Love Beyond All Bounds Ch. 08

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Chapter Eight (Emotional Landmarks)

(Sorry this chapter took longer. I enjoy all the fun of being bipolar so I have good weeks and bad weeks)

**Lying to your partner is like masturbating with your nose; sure something will come out, but will it be what you want?**

The hardest part for us wasn’t finding the courage to approach our targets, but was not looking at each other. We were all nervous, but Danielle was the most so. Her only job was to act like the cavalry for either Mom or me if one part of the plan backfired. Mom and I now had some experience in blackmail and control, so it fell to us to make the plan work. April was at home keeping an eye on Dad. He was bound and gagged, but I was taking no chances with that beast.

Part one of the plan involved Mom and I entering the party surreptitiously. We had to present our invitation as a couple, but separate so that I wouldn’t be associated with Mom (who was known on the social circuit). Having someone figure out I was Dr. Conrad Cullen’s son would lose us a key element of uncertainty. I couldn’t have them going into Dad’s office and having a screaming tantrum – not yet anyway.

I went to the restroom as soon as we came into the convention center. Mom went ahead as planned and I made my appearance. I chose my first victim with care. This one I wanted more than any of the others. She had been getting away with her shenanigans all her life. Her rich father had covered things up so that she avoided causing him any social embarrassment, and that was my main weapon tonight. My most pressing problem was how to get her out of the herd. That turned out to be easier than I thought. She came for me.

Mrs. Douglas Conway was actually Tabitha Fairchild. Like Danielle, Tabitha had kept her maiden name when she married. Besides, it went well with Faircloth Financial, one of the state’s most powerful commercial enterprises. Tabitha was a leggy blonde with a large DD chest, long curly blonde hear that went down to her shoulder blades and surrounded her head like a halo. Her dress, red and tight, highlighted all her rich deep curves and plunging cleavage. She was thirty and feeling the first tinges of age. As CFO of her father’s company, she had wealth, privilege, position, and a handsome, desirable husband. She had it all. I meant to threaten to take that all away then give her a way out.

“Hello,” she purred seductively. I could only imagine that life at home wasn’t idealistic with the way she was coming on to me. Maybe she was into sharing and wanted me to pinch hit. She didn’t give me her name because famous people didn’t have to.

“Hello Tabitha, I’m Damien and the pleasure is mine. I would say you were breath-taking, but that word does not do you justice. Few people are more impressive in person than they are by reputation, but you clearly are.” She gave me a grin that reached her eyes. She was used to praise and flattery, but that didn’t mean she didn’t like it.

“Damien, I haven’t seen you around. Who are you here for?” she murmured.

“Would I be too forward to say that I am here for you? I am and I promise to not disappoint.” That hooked her. She eyed me like a side of meat. She was used to getting what she wanted. She had no shame in giving a light laugh and stepping up and giving my crotch a measured grope. She liked what she felt and she rewarded me with a deep breath that pressed her dress and bra to its limits. I gave her the expected, hungry leer.

“We can meet later – my yacht perhaps. You aren’t afraid of a little deep sea diving, are you?”

“Pearl diving is my favorite. I do it as much as time allows. I would like to do some right now; pearl diving is all about location and timing. Don’t you agree?” I asked.

“Nice boasting,” she said as she liked her lips. I had hoped that the danger of doing it in a public setting would be an irresistible turn on. “Can you prove it?” Instead of words, I put my hand on the small of her back and nudged her toward one of the main exits.

“If anyone asks you can tell them I was an engineer talking to you about financial restructuring for the seven downtown freeway ramps that go in next year.” Tabitha looked at me with new eyes as if my torso and head had sprung forth from my penis to create a whole man.

“You are a bright one, aren’t you?” she grinned.

“Sex – great sex – is a thinking man’s game, Tabitha. I would have thought you would have realized that by now. If not, it will be my pleasure to instruct you.”

“Am I to assume you have experience with that tongue of yours?” she smiled sensually.

“It doesn’t get tired,” I bragged, but I followed it up by joking saying, “I do tongue ups and tongue curls one hundred times before I go to bed.”

“Tongue curls … hmmm,” she purred. “I’d like to ‘see’ that.” I took her hand and like two conspirators, we snuck into the Men’s Room and occupied a stall. I wasted no time in pushing her over the toilet bowl, back to me, with her ass sticking out. “What?” she tuzla escort sounded befuddled. I pushed up her dress quickly and then ripped her panties off. “Ow!” she gasped. Before she could say anymore, I bent down between her cheeks and stuck my tongue into her cunt. Tabitha began moaning.

I tilted her hips slightly so I could tickle her clit with the tip of my tongue then began making long strokes from clit to the edge of her puckered hole. She was moaning and getting very wet. When I began to feel slight tremors, I pulled back and blew air on her clit. She tensed up and rocked up on her toes.

“God … do that again,” she moaned.

“Are you sure? I could stop?” I teased. She responded by pushing her ass back into my face.

“Don’t you dare send me back to the party like this,” she growled huskily. I answered her by diving back in, stabbing with my stiff tongue. I pulled and pushed her clit brutally. She shuddered and cried out. I worked my tongue furiously into her cunt until I felt her whole body flex and her vagina grasp my tongue in a painful vise. She screamed out and her juices flowed freely. I had to struggle to not get overwhelmed. She was pounding on fist against the tiled wall as she shook through her orgasm.

“Wow,” she panted. “That was …”

“I’m not done yet,” I purred. I took my tongue and started assaulting her asshole. She bucked up against the wall and moaned like a slut.

“Fuck yeah; rim my ass like you mean it!” she groaned. I stuck my tongue in farther and whirled it around. “Ugh, ugh, ugh … magic fucking tongue … I’m going to c …” and she screamed again. I held my face tight against her ass until she stopped shaking then I stood up and pocketed her ripped panties.

“Was that better than your husband’s technique?” I asked. I pulled her dress down over her luscious rump and straightened it out.

“That selfish bastard?” she scoffed. “He doesn’t do any of that for me. He’s got a big dick, but he’d rather stick it in my face. Why do you think I’m not with him right now?”

“Good for me then,” I smiled. She turned around, grinning like the Cheshire Cat. She touched my crotch and ran her fingers up and down my shaft.

“Let me have a taste of that,” she murmured. I didn’t stop her. She knelt down and unzipped me. She gave a delighted gasp when she pulled my tool out. She gave it a lick from balls to tip and giggled, “Damn, that’s big.”

“Bigger than his?” Tabitha nodded and said “Yes”. That was enough for me. I took her by the shoulders and stood her up. Tabitha looked confused. I stuffed my dick back in my pants and zipped up.

“I am glad you liked it, but need to get down to business,” I told her. Tabitha gave me a sour expression. She thought I was using her for some petty financial gain. She had no idea. She pouted her lips, crossed her arms and looked down at her watch. “We can finish this quickly. Doctor Cullen secretly taped his ‘private’ sessions with you. Those tapes have fallen into my hands.” Her expression went from shock, to fear, to anger.

“Big deal,” she spat. “Who cares? I have survived worse scandals.”

“Oh,” I grinned evilly. “I guess we will see what your father, the rest of the board of directors, and the leaders of the top ten religious institutions that invest with your father’s firm think of this indiscretion. You had teenage blow ups your Dad could cover up. This is a full blow adult scandal. It will cost you your job. Your father will put your ogre of a brother in the spot you have worked so hard for.” I could see the fear creeping back in. “I have an idea what your brother will do for you once your Dad retires in a few years. For years you have humiliated your dim-witted, older brother, and he is a pig.”

“Don’t,” she whispered. “Stop.”

“Doug would leave you, but I think that would not much of a loss. I doubt any of your friends would want to be with a woman with a ‘Daddy’ complex.” Tabitha blanched.

“What do you want?” she sighed. I reached out and brushed her hair. Tabitha pulled back.

“Be at the Hilton Plaza, room 636 tomorrow at two in the afternoon. We will discuss the particulars then. Can you do that? I promise you, there is a way out of this, but you are going to have to decide what is really important to you,” I promised her.

“Okay,” she nodded.


“Yes?” she said in a worried tone.

“Did you enjoy me servicing you?” She looked at me angrily for a moment then slowly softened until I could tell she was truly conflicted. She nodded. “This can work out for you. Don’t lose hope. You aren’t the person I hate.” I kissed her. She tried to turn away, but I gently pulled her face around until our lips met. She resisted initially, but my tongue soon touched her tongue and she gave out a guttural moan and pressed up against me.

“Let’s go back to the party,” I told her when we parted. “Look happy. Think about my tongue kissing those sweet lips of yours, tip to ass.”

“You are a bastard,” she sighed. She did tuzla escort bayan have the tiniest grin on her face when we returned to the party. Danielle shot me a quick look. Whomever Danielle was talking to was gifted with a smile, a laugh, and a touch on the arm. For Danielle, it was sweet revenge.

When Mom and I got home we checked on Dad, who was asleep, and went to the basement to go over the audiotapes of the women we had gotten to confess their infidelities. We already had damning stuff, but every bit of extra ammunition would helpful. Eleven of the women we were setting them up with Mom and the woman I only knew as Seven. We would get each woman in turn to come to a vacant lot for a ‘business meeting’ to discuss their predicament. Without telling them why, we would blindfold them and take them back to Mom’s revamped business space. There, isolated and alone, we would lure them into filming a little lesbian three-way action. It would get us another hook into them and pave the way for what we had planned.

Tabitha Fairchild knocked in the door lightly. She was both thrilled and frightened. This wasn’t the first affair she’d had on her husband. He could hardly expect her to be faithful when she’d slept with him when he was a married man. He had been a lot more fun then, but recently he’d become boring and she wondered what she’d seen in him. She was beginning to suspect he’d married her for more for her money than her body. Whatever else the man she was meeting was, he was not boring. The fact that she could lose everything only made it more thrilling.

I opened the door and let her come in. I was dressed in a white shirt and jeans, but was bare-foot. Tabitha was in a dressed in a short blue dress, blue six-inch high heels, and a turquoise necklace.

“What do we do?” she begged the question.

“First, let me get you a drink,” I said ogling her treasures. “I think I would like to undress you myself.”

“I … well, this isn’t what I expected,” she lied. She’d dressed to seduce, and I could tell. I took her hand and let her over to the bed. There were two glasses there. I handed her the closest one and took the second one for myself.

“Gin and tonic;” she said after a sip, “my favorite.”

“No problem, Tabitha. All I had to do was pay a little bit of attention to you to figure that out. I take it by you being here today that you’ve agreed to work with me.”

“You promised me a way out,” she said as she licked her lips. She finished off her drink and put the glass down. I put my drink down too, mostly full.

“There is a way out, but you will have to work for it,” I smiled.

“What do you mean by that?” she smiled back. She took a step closer. I turned her around slowly. Tabitha began grinding her ass into me. Her heels put it right at the best spot.

“Part of that we are going to start working out today, here, in this bed. I will continue to demand more of our body as time goes on.” I slid a hand up under hear to the nape of her neck, tickling her slightly. Tabitha giggled.

“Ticklish?” I inquired. She nodded. My fingers found the zipper and I began pulling it down, slowly and with just a touch of pressure to her spine.

“What else do you want?” she breathed heavily.

“I want you to help me remove Douglas Conway from your life, leaving him with nothing, not even his pride.” That gave her a start.

“You want me all to yourself?” she panted.

“I won’t see you in the hands of a fool. I’m not jealous, but I am selective.”

“Why? What has he ever done to you?” she asked.

“Does it matter? Is he worth throwing everything away for? Do you think he would stay with you, if you fell?” Tabitha fell silent and still. He was still her husband.

“He wouldn’t, would he – stay with me, that is?” Tabitha sighed.

“You should ask his ex-wife sometime,” I answered. “He took her for everything he could from her. Why should you be any different?” That bolt struck home. Deep down, she knew his only loyalty was only to Douglas Conway. She had to rely only on herself to survive.

“I’ll do what you ask,” she responded with mock finality. With that, Tabitha had tossed Doug under the bus. “What else do you want?” she sighed.

“Sex; lots and lots of sex. Your body is going to ache from the uses I’m going to put you too. Give yourself up to me.” Tabitha bit her lip. I could feel her breath deepening and her heart rate increasing.

“I don’t surrender easily,” she challenged me.

“I hope not. If you were weak, you would be suffering a different fate. You challenge me, so fight as much as you want. I’ll win in the end,” I purred into her ear. I had the dress fully unzipped. I moved my hands to her shoulders and slipped the dress off. It fell to a heap at her feet. “No panties,” I observed. I stepped back, took off my shirt and cast it aside. My jeans and underwear came off next. I moved back to her, my cock riding up between her ass cheeks. I pulled her hair aside and began kissing her, starting escort tuzla at her shoulder and working my way to her ear. With my hands free, I reached around to her taunt stomach.

“God,” Tabitha gulped. I ground my dick deeper into her ass then began rocking back and forth, letting it slide up and down. She began matching my thrust. I let one hand work its way up to her breast, rubbing along the fold between the ribs and the large breast before tracing up with a single finger to nipple. It felt like a smoldering red turquoise in my hand. My other hand snaked down to her pubic region, teasing with my fingers her tight landing strip causing her to catch her breath. I went down further, tingling her clit and sticking one finger in. She was sopping wet.

“Excited?” I observed with pleasure. I pushed a second finger in and she groaned. I palmed her clit and began rubbing it in circles. My other hand pinched and pulled at her nipple. “Put one hand on my hand on your clit,” I ordered softly in her ear. She did so. “Show me what you like. Let my hand be your tool.” Her hand pressed into mine and I felt her wiggle another finger to join me in her snatch. She was pretty much one continuous groan at this point at this time. “Put your other hand up to your other breast. Play with it the way you like. She did so quickly. I worked her into frenzy. When she was close, I moved our hands away.

“Get on the bed,” I barked. Tabitha staggered slightly then obeyed. She found something on the pillow she hadn’t noticed before. It was a sleeping mask. “Put it on.” She did so reluctantly, but when I got between her legs and opened them wide so I could move my mouth to her pussy, she grinned and complied. “Whatever you do, don’t take it off. If you do, we are done.”

“Yes,” she gulped. She was more a slave to passion than fear at this point. I went to town on her beautiful pussy. She was moaning and playing with her nipples as I licked her ass to clit and back again. I took one hand and placed my thumb on her clit and began rubbing it around. I caught sight of Danielle coming out of the bathroom, a smile on her face. She was enjoying the show and anticipating what was to come.

“Put your hands over your head,” I commanded. Tabitha did so swiftly. “We are not alone,” I informed her. She shifted slightly.

“Okay,” she panted. “Who is it?”

“You don’t get to know that yet. You agreed to this, now you have to take it.” I drove two fingers of my other hand into her. Tabitha bucked.

“God!” she gasped again as I hit her g-spot. Danielle walked over to the bed quietly. She was wearing nothing but a black garter belt and black hose. Her nipples were hard and erect. She put her knees on the bed, the shifting of the bed alerting Tabitha that someone was next to her. Facing me, Danielle straddled Tabitha’s face.

“A woman?” Tabitha asked, feeling Danielle’s hose against her sides.

“Yes. Now that woman is going to sit on your face. You are going to eat out her ass,” I ordered. Danielle made to do so, but Tabitha tried to resist.

“I don’t do that,” she exclaimed. “I don’t …” Danielle sat back on her hard.

“Do it or lose it,” I snarled. I pushed up from my position and forced her legs far apart. Tabitha struggled.

“Please,” she begged. I held up my hand to Danielle, who relented.

“This is your last chance, Tabitha,” I’m not going to ask again. Tabitha’s resistance weakened. Danielle began lowering herself down. This time Tabitha didn’t resist. Danielle nodded to me, indicating that Tabitha was indeed doing as instructed.

“Work that tongue, Tabitha. Put your arms around and grab her by her hips. Move her as you want to.” As soon as Danielle gave me a wink, I entered Tabitha who mumbled a groan. Tabitha began controlling Danielle’s rhythm and Danielle began to flush pink with arousal.

“Is it good?” I asked Danielle.

“Yes,” they both responded. “It wasn’t what I expected,” panted Tabitha. I could see Tabitha beginning to alternate between sticking her tongue in Danielle’s asshole and licking her clit and ass. Danielle began rocking harder. Tabitha began pulling Danielle into her mouth with greater hunger, driving her tongue deeper into Danielle. Danielle began moaning and writhing. Tabitha was bucking under me. They were both getting close. When I saw Danielle on the cusp, twisting each nipple in her fingers, I flicked Tabitha’s clit back and forth.

That did it. Tabitha lost it. Her spasms drove Danielle over the top and she arched her back and screamed. Tabitha’s scream was almost as loud, only lessened by her face being in Danielle’s ass. Danielle fell forward as I shot my load into Tabitha’s pussy. I helped Danielle to fall beside Tabitha and not on her. We all lay there panting for a moment. I pulled out of Tabitha and went back on my ass, still between her legs. Tabitha kept panting rapidly.

“Oh God, now that is what I call fucking,” she grinned.

“You can remove your mask,” I suggested.

“I couldn’t agree more,” Danielle said laughing. Tabitha propped herself up on one elbow and took off her mask with the other.

“Fuck me,” she groaned. “I …” she couldn’t finish the sentence. She had no words for how she felt.