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LOVED MY 1st BBCI got married very young & my husband was cheating on me. So being a red blooded super sexual Latina I said two can play this game. This is the 1st time I actually had a sexual encounter while being married. After work my girlfriends, who were all still single & we were all in our early twenties, would go to Happy Hour. At first I wouldn’t consider going but due to my husbands neglect I got up the courage & started joining them on occasion. Besides I enjoyed the attention I got from men!On this night I was particularly aroused. I had just had a bikini wax. Now mind you me I am not bisexual at all as I love cock way too much but my waxer was a beautiful petite Asian girl who always gave me a slight post wax massage around my pelvis/groin area. This particular time she lingered a bit longer on my inner thighs & kept brushing up against my clit. I guess the “taboo” notion of it all got me really going. Needless to say I was way excited.Once in the club it was the usual girlfriend banter. All my girlfriends were on the prowl. At this point I was only fantasizing about an affair. I danced a couple of times & most definitely had some guys grind against me but none of those guys really attracted me. When I return to the bar I was chatting with one of my girlfriends when this attractive black guy comes over & asks me if I was Linda (not using my real name BTW!) “Yup that’s me, who wants to know?” He replies “Girl my man Kurt is in the house & he’s been checking you out. Remember Kurt?” Remember? Oh hell yeah I remember Kurt I told myself!!!Ladies, Kurt was a Police Officer that worked my High School. All the girls wanted to get arrested, booked & handcuffed by Kurt, LOL. You see Kurt was a light skinned black male with dreamy green eyes & a great smile. He had an Athletic slim build with huge hands & feet! He was about 10 years my senior. Just bursa escort my type! But in High School he did not mess around with anyone. He took his job seriously.I replied “Kurt? Officer Kurt?” He just smiled & nodded yes. He had ordered me a drink & I couldn’t resist my curiosity so I walked over to his table. OMG there he was even handsomer than ever. He smiled got up gave me great big old hug & asked me to join him. We started talking & laughing about people we knew. I guess he knew I had a HUGE crush on him back in the day. He was real gentleman the entire night, but as the night progressed our dancing became more and more seductive. To the point we were just looking at each other as if we were the only ones there. He asked me if I wanted to go outside for awhile & get some air. Without any hesitation I agreed.We walked outside & this club was by the riverfront so we sat on one of the benches outside overlooking the water. Pretty soon before I knew it our lips met & we started kissing. He took his time. He would hold my face look into my eyes & play with my lips. He would then open my mouth and look for my tongue & gently suck on it. Those actions alone had me panting. Not k**ding. I felt my panties drenched. I knew I was so wet & so aroused as never before. Without thinking I straddled him & grabbed his face. I told him to sit still & just open his mouth. I then grabbed his face looked into his eyes & sucked on his long tongue. I started caressing his shoulders & chest. I could feel him getting harder beneath me. After a couple of minutes he asked me to stop. “Why?” I asked. “Honey girl we need a little more privacy.” I pulled him up & suddenly noticed the biggest bulge I have ever seen on a man! We had to wait for him to “calm down” so we could walk to his car & not have everyone stare at his package.I’ve been with rather well endowed men before but bursa escort bayan this was something else. Perhaps it was the angle or the type of pants I thought. Once he calmed down we walked over to his car. “Great in a secluded place” I told myself. We sat in the backseat & picked up where we left off. The kissing got hotter & the hands were roaming. He began playing with my breasts & quickly he removed my bra & exposed my breasts. I undid his shirt & began licking him all over & gently sucking him. This drove him even hornier. Since I was wearing a short skirt he began massaging my thighs & quickly found his way to my very wet & hot pussy. He gently inserted one of his thick fingers & by now I was on the verge of cumming right there.I started feeling him through his trousers & could not believe what I was touching was real! I had to see for myself. I pushed him back & asked him to stop. I wanted to unleash his package & did not want any distractions. I began undoing his belt & lowering the zipper. What? The bulge underneath his sexy underwear was incredible. Did not look normal. I had him raise his hips & lowered his pants but left his underwear on. I could already notice a huge wet spot. “HMMMM” I love pre-cum! I buried my face in his crotch & licked the outside of his undergarment. I loved his smell. “How would he taste like?” I wondered. I couldn’t wait any longer I needed to see this monster in the flesh. Again I raised his hips & pulled down his underwear. His cock sprang & slapped against his abdomen. I just stared at it in amazement for a few seconds. By this time he was going out of his mind but I needed to take my time & thoroughly enjoy this monster cock! I grabbed it at first & just stared. I would change hands & my grip. I could not wrap my fingers around his girth. Not only was he real long he was really REALLY thick & uncut! Before escort bursa my lips would touch his swollen cockhead I just inhaled his essence. He was oozing massive pre-cum. He wanted me to go down on him right now but I was going to take my time & BLOW his mind.I told him “Shhh.Sit back Papi. Ayy que rico! I want you to feed me Papi! I need milk, Your milk!” I began licking his head & tasting that pre-cum. It was sweet! I then began taking him deeper into my mouth but couldn’t get much more than the head all in my mouth due to his thickness. No problem as it was a super juicy head. I began massaging his huge balls with one hand & placed my other hand inside his mouth. He began sucking on my fingers. I would alternate sucking & licking with rubbing his wet cock all over my face. “Mark your territory, Papi!” I wanted his essence & taste all over my face. He could not last any longer & told me he was about to cum. I blurted “Dale Papi cum in my mouth. Feed me Papi. Feed me!” I felt his balls & his stomach harden & suddenly a warm salty/sweet gush of cum was bathing the inside of my mouth. I swallowed almost all of it but there was so much cum some of it dribbled out of my mouth onto my tits. I was panting & he just collapsed on the seat. I sat next to him & rubbed my clit for only a few seconds & quickly had a powerful orgasm. I put my fingers into my pussy rubbed the juices over his mouth (now I/m marking my territory as well!) & my tits. I made sure I mixed our juices together & wanted him to smell me & me him.We stayed there to recover for about half an hour. We composed ourselves, as best we could & I drove home. When I got there my husband had just taken a shower. (probably to erase his lovers smell) I went up to him & quickly planted a very wet kiss on his mouth. I took his towel off & gave him some head to get him hard. I made sure he sucked on my breasts & licked my face. I wanted him to taste what a REAL hot woman can extract from a man. He felt I was “salty” due to perspiration. Partly correct assessment. Needless to say Kurt would return for more. Much much more!