Love in Late Afternoon

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As we walked in the partial shadow of the buildings, I strode, one foot in front of the other with my arms out, balancing on the wall while he walked on the flat ground beside me. “Hey, careful” he laughed, extending his fingertips to steady me by my hands. I jokingly retorted, turning my head toward him. “Oh, shut up! I’m perfectly capable of walking on a little wall like this.” I slowed our pace, not looking away from him, and him not looking away from me. My heart skipped a beat, and I’m pretty sure his did too, as we froze time, gazing at each other up and down. Reality. Yeah, back to that: I shook my thoughts and began walking again, still feverishly distracted by his presence. I stumbled and fell into him, not noticing the wall had ended, and tumbled onto the bed of grass beneath. I remember his face, darkly lit against the afternoon sunlight and the warm look sitting in his gold-green bursa escort eyes before he brushed the hair off of my face and kissed me; And I kissed him back, warm and content, here behind the bustle of civilization. Our lips parted for a moment as I smiled up at him. My next exhale had the subtle musicality of a laugh. “Sorry for not helping you up right away and pinning you to the ground and stuff.” He joked. My next exhale was a laugh, but the one that followed was interrupted by another kiss. I leaned up into this kiss, the sweet warmth surrounding me in the scent of summer grass and bright amber shadows. I felt his fingers interlace with mine on the ground beside me, while the fingertips of his other hand made their way lightly through the long fields of my dark hair. I relaxed my head when we pulled away for another brief moment, Probably both trying to catch a breath bursa escort bayan or two. When his fingertips made their way back to my hairline, he curled them behind my ear, softly pausing at my jawbone for a moment to smile at me before he kissed me again. His hand continued down my neck to my collarbone, fondling a lock of hair for a moment before he traced over to my strap, slipping his thumb underneath and sliding it off of my shoulder. I welcomed the gesture, and, taking his hand, I placed it on my breast, under my top. He continued on, removing it with unusually easy gentleness. I drew a deep breath, back arching and legs opening ever so slightly. He leaned in forward, and slid his hand down my body, removing my bottoms. I sat up under him and removed his as he took off his shirt to reveal his perfect body. perfect skin. I sat up a bit, and moved my face closer escort bursa to his body, tracing my hand down as well. Once he accepted the destination I had planned, I could see him get that much harder. Deciding to relieve him of his agony, I moved my face right into his cock. Still, I started teasingly with a light, sensual caress of my tongue. Quickly enough, but without rush, my tongue lured him between my lips, and into my mouth. I felt him squirm and tense with anticipation, as he grasped my hair away from my face. The soft pull worked in sync with the rhythm of our bodies. The soft pull got stronger when he tensed harder, the squirming turning to trembling. I savored the hot gush in my mouth briefly before I pushed him further into my throat and let him enjoy the sensation of the contraction called swallowing. I swirled my tongue again. I rippled it, then transitioned to a roll with the application of rhythmic suction. Swallow again. One pulse out and one pulse back in, I half- swallowed and then swallowed fully before he came down my throat immediately after. I pulsed back out and breathed in warm air before sucking one last time.