Loving Shelly

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**This is a true story shared with me…written to say thanks to all the “Shellys” out there who take the time to really help someone feel comfortable in a new relationship.**

* * * * *

Married, and deeply in love with my husband, but strongly curious about sex with another woman. That’s where my head was just about everyday, especially after meeting Shelly.

Shelly came to work for our office about 6 months ago. She was so personable in the interview, and with great credentials, my law partner and I had no hesitations in hiring her. I had never thought about a sexual relationship with another female till Shelly began openly sharing her recent relationship troubles with us at lunch one day. After she shared her story, I kept getting images of her with another woman. My thoughts were obsessed with her. She was not a strikingly gorgeous woman, but she had certain qualities about her that made you want to look at her and be with her. She was open and sensitive, and truly great fun.

We were out shopping one day, and Shelly was trying on dresses for a party she was going to attend. I was browsing the clothes racks near the dressing room waiting for her to come out, when I heard her call out my name. She called me in the dressing room, and announced she had ripped the dress trying to get the zipper down. Now in a panic she needed help to get the rest of the way out of the dress. After calming her down, I was then able to get the zipper down, and Shelley could then remove the dress. As she removed the dress over her head, I discovered she had taken off her bra to try on the dress. Now standing before me in only her white lacy thong panties, I could not take my eyes off of her . She was breath taking and very sexy. I tried to shake any sexual thoughts from my head, but before I could, Shelly sought out my eyes and knew I was staring at her.

“Disapprove of my not wearing a bra?” she asked.

“No, no. I just was thinking how pretty you look standing there like that.” I said to her in return. I wasn’t sure how she would take it, but the words were now out.

“Thanks.” She said. “It’s nice to hear every now and then.”

“Shelly you are so pretty and very sexy.” I wanted so bad to just touch her breasts. They were so firm, and her nipples were now erect from the cool air of the dressing room. While overwhelmed at how I felt, I knew if I didn’t tell her how I felt, I never would.

“Shelly, I have to tell you I found you so sexually attractive. And being married, and never thinking about a woman in this way, I am not sure how to express myself.” There, it was out. I wanted her, needed her, and she needed to know it.

“I have know you were interested in me for a while. But knowing you were married, I wanted you to be the one to initiate things.” Shelly, grabbed my hand, and added, “The best you can do, is just say how you feel, and what you are thinking. My being a female is a fact, but I am a person first.”

I turned around, and started out the dressing room door, now afraid of really making a fool of myself. But as I left, I shared with her, “Shelly, I have thought about you for weeks. Wondering kocaeli escort what it would be like to be with you. Struggling in my head where I was with my sexuality. Why was I suddenly interested in a bisexual relationship? I know that may sound stupid, but that’s where my head has been. I love my husband, and have no intention of hurting him, but at the same time, I have been almost obsessed with thoughts of you. And I have never been with a woman, so how would that affect things? I guess I have been confused with my thoughts, but I just wanted to let you know how I felt.” I then headed out of the dressing room.

I waited for Shelly to come out of the dressing room, and she came over and grabbed my hand, and simply said, “Thanks for you honesty. And thanks for the zipper help.” She smiled, and I knew it was her of making me feel more relaxed. That’s how Shelly is.

We headed back to the office, and finished the work day without anymore discussions. As I finished up in my office, and was preparing to leave for the evening, Shelly came in and sat down. “I want to ask you something,” she said.


“If I asked you to come to my house for dinner, without your husband, would you come? Would you come knowing that perhaps something might happen between us? I think we both know what we want, but I think we need to reach out to each other at the same time. You have a relationship, and it is not my intention to hurt that. And you have issues with never being with a woman. The feelings are out there. I think we need to explore them together.”

I thought about what she had said, and knew I wanted her more than ever. I was so drawn to her sensitivity and sweetness. I didn’t have to think long, and told her I would, but that she needed to remember my non experience level. She chuckled, as only Shelly could, and reassured me she would make sure she had reading material on bisexuality to go with the dinner.

Standing outside her door, I could feel a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I told my husband I would be staying the night as Shelly and I were working on a big briefing. He didn’t think twice about it. So I didn’t have to either. BUT I still wondered how he would feel about this. I needed to take one step at a time.

Shelly answered the door, and I was soon in, and given the tour of her home. She had small appetizers and some wine for drinking. I headed for that immediately, and remarked, “I think I need a drink.”

Shelly’s only remark was “not too much. You will want to remember what I teach you.” And then she winked. She was taking away my nervousness, and I could feel a bit of excitement returning.

Over the course of the evening, we shared lots of insignificant information about growing up, and past relationships. She asked me lots about my marriage, and I knew she was happy that it was in fact a good marriage. “Stability is rare. Hang on to it whenever you have it.” Sitting next to me, she took my face in her hands, and said, “Finding true love is a gift. Sometimes it doesn’t matter who the bearer is, or what sex. If it makes you happy, and not uncomfortable, then go for it.” She then kissed my kocaeli escort bayan lips, and I truly felt all my fears disappear. I found it easy to kiss her back. Her lips were so soft, and I found it just similar to kissing my husband. She moved away, and I had to ask. “Was that ok?”

Shelly giggled and asked me if my husband ever complained? I reassured her he hadn’t, and she then told me kissing was a pretty easy act and hard to screw up. I burst out laughing.

She grabbed my hand, and encouraged me to stand. We walked to the bedroom, and stood next to the bed. “If you don’t mind,” she said, “I would like to lead.”

I simply shook my head, and said “Go ahead.”

She then said, “One small piece of advise, and then we fly together. Be with me, like you like being with your hubby. I mean, do what comes natural. What turns you on, will no doubt turn me on. It’s not that hard to love someone physically.”

We then began kissing, and as we did, I could feel Shelly begin to undress me. Her movements were skilled, and I began to reciprocate her actions. Soon, we stood together with only our underwear on. Shelly removed my bra, and placed a hand on my breast. Her gentle touching was erotic, and I could feel excitement building. Small currents seemed to surge through me. She placed her mouth on my nipple and began to suck. I got shivers down my back, and now felt anxious to return the gesture. She stood up, and before I had the chance, she removed her bra, and took my hand in hers. She placed on her breast and allowed me to gently roll her nipple. I loved when my husband did this, so I thought she would too. And she did. I wanted to suck on her nipple and moved forward to do so. The feel of her nipple in my mouth was incredible. I could feel it harden, and knew I was pleasing her.

With any new lover, we all have some doubts, and inhibitions, but as the time passed, I could feel them ease. Shelly made me feel special, and she knew how to take her time.

We kissed for quite some time, and in between, sucked and licked each others breasts. Simple kissing and touching was so erotic for me, and now with Shelly the feeling was more intense somehow. I loved the feel of her smooth skin under my touch and tongue. The emotions and sexual energy I was feeling were so new, yet old and comfortable at the same time.

Shelly then moved on top of me, and her kissing started to intensify. Her hand massaged my breast and pulled on my nipple. The small surge of pain made me shiver. I wanted her to touch me all over. I couldn’t move. I lay there almost frozen. I felt like my breathing had stopped, and yet I could hear myself start to breath faster. I wanted her to melt into me. The feeling of loving someone so much overwhelmed me.

I moved my tongue in and out of her warm mouth with more speed and depth. I knew she wanted to lead, but I wanted to touch her. I reached for her panties and started pulling them off. She instinctively raised her hips, and helped me. I knew what I wanted from her, and this led me to my actions. I reached down between her legs and started to feel her wetness. I was thrilled that I had made her izmit escort this wet. I moved my hand up and down her slit, and heard her begin to moan. She then helped me out of my panties, and began rubbing my wetness as well.

Shelly moved her wet hand to her mouth and began sucking my wetness from her fingers. This was such an incredible act, and I followed her lead. Her wetness was brought to my lips, and I could smell her on my hands. Placing my fingers to my mouth, this was the first time I had tasted another woman. I found it no different than my own taste or smell. I wasn’t sure what to expect. The sweet salty taste was wonderful. I knew I wanted to taste more. I moved between her legs, and began licking her. My attempts must have seemed fast to Shelly because she told me to slow down and enjoy it more.

She was shaven, and her skin glistened where the wetness had collected. Her clit protruded between her lips, and I gently placed my tongue on it. Licking it slowly, I traced it in small circles. I placed my finger slightly in her, and withdrew more wetness. It was as if I needed reassurance that I was pleasing her. I took her whole clit in my mouth and sucked on it. I could feel it harden like her nipples did, and I loved having this kind of control. The power to love, the power to pleasure someone of the same sex. My tongue traced her slit from her clit to her opening, and I was able to taste more of her juices. I wanted to fill my mouth with them. I wanted to be nourished by them. My tongue pushed into her, and I could feel Shelly’s hips move into me. The feel of her pussy walls beneath my tongue were so slippery and wet. Her opening was so pink. The color, the feel, the scent, all of it intoxicating to me. All so new, yet all so familiar. I wanted to know every inch of her.

I moved back to her clit, and again flicked my tongue across it as if it were the wings of a butterfly. My fingers moved in and out, pumping in her at a steady pace. I listened for her moans to guide me, and they did. I could hear her breathing increase, and every now and again, she held it. I licked and sucked on her wetness till I could hear her tell me she was ready to climax. I wanted to feel it, so I moved my tongue from her clit, to her opening, and pushed it in. I could feel a rush of fluid push out at me, and with her bucking hips, and loud moans, I knew I had given this truly wonderful person a gift. After she climaxed, I continued to lick her, to taste and enjoy the outcome. I enjoyed the lingering scent and taste of her as I moved to lay in her arms. I wanted her to make love to me back, but for now I was content just to have her hold me. I had succeeded in pleasuring another woman. I felt such an incredible bond with her. Sharing a sexual bond with someone on any level, is special, but with Shelly the connection was somehow different. Maybe because I never felt the need to be someone I wasn’t or to admit that I needed to learn along the way.

Shelly is a great lover and we still continue our relationship today. Years have passed since our first lovemaking session, and my husband now knows about it, and has had on occasion an opportunity to join us. I cherish the time I spend alone with each of my lovers, and am truly grateful Shelly was there with me when I took the first step. Loving someone is a gift, but when it is returned, one should feel truly blessed.