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ladyrested his little dog while I tried to avoid reading before an impending exam. She was between 50 – 55 years old. She wore fur, leather gloves and a pair of high-heeled boots. In the gap between the boots and the fur, I could sense a pair of nylon-covered good-looking legs. On them, a seam along the legs ran up under the fur. The hair was red, half-length and permanent. I walked faster to get a chance to see her face. It was a small hobby I had to go and look into middle-aged upper-class women in the Castle City. It tickled the imagination a bit to see these dressed up and often fresh ladies strolling around town. There was never anything more than just watching but this one was something very special. I managed to walk around her and stop at a storefront to watch. Slowly I turn to her and see that she is looking at me. I look quickly in the shop window again. To my surprise, she sits next to me and looks in the shop window as well. I stand there for a moment looking up at her mirror image but she is only looking at the gadgets in the window. I decide to move on but then I suddenly notice that it gets hot along my leg and foot. I look down and see that the dog has been kissing me. One of the shoes and the lower part of the istanbul escort leg is down. She also looks down and sees the accident.”But dear one!”, She exclaims. “So she usually doesn’t! It must be the medicine she received this morning. “”Hmm,” is the only thing I get.“And suede shoes you have too. This must be addressed quickly otherwise the shoes will be destroyed. Come home with me, I live next door. ““Well, I don’t know if it’s necessary. The shoes are still very old. “”Nonsense, come here. Or do you have something important that you are heading for? ””No, not in itself, but …””No buts. Come on. ”She picked up the dog and left quickly.This could be interesting so I decided to come along. We took the elevator up to the apartment under silence. I looked down at the floor but my gaze began to wander along her boots to stop at her knees and the black nylon stockings. I looked up and saw that she was looking at me. She smiled. I smiled back and it was teasing between my legs. Her complexion was slightly golden brown and she had made up something. The nose was straight and the mouth perfectly plump and well-painted avcılar escort dark red. In her ears she had large rings dangling along her marked jaw line.When we come up to the apartment she asks me to take off my shoes. She takes my shoes and goes to another room in an adjacent corridor. I stand in the hall and look around. To the left is a dining room with crystal chandelier and exclusive art on the walls. In the hall I can see paintings by Miró and Warhol.The boots clap loudly when she comes back. She does not have my shoes with her, but she does have a pair of sneakers.”Put on these and I can try to wash yours,” she commands. “They are my son’s but they are freshly washed,” she continues. She has taken off her coat and I see that she is wearing a short black leather skirt and a black ribbed top. The leather dress sits tight over her hips. The thighs are long, like her father’s, fantastically sexy. The breasts are large and full. “Were they very wet?” She asks, bending over and taking on her leg. The bun that has formed in my pants almost touches her hair. I know her perfume. She sits there squatting for a while and feels the panty cloth between her fingers. I see that she has long şirinevler escort red painted nails.Suddenly she notices the pillow in her pants and shrugs.”But please little weird. What do we have here? ”She looks up and laughs. I smile awkwardly.”Should we let Rebecka take care of this?” She continues.”Rebekah? Are there more here? ”I ask innocently.”Lol. You are too funny after all. “She throws the gym pants on a chair and starts caressing the bun.“What a lucky thing to be home alone today. The guy is at work until safely at 7 pm. “I feel like the cock wants to get out of my pants so I start unbuttoning the button but she removes my hands and starts to unbutton herself. The pants fall to the hall floor and the underwear go up like a sail in a storm. The cock stands right out. Rebecka looks brightly at the cock and bites her lower lip. She pulls down the underwear and grabs her hands on the back of my thighs. She is still squatting and I see the edge of her stayups and her shaved pussy through her black lace panties. Before I can catch anything, she has almost swallowed the cock to the root. A flash goes through my body and I am about to fall backwards but she holds back. She sucks frantically. The red-painted lips glide back and forth across the cock and the ever-shining oblique. Her vulgar crouching posture causes shivers to pass through my body. The boots, the black stay-ups and the black short leather dress almost make me squirt. But then suddenly the phone rings and she releases the cock with a loud plop and goes out into the kitchen.I stand like a dick in the hall with my cock straight in the road