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Subject: The Letter Carrier The Letter Carrier. by pete. March, 2007. Chapter 1. I was lounging around the apartment one afternoon after lunch, I had the day off from work since it was a holiday of some kind. As I passed by the full length mirror in the hall I took a look at myself. With my cut-off t-shirt, very short pleated skirt, and as small as I am, only four feet ten tall, I could easily pass for about thirteen or fourteen, but I had actually just turned twenty. I always have to carry my I.D. around with me, but people seemed to like the way I look, saying I’m so cute. I don’t mind, I get a lot of strange pussy this way! There were a lot of women out there who were searching for girls who look like me, for their sexual pleasures, and they just loved my ‘girlish cum’. I had been bi. ever since I was fifteen when I was seduced by one of my lady teachers at high school, now I preferred lesbian loving these days. I laid down on the couch, and as I idly thought about my latest lover I started to feel very horny, and allowed the fingers of one hand to play with my suddenly wet pussy. I could smell my own arousal, and I began to masturbate, when to my annoyance I heard the doorbell ring, and thought to myself, who the hell is that. I was going to ignore whoever it was, then I heard our letter carrier’s voice asking if I was there. Reluctantly pulling out my fingers from my pussy, I yelled out for her to wait a minute then got up and answered the door. There was our lady mail carrier with a big smile on her face and a package in her hands. I had been expecting it, and I smiled back at her and as she fished in her pocket for her pen I looked her over as I had done many times before. Her name was Elaine, and we were on a first name basis, she often came in and we would have a little chat whenever she wanted to pass some time, I figured she was in her mid-twenties. She was small herself, slightly taller than me and chunkier though, and her dark hair was cropped quite short. Her face was tom-boyish in it’s features, but there was no question about her femininity though, and I had often admired her nice shapely ass and her thrusting tits. Since I liked women sexually, sometimes I wondered about her, I wouldn’t have minded exploring those breasts of hers but she never gave me any reason to think that she was anything but straight, and I never come on to other women unless I’m pretty sure they are similarly inclined. In the summer-time, like now, she wore a short skirt that showed off her lovely legs to perfection, and she wasn’t at all shy about leaving the top buttons of her shirt undone, and showing some very impressive cleavage. She was looking me over in her turn, her eyes casually taking in my own cute breasts, I was bra-less and my little nipples stood out under my t-shirt, they were still rock-hard from my arousal. I signed for the package, then she asked if she could have a glass of water and I said sure, and took her into the kitchen where I talked her into having a soda with ice instead. We were standing next to the sink facing each other, and she started to open the can, when suddenly it squirted out, and a little bit splashed onto her shirt pocket, so I gave her a wet cloth, and she started rubbing her shirt-front with it. As I watched her, suddenly I saw that her own nipple was getting hard under her fingers, and I licked my lips as it quickly grew in size. Since her shirt was already wet, her nipple was even more pronounced. She knew I was watching it, and she hesitated for a moment, then slowly and deliberately started to roll the delectable nubbin between her thumb and finger as she looked straight into my eyes. What she saw there must have given her the answer she was looking for, because she quickly reached out and took hold of my hand and put it on her breast, and rubbed it over the distended nipple, it must have been almost an inch long by now. Her eyes glowed warmly into mine as I immediately started fondling her firm tit-flesh, she wasn’t wearing any bra. either, and I realised with growing excitement that she had really lovely breasts hidden under her shirt. After all this time of me wondering about her, it had taken exactly one minute for us to cross the line together! My fingers squeezed and fondled her thrusting nipple, then tremblingly moved over to her other breast. My head whirled, my earlier horniness was driving me now and I wanted her sexually, my pussy was drooling juice down the insides of my naked thighs, it was crying out for immediate attention. She started keening bursa escort bayan deep in her throat as her other nipple quickly stiffened in my fingers, then she said hoarsely: “Caitlyn, you are a real pussy-teaser aren’t you?” and pulled me to her, adding sexily, “playing with my tits like that … naughty little girl, you just love it don’t you!” I nodded dumbly, and she smiled dazzlingly at me. Then very deliberately she stepped back and unbuttoned her shirt, and quickly pulled it wide open to bare her lush naked breasts to my eager eyes. Immediately my fingers reached out and claimed her firm tit-flesh, as she purred in pleasure, and both my hands grabbed her lovely tits and I started to knead and fondle them hungrily. I couldn’t seem to get enough of them, and she moaned as my mouth found and sucked hard on each long nipple in turn, as she threw her head back in increasing passion. Then her hands dropped to my ass and she pulled me tight to her, and as our hips ground together she flipped up my skirt at the back and grasped my naked butt-cheeks. My tiny bikini panties had worked their way down my ass, and she started trembling now as her fingers clasped my lush flesh and she started to knead and squeeze my rounded cheeks. She purred into my ear: “What a beautiful ass, such a lovely little body, and just made for girl-fucking!” and nibbled at my ear-lobe as I sucked harder on her nipples in mounting desire, my fingers hungrily buried in delectable tit-flesh … I desperately wanted to be girl-fucked! She moaned softly as my tongue lapped at her breasts, then reluctantly pulled my head off her. She turned me around and led me into the living room, her hand lovingly clasping my ass-cheeks. Once there she eased her skirt high up on her thighs, and sat down on the couch. She looked up at me and smiled lewdly, then she slowly took off her shirt to fully expose her beautiful breasts to me, and I gasped as she arched her back and my eyes took in her lovely body. She reached out for me and pulled my t-shirt up over my head, and took off my panties and skirt. Then she told me to stretch out over her naked thighs as if I was going to get spanked, and once I was settled she started fondling my ass-cheeks once more. Obviously she liked them very much and I stuck my ass up at her as I wriggled around on her thighs, our bare flesh rubbing sensually on each other. I felt her long pointed nipples rubbing on my back now as her bare tits pressed deliciously against my own naked skin. Subconsciously my legs had parted wider, and now the finger-tips of one hand caressed my pussy-mound as her other one continued to fondle my ass. She could see that my pussy was sopping wet by now, and as her fingers dragged along my baby smooth slit, I felt her tremble as she opened up my fat puffy lips and exposed the glistening juicy flesh within. She said thickly: “Such a pretty little pussy, and all juicy and ready for fucking, too! Come to Mommy, I’ll fix you up!” and she quickly turned me over on her lap so that my pussy thrust up at her, and her eyes met mine in blazing mutual desire. The next thing I knew was that her fingers were deep in my throbbing vagina, and she started finger-fucking me with un-bridled passion! She was actually hurting me, and I burst into tears and squirmed around on her lap, juice was drooling out of me into the crack of my ass, then I felt her other hand slip under me, and she slid two fingers into my glistening anus, and I shuddered as I felt her probing me there too. She was an expert at pleasuring women, and soon my tears of pain became moans of pleasure as her fingers now rammed deep into me, pistoning in and out like there was no tomorrow. She would stop from time to time as her finger-tips did their deadly work inside me, I could feel each of her finger-tips connecting with my ‘g-spot’ in their turn and I screamed again and again as my cum flooded out of me and all over us. Then she stopped as suddenly as she had begun, and she let me slide off her knees to the floor, and I knelt there on all fours, sobbing in pleasure as my cum ran down my glistening thighs and on to the carpeted floor. She said thickly: “Stay there, honey, because I’m going to fuck you again, but not with my fingers. This time I have something special for you!” Chapter 2. I looked up at her, all confused now, and watched as she stood up and took off her shoes then wriggled out of her skirt. As I looked in pleasure at her lovely body, she pulled down her panties and I saw with a shock that she was wearing a flesh coloured nilüfer escort rubber strap-on cock, that sprang up in front of her after being released from it’s position in between her legs. She took hold of it and grinned lewdly as she waved it at me, then: “Suck my cock, little girl!” she ordered, as she pulled me in front of her with the cock-head hitting my face. Now she was scaring me a little, but I figured that since she had pleasured me it was only right I give her pleasure too. And if she wanted to get off by fucking me, why not, Chelsea and I did it to each other all the time with our strap-ons! “Please don’t make me suck it.” I pleaded, I have never been able to understand why anyone would want to suck on anything that wasn’t alive, and preferably human. But to no avail, as she eased the rubber dong into my mouth, and I finally gave in and began to suck on the head of the strap-on as she told me to lube it up real good. I realised that the dong was a good ten inches in length, I had never taken anything of that length in my pussy before, but I took some comfort in the fact that it wasn’t too fat around. As I went through the motions of sucking on the dong, I could see that under the harness she had a beautifully smooth pussy, she was completely hairless down there, and not a trace of any external labia was evident. Her pussy was a mirror image of my own, and I was getting really excited by now, actually looking forward to being fucked by her. And I definitely wanted that smooth girlish pussy in my mouth! After a few more moments of this, she told me to get on my hands and knees and I eagerly complied, flashing a warm smile at her as I did so. She smiled back then knelt behind me, and without hesitating pushed the tip of the rubber dong between my ass-cheeks, then firmly against my anus. Clearly I wasn’t going to get it in my pussy after all, and the smile quickly left my face. “Oh no… please don’t…” I pleaded desperately, “not there, do it to me in my pussy if you want to fuck me with that!” I hadn’t minded her fingers in my ass, in fact I had liked it, but this was too much I thought wildly! But she ignored my protests completely, and holding me firmly she pushed me flat on the floor, eased her hips towards me, and I screamed in agony as the smooth tip of the rubber dong slid slowly into my anus. I almost passed out from the pain as she gradually penetrated me, and I tried to wriggle away from her but she was too strong for me. I did notice she seemed to be trying not to hurt me unduly however, because she took her time over it. Then after a few more minutes of penetration the initial pain was over, as I said the dong wasn’t that fat and I started to get into it and began to push back at her. As I got up on my knees again she began to increase the vigour and speed of her thrusts into me. At the same time I put my hand between my legs so I could finger my pussy and make myself cum, but she quickly stopped me. She told me not to do that, she thought I would be able to cum without it, and it would be far more intense for me to orgasm just from being fucked. I nodded, then felt her lean over and bite my neck as she continued to thrust into me. It wasn’t long before I realised she might be right, because soon it felt as if my rectum was an extension of my pulsating vagina, and I could have sworn it was my juicy cunt that was being fucked. And now I gave myself to her gladly and completely, begging her to fuck me real good and make me cum, much to her delight. This was the first time anybody had ever fucked me in my ass, and I was surprised as I discovered how anal I was, I actually liked it better than being fucked in my pussy. My normally tight sphincter had become a very sensitive entry to another love-hole, and the feel of the rubber cock sliding in and out on the tactile flesh of my anal ring was out of this world. The walls of my rectum which had started out as soft pillows of flesh around the invader, now tightened up into muscles that clenched and loosened, as they simulated the ones in my vagina. Her hands grasped my hips as she ploughed into me, we were both panting and moaning loudly in extreme sexual desire. I had thought it would be impossible for me to cum without touching my pussy, but a few moments later my orgasm ran through me like a runaway truck, and it had me screaming my head off. As she had promised, it was so intense that I could have sworn my rectum came too! She orgasmed herself at the same time, and screamed her head off as well, türbanlı escort then collapsed on top of me and we just laid there on the floor together, cum streaming out of us, our hearts pounding away like mad as my sphincter pulsed lovingly around the rubber cock. Chapter 3. After a little while she eased the dong out of me and took me in her arms, and kissed me as she said feelingly: “Jeesus Caitlyn, you are one very nice fuck! Now I want you to eat my pussy out, and do it real good until I tell you to stop, okay?” and she smiled widely as I nodded obediently. She patted my face before taking off the strap-on, and laid back on the couch with her legs spread wide apart, her cum-covered pussy demanding my personal attention. Kneeling down in front of her, I put my hands on her shapely thighs and dipped my head down to her crotch. My tongue flickered out to lick at her pussy-lips and I licked up and down, then held her pussy open with my finger-tips to lick at her silvery inner flesh as I heard her moan in pleasure. Then I stuck the tip of my tongue into her little pee-hole as it smiled up at me, and slowly reamed it out. She really liked that and wriggled around in groaning pleasure, then I started to concentrate on the nub of her gleaming clitoris, sucking it into my mouth and rolling it around, running my tongue all over it. I felt her tense up, then as my front teeth started nibbling at her, with a loud scream she exploded once more! Her hot cum filled my mouth and throat and I swallowed it all down, enjoying every tasty drop of it. Now my hands were clasping her lush rounded ass-cheeks as I pulled her up to my face, searching for more of her nectar, and she heaved herself up at me, shuddering as I drained the last of her cum out of her. After a while, she had recovered somewhat and then she took me into my bedroom, and laid me out on the bed. Then she really went to town on me, eating me out like I had never been eaten before. She was really taken by the taste of my cum, saying it was her best yet, and sucked on me as I filled her mouth time and time again, until I had to beg her to stop. Then to my surprise, after a while she told me to go get the strap-on cock, and I could fuck her too, and the time simply flew by as she led me through her repertoire of lesbian pleasures. We sixty-nined and fucked each other until we were both physically exhausted, then I got out my collection of toys and we filled each other’s holes and just laid there blissfully in each other’s arms, while the vibrators purred away until we both fell asleep, totally wiped out. When we woke up the sun was setting, and all the batteries had run down, and we giggled at each other and took the vibrators out and talked a bit. I asked her how come she was wearing the dildo, it must have been uncomfortable. She grinned as she told me she had wanted me for a while now, and had just been waiting for when I was going to be home, such as today. The package had been pure luck, but she would have faked something up. I asked her why she had thought I was into anal sex, and she said that had been just a hunch, a lucky one as it had turned out! As we talked our bodies stirred against each other, and soon we were in yet one more sixty-nine, I couldn’t believe we were still turned on, and going to cum again, but we did. She asked me if I had any regular lovers and I told her about Chelsea, and how she would like her. Chelsea is eighteen years old, one of those golden haired ‘California Girls’ with a body to kill for, the mind of a lecher, and the tongue of an ant-eater. Elaine said she’d like to meet her! That evening as she was finally preparing to leave she told me: “I’m sorry I can’t stay over, I would really like to but some people are waiting for me. I’m off tomorrow, but if you want I can come back on Friday and stay the night. So no more fingering yourself off and wasting that delicious cum, do you hear me!” All I could do was nod and giggle as I said: “I’ll need some more of your cum too, so don’t go giving too much of it away to any of your other girls, please … Mommy!” And she laughed as she told me she had none to give, I had drained her dry, and she swatted my bare ass and I moaned in mock pain, then she kissed it all better before she reluctantly left me. That night in bed, as I masturbated to the memories of our sex together, despite her order to the contrary, I tried to figure out how many times I had cum, and came up with the figure of eight full-blown ones! I giggled and then made it nine, wondering if Elaine would go for a threesome with Chelsea on Friday, I had long suspected she was anal too. I also wanted to try something that Elaine had mentioned, that of getting fucked in both holes at the same time by two different women, now that really appealed to me….