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LapdanceBlack characters; dont like it dont read my shit & keep it moving…Tasha had her learners permit for 2 months now, and her parents couldnt keep her from behind the wheel for practice. Every chance she was in a car she begged to drive. ‘Come on practice makes perfect…’ she begged. After a while Tasha felt her skills were good enough, and whatever she couldnt do she’d pick up along the way. Tasha decided to take her dad’s car for a ride. She picked up her girlfriends Traci & Loni for a ride around town. Traci said to stop by her boyfriend’s house for a min, so Tasha did. Traci went up to talk to her boyfriend Dennis and he suggested that Monique and Loni come inside for a few and chill. ‘Yo, i gotta get back home. My folks dont know i got the car…’ ‘Come on Tasha it wont be for long.’ Traci pleaded. ‘Yeah i wont have yall here too long, i know how your parents get.’ Dennis assured. ‘Aight, not too long, 30-45 min then we out.’ Tasha said sternly. ’30-45.’ Dennis parroted. Monique and Loni got out the car, Monique locked it and put the alarm on. *Chrip, Chrip* They went inside as Traci stayed close to Dennis. ‘Uhh, head on into the basement. I got a couple of guys down there watchin the game….’ ‘Who playin?’ Tasha asked. ‘Dallas vs. Brooklyn…’ Dennis answered. ‘Who winning?’she continued. ‘Brooklyn up by 5 last i saw.’ ‘Cool.’ Tasha headed down with Loni right behind her. Tasha said a collective hey to all of Dennis’ friends. ‘Hey.’ The four guys who were into the game gave a ‘Sup.’ and a head nod. Tasha sat on the big couch on the end in front of the tv. Loni sat by the steps and took out her phone to text her boyfriend. The game went on half time and Tasha broke the silence. ‘Y’all ready for All-Star weekend?’ ‘Hell yeah im ready!’ one of Dennis’ friends said. ‘b*o you know im ready too!’ Another said as they dapped each other. They turned and noticed it was three women in the room all of a sudden. The one closest to Tasha said ‘Hey baby im Rich, whats yo name?’ ‘Tasha.’ She extended her hand. The kadıköy escort other got up from the furthest end of the couch to introduce himself ‘Jackie.’ shaking Tasha’s hand. The other two guys were focused one of their phones. ‘See this the part where she was talkin bout how she knew i was lying all along and shit…’ when Jackie interrupted, ‘Umm yall see its ladies in the room, dont be rude i know y’all momma’s raised yall better…’ ‘Oh, my fault. Im Cliff.’ he shook Tasha’s hand and Loni’s hand and Traci’s hand.’I’m Quan.’ and did the same. ‘So, Tahsa, you watch ball, huh?’ Rich asked. ‘I guess you can say I follow it, not quite watch it, ya know?’ ‘Yeah, yeah i feel you on that…’ ‘You watch any other sports?’ Rich continued. ‘Nah not really, but i did watch the Broncos get they shit beat outta them last night…’ Tasha said with excitement. ‘You watch football?!?!?’ all the guys said collectively. Tasha explained ‘No. Wasnt shit else on, so why not?’ ‘Yo, i think imma have to wife her…’ Jackie said. ‘Come sit by me sexy…’ Jackie continued as he patted the open space next to him that was left vacant after Cliff went to the bathroom and Quan went to get some more drinks from the kitchen. ‘So Tasha how old are you?’ ‘F1fteen.’ ‘Damnnn, I was thinking you had to be 18-19 with all that ass you got. Do me a favor, stand up in front of me.’ ‘What are you trying to do Rich?’ Tasha asked knowing damn well where this was leading. ‘Damn, you say my name so sexy too. Aignt, face the TV.’ ‘Umm what about the game? Half time is over.’ Tasha asked playfully. Tasha was so into flirting with Rich that she didnt notice that Dennis had too Traci to the side and were in his room together to God knows what. ‘Dont worry about the game… ‘ Rich cut off the TV. ‘Thats what highlights and Sportscenter is for. Now bend over for me ma.’Tasha bent over and Rich ran his hands over her ass like he was rubbing a genie’s lamp. ‘Mmmm, you say you only f1fteen. But this ass says you about twenty.’ he ran his index finger over ümraniye escort her mound, and Tasha shuttered in pleasure. ‘Oh you like that?’ Rich asked. ‘Mhmm.’ Tasha said. Rich continued to palm her ass like a basketball. ‘Take off your jeans for me.”Nah, homey i cant do that for you…’ ‘Aww Tasha, i thought we was cool?’ Rich asked. ‘We are cool, but i dont know you dude.’ she told him trying to fight her hormones. ‘Uh huh, so, if i keep doing this you wouldnt be enjoying it?’ ‘I’m loving it but i cant-‘ Rich licked her pussy from the outside of her jeans. ‘I can smell that pussy of yours… you know you want to. And im not gone hurt you. You got one girl over there sleep and your other girl is upstairs. And on top of that Quan Jackie and Cliff is here too…’ He began to undo Tasha’s belt and she let him. ‘Yeah, I’m loving this full moon tonight…’ Rich pulled Tasha’s panties to the side. ‘i love it when a woman wears a pussy hammock. Its the one of the sexiest fucking thing ever.’ Tasha was enjoying Rich whispering sweet nothings in her ear. She heard Rich drop his pants, when she stood up straight. ‘Hey, fool now thats where im drawing a line! Its late and we got to go now! Loni wake up, TRACI girl we leaving with or without you!!’ Tasha announced loud enough to wake the dead. Groggy Loni slowly woke up as Rich cooed her back to sleep. ‘Nah ma, im not tryin to fuck, i want tou to sit on my dick while its in my draws.’ ‘like a lap dance?’ Tasha asked. ‘Like a lap dance…’ Rich assured. ‘Matter fact, you cant do a lap dance without music. ‘Aye Quan, put some mood music on…’ Quan saw what was going on. ‘Shittt i want one too.’ he said. ‘You gone give my boy one too?’ Tasha nodded. ‘Aight she said she would now play some mood music would you?’ ‘I got jus the song for you b*o…’ Tasha never gave a lap dance before, so she improvised. She danced on Rich how she danced in her mirror when she practiced dancing at home. Sensual and slow movements all over Rich. She could fee his dick twitch ass she ran ataşehir escort he body over it. Rich enjoyed it so much he began to grope her. As she slid up he would lick her neck, blow her nipples, grab her ass, blow her into her ear, and nibble her earlobe. With his dick tucked away Rich asked for a hand job, Tasha complied and beat his meat to the beat of the song. Before the song ended she pulled it out Rich’s dick and rubbed the tip over her cootchie. When the song ended, Quan pulled Tasha away from Rich and said ‘My turn.’The song that played now was a much faster song, requiring more grinding. Quan was loving his lapdance so much he pulled his dick out and had Tasha damn near riding it. He didnt fuck her but his fingers sure didnt stay out of her cootchie. ‘Damn you got a fat ass, tight pussy, and you nice and young…Oh shit g1rl! Fuck!’ Quan was so deep in the zone he was sweating. Quan felt his nuts tighten, he was about to cum. ‘Ahh shit g1rl you bout to make me bust! i wanna bust on that fat ass and on that pussy too.’ ‘Nah, Quan i cant let you do that…’ Tasha told him. Come on babyg1rl, im not gone bust inside just outside that tight cookie jar. ‘Okay.’ Tasha said. ‘Great.’ Quan told her and pulled her close to him and told her to grind harder and faster. Tasha did cause his dick felt so good as her clit rubbed against it. Before he popped, Quan stood Tasha up and had her face him as his load coated her pussy. ‘Ahhhh shit!!! G1rl who taught you to give a lap dance?’ Right when Quan finished unloading his load onto Tasha’s now cum coated cootchie. Jackie and Cliff came back downstairs smelling of weed and Hennessy. ‘Shit y’all fuckin and you dont invite me babygirl?’ Jackie asked trying to sound hurt. ‘I didnt sleep with them.’ Tracy told Jackie. I can see that. ‘And we’ve gottabe going anyway. Can i get a towel to clean this up?’ Tasha asked. ‘For a price.’ ‘What?!?’ ‘Take a shower and rinse of his cum, i want you to suck my dick while you shower. And my boy Cliff here will film it.’ Jackie said pointing to Cliff. ‘Thats blackmail!’ Tasha said ‘It is, but you look so good we got to document it.’ ‘Fuck that shit, im boncing!’ Tasha said defiantly. ‘With what keys?’ Rich asked tossing them to Cliff. Jackie went to turn on the shower.