Lesley part 19.

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Female Ejaculation

Lesley part 19.Mcpeevie licked the sex juice of his hand and then spread Lesley out on the bed. She was sleeping the sleep of a sex scrambled slut. Not many women could take the size of that fist, but them that could, normally passed out after cumming. He guessed she would be out for at least ten minutes. Time enough to go to the next phase of his fast developing plan. iPhone set to pictures, he set about setting her up, in different poses, then adding his own cock… to every scene…playing the star role. Five minutes of taking pictures and he set his phone down andmm searched Lesley’s bag for hers. ‘Stupid cunt’ he thought, as he found out she didn’t have a passcode for the mobile devise. . ‘Any old twat could get hold of this. Hahahaha’ He scrolled her last messages, found the one he wanted and then sent the number on to his own phone. Piece of piss. When Lesley woke up it was to the feeling of a snake wiggling and exploring the deep insides of her pussy. It was exquisite. . She didn’t open her eyes, at all, just lifted her legs tighter round the head of the pleasure bringer and pulled him as far into her as she could manage. McPeevie felt the tightening on his neck and extended his tongue as far as it would delve. He knew she wouldn’t last long before she was screaming like a banshee again and he revelled in the power he had over women. He was 100% sure she hated every last bit of him, but, she also knew, that right now, he was the centre of her universe. No man would ever give her the pleasure he was giving her right now. Lesley started cumming, and, really….forgot to stop. She couldn’t differentiate between starting and stopping, she came so often. She was soaked in sweat and could feel the sheen on the head between her thighs. She had never been eaten by a bald man and the feeling was surreal as she pulled his head into her core sex. She lay back, the head suddenly moving away from its attachment. Click clcik. The camera sounded the recording of the sight of Lesley’s pulsing throbbing pussy. Beads of sweat ran down the smiling sluts belly, down down and into her open thighs. Big Al got more ammunition. He smiled. CRACK…..”oooooh what the fuck was that for!” her breast tingling as the hand mark immediately showed on her assaulted right breast. She rubbed her skin to make it feel better but it didn’t work….”that fucking hurt you twat!….””DONT YOU FUCKING SWEAR AT ME….YOU CUNT” he shouted in reply, while raising a hand as if to hit her again. She cringed and started crying again. “IM IN FUCKING CHARGE HERE. DONT FUCKING FORGET IT”She looked up at him standing there naked and so so angry. She looked away, not daring to annoy him any more. “I want a message for Mary…ok. Do as your told and I won’t slap your tits again. Annoy me and I’ll rip your fucking nipples off…understood ya English bitch.””Yyyyyes sir””Och ya learning…boot fucking time.”Lesley tried to control her sobbing, she didn’t want hit again. “Right I want you today something very nice about me to the camera. And fucking SMILE””Ooh I er, em, I er….”CRACK. Another blow hit her left breast with such a force that she felt he had ripped the sleeper in her nipple out. The pain was so excruciating she felt dizzy and nearly flopped down on the bed…”that’s your last warning….say nice things aboot me and my cock…and I won’t have to hurt yee again…ya warned”Her skin was now sporting a hand mark on each breast and her nipples were huge and engorged with blood.She looked at the screen, composed herself, and, painting a smile on her face, began….”hi…I’ve just had the best sex of my life…and I haven’t even been fucked yet. Big Al here is the best lover a girl could have…I’m honoured to share his bed. He fisted me before and I did something I’ve never done before…I squirted. Yes…me…Lesley Charleston….squirted. Fuck it was so good…I thought I’d peed myself. I woke up to the best tongue job I’ve ever had…big Al here…PHWA. He’s the best….ever, and fuck…his cock! It’s so big….and thick…I’ve never seen anything like it. I sucked him off today and nearly choked and then drowned on his cum. What a man” she went on….hoping these words would pacify him and not bring any more blows, down on her breasts. “Als going to be fucking me soon and I’m going to be getting the first proper cock in my pussy in all my life. A girl should only get cocks this size…all the rest are useless. This is a proper cock!” McPeevie was loving every second of this. He wasn’t foolish enough to believe one word of what she was saying, but it was perfect for the camera…he held the phone in place and moved so his cock appeared at the side of Lesley’s face. She turned and licked along the length and then held it up and kissed his balls. She looked straight at the camera and said “it’s like the biggest lollipop in the world” and she opened her mouth and buried the cock deep into her opened throat. It must have looked obscene, she thought. Anything to stop the pain. The abuser kept filming for a few more seconds of her sucking his dick, then panned back again, pulling his cock out of her mouth. She knew he wanted more words out of her and she started smiling and said, thinking she was doing this for Mary….”in a few seconds I’m going to be opening my legs as wide as I can, and the fattest hardest cock in the world is going to be pushed into my lucky lucky pussy, and kilis rus escort with a bit of luck big Als love seed is going to give me a brother or sister for my boys. Come on Al…I really really need your cock in my horny pussy…please please. I can’t wait anymore…fuck me…fuck me and fuck me until I pass out again sake me scream…make me shout…hurt me…anything…I don’t care…just…make me your slut” She lay back on the bed, opened her legs wide and held her labia open and started fingering her pussy. The camera zoomed in closer and watched and picked up the noise of her squelchy juiced up fuck pot. He panned up to her breasts and nipped one nipple on camera and then moved up to her face to show the delirium she was so obviously feeling. “Keep fingering ya slut cunt till ah tell yee tae stop, am gonna just send these tae Mary.”He watched her rub her clit and finger her pussy…even managing to touch her nipples now, even though they still smarted from his slaps. He looked away and scrolled down the various pictures and video taken….put them in a new file, added a message, and after pushing a few icons it was ready to send to its intended recipient. “Keep going gurrrl. The stickier that honey pot gets, the less it’ll hurt yee when I push it in…” Her eyes were open as he held the quite obscene piece of blood filled flesh she had ever seen. “It’s gonna hurt like fuck at first….but dinna worry me little fuck slut…ya gonna be beggin me for more…hehehe. All you cunts are the same…ya shout stop…when all yee mean is ‘don’t stop’. Hehe.” He checked the phone and pressed send, and all Lesley heard was a ‘whoosh’ as the message left to go to Mary’s phone. Or so she thought. OooooRob had the Merry Widows legs over his shoulders, and had just shot his first load into her very willing but dry pussy. ‘Not bad at all…for an old bird’ he thought. She had arrived and had dispensed with small talk almost straight away. She told him she was still in mourning, but was needing her itch scratched and hoped that Rob was the man to do it. His reputation as a cocksman was legendary in the grey brigade, and and he’d helped many an older girl out with sex problems. Many men lost the urge for sex much earlier than their women did. Even with pills they just couldn’t be bothered or lacked energy to fulfil their duties and satisfy their still active spouses. Long may it last was Robs hope. Mavis was used to sex regularly and, Terry being 4 years younger than her own age of 64, was up to it. He had made love to his wife at least twice a week until he had a sudden heart attack and died. Mavis loved him like crazy, couldn’t replace him, but she needed some cock, and needed it soon…Enter….Rob Brownlee. She needed a little help in lubrication, as her juices didn’t flow as well as they had done in earlier life. That was no problem to Rob and he had prepared her well for her sex life to continue. He looked down at the contented look on her face and knew that she would be back for more. Her body was in damned fine shape for her age and wondered if she would be as gullible as Lesley had been. He envisioned her with tats all over her body and various pieces of gold, adorning nipples and clits. He smiled. And doubted it. She was desperate, but not stupid. She had made it clear that this was of mutual benefit to them both, but only for sex. She wasn’t wanting a relationship to develop…only a good hard cock. Robs speciality. She was quite agile and responsive in bed and had sucked his cock well, amazed at its length, but unperturbed as it entered her throat. She, like a lot of women, including pensioners, shaved her pubic mound. This pleased Rob as he loved smooth women…even a landing strip was sexy…. A smooth older woman told women that she was probably game for any old thing. When fucking her she had disappointed him by slapping his hand away when he tried to get a finger in her asshole. He was disappointed, because when he had eaten her pussy she hadn’t complained at all when he had rimmed her puckered hole. In fact she had shown great appreciation when, as he was rubbing her clit and licking her arse she had cum loudly and shouted she loved it. Then to get his hand slapped away angered him slightly, but didn’t deter him. He’d get his way…eventually. “Rob…that was the best sex I’ve ever had….that’s an awful thing to say I know…Terry was the man of my life and I’ll never find a man like him…but…god that was good….your cock is amazing. Thought it was going to burst me open. Haha PHWA. I’ll do that again…if you don’t mind of course. You’ve spoilt me now. Haha. There’s been a few offers of dates already, but I couldn’t think of anything worse….come here let me clean you up.” Rob climbed on the bed and old Mavis loved and cleaned his softening cock. He was pleased with his evening as he watched Mavis’s mouth doing its offered task. Robs thoughts went back to Lesley. He had tried to ring her a few times earlier but her phone went to voicemail. He hoped she was ok. She was a good fuck. Her task complete and Robs cock, clean and rising again, Mavis asked Rob for a glass of water. She watched the tall, naked man walk towards the door, seeing his long, swinging cock sway from side to side. She thought back those few minutes ago when Rob had been doing her and talking into her ear. She had kilis rus escort bayan never heard of ‘sex talk’ while making love, so when Rob had started using words like ‘slut…cunt…cock…fucking…’ She had been quite taken aback and stopped him, also slapping his hand when he tried to get a finger in her bum hole. Terry had never touched her back there and she had been shocked when she was turned on by Rob licking her in the dirty hole. But…and it was a big but…she didn’t know if she would be able to stop him again from doing what he did, as she had found it very arousing, dirty and oh so risqué. PING PING announced to the room that a message had arrived for the not there Rob. Mavis thought about having a sneaky look to see if any of her friends were requesting the services of the proficient lady pleaser, but she was to much of a lady to let herself down like that…no, she had standards….she hugely failed to see the irony of what she had just done, and her thoughts of standards. Rob returned and she took a long swig of water, spilling a few drops onto her chest, one of which attached to one nipple. Rob saw this and found it very erotic. The water adorned nipple sent a pulse of blood straight to his cock and she watched it rise. Her hand went out and caressed his ball sack, allowing the fingers to carress and tickle his cock as the blood rushed to expand its length and beauty. “Oooooh it’s been years since I’ve seen a penis stand up so quickly after being used….I am impressed””Well, get your mouth on it Mavis…and it’ll be yours for as long as you want it.””Yum yum. Get it here you sexy man…..think I’m going to enjoy our get togethers”. Mavis took to sucking Robs dick like a duck to water. She’d forgotten to tell him about the incoming text message. His cock hit the back of her throat and she was lost in desire. She needed no lubrication this time as Robs long cock hit her cervix and she cried in satisfaction as the 62 year old man gently inserted his index finger into her back passage. She felt her sphincter muscle tighten on his finger but said nothing as the pain worked in tandem with the pleasure emanating from her pussy. “Is that good, you fucking slut…eh?” “Oooooh Rob…you shouldn’t speak like that to me….I’m a lady””Ok…is that ok lady fucking slut””Oooooh, hehehehe. Your funny. Of course it’s good…I’m nearly there…””Do you like my finger up your backside…m’lady.””Heehee…your incorrigible. Yyyyes,, I think i do…””Good…so is my cock pleasing you m’lady. Is it hitting the spot..would madam like me to tear up your pussy and make you scream like a wounded a****l….make you behave like a common slut. I’m fucking your pussy now…but if you want me to service you in the future….this finger up your slut arse is gonna be replaced with the cock that’s up your slut cunt…..ok” “Oooh…yes…I love it….swear at me….nip my nipples spank me…do what you want…God it’s so good…its…aaaarrrrgggghhhh””Another one broken in,’ Rob thought, an instant replacement for Lesley…should she never reappear. He fucked her through her orgasm and pulled out and fired all over her breasts and face…..”ooooh Rob, you’ve made me desperate for more,,,that was so good””Tell me Mavis….have you had much cock in your life….strange cock I mean, not Terry’s.””Oh Rob I can’t tell you all that…its private”Rob waved his cock in Mavis’s face, as if to say….if you want anymore….tell me. “Well, er…I.er well. Just a little bit…I suppose. You know…when Terry worked offshore….i er…had…needs.””How many” he asked with renewed attention. Rob loved women to be cockhounds. He believed they all were. “If I tell you…you won’t think bad of me…I hope.””Go on…of course I won’t” “Well I’m not sure, but it must be over a hundred””WHAT…. A hundred? Fucking hell Mavis…..I’m fucking so impressed….respect girl!!” “I had needs Rob…if I’d known you were available I’d use just you…I paid for gigolos to service me when Terry, God rest his soul, was away. I love sex…always have. Terry made love to me twice a week, right up to the end, but I used toys every other day he didn’t do me. When he was working offshore I paid for men to come in and help me out. I’m saying a hundred but it might be far more. It’s a shocking thing to admit too but I think I’m a nymphomabniac.””Well I’ll be….” “Well, I’m sorry if I’ve shocked you…I just need a lot. Please don’t tell anyone…your the only person I’ve confessed too, I’m deeply embarrassed now””Don’t be, you silly old sausage. Rob is the height of discretion” he lied. “Oh good….I’m willing to pay you if you want…I’m well off, and I’d rather you got the money than some young buck with a lesser cock than you. It’s your call”Rob thought about it for a fleeting second…he didn’t need her money or anybody’s money for that matter and besides, he really liked Mavis and especially for her honesty. “No no girl..I don’t want your money…I don’t need it either….you chuck those gigolos cards away and I’ll do the deed with pleasure. If you want me…ring me, and I’ll scratch that itch any day or night. How’s that sound eh?” “Rob that’s marvellous….just great….can’t wait till next time…heehee. I’m like a schoolgirl…all giggly. Might even not need my toys as much…doubt it though I’m a horny old bird..heehee., oh by the rus kilis escort way, you got a message on your phone before…””Ok, I’ll sort it after you go….now before you do go…have you ever thought about tattoos… I love your smooth pussy and I really like my women to have a nice tattoo…a nice symbol of our friendship. What do you think?” “Rob,…I don’t know…I’m 64, bit old for that don’t you think.”Rob knew there and then that she would do it. If he couldn’t get her marked and jewelled up he would ‘eat hay with a donkey.’ He laughed out loud as he helped her off the bed and slapped her bare arse and sent her to retrieve her clothes. Fifteen minutes later he realised he must be slipping as he’d let her leave with her knickers on. Cardinal sin, he laughed to himself. He saw his iPad and picked it up, knowing that the message to his phone would be on there also. Thirty minutes later he knew everything, this man…big Al intended. He sat, and pondered. OooooMcPeevies plans were so far impeccable. Lesley was so in the shit, she thought anyway, and he could have a field day…and that’s what he intended. He loved splitting relationships up and that’s what he had just done. Which self respecting man would accept what this dumb bitch had just done on film. She, of course, had thought she was recording the video for Mary, and had said what she said thinking that McPeevie and Mary would be pleased with her words. He then realised that he had had a hard on for over an hour and not been in the bitches cunt once. He fancied a few more ales before bedtime, so decided to get her fucked and then fuck her off. He could do her arse another time…maybe in the office, or better still on her living room floor. She’d see herself every day, lieing on the floor getting her arse filled with the biggest but plug ever seen. Lesley felt him getting on the bed and took her hands away from her pussy. She was so desperate to cum she would have done anything he asked…anythimg. She hated the man for what he was doing to her but she couldn’t help herself from being a doormat. She had done what she had been told to all of her life, and this was just another step down on the ladder of desolation. She was a submissive and couldn’t say no to the dominant McPeevie, she didn’t even know if she wanted to. “Turn over…slut…time to fuck that pussy of yours..it’s surely juiced up now…that’s it…now spread those legs and lean right down…gid gurrrl. Now, I’m gonna put this cheeky chappy right up here” he said as he slapped her pussy with his open hand. She groaned. “Now as I’m putting it in I want you to tell me what it feels like…give me a running commentary…right till you pass oot, again…and you will…it’s just the way it is with big Al power fucking his gurrrls.hahaha”McPeevie set his phone on record and lay it by the side of the bed. From the angle he had placed it at it would record his cock pistoning the silly girls pussy but also her face…but not his. All the pictures and video taken were angled to keep his face unknown. “Oh fuck…that’s big…sooo big go steady Al…ooooh gently….ouch…fuck…slowly…that’s it FUCKING HELL…oh god oh god….stop a sec…hold on….ok….bit more…fuck..I’m in labour…oh my god…slow…that’s it take it our a bit then push…..uuuuuurgh. Oh my fucking god…that’s FUCKING BRILLIANT…slow slow…yes that’s it…I’m so fucking full…its…its…oh oh..oh Al your cocks the best…its so fucking BIG…its…its…FUCK….ITS IN…I can feel your balls against my arse. Leave it there a sec…let me get used to it. It’s so fucking good…slowly…. Back yes…God I’m nearly there…again….ok….when i say go…do what the fuck you like…get me there and keep me there….make me scream…hurt me, slap me, but for fuck sake make me cum…its coming…GO….FUCK ME……” She was to late to remember Mary’s advice to hold onto something when her big Al was in power fuck mode. He slapped her backside, hard, every time he jackhammered into her battered backside. Her pussy plopped and squelched every time he tried to force his penis into her stomach. His belly slopped and flopped on and off her back, and she just lay there taking the continuous bashing her ravaged body was taking. She again squirted, gallons it seemed, of steaming, piss like cum. He didn’t stop. He kept hammering her…her head now jammed against the headboard, him, not caring one bit about the discomfort she must have been in. She passed out and went limp, all talking ceased. A minute later he felt his balls tighten and he increased the speed he was slamming her..the bed rocking and the headboard crashing again the wall every two seconds. He raised her arse manually, with his hands, every spirt of ejaculation that shot us his love tube and into the ravaged fucktoy that lay limp in his hands. After the last drop was in her redraw engaged hole, he picked the camera up and after placing her in a position that she wouldn’t roll over from, aimed the screen at her orrifice and kept it there patiently waiting for the conclusion of his evenings work. Slowly but surely Alan McPeevies sperm started running from Lesley’s vagina and he smiled as it dripped down on to the back of one of her legs. He scooped some up and pushed it into her rear passage with his forefinger…. He hoped this would give the recipient the message that …next time, the sperm will be running out of this hole. He was sure that…long cock..a man called Rob…would be educated enough to realise the symbolic nature of his last display. Surely that would spilt them up…Surely….he laughed out loud as he sent the evidence winging its way through cyberspace… God how life was good….hahaha.