Lacy Finds A Nubian Spear (fea. Lord Zaire)

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Lacy Finds A Nubian Spear (fea. Lord Zaire)Lacy glances into the 3-paneled mirror and a cute girly smile flashes across her face. She gently strokes her stringy below, shoulder-length shiny blonde hair. She bats her eyes then prances and preens before the mirror. The stretchy black and white stripe mini-dress clung to her curvy yet slightly muscular body. Black fishnet stockings, with small white bowties, highlighted her shapely legs which shrank down to her small ankles which fit loosely in a pair of shiny black leather, open toe 3’ pumps. Her finger and toenails coated with a strawberry colored polish, rose quartz, rhodonite, and black Onyx – Confidence and Love Bracelet on one wrist, while a classic oval emerald and diamond tennis bracelet adorn the other. A Yellow gold Love bracelet worth over 10-thousand dollars clung to one ankle and a 14K yellow gold multi-gemstone line bracelet strapped to her other ankle which matched two 14k yellow gold toe rings on both her feet. She puckered her strawberry lipstick covered lips and confidently blows a kiss into the reflection of the mirror obviously pleased with her appearance. Her make up eyeliner, mascara was tight, she giggles girlishly, and she had to admit she’d outshine many average genetic females and yet this didn’t surprise her. As far back as she could remember she was considered exceptionally handsome and bordered on the feminine. As a c***d, he was often confused with his sister who was only 12 months his senior. His mother a district judge lost her husband a prominent district leader in a car accident year earlier but still, she had plenty of influence and enjoyed the fact that her firstborn daughter had a playmate who could relate to her. She never fretted or chastised Jason and Jennifer would dress like baby dolls. On a deep level, a mother attempting to raise a son without a father was a task she wasn’t ready for, so she encouraged the behavior and simply pretended she had two daughters. This worked well until her son became the target of hate crimes. The events traumatized the young man and from that point on he and the family decided it was best to keep her son’s femininity hidden. Jason sincerely attempted to embrace his masculine side, but it always felt forced and fake to him, this was only exacerbated by the fact he was simply put, a gorgeous looking man and with loads of female attention. Unfortunately, the relationships never went very far once the promise of sex entered the picture. He tried several times to express himself in a masculine way intimately, but he felt detached from the moment which had no real feeling for him. Yet this was the perfect cover. Who could suspect a guy with so many ladies on his jock could anything other than straight? In spite of their best efforts, Jason continued to suffer at the hands of ignorant young males who found it a great pastime to torment, belittle, and humiliate him. This abuse continued to escalate throughout his college career and came to a head when four students jumped him, brutally battered and m*****ed him with a broom handle. This incident caused Jason to almost miss his senior year but proved to be the last straw for his mother who decided to seek outside assistance. That assistance came in the form of a 6-foot 3’, 240-pound, walnut-colored, heavily muscled African American man named Zaire. Jason’s mother heard of this streetwise military veteran who saved one of her girlfriends from two would-be blackmailers. The older woman also learned that the man was married with several c***dren so she figured there wouldn’t be any attraction between this man and her son. Nevertheless, she had him sign an agreement that if he were to ever lay hands on her son, he would be liable to a hefty lawsuit. Zaire casually signed the agreement with little to no regard to the clause. This was simply just another job. That all changed when the black Mercedes sport came to a stop in the school parking lot a few feet ahead of Jason as left the campus one evening. Jason’s eyes widened as he saw the powerful figure of the black man as he exited the vehicle. “Excuse me, Jason Freeborn?” The man called. “Yes,” The well-tanned young man replied as his eyes danced about the muscular black man who wore a white open collar, button-down dress shirt, black dress pants. Thick gold rings on his fingers reflected the late day sunlight, along with the gold and onyx wrist-watch, and matching bracelet on his opposite wrist. He had a youthful yet mature way about him and the salt and pepper thick mustache and well-trimmed beard validated his maturity. A large ring similar to those on his fingers dangled from his ears as he flashed a pearly white smile and contrasted well with his deep rich chocolate brown skin. “Hello, my name’s Lord Zaire.” He extended his hand to the much younger man. “You’re mom said you’d be leaving school about now. “My mom sent you…oh god, I can’t believe she’d do this.” He whined and slapped his forehead in disgust. “I told her I didn’t need a bodyguard; I can handle those goons for a few more months and then I am out of here.” Jason declared. “Apparently, your mom does not share your optimistic assessment of the situation. She believes your life might be in danger.” “Mom frets too much, I got a can of mace and another surprise for any asshole that comes my way.” Jason announced angrily. “That may be all well and good, but in my line of work, it’s not the weapon but the person holding it that counts. What if I…” Zaire faked and thrust out his shoulder toward the unsuspecting youth who flinched noticeably. “You hesitated before taking action, ask yourself why?” “I…oh I don’t know, I didn’t…”“And that is your dilemma son. I will tell you why you flinched. It was because in the moment of truth we all revert back to our most primitive devices which is fight or flight, and obviously you demonstrated which response you would choose in the face of danger.”“Don’t worry, I can handle myself.” Jason fired back annoyed and embarrassed. “That’s what you keep telling yourself, but I warn you. If you hesitate against your enemies, they will make you pay. From what your mother has told me, you were severely beaten not too long ago. You brought no charges or no forcible return. If these men are still here, then I assure you the possibility of another battering is high.”“But this is insane. A bodyguard, really, I think that’s a little over the top, don’t you think?”“Not if you value your health and welfare. Don’t dismiss what I offer you young Jason. A man like me can prove to be beneficial for someone in your position. “So, what…like if I’m surrounded by a group of thugs, you’ll just sweep down and rescue me like…Superman or something?” Jason asked humorously. “I make no such claims. All I’m offering you is a chance to live your life minus the unnecessary trauma brought on by people like those bullies you faced. I have a certain skill set that may afford you the opportunity to become more confident during moments when confronted with people with bad intentions for you.”Jason could barely hear a word the man said as his eyes went on a hunger binge for hot dark muscular chocolate. Curiously he stared down and saw the imprint of the man-tool trapped beneath the dress pants of the handsome black man. The sight weakens his masculine persona and instead allowed his feminine self to emerge. “Could teach me how to protect myself?” Jason asked as he closely observed the man’s muscular folded arms across his massive chest and stretched the shirt sleeves of the dress shirt. “I can teach you that and a whole lot more, but it will require your understanding, as well as your full compliance, better still your submission to my lessons. “Listen, why don’t we stop at a coffee shop or a local bar so I can explain in greater detail my plans for you.” Zaire requested.“Oh, I don’t know. I do have an exam in a few days, and I need all the time I can get for studying. “I’m not asking you to spend the night boy, it’ll only be 45 minutes to an hour. Zaire and Jason went to a local bar which was the first for Jason who had just turned 21-years a few weeks prior to their encounter. Most of the hour Zaire dominated the conversation as he spoke about his experiences in dealing with bullies and dickheads. Whenever Jason attempted to speak, he was quickly scolded and told he could only speak when given permission as a disciplinary measure. Initially, the young man rejected being watched and govern by the older man, however, after a few drinks of scotch, as well as growing up with a hardline circuit judge mom, allowed him to accept being dominated, as time went on he even began to appreciate the harsh treatment. It allowed him to feel cared for and special. Over the next two weeks, Zaire instructed his young student in basic lessons of discipline, and a few kickboxing moves. These instructions would have been outright rejected by the young man with anyone else, however, this powerfully built black man seemed to captivate Jason who found himself enchanted just to be in his presence and needed the discipline as he constantly fought frequent erections. Just as Zaire predicted two of the bullies who assaulted and abused him late last year approached him, the larger of the two men had his arm wrapped around a young lady’s waist and literally ordered Jason to tutor his girlfriend and when Jason refused, the boy slammed his fist into his jaw. However, through Zaire’s instruction, he was able to avoid the direct impact which reduced it to a glancing blow. While his friend enjoyed seeing the slimly built young man’s torment, the young lady attempted to show him compassion which further enraged her boyfriend. The menacing youth raised his foot to deliver another blow when a strong, deep voice filled the air. “I see you like kicking people when they’re down. Perhaps you’re ready to join him.” All heads turned to see Zaire as he approached from behind. “Who the hell are you, do you even go to this school?” The large bully questioned. “Oh, so now you’re worried about school guidelines. Is it part of the curriculum to beat the shit out of your fellow students?” Zaire challenged. “This little bitchboy doesn’t count, in fact, …he’s a no-count, and so are you, so I suggest you get to walking or I’ll call security. The tough streetwise man shook his head as if in pity for the younger man as he fired back. So, you bully this guy with no a thought toward his security, but when a real deal comes along, you looking for security.” He glanced over at the young lady and stated, “Are you sure about this guy. He calls somebody a bitch and the next second he’s acting like one. I don’t think this guy has a promising future.” The girl giggled girlishly which totally pissed off her boyfriend and although he knew better his pride got in the way of his commonsense. “Oh, so you think you’re a tough guy huh, okay. Now you can join that bitch on the ground.” In spite of his tough talk, the young rough neck attempted to throw a punch but knew in his heart this wasn’t a good move, thusly, he hesitated and the price he paid was having his ass bounced off the ground twice by a straight kick into his belly that folded the bully like a broken accordion. The cunning black man cleverly spied the other boy, then took one dramatic step toward him and barked. “Run!” The young man immediately complied and dashed away. Zaire then turned his attention back to the young lady who stood in shock. “Zaire look out!” Jason shouted. The tough street hard bodybuilder/kickboxer turned just in time to block the blow from another k**, however it came at the price of a shallow slash across his forearm. The knife-wielding youth smiled with the belief that he had the advantage. He lunged forward once more, but this time his opponent caught and locked his wrist between his rock-hard bicep, and forearm. He stepped between the younger man’s legs and delivered a vicious bent elbow shot into his adversary’s nose. The boy fell and rolled about the ground as he cried, and blood gushed from his nostrils. “Shit…shit, he broke my nose, he broke my fucking nose. Once again, the ruggedly hard black man glanced at the young lady, gave her a wink as he stated. “You should seriously consider the quality of the young men you hang with, young lady.”“Can I hang with you…sir.” She stated starry-eyed.“Hah, sorry pretty girl, but daddy’s got enough on his plate, maybe some other time.” He smiled and then calmly ordered. “Now move along.” She also complied but continued to smile with a glow as she walked away. “You okay,” Zaire asked his young student as he watched him climb to his feet. “I’m okay, but it could’ve been worse if you hadn’t taught me that bobbing move.” Jason smiled. “Come on, if security shows up you know who’ll be blamed,” Zaire stated as he took the young blonde’s hand and pulled him to his feet. At that moment Jason screamed and fell to the ground. “Oh snap, I think…I think I sprained my ankle.” “Do you think you can drive?”“No,” Jason answered weakly. “…ouch, damn, it hurts, it hurts!” “Come on then, let’s go to the hospital. Zaire darted his vehicle through the early evening traffic and quickly reached the local hospital. Jason continued to whine and cry out in pain and Zaire took charge, lifted his young student into his arms, and carried him into the emergency room. In spite of the intense pain, Jason marveled at the strong man who carried him like a groom would carry his bride over the threshold and up to the emergency room desk. The young well-tanned blonde relish the feeling of the hard sweaty brown muscles that held him securely. The manly odor filled and caused his nostrils to flare. He took the liberty to slide his hands over the hard deltoids, chest, and vascular forearms one of which displayed the dried blood from his wound earlier. His pain seemed to ease a bit and replaced by a hard cock and a strong desire to kiss him on his full-lips. “Oh, Zaire don’t you think it’s a little strange for a man to carry another man around? I’m getting some pretty strange looks here.”“Fuck them, you’re my priority, I’m in charge now.” The strength of the older man’s words seemed to give Jason comfort as he became starry-eyed at the senior man. After an hour, application of some ointment, a tight ace bandage, and some pain pills, Jason sat beside the older black as they drove to his place. He subtly brushed his hand against Zaire’s triceps as he stated. “God, you can really fight. You just bounce those dickheads on their asses with ease. Zaire raised his bandaged forearm and fired back. “Getting my arm slashed is not kocaeli escort what I call ease.” Once again, the young man placed his hand on the man beside him and asked. “Are you, married Zaire?”“You could say that.” “It figures, men like you are special, I imagine the women snatch you up quickly. Does your wife really love you?”“You could say that too,” the older man chuckled. “Why so vague?” “You’re still very young and lack experience. As you grow older, you’ll come to the realization that getting something desired takes as much effort as maintaining it as well.” “Zaire, do you think you just take me home tonight? I’d rather stay away off campus tonight. I can just take an uber tomorrow to get my car.”“Are you sure?”“Yes,” Jason answered. When they arrived at Jason’s one-bedroom apartment, which his mother insisted he get to get away from the riff-raff of college dorms-life, Zaire never hesitated as he jumped out the car, walked around to the passenger’s side, snatched open the door, lifted his young client into his arms and carried him into the building in front of several shocked onlookers. Once inside the apartment, Zaire placed his designated ward down gently on the plush cozy sofa. He stood over the young man and stated. “Well, here you are cupcake. Can I get you anything before I leave?” “God Zaire, my ankle’s throbbing and in so much pain. I’m not sure if I can get around much.”“It might take some time before the meds kick in, don’t worry, the pain will ease up soon. Do you have a cane or something to help you get around?”“Yes, it’s in my bedroom closet, can you get it for me?” He asked as he pointed to his room. Just as the older man entered the room, Jason shouted. “Wait…wait, hold it, never mind Zaire…Zaire.” Zaire heard the cry but was too committed to turn back and the second he snatched opened the door, he knew the reason for the young man’s change of heart. The entire closet was filled with dresses, and other female apparel including shoes startled the older military vet. “Those clothes belong to my sister; in case you’re wondering,” Jason called. “Why did you call out for me so adamantly to stop if that were true?”“Oh…oh I just didn’t want you to have false ideas.”“The fact that you’re working so hard to justify something you, yourself know not to be true, is interesting.”“So, what are you saying, do you think I’m a crossdresser or something?”“I think you’re a human being, whom I would hope is comfortable enough with him or herself to not allow my opinion to influence you, but then again, everybody’s got their shit.”“Oh, oh wow. So, are you trying to say, you’re okay with guys who dress like girls?’ Jason probed.“You continue to ask questions in search of my approval. If I told you, I think you’re a cock loving faggot, that might hurt your feelings, and then again, you might enjoy hearing it said from a real man.” Jason swallowed hard, his heart sped up and his entire body shivered as the man seemed to look right through him with his eyes and his words burned his eardrums. “Are you okay?”“Yes…yes, I was just…listen Zaire, would you mind hanging out here for a while. My ankle is beginning to throb again. Do you mind, applying some more ointment, and rewrapping my ankle?” The older man flashed a knowing smile as he answered. “Well, it’s my job to take care of you so, I guess I can hang around for a bit, but I feel you should know, I have a running tab of good deeds so watch your step.” The young man watched Zaire fire up a large marijuana-laced cigar. He wanted to complain but refused to allow his self-righteousness to ruin the moment. Jason’s eyes darted as fast as his heart as he watched this heavily muscled mature stud attend to his fragile ankle. His large vascular hands held his feet in such a way that he sent her feminine energy through the roof. His head felt a little woozy and he assumed it was the effects of the medicine. This is what he told himself as he slowly placed his foot against the large hard, warm chest of his black bodyguard. “Alright now little sissy, I think those meds have lowered your guard. Better behavior yourself cupcake.” Zaire warned. Jason took a sip of a tall cup of iced tea and coyly said. “Your wife must really adore you.”“You might say that.”“Oh snap, why do you keep saying that, it sounds so elusive.” Jason snapped then nearly urinated on himself as he saw the black handgun held by Zaire.“Oh snap…oh snap, I’m sorry, please, please don’t hurt me, I wasn’t trying to offend you.”“Oh, you’re sorry now huh. Don’t be such a pussy. Well, here’s a tip little sissy. My wife’s going through some shit I’d rather not speak about, so let’s just say that she’s no longer my first choice for comfort. Since we’re being so forthcoming, what’s the deal with those girly clothes in your closet?”“I told you…they belong to my sister. I’m not a crossdresser…I’m not…” Jason choked on his own saliva as his mind scrambled for a suitable response.Zaire lowered the weapon and Jason cried, okay, okay, I sometimes, I like to play dress up.” “Of course, you do, but I hope you didn’t think I planned to use this.” He glanced at his weapon, “On you.” He placed the weapon on the table and chuckled. “I was merely taking it out of my waist because it feels uncomfortable while I’m sitting. “I guess those pretty clear polished, well-groomed feet are your sister’s as well.’ Zaire smiled as he nodded his head down at the young man’s feet. Jason merely looked away to avoid any further eye contact with his bodyguard. “It seems to me, you have some pressing issues cupcake, things that only you can decide. With that said, I think I’ll be on my way, and I’ll see you tomorrow. “No, no please Zaire, can’t you stay just a while longer?”The muscular bodyguard glanced down at his watch and then stated, “I guess I could hang for just a bit more, but now it’s time to get real.” The disarming smile disappeared as he spoke. “If you want me to stay, I demand you stop playing this little bitchy game of yours. Denying who you really are for appearances. I would have thought after the incidents with those bullies at school, you’d know that no matter how hard you try, the real you…always comes through.”“And, and what is exactly the real me?” Jason fried back.“You’re asking me to answer a question that you are too afraid to answer yourself, nevertheless, I’ll say it plain and simple. You’re a cock hungry faggot and a big black cock loving faggot at that. From day one I’ve seen you salivating every goddamn time you lay eyes on me. Your little sissy clitty has probably saturated your panties many times, hell, every time you’re near me.”“Oh Snap,” Jason moaned and lowered his head in shame. “Don’t act all hurt and offended pussy, you can’t run from who the fuck you are. So be proud of it, at least whenever you’re with me, cause we both know you’re just a cock hungry bottom-fed bitch.”“Oh…oh my god, no one’s ever said things like that before, and yet, I should feel offended but…”“You took offense at those guys at school cause they were just stupid ass boys, trying to prove their manhood, and you see how that shit went down after I ran upon them.”“I don’t know, I feel so confused.”“Tell me faggot, have you sucked cock before?”“Huh…what…hey, that’s a very personal question. I don’t think…”“Shut the fuck up bitch and don’t interrupt a real man.” Zaire waited to see if his ward was compliant before he continued. He moved over to the sofa and forced Jason to curl his legs to allow him room to sit, then he gently took the younger man’s ankle into his hand, placed it right on top of his flaccid cock, he stroked the bandaged area slowly with his hand as he spoke.“Now I’m going to ask you some questions and if I don’t get the right answers,’ He glanced down at Jason’s ankle to convey the remainder of the threat. “You…you wouldn’t dare.”“Then dare me fagboi.” Zaire fired back and conveyed an expression of seriousness. “Now, let’s start again. Have you ever sucked cock before?”Jason nodded affirmatively, then lowered his head. “You see, it wasn’t that hard for you,” He nodded down at his now hard cock and continued, “At least for you.” Suddenly young Jason felt his resistance fade as he gazed at this man whom he considered to be a powerful alpha male. He swallowed hard, raised up on the sofa as he asked boldly. “Zaire, are you a Bitchmaker?”“Say wha…a Bitchmaker, where’d you hear about Bitchmakers?”“I’ve read and heard stories about men who’s masculinity is so powerful and attractive that they can literally charm the femininity inside another guy and turn him into a sissy girl, men like…you…is it true?”“Watch where you’re putting your nose into Jason. Where did you hear of such things, hmmm, let me guess, could it be a porn site?” “What difference does that make, now who’s being evasive?” The young ward fired back. “I’ve heard stories from many others. There’s even an article of men who called themselves ‘Black Lions’, Bitchmakers. I could have sworn I saw a picture of a man who resembled you. He called himself Lord Zaire and I think that man was you.” Jason charged. “I am a member of the ‘Black Lions’. We’re a group of military vets. When we came home from our time in service, we saw the deprivation, and continued oppression of our communities, so we reunited on the home front to do whatever we could to better serve our communities.” “That’s why you carry that gun but since I answered you honestly, please answer me now. Are you Lord Zaire, the Bitchmaker?”Zaire’s lips pressed together tightly, as he gazed at the young ward in his eyes and nodded his head. “Yes, I am Lord Zaire and yes…I am a Bitchmaker.”“I knew it, I knew it. Somehow, I knew this day would come. Lord Zaire,” Jason spoke softly as he stroked the dark brown and muscular forearms of the man beside him. “Lord Zaire make me a bitch…please, Lord Zaire, I want to become a slave to you. I want to serve you. Please allow me to bring you honor, worship, adore, and bring you pleasure with my mouth and body…please…make me your bitch.”Zaire sighed deeply as the words burned his ears and brought his large black cock to life. He thought about his vows to the young man’s mother, however, his attraction and passion for breeding and seeding a willing submissive sissy overwhelmed his sense of rational. “Are you sure you want to do this Jason? Once I begin, there will be no going back for you. You will become my bitch and you will do whatever I order you to do without question, and I warn you, there will be some pain, and if you fuck up, there will be punishment, do you agree to this? “Yes, Lord Zaire. I pledge my services, my heart, and my soul to bring you pleasure and open myself to your internal breeding.” “Only a total faggit pussy, cock loving sub can speak like this. Do you truly honor me pussy?”“Yes, Lord Zaire, I adore you. Command me and I will obey you…I swear to this.”“You’re saying all the right things, now show me.”Jason’s small hands stroked about the bulge in the black pants but then were slapped away the Bitchmaker. “How’s your ankle?” Zaire asked. “It’s doing much better. I think the meds are working great.” “Good, then go into your bedroom and dress up for me.” “Oh, that might be difficult in my condition.”“I don’t want to hear excuses, use your passion to get it done, so get going…faggot.” Zaire growled. Nearly half an hour later, Jason exited the bedroom. The pink fishnet outfit brought the powerful black man’s cock to maximum stiffness as he lay out on the sofa wearing nothing but boxers. Jason hungrily licked his lips in erotic excitation. “How do I look, daddy? I normally wear heels but…”“I don’t need you to tell me, shit bitch, we’re past that part, take a seat next to me,” Zaire demanded and his youthful sissy obeyed. As Jason sat down, the black man stood up. “Stretch out on the couch,” Zaire ordered then climbed on top of her and used his cock to trace about his young ward’s lips. “Open up fagboi, it’s feeding time.” Zaire facially fucked the younger man and then proclaimed. “Yes, your mouth feels fantastic, I can feel your adoration for my big black cock and the feminization of your soul. What do you call feminine self faggot?”“She’s…I mean, I call her Lacy.” “Good, from now on Lacy you belong to me…do you understand that shit bitch?”“Yes Lord Zaire, I belong to you.”“Goddamn right you do. Now stretch that cock-hungry mouth open and suck this dick.” The b**stly black alpha male used his powerful arms on the armrest to balance himself and stab down into Lacey’s warm, moist mouth and stretched deep down into her throat. Lacy extended her arms below and around the thick brown buttocks as it pounded down into her mouth and slapped the hard mounds as if to encourage a deeper thrust. Zaire slid his cock from the hungry sissy’s mouth then used it like a fountain pen to decorate his sex slave’s face with a warm, slimy combination of saliva and precum. Each time he felt the sensations that rippled through his body, Zaire playfully dick slapped her face. “Just look at you, sissy bitch with all my dick sliding in and out your mouth. Lacy gripped the base of the monster cock with both hands, held it outward, and slid it inside her mouth and then lunged upward again and again. Zaire’s toes curled as he watched and felt the cock pleasing skills of his new sissy princess. Her lips and tongue swirled rapidly around the huge uncut crown of his tool then smooched it lustfully. “I adore your cock, Lord Zaire.”“I know you do, yeah keep sucking daddy’s big black dick…yeah, that’s my pretty little girl, just slobbering all over daddy’s dick. You were born for this slut, don’t let anyone…anyone tell you differently, hear me, bitch?” Totally lost in her adoration for the man tool she merely nodded her head in response. “Yes, Lord Zaire.” “Good, now tell me. When was the last time you sucked cock?”Lacy moaned her answer. “Not good enough, answer me verbally and loudly bitch, confess your passions slut.” Zaire barked. “Yes, once…a few times sir.”“From now on in private you refer to me as Daddy Zaire, you understand pussy?” “Yes, Daddy Zaire,” Jason replied. “Have you ever had a dick up in that boypussy?” “I…uhhh”“The truth,” Zaire barked, pressed his foot down on Jason’s ankle. “Ouch…okay… no, not really, we both got scared, mostly me. He got really angry after that.” “Hmm, angry enough to bully and abuse you?”“Huh, how could you know…” Jason stammered. Zaire withdrew his slimy wet cock from Lacy’s face and rubbed his nutsack about her face until she groaned deeply upon the hot, sweet funky scent of masculine funk that filled her nostrils. “You think I’m one of your playmate kocaeli escort bayan bitches. I’m a grown-ass man. I could tell there was a lot of passion the way he bullied you as if he were resentful. He’s just a punkass bitch just like you.” Zaire snapped as he felt the full length of his hard member as it slid along Lacey’s mouth. “Since you found the heart to fess up, I’ll do the same. There’s something about you sissy, something that gets me hot. Years ago when I was very young, I saw my daddy fucking a sissy, believe it or not, the sissy was a man of the cloth. Never forgot it. Sure, I’ve fucked plenty of women, but I always had a special hunger for sissies…just like you. So pretty and cute and submissive just waiting to be slain.” He stopped grinding on Lacey’s face and barked. “Look at me faggot. I know you’ve been hungering for this big black cock. I try to make a point to never fuck with clients, but sometimes, like now, a man’s got to do, what a man’s got to do. You like this cock, sissy?” “It’s big…it’s big as hell!Zaire slapped his long, thick cock into Lacy’s lips then shoved it into her mouth. Yeah, that’s right, be a bitch for your black daddy, feed off my big black dick.” Zaire growled. “Finally, you’re getting just what a cock whore deserves, throat stretching cock down your muthafuckin throat. Suck it, bitch, suck it, suck it.” Lacy felt the power of her new sex god’s cock as it throbbed within her mouth and throat. Suddenly a wave of passion rippled through her as her boyclitty sprayed out of her clitty cage and down on the couch. She shivered as she fought to regain control of herself. “You ready for me to tag that white-bred sissy?” Zaire growled. “Yes, Lord Zaire, it’s yours, I want…I want you to breed me.” She answered meekly yet sweetly. “You got some olive oil?” “What for?”“Why the fuck are you questioning me bitch? I ask a question now answer it before I get…ahh fuck that shit.” He barked and slapped his new sex toy on the cheek as he dismounted from the couch. “I’m sorry daddy, it’s in the kitchen first cabinet beside the oven, the third shelf up.”“Much better stupid cunt. I’m going to get your faggotass nice and juicy before I introduce that asspussy to Mr. Big Black Dick.” He snickered as he exited the room. With a long glass bottle of virgin olive oil in hand, he reentered the room, prepared to joke about the virgin oil and Lacey’s virgin ass, however, that thought was obliterated as he saw his new bottom practically leap off the couch, answered the phone and immediately shrink and revert back to the low-confident individual he originally met. “Mother, no mother please it’s not…it’s not necessary. It’s just a sprain, I’m okay now. He was there, he helped me home. “No mother it’s not necessary for you to come over. No, no he’s not here, he left a while ago…but…mother you don’t have to…”Zaire slowly placed the bottle of oil on a table, and chuckled as he got dressed. Lacy barely noticed what had transpired until she finally managed to end the call with her mother and after she agreed to her visit. Once she saw a fully dressed Zaire she called. “Wait…hold on Zaire, please don’t leave. I know my mother at times can be a real barracuda, but she does mean well.”“I’m cool with that, but you lack the true conviction a bitch, so I am out.”“Oh no, please Zaire, wait, I really need this.”“Apparently not enough. by the way, give your mother a message for me. Tell her…I quit.”“Oh, daddy please don’t be so angry, I need this, I thought you wanted…I want to be your bitch.”“Bullshit, it seems your mother has got that position already locked up, probably all your worthless goddamn, miserable life.” “Please Lord Zaire, I’ll do anything…anything, just don’t leave like this.”“You had a choice to do right and you failed so get the fuck away from me bitch.” As the angry black man made his way to the door, Lacy attempted to block his path but lost her balance and fell on her face.“I’m sorry Lord Zaire…I am so sorry.” She sobbed. “Nah bitch, you ain’t sorry yet…but you will be.” “What…what is that supposed to mean?” Lacy screamed as the door slammed shut. The night only went downhill from there for young Jason. Once she saw him dressed up, coupled with the knowledge that his bodyguard had quit, led Margarette to believe her son had made an unwarranted pass at the powerfully built black man. This led to an all-out tirade as the harsh minded judge verbally denigrated her son with a verbal barrage of obscenities in her own sophisticated way. “Really Jason, I would have hoped you’d have grasped this picture by now. What on god’s green earth possessed you to believe that a man would want you. Yes, you’re beautiful as a girl but exceptionally handsome as a boy. I’ve seen the girls that practically fall on their knees to be with you. How could you be so utterly stupid? That man was a stud, a super stud, he can slay just about any woman that crosses his path,” she slightly gasped as she continued.“Apparently even your mother. What’s the matter does dear old mom wants some good ole black cock. I’ve seen Mr. Wilson leaving the house on many occasions so don’t…”His mother slapped him sharply on his cheek before he could finish his sentence. “I’m not one of your little homo friends Jason. You will respect me at all times, do you understand that young man?”“Mother, you make it sound like I’m so kind of horny dog on the streets. Remember it was you and Jennifer that dressed me up like a little baby doll when I was too young to give my approval. So what did you think would happen to a boy who’s treated like a girl throughout his c***dhood; did you think you could just push me into a closet with all our other c***dhood toys and I’d just fall in a love with a woman who you’d probably never approve anyway.”That is enough,” the elderly woman snapped and slapped her son’s face. “No more backtalk. Now you listen to me, you little ingrate. One more word from you and I’ll withdraw every single dime from your accounts and shut them down. You might still have a small financial advancement from your father’s will but remember I control the purse-strings until you’re twenty-eight and that’s still a long way off for you. I don’t have to also remind you that I am not one to be trifled with. Now change those clothes and let’s go to dinner. Tomorrow we’ll go see Father O’Hara and hope he can pray some of these idiotic thoughts in your head. Imagine you think a man like that could ever be interested in a fake girl like you. With her spirit broken, Lacy merely nodded in affirmation as she replied. “Yes…mother.”The next two weeks were no better for the blue-eyed young man as his sense of self-respect went into the gutter. Although his ankle healed nicely, his heart remained in disrepair. Things had gotten so bad that the young man even considered taking his own life. At the urging of his family doctor, Jason took a swimming class to assist the healing of his sprain ankle. As he was about to enter the locker room, his path was blocked by Devon Westbrook. Jason staggered back at the sight of his antagonistic nemesis, yet the sight of blood along the side of his face seemed to cut some of his apprehension. “What happened?” “Please Jason, you…you gotta help me, dude, please.” “What’s going on?” Jason asked curiously. “I…I slipped and hit my head man, oh wow…I’m so dizzy.”“Come on, I’ll take you to the campus nurse.” Jason offered.“Ok…okay dude, but my watch slipped off as I fell, can you get it for me, please. It’s worth a lot, and I don’t want to…to to take a chance someone will find and keep it.”“Well, I guess so,” Jason replied as his sense of compassion and his hidden affection for a young man who had bullied him throughout his college tenure. Devon leaned his naked body against the wall as he struggled to speak. “It should be in the last shower stall. Please hurry man, I’ll stay here till you get back. “Ok, you just stay right here, and I’ll be right back,” Jason suggested as he made his way into the shower room. As he made his journey to the back of the stalls, he couldn’t help but wonder how nice it might have been to fall to his knees and suck the larger man’s cut, mushroom head cock. It was something he’d wished for many nights before he went to bed and wished he’d had the courage to not have back out that fateful night not long ago, just as he had done with Zaire. He vowed to himself if he ever got the opportunity to pleasure another man again, he would make sure that there would be no turning back. He reached the final stall and turned inside. He quickly noticed the shiny gold and diamond wristwatch. As he bent down to pick it up, he glanced back between his legs and saw two huge dark brown feet only a few feet away. “Holy shit…hi, hi Bosco.” Jason stated as he turned around to see the large black man with his arms folded across his massively built chest. “What you doing back here boy?” Jason lost his ability to speak as he glanced at Bosco, one-half of the brothers known as the Wilder Twins, or better known on the football gridiron as the Smash Bro’s.“I…uhhh, I uhh…oh snap.” Lacy cried as she stared at the 6-foot 3-inch, 245-pound b**stly muscle man, and duel linebacker on the football team, and his thoughts went off the track as he gazed down and saw the 7½-inches of flaccid uncut man meat that dangled and banged like a bell hammer. “What’s the matter white-boy, you’ve never seen a real man’s dick before.” He Bosco laughed in a deep bass voice. Lacey attempted to back out the stall when she felt the warm hard body that blocked her path. “Oh god no.” Lacy cried as she turned to see the equally intimidating figure of Baron Wilder with his muscular arm wrapped around Devon’s shoulder. He could see tears stains on the face of the handsome black curly-haired boy’s face. “What’s going on Devon?” He asked as his voice cracked. “What’s going on is your buddy here is now my bitch, and my poor bro was getting a little lonely and since we do everything together, we figured we’d needed someone just for him, besides my bitch needed some company too, so he recommended you.”Lacy glanced into the eyes of Devon and instantly knew he’d been had by the much larger big dick black men more than once. Although he attempted to cling to the thought that on some level, he desired what was to come, his heart wondered would these men take him as brutally as they displayed to anyone facing them on the opposite side of the field. “Look here bitches, we don’t wanna fuck no punks, we want real bitches, so you take your friend to that locker I showed you and get dressed real pretty for us and then ya’ll come back and we can have some fun.” Bosco declared as yanked Devon close and kissed him as if he were on a date with a girlfriend. As Lacy and Devon entered the locker room, Jason asked. “Did they…you know to you?”“Nearly every day for the last two weeks.” The curly-haired young man answered. His hands trembled as he withdrew two scarlet and white cheerleader outfits from the locker, along with two pairs of white and red sneakers, a tube of lipstick. They’ll want you to wear this as well.” “Oh god no…butt plugs, they can’t be serious.” Lacy cried. “I’ve been wearing one every day for two weeks, it gets easier after a while,” Devon answered but never gave his peer direct eye contact. “You know this is all your fucking fault pussy. I knew I shouldn’t have started doing this shit with you.” Devon charged. “I had nothing to do with…”“Hey, you bitches, less yapping and get your sissy asses in gear, we only got two hours before the janitors start cleaning this place, so let’s go. “Baron barked. After they dressed, Devon, forced Lacy over on a bench, used a small amount of lube, and then forced the butt plug inside her virgin asshole.Lacy’s shrill cry echoed about the cool tile walls as her ass was fully breached for the first time, albeit by a sex toy, which she knew would pale in comparison to what she’d received later. “It hurts…shit, it’s so tight!” Lacy cried. “Save that shit for later dude,” Devon countered as he easily shoved the large butt plug up his own ass. “This is the easy part…believe me. As they reentered the shower room, Lacey’s knees trembled noticeably and the second she saw the two dark-skinned linebackers with the arms folded across his chest, she felt faint. Devon took note and helped her to maintain her balance. Baron took one look at Lacy’s pretty face and shapely physique and his cock went from 7½ to 10½ inches of hard man meat. “So how you like your new bitch bro?”Bosco practically ripped the boxers off his hard-muscular frame as he declared. “I sho hope these walls are thick cause there’s bout to be some noise up in heree tonight,” Baron replied. Baron flexed his dark, heavily muscled frame, then pointed at Devon. “You, on your knees, crawl over here and kiss my goddamn feet, bitch…you know the drill.”Devon shamefully glanced over at Lacy but was shocked back to reality by Baron’s voice. “What the fuck you looking at that bitch foe hoe. You know the deal, now get your ass in gear.” Devon crumbled down to his knees, crawled over, and slowly kissed the dominant man’s large, vascular feet.“Come on bitch, don’t be half-steppin, kiss my feet like you mean it. With her mouth agape, Lacy looked on as the man she regarded as a masculine top, was down on his knees, dressed like a girl, and sucking this black man’s enormously large cock with a deep honest passion. “Hey, you…bitch, what the fuck you waiting foe, get on your knees and kiss my feet too.” Bosco snapped. Lacey was thankful the large man showered before he demanded she served his feet. However, that quickly changed when the man demanded she tongue fuck his raw anal ring.An icy chill went up and down Lacey’s spinal cord as the hot funky man buns assaulted her nostrils. He thought he’d vomit as his tongue probe between the firm anal entrance of the thick, heavily muscled black mounds of her daddy. When she heard the big man groan with hot passion, the joy of knowing she pleased her daddy made her clitty hard and increased her passion. She glanced over and saw Baron drill his massive Nubian spear down into Devon’s overstretched lips as she lay helplessly on a narrow bench. Her focus quickly returned when she felt Bosco’s large dark hand as it slapped her face. “Bitch, what the fuck’s wrong with you. You’re not trying hard enough. I can see, I gonna have to get rough with your ass.” With that said, Bosco snatched Lacy by the throat, slammed her into the wall, while still on her knees, he literally face-fucked her until her hear bounced off and about the tiles, then he shoved izmit escort his full 10½-inch cock down her throat, held her head steady and there it stayed for nearly a full minute. “Ah, there we go, I got your attention now, don’t I pussy. Devon’s voiced bounced off the tile walls as Baron had her face down and straddled on the narrow bench, while he straddled her and fuck with wild intensity. Bosco forced Lacy to her feet, then slammed her into the wall face forward. She dared not to speak for fear of invoking the full fury of this powerful brutish man. She felt his huge hands palm, play, then spread her ass cheeks. He slid the but plug in and out, then occasionally tongue fucked Lacey until her sphincter itched for something bigger and she was about to get just that. Without so much as a warning, the huge man gripped his sex weapon, aligned it with his victim’s anal ring, and drove it right threw. The pain was so intense, the blonde virgin to cock closed her eyes, but could tell when she opened them that perhaps she passed out. Nevertheless, the powerful black brute thrust his massive cock in and out of her hapless ass vigorously. “How you like this black dick hoe, you like that shit don’tcha?” “Oh, daddy it’s too big and it hurts!” Lacy cried. “It’s supposed to hurt you dizzy hoe, that’s how you show your man what You’ll do for him, but don’t worry I’m gonna put a heavy tax on your ass, and when your daddy gets here, you’ll be all loose for him.”Lacy tried to focus on Bosco’s last statement but each time she attempted to do so she felt the monster cock thrust deeply into her. “How you like that ass bro; is it as sweet as it looks?” Baron called to his brother. “Hell yeah…fuck yeah, this bitch got my cock as hard as quantum physics.” Bosco laughed, then pulled Lacy closer, pounded, and lifted her off her feet with each thrust. He leaned closer, licked, and sucked her neck, then kissed her ear as he declared. “Shit, you got some good pussy baby, ooh yeah, you got…some…good…ass…pussy, I’m bout ready to nut inside you.”“Oh god, oh god, please Bosco, please don’t do…that…aaarrrggghhh…ooooh…oohmygod!” Lacy cried in ecstasy. In spite of how much Lacy screamed, she could barely hear herself over Devon who handed his had placed against a wall, her legs spread wide, as she was literally fucked senseless by Baron who rapidly snatched her hips and hair back to meet his powerful thrusts. “Hey bro, you mind if I sample a little of the golden fruit you got there?” Baron called. “Share and share alike,” Bosco answered.The twins switched partners and had their sissies straddled the bench, face each other as they were impaled once again with black man drills. Lacy and Devon glanced over at each other, as they felt each other’s pain. Devon collapsed down on the bench from the intense dick-down but was lifted back up by a relentless Bosco who seemed to have the time of his life as he fucked the lightly muscled former bully. The pain in Lacy’s former virgin ass now became more a of a dull throb that sent sharp jolts of pain through her body as the massive cock stretched the walls of her anal passage. Baron slapped her ass vigorously and with total authority. Finally, the two fuck dolls, glanced at each other and somehow conveyed a message of compassion and all they could do to pacific the anal trauma was to hug and kiss each other. “Oh, look at these freak bitches, they’re getting off on each other now.” Baron laughed and slapped Lacey’s ass with a nasty lustful sneer on his face. The room fell silent as the sound of a door slammed shut nearby. Bosco quickly slid his huge cock from Devon’s sloppy hole, then barked. ‘Alright you two, get your hands against the wall. Spread your legs open and poke that ass out.” “Who’s…ouch!” Devon shouted as Bosco’s hand slapped the back of her head. “Shut your goddamn mouth bitch. It’s made for fucking and sucking cause that’s about all it’s good for. Devon glanced over at his new companion and her eyes conveyed the feeling he saw in Lacy’s face as she grappled with the statement Bosco made to her earlier, however, all questions were quickly answered when Bosco stated. “Here they be boss man, all loosened up and ready for drilling. “Hmm, I love hearing that,” The powerful voice replied and sent shockwaves through Lacy as she quickly recognized the voice. “Zaire?” She called and the only response she received was a slap to the back of her head. “Thought I told you to keep that hole in your face closed until I put my dick in it.” Baron snapped. “Alright, bring these bitches to the lockers. I got something nice I wanna try. The twins snatched their fuckdoll’s by the neck, Lacey’ by her hair, and led them into the locker room. Once there, they were blindfolded, gagged, and then had their hands tied to what felt the rotating towel rack placed in the middle of the locker room and resembled a round-about, in a c***dren’s playground. Lacy’s body shivered and shook violently as she felt a warm moist, pricked tongue that stabbed in and out of her hungry hole. then she felt large hands as they slapped down about her thick creamy anal globes. Then her body tensed up as she heard Devon as he screamed for dear life and she could only assume he was getting drilled thoroughly and deeply. She managed to maneuver herself enough to peek back and saw through the open end of the bottom of the blindfold. Her mouth flew open upon the sight of the Wilder Twins, as one lay with his back down on the bench, and with his cock deeply embedded inside Devon’s well-rounded globes. He held the young student down tightly against his chest, while somehow Baron managed to squeeze his cock inside Devon’s overstretched ring, and in that moment she knew, whatever alpha might’ve been in the bully was exorcised now and forever would he be a slutty sub bottom for dick and particularly big black dick. “I see you like watching slut, don’t worry, you’re gonna have your turn real soon but for now. It’s time to pay the piper.” The voice bellowed behind her, then spun her around and forced his mouth over hers. “Hmmmm…oh shii…” Was all the cock drunk blonde could utter before she was completely overwhelmed by the dominant black man. “Oh god…Zaire…Lord Zaire. You came back for me.” She cried.“Of course, I did, you stupid bitch. Once you surrendered yourself to me, I claim ownership, that’s what a Black Lion’s creed slut, we just have to work out the details but for now.” He forced her down on her knees, cradled Lacy’s rosy cheeks, squeezed her lips open, and shoved his huge cock right down her throat. Zaire face-fucked Lacey’s mouth like a well-used pussy, then pumped his hard flesh spear until he grunted loudly as it vomited a massive dose of sperm down his fuckdoll’s throat. She struggled but felt relieved that not a droplet escaped her thirsty mouth. In one swift motion, Zaire stepped off the roundabout like device, located Lacey’s vulnerable hole, gripped his monster cock and drove it into her hole. “OH…OH…OHSNAP…OOOOH…OOO…AARRGGHH…AAAARRRGGGHHH…AWW FUCK!” Lacy screamed more from the thought that her Black Lion and Lord was claiming her is his cumdump fuck pet. Zaire’s powerful, vascular muscles flexed tightly each time he thrust forward, and used his legs, and powerfully thick buttocks to drive into her ass deeper, harder and faster until she felt her consciousness as it slipped away. This time when she opened her eyes, she felt the intense length and girth of Baron who resumed his cock assault on her overstretched ass. “Ahhh fuck, this is what’s it’s about…ahhh fuck yeah!” Baron roared as his heavy nutsack emptied a huge load of man sperm inside the cock drunk blonde as she lowered her head, and sobbed, she heard Bosco as he cried out and screamed, “Yeah bitch…yeah, drain them nuts…fuck…fuck…fuck yeah!”“Alright young men, you’ve done your good deed for the day, now take that worthless slut somewhere else,” he pointed at Devon, “while I indoctrinate this cock loving faggot to cock enslavement,” Zaire ordered. “Sure, thing boss man, let us know when you need us, they don’t call us Smash Bro’s for nothing,” Baron replied, as he snatched Devon by the hair, wrapped a long towel around her neck and led her out on her knees. Once they were alone, Zaire undid and snatched the cloth from Lacy’s face. “Having fun pussy?” “Oh god, Zaire, Lord Zaire, I knew you’d come back for me. I couldn’t get you off my mind, you’re my king, my lord.” Lacy cried. “Shut the fuck up bitch and take all this black dick.” Zaire barked turned her around, bent her over the round-about, and resumed his attack on the helpless blonde’s ass. He fucked her until she could no longer think, speak, or breathe. He slapped his large dark hands down several times on her blush red ass, before he snatched her hips, drove down balls deep and fired his hot slimy load inside her traumatized hole. Lacy’s body collapsed down as he withdrew his man tool.The powerful man maneuvered Lacy’s body to lay on her back, then raised and tied her legs on the rails of the device along with her hands. She looked up at her Lord as he clutched his slime-covered fuck tool and she shook in fear. “Oh god daddy, you’re gonna kill with it, please Lord Zaire, don’t…don’t kill me with your cock!”“Hah, bitch don’t be so damn overly dramatic, I ain’t planning on killing you, but I do plan on drill right through you and filling you with all these black African seeds of life I got. So, before you get all mouthy and shit, let me help you out.” He snatched up his boxers, and shoved into Lacy’s mouth, and drove his cock back inside her ass balls deep and drilled her like a madman. “Oh, fuck yeah, you feeling all this dick inside your sissy pussy bitch?” He snatched his boxers out here mouth. “Yes daddy, oooh it hurts but it still feels so fuckin good. Oh, shit it feels so fucking good! “Lacy cried as her cock lord wreak havoc on her traumatized pussy. The Black Lion stretched out his muscular legs and slowly fucked his sissy queen until he pierced her inner-ring. He managed to untie his slut, then stiffened his entire body into one solid muscle as he nibbled about her neck, licked her lips, and stated with authority. “This ass belongs to me now, this is my ass…you got that faggot, huh,” He a barked as he stabbed deeper inside her stretched anal canal. “You feel all that dick inside you bitch?”“Yes, Lord Zaire…yes.”“You feel that cock throbbing and twitching inside your sissy pussy hoe?”“Yes, daddy…yes I love it, I love it.” Lacey cried. “Hmmm fuck yeah, gonna shot all this baby-making batter in your boypussy bitch, gonna flood you with all this…all this…fuc…aarrggh…aarrgghh…aaaarrrrgggghhh…fuck yeah, suck all that cum in your pussy bitch!” Zaire roared as his cock pumped and spit-fired long, thick streams of man seed into Lacy’s hot boypussy. Tears fell from Lacy’s eyes and saliva dripped from her opened mouth as she gently bit down on her master’s hard shoulder.Moments later, Lacy’s body trembled as she attempted to restore and regain her composure. She heard voices somewhere in the locker room. She wanted to jump up and run, but her lord left her specific orders to remain where she was no matter what. She could hear the voice and vaguely heard them comment about her in a distance. “Hey, you muthafuckas mind your business and you won’t get hurt.” Zaire warned, then d****d a large towel over an open locker door and ordered Lacy to squat behind it. “Clean me bitch and kiss my feet too.” Once Lacy completed the task. The streetwise badass bodyguard had Lacy dress him, and then he stood guard until she was dressed as well. Zaire snatched her by her hair, wrapped his arms around her waist, and brazenly led his new fuckdoll into the parking lot and into his Mercedes as he warned, tell muthafuckas in this school, if anyone, anyone fucks with this bitch, look the fuck out.” He concluded as he flashed the black handgun in the air. Once inside the car, Zaire had his sissy slobber about his cock before he forcefully shoved it back inside the cock hungry slut. He picked up his phone and punched a finger down on an icon and listened until he heard the female voice on the other line. “Hello, yeah this is Zaire. I just wanted you to know, I’m with your daughter Lacey.”“No, not that one.” He declared. “I know you think you don’t have two daughters and that’s why I’m calling. This is to inform you that your son Jason has died, and she’s been reborn as Lacey and now and she belongs to me. In fact, I got my big black dick inside her, yes, I am fucking her right now so understand this She’s no longer your bitch, and I want you to hear it from the source.” He handed the phone to Lacy who attempted several times to runway, but the powerful man would not allow her to do so.“Take this phone faggot and tell this old bitch, you no longer belong to her…do it…now bitch!” Zaire barked. Lacy’s fingers trembled as she took the phone and placed it to her face. “He…hello mother?”“Yes, mother…”“Tell her you’re a whore for big black cock, now bitch.” Zaire interrupted and demanded. “Mother, I am…a whore for big black cock.” Her voice cracked.“Tell her that you’re no longer interested in women, and you’re addicted to big black cock. Say it now slut!” Once again, the cock drunk slut complied. “Alright, now tell her I and every black man is your master, daddy and you are a servant to all black men because you’re addicted to big black cock,” Zaire commanded then waited for her to relay the message. “Tell her you no longer need anything she can offer because all you need for the rest of your life is big black and everything that comes out of it.”Lacy sobbed as she repeated the order, then dropped the phone and burst into tears. “Oh Lord Zaire, my mother will never, ever forgive me. What’s going to happen to me now.” “Hey…hey slut, look at me.”Once Lacy complied, Zaire ordered. “Kiss me” She threw herself into his arms and Zaire kissed her with deep passion then stated. ‘Do you trust me?”“Yes, daddy but…”“Nah, I don’t want to hear no goddamn buts, do you trust me.”“Yes daddy.” “Alright then, I got something I want to show you.” BACK TO THE PRESENT MOMENT…The sound of the door as it opened brought Lacy’s attention back to the present. She dashed across the room and threw her arms over the shoulders of her Black Lion and kissed him with all the passion she could muster. “Oh, Lord Zaire, my daddy…I missed you so much.”“Hmm yeah, it sounds like your hungry for some black cock drilling huh slut?”“Yes daddy, I’m so hungry for your black cock.”“I’m glad to hear you say that. Come on out fellas.” Zaire announced and watched as 10 naked well-built men entered the room with their hands locked around their erect tools. “Now service them, earn me some money, and then, you can earn my cock.” “Oh thank Lord Zaire, you are my lord, my master…my big black cock…MY…Bitchmaker!” THE END