Little brother becomes little bitch

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Group Sex

My older brother Josh was eighteen and I was seventeen and complete opposites. I’m Mark the smaller geeky kid that guys like Josh and his buddies would pick on in school, but nobody picked on Josh’s little brother. It was clear to all that I idolized Josh to any and all that saw us together. Most people thought because of my size I was just Josh’s kid brother that followed him everywhere. You know that punk kid that seemed to always be in the way.Josh got injured in a football game and it was the worst day of my young life. I was scared for my big brother. He ended up with a cast on his leg that ended his season. When he came home I told my Mom that I would care for Josh. I would handle all of his needs, no matter what. Mom was skeptical but agreed. “Just let me know if it gets to be too much,” was her reply. He could really do just about anything on his own, but I wouldn’t let him. I even moved into his room just in case he needed me at night.Josh was great about me being at his side. Then bath time came up. He was against me bathing him. He could bahis şirketleri see the hurt in my eyes as I was explaining how he couldn’t get the cast wet and what if he fell getting in or out of the tub. “You could drown,” I told him. He gave in and made me happy, or maybe it was just to shut me up. Either way, I was taking care of my big brother.Up to now, I had never seen a penis other than my own. What I soon discovered was that I had a penis and Josh had a cock. A big ole man-sized cock. I couldn’t keep my eyes off it during his bath. After his bath, I helped him dry off and was lucky enough to dry that big ole cock and his balls too. My penis was as hard as I’d ever known it to be, and my breathing was over the top. I had already brought clothes for him to dress in and Josh did that himself. As I kept a watchful eye from my seat on the toilet. Once dressed and ready we made our way to Josh’s bedroom for the night where I had taken a spot on the floor with a blow-up camping mattress. We watched TV for a while. I don’t even know what was on. bahis firmaları I just couldn’t get the image of Josh’s man-sized cock out of my head. I was also thinking I should wake before Josh and be ready for him to start his day and for me to get a look at his morning wood. If I was impressed now, I knew that cock had to be something special when it was erect.Josh had fallen fast asleep. Now was my time to take care of my own penis. I was so excited I had to do something or I’d never get any sleep myself. I quietly lowered my underwear and stroked. It wasn’t long that I was cumming on my belly. Wow was I excited.I awoke in the morning before Josh as planned. I wanted to see that morning wood and was not denied. That big cock of his had slipped through the hole in his boxers and was at full attention. At least eight inches of attention and in full control of my attention. I couldn’t help myself. I had to touch that magnificent cock. I pretended to be returning that cock to inside his boxers. When Josh woke up that’s what I told him, but I was kaçak bahis siteleri really just stroking my first real cock. The look he gave me told me he knew better. He said “Don’t stop now. Here I am with a hard-on and your stroking has me going. If you stop, you’ll regret it.”I didn’t know what he meant, and I didn’t want to stop anyway. I let go long enough to get his boxers off and returned to that magnificent cock. I was so excited my own penis was leaking precum into my own underwear. I used two hands on Josh’s cock letting his own precum lube his cock. I fondled his balls in one hand and stroked with the other. I don’t know when I realized that my face was just inches away from his cock head but it was drawing me in. I opened my mouth and took the head between my lips. This felt amazing to me. Josh loved it too. When he grunted and shot rope after rope of cum in my mouth I tried to pull away. He held my head in place and made me take it all. I swallowed, I choked, and a little came out of the corner of my mouth. When Josh’s breathing returned to normal he let go of my head and his cock slid out of my mouth. I looked at him tearing up a bit from the choking and he said, “If you’re going to put it in your mouth, you’re going to swallow. That’s what a good bitch does.”