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Following comments from a number of readers, I”ve finally produced a list of characters. It doesn”t contain every single character, but I”ve tried to include those who are mentioned a number of times and those that have a significant impact on the story. I hope you find it helpful!


Jack Oldfield, born March 1933. Accountant and boy-lover. Michael”s uncle (see below).

Alex Faulkner, (aka Mr White), born December 1936. Educated at public school and Cambridge. Mathematician, singer, rugby player and boy-lover. Good looking and highly charismatic.

Laurence Cope, born April 1916. Headmaster, Woodchurch Boys” Grammar School.

Neil Fleming, born September 1922. Head of mathematics at Woodchurch Boys” Grammar School. Alex”s head of department.

Richard Needham, born March 1920. Head of physical education at Woodchurch Boys” Grammar School. A closet boy-watcher.

George Brett, born April 1908. Deputy head of mathematics at Woodchurch Boys” Grammar School. Specialises in teaching the most able boys. Something of an intellectual snob and rather old-fashioned.

Gordon Millward (aka Mr Smith), born May 1920. Highly respected choirmaster. Boy-lover. Seduced Alex at the age of ten. Became Alex”s mentor.

Martin Ford (aka Mr Brown), born June 1935. Friend of Gordon (see above). Another choirmaster and a rising star. Boy-lover. Small, slim and blond, he looks several years younger than he is.

John Franklyn (aka Mr Green), born January 1928. A friend of Gordon (see above). Teaches history and geography at another prep school. Boy-lover. Mentioned several times but does not appear in person.

Gerry Forbes, born January 1932. escort kocaeli Assistant games master at Woodchurch Boys” Grammar School.


A first name in brackets means that it is not mentioned in the story.

Michael Whitney, born September 1947. Good looking boy, and tall for his age. Lost his cherry at the age of ten to his Uncle Jack (Jack Oldfield, above) In Alex”s form.

Stuart Barnes, born March 1948. In Alex”s form. Small, athletically built boy with blond curly hair. Looks like a mischievous angel. Mad on football.

Chris Newton, born May 1948. In Alex”s form. Quite tall, slim and leggy; brown eyes, dark brown hair and an almost permanent tan. Very cute looking and highly intelligent.

(Brian) Carver, born November 1947. In Alex”s form. Snobbish, self-obsessed, and obnoxious. The class swot. Physically unattractive.

(Paul) Downing, born October 1947. In the same year as Michael etc. Tall for his age, and very well-developed. Goalkeeper for the school football team. One of Richard Needham”s favourites.

Mark Ferris, born February 1947. A year older than Michael. Initially in Alex”s second year class. Very good looking. A member of the school cross-country team.

Tim Calladine, born December 1945. Initially in Alex”s third year class. Tall, good looking boy and a star mathematician.

Lorenzo Parker, born March 1946. One of Calladine”s classmates. A good-looking boy, part Italian, but troubled and difficult.

Jonathan Laws, born November 1945. Big lad for his age. Initially one of Parker”s associates, but falls out with him.

Luke Armstrong, born April 1946. Another of Parker”s associates who also falls out with him.

(James) kocaeli anal yapan escort Northam, born May 1946. Initially, another member of Alex”s third year class. Small for his age, and fairly cute. One of the better mathematicians, but quiet and initially lacking in confidence.

Troy Stainham, born June 1946. A friend of Calladine”s since the age of five. Very intelligent, but finds maths difficult. Small for his age but wiry and agile. Dancer and gymnast. Rather camp.

Philip Etheridge, born October 1944. Initially in Alex”s fourth year class. A big lad and very bright, but has gone a little off the rails. Captain of the school football team that Alex coaches.

(Barry) Wilson, born January 1945. Etheridge”s best friend. Another footballer.

Jonathan Archer, born April 1945. The most skilful member of Alex”s football team. Small for his age and very cute. The only member of the team who looks young enough for Alex to fancy him.

Duncan Sharp, born December 1944. Leading goal scorer in Alex”s football team. An intelligent, good looking young man.

Russell Bradshaw, born January 1949. Excellent mathematician, star pupil in Alex”s new first year class. Also a member of Alex”s new football team. Average height, wiry, athletic and good-looking.

Tom Pennington, born October 1948. A member of the training squad for Alex”s new football team. A little above average height, slim and beautiful.

(Matthew) Beckett, born November 1948. Goalkeeper in Alex”s new football team. Tall, precociously developed and very good looking. A frequent target of Richard Needham”s boy-watching.

(Stephen) Monk, born April 1949. A member of Alex”s new football izmit yabancı escort team. Cuteness personified.

Robbie Newton, born January 1950. Chris”s younger brother. Cute and intelligent. Not as wild as Southcott, but enjoys testing the boundaries.

(Peter) Maitland, born November 1946. One of Gordon”s choristers. Very good looking.

Simon Holdsworth, born March 1948. Another of Gordon”s choristers. Cute and blond.

(Gavin) Southcott, born April 1949. Another of Gordon”s choristers. A born risk-taker. Highly intelligent but wild. Very cute and enjoys hard physical contact.

(Justin) Van Kerkstraat, born February 1950. Another of Gordon”s choristers. Very blond and stunningly beautiful.

(Andrew) King, born April 1947. One of Martin”s choristers. Tall slim and blond. Father is a famous actor, known in the business to be homosexual.

(Ian) Arrowsmith, born January 1948. A pupil at Martin”s school. A musician but not a chorister. Rebellious and argumentative. Slim and good looking, with a mop of dark curly hair.

(Oliver) Jessop, born December 1948. Another of Martin”s choristers. Athletic physique and very good looking.

(Daniel) Long, born May 1950. Another of Martin”s choristers. Quite tall for his age, slim and leggy. Very nice looking, with blue eyes and wiry fair hair.

Jez Taylor, born October 1946. Council estate kid. Tall, scrawny and precociously developed. Nice lad. Never has any money.

Bobby, born June 1949. Rent boy, but reluctant to do much. Has a hard, street-boy type of cuteness.

Noel, born February 1946. Bobby”s cousin. Small for his age and very cute. Also a rent boy, but a really sweet kid who loves having sex with older men.

(Julian) Pickford, born March 1947. John Franklyn”s favourite boy. Very good looking but arrogant and self-obsessed. Treats the other boys very badly. Mentioned several times but does not appear in person.

David, born December 1946. Tom Pennington”s cousin, (See above)