Living with daddy Part VII

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THE DOCTORS VISIT I sat in the waiting room with my daddy and it sucked that we could not hold hands. I was under age and daddy said that when in public we needed to keep our distance from each other. I knew that if he got caught, it would be bad, but that did not stop me from wanting to reach out and touch him. “Moira,” a woman called my name as she opened the door leading back to all of the rooms. I took a deep breath, trying to calm my nerves, but it did not work. I was still nervous. Daddy and I stood up and followed the lady into the back. We stopped by the scale to get my weight. I weighed 122.7. I smiled, I was decently happy with that weight, though I knew that I was only going to gain weight on this journey, and I was okay with that. “Right back here in this room,” the lady pointed, leading to a dimly lit room. There was two chairs and a bed and a machine. It looked like the machine in movies that they used to look at the baby. I smiled up at daddy knowing that I was going to get to see our baby, that we were going to get to see our baby. The lady took all of my vitals and asked me a few questions and then left us to be alone. She said the doctor was still with another patient, so it would be about ten minutes, istanbul travesti but he would be in with us shortly. We nodded our heads at her and she left the room. “I am sort of nervous,” I said walking over to daddy who was sitting in the chair and sitting on his lap for a moment. I rest my head on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around me. “There is nothing to be nervous about,” he said as he ran his fingers through my hair and kissed my forehead, “We are going to get to see our baby and life is going to be great.” I smiled up at daddy and he kissed my lips, holding onto them with his for what seemed like forever, before he began to let go of me. “You should sit up on the bed baby,” he said with a worried look on his face, “just in case the doctor comes in okay?” Just as I was climbing up onto the bed, the door pushed open. My eyes jumped up and a middle aged women walked through the door. She did not look like the happiest person in the world. “So,” she said looking down at the chart and then back up at me and then over to my father, “looks like a baby is on the way huh?” _________________ “That was kind of scary,” I said to daddy as we got back in the car. The doctors istanbul travestileri visit had gone just fine, but I was very nervous about it. Dr. Merian was nice, but she seemed to keep treating me like I was a baby having a baby. I hated that she did not talk to me like I was an adult. She kept asking my dad questions and when I was okay with that because he was the baby’s father, I would have liked to have been able to answer my own questions. “I wish though she would have let me answer for myself every now and again.” “Don’t worry love,” He said giving me a smile as we pulled out onto the road and headed home. “She just see’s so many young ladies every day that end up pregnant with no clue what to do. She doesn’t know that you have a family and this is not just some mistake like the rest of them seem to be.” I looked daddy’s face over. I was not sure what to think about what he said. So I decided to just let it go. I was having a baby and I did not care what the doctor felt about it. All I knew was that I was happy and I was going to be a mother. “I am kind of hungry,” I said changing the subject, “can we stop and get some breakfast or something like that?” “Sure thing,” My travesti daddy said with a smile. He turned into the closest breakfast joint, it was called Carl’s. It was one of those privately owned breakfast places, not a chain like some of them. They tended to have the best kind of food in my opinion. “How is this,” he asked pointing to the place. I smiled and nodded and he parked the car. Getting out of the car we walked side by side into the place. The place was packed full and kind of dark. It looked like a bar more then a place to eat, but there was no bar in it. I thought it was very cool and I was sure the food would be great. There was a sign that said seat yourself. Daddy and I walked to the back where there was a small booth. We ended up passing a bathroom and I began to to go in. They were single bathrooms, not specific for gender which was pretty awesome as well. Before I could fully enter the bathroom, daddy pushed a little and we both ended up in the small area. He closed the door behind him and locked it. I turned and looked up at him with a curious face and he answered me with a kiss. “I did not mean to just pull you in here,” He said pulling away from me, “I just have not got to kiss you in hours and it was driving me crazy.” I smiled up and him and grabbed his shirt pulling him down into a kiss. I pressed my lips tightly against him and my whole body melted. I still had not gotten past the feeling I got when my dad was around. He made me feel so small and weak yet so big and powerful.