Lesbian Lovers at Last

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I don’t do a diary anymore but record now and then things of importance so that I won’t forget in years to come. What happened last night was mind-shattering and life-changing. I will never forget Sophie’s pain and then our ecstatic pleasure but some of the details may blur unless I write about it.~~~~~~~~~I’d had a bath and was on my sofa with my second glass of wine and well into my box of chocolates. I eagerly wanted to finish off my book, One Day, when the phone rang. It was Sophie and she was sobbing so loudly I couldn’t make out what she was saying except she was on her way round to see me.I quickly tidied up. I wasn’t expecting visitors at 10 o’clock on a Friday night or even over the weekend. The doorbell rang and when I saw Sophie I was horrified. She was still sobbing her heart out and her mascara had run down her cheeks. She ran into my arms and I tried to comfort her and calm her down.I took her into the lounge and sat her down with a glass of wine then fetched güvenilir bahis some tissues to clean up her face. I sat next to her with my arms around her. Through her crying, she told me that she’d been out with some girl friends for the evening and that Jake, her partner, was doing the same with his regular bunch of buddies. Sophie had had some kind of disagreement with one of the girls and had decided to go home early. The problem was that when she got there, she walked in on Jake fucking another girl not only that but he was “FUCKING HIS SISTER! Fucking his fucking sister naked on our bed” she shouted and burst into more floods of tears.When Sophie calmed a bit more and took a couple of large gulps of wine, she said she’d screamed at them both; called them all the names under the sun and ran out of their apartment and over to me.Eventually the talking took over from the crying and led into our laughing, cursing and swearing as we tried to think of all of güvenilir bahis siteleri the worse words in the world to describe Jake and his sister; his mother; brothers; you name it. Even his dog got included.When we’d finished the second bottle of wine it was two in the morning and I said it was time for bed. I’ve only the one double bed and Sophie and I have often shared it for sleepovers – not recently though since she’d moved in with Jake.I sleep only in my panties and Sophie had nothing with her. We’d seen each other naked many times in the past so there was no embarrassment. We’d spent many a long hour confessing all our sins – our first boyfriends; our first kisses, fumblings, blowjobs and fucks. I made most of mine up as Sophie was far more adventurous and forward than I was. Our most intimate time was when she’d decided she wanted to shave her pussy but was scared the razor might slip so she asked would I do it for her. After much hesitation I’d iddaa siteleri agreed and she also persuaded me to let her shave me. You can’t get much more up close and personal than that with you best friend!When we were in bed I spooned up against her to help her get off to sleep and held her close, whispering in her ear about things being all right; that I’d look after her and that she could stay with me as long as she wanted. I kissed her on her neck and shoulder and told her I loved her.After a couple of moments Sophie turned over to face me and kissed me on the lips. Not just a peck liked we’d done before but for four or five seconds. “I love you too, sweetheart” she said and snuggled into me putting one leg over mine so that her knee was into my crotch. After that kiss I was awake and feeling the tingle down there from that kiss and hearing the words she’d said “I love you”. I realised that I really did love her and I wanted her in every way.I couldn’t sleep for thinking this and how her beautiful, warm, naked body melded into mine. I got to think about all the times we’d shared especially when we’d shaved each other. I remembered the lips of her pussy only inches away from my face as I’d taken away her hairs.