Love in-law family

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Love in-law familyThis is a true story and I have chosen to write this anonymously for obvious reasons. If you’re offended by it or don’t believe it’s true that is your prerogative and I’m not here to convince you one way or the other.Ever since my wife and I started dating there was a mutual attraction between her mom and I. In the beginning I think we both did our best to not let the attraction become anything more than that. She would make comments to my wife about me like that she found a good one or how handsome she thought I was. I would also comment on how attractive her mom was and my wife would jokingly say that we had the hots for each other but wasn’t seriously bothered by it.After a few years of dating my wife, then girlfriend, moved back in with her mom while she finished school. Her mom lived alone and they got along well so it made sense. Her mom had a nice house with a swimming pool that we used often. During the warmer months, which in so cal there were many, we spent a lot of time at her moms house. It wasn’t uncommon for me to sleep there and over time we all became very comfortable to the point where we would see one another half naked. Her mom bursa escort was an attractive woman and would wear clothing that often was quite revealing. I did my best not to stare but on occasion would get caught by my wife taking a look when her mom was bending over or walking across the room wearing only a towel. My wife would even ask me if I liked seeing her mom semi nude and when I would say yes she would call me a pervert and laugh it off.Her mom and I began flirting more and more and to my surprise this didn’t bother my wife. I guess she knew that we wouldn’t do anything more than flirt. One day while swimming my mother in law came out of the house topless to water the plants and when she realised we were in the pool ahe started to cover herself. My wife said that she often would water topless and told her mom she didn’t have to cover up. From then on I would see her mom topless and I was very pleased by that. My wife would also go topless and I remember them standing next to each other and commented on how their breasts were almost exactly alike. There were more cases like that and at some point I was even invited to feel them and compare firmness.Then one night bursa escort bayan after having a few drinks and all of us getting a little drunk my wife and I went to bed and started having sex. We were on our sides in a spooning position with a sheet partially covering us and the room completely dark. Well her mom walked in and sat on the edge of the bed and started talking to my wife about plans for the next day. I guess her eyes adjusted to the dark because all of the sudden she asked if we were having sex. I didn’t say anything and my wife said no but the way she said it her mom knew she was not telling the truth. To my surprise they kept talking and my wife pushed back into me as if to say don’t stop. So I began slowly thrusting into my wife and her mom then knew for sure we were having sex because she could feel the bed moving. The next thing I know her moms hand was sliding up my leg and fondling my balls. I pulled out of my wife giving her mom full access to my erect cock and used my fingers to penetrate her. As I fingered my wife her mom stroked my cock and played with my balls. She then started giving me oral and every couple minutes I would reenter my escort bursa wife and pull out to her moms waiting mouth. Pretty soon I was back inside my wife and her mom was licking my cock as I fucked her. I pushed her head up so that she was licking my wife’s pussy which made my wife say something to the effect of I can’t believe this is happening.Soon my wife was having a major orgasm and when she was done I got up and got behind my mother in law. I licked her ass and pussy like it was the last time I would get to do it. After about 15 minutes of licking and sucking on her ass and pussy I put the head of my cock against her wet opening and thrust myself into her with one hard push. Her mom let out a loud moan and I began fucking her hard from behind. After her mom came she later on her back and sucked my balls while stroking my cock. When I was about to cum she took me in her mouth and sucked until my cock flexed and my balls spasmed emptying my load into her mouth which she promptly swallowed. She got up and gave me a kiss before leaving the room.My wife and I didn’t talk about it but have repeated a similar situation several more times over the last several years. I don’t know when it’s going to happen and I don’t dare ask, but when it does it’s amazing and by far the best sexual experience I’ve ever had.Call us what you want, but we’re all adults and nobody is lying or cheating.