Love Turning White Bitch’s Lesbian

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Love Turning White Bitch’s LesbianMy name is Vera; I am a black woman 26 yrs young. I am 5′ 6″ tall and nice curves with huge breasts. I just love sex – male or female, it’s all-good. I love black men with huge cocks, black women and white men can be fun but most of my entire favorite thing in this whole world I lust after white females. I love to seduce them and dominate them, making them my sex slaves. That is what I live for. Nothing makes me feel better than making a white girl my sex slave, my fuck toy, my little bitch!My job has me working in a stock room of a large office building. Everyone comes to me for the supplies they need to keep their department running, that way I get to meet a lot of people.One man that has caught my eye is Ron, he is a white man in his early twenty’s and very cute.Also I have seen pictures of his sweet little blond wife , my pussy gets wet just looking at her picture.As I saw Ron approach the storeroom, I unbuttoned the top two buttons of my blouse so he could get a good view of my big tits.He moved his cart to the back of the storeroom to load his cart with copy paper. I was helping him load the cart and noticed that he could not keep his eyes off my boobs. “Just as I planed.” I faked a fall and fell right into him, with my big boobs pressing against his chest. Our lips meet and my tongue was probing his mouth. I placed his hand on my left breast and could feel him getting hard! “These big tits work every time.” I began to rub his now stiff cock while he fondled my breast. He pulled away and told me he would love to be with me but it was much to risky to do this at work and that he loved his wife and did not want to do any thing to hurt her.I told Ron that I understand and did not wish to harm their marriage. “We still can be friends can’t we Ron?””Sure” Ron replied, “I would really like that Vera.””Good!” I said. “Meet me at the blue room lounge on the corner after work, we can have a nice chat and you can tell me all about your lovely wife.”The bar was full so I got a table for us. I ordered two beers, not knowing what Ron drinks; I reasoned that if he wanted something else to drink I could just drink both beers.Ten minutes later Ron entered the lounge; I waived him over to the table. He said that beer would be just fine.He told me all about his wife, she is 22yrs old, with blond hair and blue eyes and the face of an angel. They have no c***dren as of yet.They took their vows two years ago and she has not ever had another man but Ron.Ron placed several pictures of his lovely wife Cathy on the table. As I looked at the pictures, I told Ron that she really is every bit as beautiful as he said she is. I told Ron that I really would like to meet her. ” He had no idea how much!” “just looking at her pictures was getting me wet,”I was thinking of how much I would love to see that beautiful face looking up at me while she was licking my pussy!”Ron informed me that she was visiting her mother and would be out of town for a few days. We had a few more drinks, Ron was feeling good. As we danced I pushed my big tits into him, he loved it. After a couple of hours I told Ron to come to my place for some coffee, as he should not drive. He agreed that the coffee, walk and fresh air would do him good.We entered the apartment, after turning on the lights, I ushered Ron to the sofa. Then istanbul escort I turned on the television and got us a couple of beers.Ron took his beer and said, “What about the coffee?” Then he reasoned that the beer taste good and that we could have coffee later.I excused myself, went to the bedroom, and got a porno tape and slipped into my see-thru nightgown. Sitting next to Ron on the sofa and hit the play button on the remote. There were two couples swapping one black and one white. A buxom blonde-haired woman was sucking on a big black dick; the white man was eating out black pussy.Ron was watching the film with his mouth wide open. He turned to me and saw my huge black tits and all he could say is ‘WOW!” Noticing the bulge in his pants I placed my hand on his lap. My huge tits were too much for him to resist, he started playing and then kissing my nipples.”Oh Yes!” “Don’t stop.” ” It feels so good! ” I moaned. I removed his cock from his pants and started to stroke it. He told me that he thought we were going to be just friends.”Sure baby.” I said “Really good fucking friends!”Together we pulled Ron’s pants off and I starter to suck on his hard cock. “Oh shit; Yea!” he moaned ” Keep your lips on my cock; it feels so good!” I moved around to a 69 position and lowered my juice cunt to his waiting face. Soon his tongue was licking my pussy.His tongue was doing its work. My pussy was getting wetter and hotter. I got up from the sofa and lay on the floor; spreading my legs and opening my cunt lips I urged Ron;” Oh Ron, It feels so good, fuck me!” We fucked like dogs; he eagerly sucked my big tits as we fucked.Finally, he shot his load in my hot cunt. He was lifting his self up when I pushed his face to my pussy saying “Eat that cunt out, lick and suck it clean!”he told me he never ate a pussy with cum in it.I told him ” Don’t worry baby; it’s delicious, you will love it!”He licked and sucked my pussy clean. He looked up at me with his face glistening with my pussy juice. “Oh Vera; you are so right, I loved every drop!”I sent him home feeling happy but very guilty as well.The next night we went to his house after work. We had a few drinks and the next thing you know we were in his and Cathy’s bedroom fucking again. After a good fuck, I had him eat out my cunt some more. My legs were spread wide and I pressed his face to my pussy.Suddenly the door burst open! Cathy was screaming, ” What the hell is going on?” “Ron, how could you do this to me?”she kicked and punched Ron off the bed. He landed on the floor with a thud. The look on his face was priceless!”Cathy,” I yelled at her,”He was not doing it to you; he was doing it to me! “She exploded and lunged at me with hate in her eyes. Cathy was too angry to think clearly, or she never would have come after me. It was not long before I had her pinned to the bed by her wrist.Ron was getting up off the floor; I told him to sit in the chair and watch. Also, I told him to keep his fucking mouth shut. Looking down at Cathy I told her that in the future it would be wise to call before coming home unannounced. She was calling me names. She was trying to get free but she had no chance.I started to slap her face; tears were soon flowing down her sweet face. I shouted at her ‘”Since you interrupted us while your avcılar escort husband was eating my pussy; you will have to finish the job”.”NO, No, Please, I can’t do that!” Cathy pleaded.”Sure you can.” I told her.I smacked her face again and moved my already wet cunt to her mouth. She was trying to resist, but it did her no good. I reached back and lifted her sundress all the way up. Then I inserted a finger into her tight little hole. Then another and two more, soon I was fucking her with four fingers, she was soaking wet and moaning as she was now licking and sucking my pussy for all she was worth!”Baby, you suck pussy so good.” “Now, let me give you a real treat.” I pushed my thumb in her cunt, now I had my whole fist in her. I fucked her hard and fast. Cathy moaned and screamed as she furiously licked my cunt. “You like this don’t you slut” I mocked her.She answered, “Yes!””Oh yes, I love your pussy!” It was hard to hear what she said with my cunt in her face. Soon she was cumming hard. Seeing that sweet face go at my cunt so willingly, I came myself. I yelled out “Eat that big black cunt, don’t stop, you love it don’t you bitch?”” Yes I do love it, I can’t help it but I do love it!” Cathy moaned.I took a collar out of my purse and placed it around her neck. I informed her I was taking her home with me and would train her to be my good little fuck slut.”No, please.'” Cathy cried.I hit her face then punched her stomach, saying, “Don’t ever talk back to me again.” ” You got that bitch?””Yes.” She mumbled with her head down.”Good, now let’s go.” I commanded. I looked over at Ron, who had jerked off watching me fuck his sweet wife; and told him not to worry. I told him I would bring her home to him after some training.As we went to the door with Cathy on a leash. Laughing out loud and turning back to Ron I told him that when we got back we would have a red hot threesome!Part 2.We entered my apartment, took off my coat, and there I was, naked again. I got us both a drink, sat on the sofa next to Cathy. I told her to do a strip for me and to give me a lap dance. “Do what I say bitch,”I told her,”Then I want to fuck you again,” ” You got that’?” “Now do it-so I don’t have to hurt you again.”Cathy started moving to the music, slowly taking off her clothes. She moved to me to give me the lap dance, but I changed my mind. As she turned I slapped her cute little ass, but not to hard. I told her that she looked good enough to eat, so that is exactly what I did.Cathy was moaning with delight, I started to finger fuck her. She surprised me saying “Please put your whole fist in me again and fuck the shit out of me!””Yeah baby,” I said, “You got it.” Cathy was shaking and moaning, I was deep inside her snatch, almost up to my elbow. She collapsed on the floor, I withdrew from her cunt, my arm was soaking wet. Pulling her up to me, we kissed and I played with her ass.”Oh, Vera!” she said, “I have never cum so hard in my whole life, I just love it when you put your arm in me,” it makes my pussy feel so good and so full!”I told her “It’s my turn now!” ” Kiss, lick and suck my big black tits!””With pleasure!” she exclaimed. It was plain to see that she was loving it,'”White girls with little tiny tits just love to suck big black tits”, “Don’t they?”She was really going to town; I pushed şirinevler escort her to the floor and told her to eat my cunt. “Gladly” she smiled at me. Cathy was licking and sucking; while I was humping and fucking her sweet face.”Bury your face in my cunt!” “You love my black pussy, don’t you bitch?” ” Suck my pussy lips, get it all in your mouth.”She looked up at me with those big blue eyes, her face glowing with my pussy juice. Saying, “Yes Yes!” ” I love your big black boobs and your black pussy!” “It taste so good!”I told her to go to the bathroom and freshen up. “It is time to introduce you to some big black dick!”I called my main man, Bruce, and told him to come over and bring a couple of friends for my little white fuck slut. Bruce and his friends came through the door, ” Wow! Look at this,” Bruce exclaimed! They just loved the site of Cathy, down on her knees, licking my cunt. The men started to undress; I went over to a chair with Bruce.Cathy was sitting on the sofa with Marcus and John on either side of her. The men started playing with her little tits and fingered her pussy. They each placed one of her tiny hands on their cocks, she started stroking, slowly at first, then moving faster, Wide eyed she stammered, “They are so big, I can’t even get my hand around these huge cocks!” Marcus chuckled and both men stood up.They started rubbing their cocks all over her face. Her mouth opened, she started licking and sucking their cocks. But try as she may she could not get all of either cock in her mouth.Cathy was pulled to the floor. John was rubbing his big dick head on her clit. He inched his cock into her cunt “Oh Yes, fuck me with that big black dick,”Cathy screamed. They were pumping away and he was all the way in her. She was yelling and moaning and Marcus was face fucking her.After a while they both pulled out of her holes. Marcus lay on his back telling Cathy to get on top. She wasted no time sitting on his huge cock. While she was riding the big dick John started to insert his finger in Cathy’s ass, soon he was shoving his cock up her ass. “No-No.I have never done this before” Cathy screamed, “It’s so-soooo very big! It will tear me apart!” “Please don’t-not my ass!”But they did not listen; soon she was being fucked in the pussy and the ass at the same time.All of a sudden pain gave way to pleasure, she was fucking back wildly saying “Yesss…Oh, yes-it feels so…so good! Please keep fucking me!” After cumming many times she collapsed on the floor savoring the feeling of sperm shot into her ass and pussy at the same time. She was dripping wet!I ordered her to lick everyone clean. She did John and Marcus, then crawled over to Bruce and me. She then proceeded to lick and suck us clean, She laid her head on my lap smiling as if she had never been so happy!!!I told the boys that it was time to go. They were not happy saying, “We want some more of that white cunt!”I told them another time. I told Cathy to take a shower and come to bed; tomorrow will be a busy day.Cathy snuggled in bed next to me, her head on my breast, asking what tomorrow had in store for her. I told her she would have new adventures to look forward to. Cathy said, “I love you, Vera and I love all the nasty things you make me do!” It makes me feel so alive!I told Cathy that I loved her as well. “You are the best little fuck-slut in the world, and I like nothing better than to see your pretty face buried in my pussy.” “I love to see you look up at me with those big blue eyes, and you’re face covered with my juices.”She smiled and beamed with pride, saying, “I love you, Vera-and will do anything that you want me to do.” We both fell off to sleep.