high. Jeff, slightly winded, leaned down and kissed Dee hungrily, then turned his face and kissed Penny the same way.

“Honey, that was a fantastic fuck, thank you!” enthused Jeff to Dee.

“Oh God,” Dee sighed. “So that’s what it’s like!”

“Yes Honey,” said Penny quietly, “that’s what it’s like. And it’s easier to do with a woman’s tongue than a dick, even one as nice as Jeff’s.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” said Dee, reaching up to pull Penny down for her first, brief, tongue kiss with a girl. “Your fingers on my nipple certainly did the trick!”

With that the three new lovers extricated themselves from their scrum, and shared sips of wine from a single glass. The rest of the evening was an exhausted blur for Dee. She drank too much, had vague memories of making out with both Jeff and Penny, and the two of them helping her back up the hill to her house. She didn’t think of inviting them to stay, and they likely would have turned her down. Those experienced in the lifestyle are wary of taking advantage of people who have a little too much to drink.

They stopped by the next morning to say their goodbyes. Dee hugged and kissed them both, lingering a few moments in Jeff’s arms. “Thank you both for such a wonderful night,” she said. “I’m sorry I had that last glass of wine, but it was one of the most wonderful evenings of my life. I’ll never forget you. And thank you so much for helping me understand a little more about the lifestyle.”

“You are much more than welcome, Dee,” Jeff replied. “One of the beauties of the lifestyle is the ability to make friends, make love, and not have the fact that you’ve done both negatively effect the rest of your life. I hope we get to fuck again someday, and you will always be welcome in our home anytime you want to visit.”

“That’s right, lover,” Penny added. “You can have my man, on loan, anytime you want. And if you ever want to explore with a girl some more, I’m online eight hours a day and you can always drop me an email. I’ll send you our private cell phone lines if you’ll log on to the site. We’ll even throw in a free lifetime membership with all the trimmings.”

“That’s a great idea, thank you! I’ll do that today,” said Dee. “Have a safe trip home, and do come and visit us in Texas sometime.”

And so she had her fling with Jeff. She learned that he was so in love with Penny that any thoughts of a romantic relationship were just schoolgirl fantasies, and experienced a degree of freedom of spirit that both exhilarated and scared her.

And when she screwed up the courage to tell her husband, Steve was delighted.

“That’s fantastic, Dee!” Steve enthused. “I’m so happy you enjoyed it. Please know how proud I am of you and how I love you even more when you share your glorious self with others. You go, girl!”

She was relieved by his reaction, but in a way it confused her emotions further. She had long ago accepted the fact of her husband’s promiscuous and open-minded lifestyle. She built walls in her heart early in her marriage to rationalize this acceptance because she loved Steve so much. But now she found those walls and rationalizations crumbling from within.

Her thoughts returned to the present…

When she snapped out of it she realized that she was standing with her hand on the house phone. Moreover, she realized that, beneath the robe she had donned this morning, her lust was running down her leg. She simply had to do something, and her precious husband had told her exactly what to do the night before on their daily catch up call: “Call Marc for absolutely anything, my love. He’s not just a great manager he’s a good friend, and you should trust him to be of help. And damn, isn’t he cute?”

Yes, he was cute. And her guilt was crumbling in the face of her need. Coming to a decision, she lifted the receiver and said to the operator “Manager’s office, please.”

Marc’s Administrative Assistant routed the call down to Marc’s mobile phone, catching him as he was leaving the Engineering section on his way to check on how the morning breakfast service went in the restaurant. “Hello, this is Marc” he said.

“Marc, hi, it’s Dee.”

“Well good morning, sunshine!” he said. “I would have thought you’d be off on one of your treks by this time of the morning.”

“Yes, well normally I would but…,” she hesitated, then plunged ahead. “I was wondering if you have plans for lunch today. I hate to be a bother, and don’t want to disturb your work, so please say so.”

“As a matter of fact, I think my calendar says that I’m supposed to lunch with you today,” Marc replied gallantly. When the boss’s wife called, there were no other priorities.

“Oh, are you sure?” Dee asked. “Like I said, I don’t want to get in the way.”