Lisa’s First Fuck

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Lisa’s First FuckLisa was sitting at the kitchen table as her parents talked. Then she heard her father say that perhaps they would go out of town again this weekend. Last weekend they had let her stay home alone. Her young body tingled with excitement. Last weekend she had given her first blow job and had acquired a vibrator. She felt her body heat with excitement and she wondered if Jimmy Simpson would want to come over. She had already made up her mind she was going to fuck him. If they could have the whole night together there would be opportunity to try all kinds of sexy stuff. Unfortunately, her mom did not quickly agree which meant it was not likely to happen. The disappointed teen looked at the clock and was relieved that it was time to go catch the bus.“Love you Mom.” She said as she picked up her bookbag and headed out the door.Lisa walked to the corner where a few other students awaited the bus. She rarely talked with any of her fellow students and mostly stayed off the radar. Over the years she had been teased by other girls about the way she dressed. A good day for her was to not be noticed. Today was a good day as the bus pulled up as she joined the group. She boarded the bus and sat in the third seat on the right side as she always did. Lisa then entered into her secret thoughts. Her mind focused on the feeling of Jimmy’s cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She thrilled with each moan and the way his breath became more labored and then the way his cock throbbed and his semen flooded her mouth. No doubt Jimmy had enjoyed his first blow job but Lisa felt she had enjoyed it even more.Just then she felt someone sit down in the seat beside her. She looked up and Jimmy was sitting next to her. He looked at her with his wonderful blue eyes. It was then that Lisa smiled at him as her heart fluttered. Jimmy wanted her! Nothing was said as the bus continued its route to the school. Then Jimmy shift the bookbag that was in his lap and Lisa looked down to see the outline of his swollen cock. Lisa briefly looked around and everyone else seemed to be occupied. Her hand reached over and her fingers began to play with Jimmy’s erection. As Lisa looked straight ahead, she could see Jimmy desperately trying to control his face as his cock was being massaged through his pants.Jimmy’s lips parted and his breathing increased as Lisa rubbed his horny teen cock. Lisa was loving the thought that she was giving a hand job with over twenty of her fellow students sitting nearby and yet oblivious to what she was doing with Jimmy’s cock. It was then that Jimmy inhaled sharply and his lips parted as he softly moaned. Lisa felt his cock pulse in her fingers as Jimmy shuddered. Then she saw the wet spot form through the fabric as Jimmy shot his cum down his own leg. Jimmy looked over at her with obvious gratitude for her making him cum.“Thank you again.” He said softly to her “I liked the BJ better.” He added as he looked at her and winked.“So did I.” She answered back to him with a sexy smile.At that moment, Lisa noticed that Rose was looking at her from across the aisle. Rose was another one of the nerds that tended to stay to themselves. Lisa normally thought of her as a friendly neutral in the never-ending social struggle that consumed most students lives. Jimmy placed his hand on Lisa’s and held it against his slowly deflating cock. Lisa looked at Rose and knew that she had witnessed the hand job. Lisa now wondered what the other girl would do but then Rose looked away as the bus pulled up to the school and the students gathered their things and got off. Jimmy gave her hand one more gentle squeeze as they got up. “I’ll see you at lunch, OK?” He said and Lisa nodded in agreement.Lisa slipped into anonymity of the girl that nobody noticed as she headed to her first class. She was busy taking notes on the coming assignment when she felt someone watching her. As she looked up, she saw that Rose was staring at her. It was obvious that Rose was lost in her thoughts but her eyes bore into Lisa. Lisa looked back at Rose until the other girl came out of her daydream and blushed. A moment later the bell range and the students headed out to their next class. Lisa decided she better approach Rose.“I think we better have a talk.” Lisa said to Rose as they walked down the hallway. “Are you going to say anything about what you saw?” Lisa quickly added.Rose seemed to be looking at her shoes but her head slowly shook that she would not tell anyone what she had seen“Thanks” Lisa said quietly as she was relieved that her hand job on the bus would not be the topic of the day for the student-body. “You really made him cum. I wish I had a boyfriend to play with like that. I’ve never even had a boy talk to me.” Rose said as her cheeks grew red. “I hate the way I look. People think I’m like f******n but I will actually be nineteen next October.”Lisa took her first real look at Rose. Rose was barely over five foot tall. Her body only had slightest curves although her small butt was actually nicely round despite her narrow hips. As for tits they were barely discernable under her lose fitting clothes. Rose had long dark brown hair that she always wore bakırköy escort in a ponytail. To top it all off she wore glasses. Lisa concluded that Rose was right that most people would automatically underestimate her age.Then Lisa remembered some of the porn she had watched last weekend that was based on older men’s desire to have sex with younger girls. Lisa wondered if Rose had any idea how desirable some men would find her.“Don’t be too hard on yourself! I know there is a guy out there for you and in fact probably several. We’ll talk later.” Lisa said as Rose just shrugged and looked like she wanted to cry.The rest of morning passed quickly but Lisa found herself going back to thinking of Rose. She wondered what her petite body really looked like when she was totally nude. Then she also imagined what it would like to see Jimmy having his cock sucked by Rose or maybe what noise she would make as Jimmy fucked her tight pussy. Lisa was shocked at just how stimulating it was to imagine other people having sex. Then she had one other thought; what does it feel like to make another girl orgasm?Lisa entered the lunch room and quickly saw that Jimmy sitting at a table by himself. She quickly walked over and sat by him. She wondered if the class gossips would pick up on them having lunch together. The two teens started an awkward conversation that slowly allowed them to know each other a little better than their previous purely sexual interactions. Lisa shared about her mom and how she made her dress the way she did and insisted that she remain unblemished until she would marry a respectable man. Jimmy told Lisa about the ugly divorce that his parents had gone through when his mom had found out that his dad was fucking her best friend and often in their own bed. Jimmy said that his mom had been overweight and his father had berated her on her looks. After the divorce, Jimmy’s dad and his mom’s former best friend had moved to the other side of the country and all ties had been broken. Jimmy said he had been worried about his mom for a while but then she seemed to experience a change. She began to exercise and eat healthy. Jimmy said that his mom was now a definite MILF. She also would go out for a few hours several times a week and when she came home, she was really happy.“Do you think your mom is seeing somebody?” Lisa asked.“I don’t think it is a person. I thought at first, she was going out and having drinks but she never shown any signs of being tipsy just very happy. Whatever it is, I’m glad she is finding some fun.” Jimmy said as he looked at the clock and frowned as he realized that it was nearly time to go back to class. Then he seemed to have an idea. “Come over to my house after school. My mom told me she was going out and that she would not be home until late.”Lisa struggled as she knew there was no way that her mom would approve of her going to a boy’s house and especially one that was going to be home alone. On the other hand, Lisa wanted to have the opportunity to fuck her good-looking new boyfriend. Then she knew how it could be done.“My mom would never let me come over but I have an idea. If I tell my mom that I have a last-minute babysitting job she will never know where I’m at. The only problem is I have to give her the money I’m paid so that it can be put in my college fund and I don’t have any money.” Lisa said as she searched his eyes.“I have forty will that do?” Jimmy asked with anxiousness in his voice.“That will be perfect! Now since you’re paying for the date, I have to earn it.” She said in a soft sex voice that let Jimmy know that he was going to get all the sex his perverted teen mind could imagine.Lisa sent her mom a text message letting her know about the last-minute babysitting job. After each class for the rest of the day Lisa looked for a reply from her mom but there was none. What Lisa did not know was that her mom was being turned back into the nymphomaniac she had been twenty years ago at that very moment.Lisa got off the bus at Jimmy’s stop and as she did, she saw Rose look at her with knowledge that Lisa was going to be alone with Jimmy and what they would likely do. The look on Rose’s face was one of pure envy!Jimmy opened the door and Lisa went into the wonderfully decorated house. She looked around but her eyes were drawn to the picture of an attractive redhead woman with large tits. Jimmy was standing next to her in the picture and it was obvious that the woman was his mom.“Your mom is so beautiful!” Lisa said as she looked at the picture.Jimmy stepped up and wrapped his arms around Lisa and he kissed her neck and whispered “Your beautiful!” as his hands cupped her tits and squeezed gently.Lisa was amazed at just how her arousal was heightened by the way Jimmy fondled her body and kissed her neck and ear. She felt her dress undone and Jimmy lifted it and over her head. Lisa cringed at the thought of being seen in underwear that was more appropriate to a Granny than to a sexually aroused eighteen-year old woman. Then she looked at the reaction on Jimmy’s face and understood it was not her underwear that held his attention but her body in them. beşiktaş escort Lisa smiled as she reached behind and without effort unhooked the bra and let it fall away. Lisa knew it was the first time that her body was viewed by a man and she was not disappointed by his mouth hanging open and his tongue running over his lips.Lisa turned so that her ass was toward Jimmy. Her thumbs hooked at the waist band of her granny panties and slowly lowered them as she arched her back and made her ass stick out. As she lowered her panties her face looked back between her legs. Jimmy looked stunned as he viewed her tender pussy and tight asshole open to him. Lisa felt so sexy and empowered that she turned and walked to him. She kissed him and opened her mouth and pushed her tongue into his mouth as her hand groped his stiff cock. As she pulled back, she hungered to feel his cock sliding in and out of her mouth. She slowly squatted in front of him. Her hands trembled as she opened his pants and pulled out his cock. Even though she had sucked him off before this was her first full view of cock. She groaned and opened her mouth and sucked him in. She looked him in the eye as her mouth steadily pumped his dick. Lisa had been with him twice when he had shot his load and she could tell he was passing the point of no return. She let his cock slip from her lips. She continued to look at him and said “You think I’m beautiful, right?”Jimmy groaned and nodded his head as she ran her tongue over the head of his prick.“Do you think I would look pretty with my face painted with your cum?” She asked as her right hand pumped his pulsing cock.Jimmy groaned and put his hands on her shoulders and nodded his head.“You like porn, right?” She asked and he just nodded that he did.“Jack off on my face! Cum all over my face! Treat me like those sluts in the porn videos!” Lisa said calmly as she looked up at Jimmy.Jimmy grabbed his cock and pumped long and hard as Lisa opened her mouth and flicked her tongue. Lisa had watched porn videos and had always assumed that shooting cum on a woman’s face was a man’s fantasy but now she knew she wanted it as badly and maybe worse than Jimmy! The blast hit her square in the mouth. The taste of semen made her convulse with pleasure. The second blast started at her chin and finished in her hair. The next blast hit her square in the right eye and blinded her. She was giggling as Jimmy groaned and pumped the rest of his spunk over her face and in her hair.Lisa felt the semen dripping down her face as Jimmy finished his cum shot. She scooped cum and pushed into her mouth while looking up at Jimmy’s amazed face. Lisa giggled.“Take a picture of me.” She moaned as she wanted to know what she looked like. Jimmy snapped pictures as Lisa pushed his cum into her mouth and marveled at how much she loved the taste. “Let me see your pussy!” Jimmy moaned his passion.Lisa position her ass at the edge of the couch and laid back and spread her legs. Jimmy stopped snapping picture and looked at the first real pussy of his life. Lisa wondered if he would just stare but then Jimmy dropped to his knees. She could feel his mouth close to her pussy as he looked at her cunt. With a wanton groan he lowered his mouth to her pussy. His tongue pushed between her pussy lips into her vaginal opening and then he found her clit. Her ass was bouncing on the couch as Jimmy tried to do everything, he had ever seen anyone do in the porn videos. Lisa’s eyelids fluttered as her body was raked with one orgasm after another. Her fingers gripped her nipples and pulled increasing the feeling of pleasure.Lisa was feeling like she might pass out and she made a decision. She reached down and pulled Jimmy up to her and kissed his pussy juice coated face. Her fingers found his erect cock and pulled him toward her open and ready pussy. They broke their kiss and Jimmy looked deeply into her face. He was stunned by her glowing beauty as she nodded at him and pushed her pussy to his cock. Jimmy let his hips move forward and felt his cock enter Lisa. Lisa felt a real cock push deep into her. They continued to look into each other’s souls as Jimmy started to pump his cock slowly in and out of her.Lisa felt yet another and even stronger orgasm as her pussy gripped the cock fucking her trying to milk his cum into her pussy. Lisa entered a state of bliss as she heard Jimmy’s flesh slapping against her own. Somewhere Lisa was aware that if Jimmy put his cum in her that she might get pregnant. She understood but she did not care! She wanted him to have her in every way. Her body, her mind, even her entire life. Then Jimmy pulled his cock from her still orgasming pussy and he pumped rapidly with his fist. Lisa felt a thrill when semen coated her pubic mound and then the next puddled into her belly button. Lisa felt a completeness to who she was like never before. This was her purpose; to please a cock. To be the receptacle for all that precious semen. Jimmy laid beside her and held her close as her body trembled with post orgasm glow. Jimmy kept telling her how sexy and beautiful she was. Lisa curled into a fetal position and faded into a beylikdüzü escort blissful sleep in his arms.Lisa had no idea how long she slept in Jimmy’s embrace but when she awoke, she had never felt more rested and at peace. She did not want this magic moment to end. Jimmy kissed the back of her neck and Lisa felt his cock getting hard again. Her own arousal was evident by her pussy’s growing wetness. Her hand found his cock and she tried to slip it into her hungry pussy but Jimmy pulled away and then stood up. She looked at his cock bouncing but then he took her hand and led her to his bedroom. Lisa laid back on the bed and spread her legs and then spread her pussy open as Jimmy looked at her.“Rub your pussy for me!” Jimmy moaned as he watched her.Lisa felt thrilled as she realized just how turned on Jimmy was by her body. She began to rub her clit as he watched intently as she masturbated for him. Then Jimmy reached for his phone and started snapping pictures of her. His other hand slowly stroked his cock.“You are so fucking sexy!” he moaned.Lisa understood that her masturbation was a fantasy come true for Jimmy. Again, she knew that her purpose was to please her lover. Then she wondered if it was that exclusive to Jimmy or would she enjoy pleasing other men or even women. Then she remembered her favorite type of porn was gangbangs. The thought of lots of men fucking her and cumming on her and in her always made her orgasm. Then her body shook with an orgasm as Jimmy watched.“That was so fucking awesome!” Jimmy said as he joined her in his bed.“I’m glad you enjoyed it. Was that a fantasy you have had for a while?” She asked as her hand wrapped around his cock.“Yes, I love watching porn but the best ones are where the woman is really having a good time. One of the first video I ever saw was a woman being gangbanged and she was so slutty. She did a dozen men and loved it all.” Jimmy said as he reached over and cupped Lisa’s pussy.“I would like to see that video. I love gangbangs! I have a fantasy about doing one someday.” Lisa said and wondered what Jimmy would do when she admitted that she had a fantasy about other men.“That would be so sexy! Would you let me be one of the guys or at least let me watch?” Jimmy asked as he kissed her neck as Lisa moaned she would.Lisa rolled on her side and was spooning with Jimmy. His stiff cock was rubbing against her ass. Lisa reached between her legs and guided his cock into her pussy. Jimmy gently fucked her as his finger rubbed her clit. Lisa was on fire again as his long cock pumped her pussy. She knew she would do anything to please him.“I would do anything you want Jimmy! Anything at all! Just tell me what you want!” Lisa groaned as his cock pumped harder and with more urgency.“Anything?” Jimmy asked and she moaned “Yes”.Jimmy’s cock slipped from her pussy and then Lisa felt the head press against her tight virgin asshole. She reached back and pulled her cheeks apart. He pressed his cock against the opening and Lisa gasped for air as the head popped into her anal passage. Lisa kept trying to relax but her tiny asshole tried to clamp on the invading cock. Jimmy reached around her and started to rub her clit again. Lisa’s body slowly relaxed and then he eased his cock up her ass. “OH FUCK JIMMY! YES! ANYTHING!” Lisa moaned and Jimmy began to thrust his cock harder and faster into her ass.The couple rolled over and Lisa found herself in a doggy position and Jimmy was fucking her ass hard. Her own fingers found her pussy and rubbed her clit and she knew she was on the verge of a massive orgasm. “I’m going to cum!” Jimmy moaned and grunted and Lisa knew her ass was being filled with semen. Her own orgasm hit her like a train.Lisa collapsed and Jimmy laid on top of her breathing hard as his cock slipped from her gapping asshole. Lisa could feel his cum oozing from her ass and dripping down her pussy. Lisa was glowing as Jimmy kissed her neck and told her how sexy she was. Lisa was finding that the time with Jimmy after the intense sex was in some ways as much of a thrill as her orgasms. Then she heard her phone announce that her mother was calling.“Hi Mom.” Lisa said as she looked at the time and saw that it was nearly 9:30. “They will be back any minute and I should be home soon.” She told her mother as she sat up and looked around. “No, they will bring me home. Ok, I’ll see you soon.” Lisa turned to Jimmy “I have to go.” She said as she headed to his bathroom to clean up before facing her mom.Soon she came back to the bedroom and Jimmy had slipped on his clothes. “I’ll walk you home.” He said but then he handed Lisa a DVD. “This is that gangbang movie I told you about. You can watch and rub your pussy and think of me.” He laughed and Lisa took the movie and put it in her bookbag without looking at it.It was only a short walk home but Lisa liked that Jimmy was with her. They kissed as they parted company and Lisa knew this was just the beginning of a beautiful erotic relationship.What Lisa did not know yet was that the DVD she carried was one starring Cheri Pie!(Things are moving fast for the characters in this story but there is so much more. Will Lisa’s Mom let Cheri be revealed to her husband and daughter? Will Lisa’s Dad continue to fuck his new lover? Will Lisa experience a gangbang that Jimmy sets up? Will Lisa pull Rose into a threesome with Jimmy? Yes, so many things to know more about. Your votes and comments are what keep my perverted mind going)