lucky guy (part 5)

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Big Tits

lucky guy (part 5)(thank you for your emails and comments so far)Was Ray trying to tell me she knew id seen her pussy the night before?She almost certainly knew ive seen the vibrator,shit i was beginning to get worried.Fast forward to later on and the three of us are sitting round the dinner table and i was actually worried sick she might say something about my perverted ways to her mother May.We ate and all made small talk as we normally do and i felt a bit more comfortable,then Ray commented that it was snowing outside and she wandered if i would give her a lift to town as she was going out with her freinds.No problem i said “Ill just help your mother clear sultanbeyli escort the table while you get ready,take your time”.”Glad to see you both getting along so well adam,” May commented as i put away the plates and cutlery.I felt my heart beat a little faster,is this a trick?Has ray said anything?Luckily Ray shouted down that she was ready so i got the car out of the garage and pulled up on the road outside waiting for her,oh my what has she got on?Ray climbed in the car and i tried to look away as her boobs almost popped out of her crop top,a crop top i ask you,its snowing its november my god shes crazy.She had on high küçükyalı escort black heeled shoes, stockings and the smallest skirt in the world (thats how i knew she had stockings on).Ray looked stunning,i told her she ought to put a coat on but it fell on deaf ears.As we reached the club she was going to she became quite excited and couldnt wait till she could get out of the car undoing her seat belt and hollering “pull over adam”.Anyway as she left the car she turned back round and crouched into the car,her boobs were almost in my face,my god they were almost out!!Then she kissed me,just a peck.and then i heard her say “would you?”Once sancaktepe escort again my heart was pounding like a schoolboys.Would i?Would i what Ray?”You know””would you Adam?” she said,”Oh forget it Adam look do i look ok?”.”Stunning look stunning babe”,where did that come from ive never used those words in my life i thought to myself,shit i might of give the game away.Ray senced i was embarresed and teased me,”have you gone all shy Adam?whos a naughty boy then? i was squirming.She kissed me on the top of my head and left the car then dissapeared into the club.I just sat in the car stunned,her glorious breasts had been inches from my face.would you?….Would you?What did she mean? Would i fuck her?..Is that what she meant?Thats how it came accross to me.I drive home in a daze,half excited half scared.Scared of the feelings of my penis when ever this girl gets close to me.home now time to put the car away.Need to stay focused.