Maid to Order — Introduction (Part 1)

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Maid to Order — Introduction (Part 1)Maid to Order — Introduction (Part 1)Like many married crossdressers, I do most of my dressing when either Iam travelling for work, or when my wife is travelling with her job. Sheknows I dress, but isn’t thrilled with the prospect since I work for aprominent business member of our small community. She’s afraid that ifmy secret is ever “discovered” that it will have consequences for both myjob and my employer. I have tried and tried to stop; to resist the urge.I have completed the binge-purge cycle so many times I have lost count(not to mention literally thousands of dollars in lingerie, shoes, andsex toys).On my most recent trip, when I arrived at the hotel I was eager to checkin and get settled. It was a hotel my company frequently used in thisparticular city, and they welcomed me back. Like so many businesstravelers, I hung my suits and shirts. I unpacked my other clothes–underwear, undershirts, etc., placing them neatly into dresser drawers.Then, unlike most businessmen, I unpacked my lingerie.For some reason, I always lay my “girlie” things out all over the bedbefore deciding where to stash them. This particular stay was going tobe nearly a full week, so I had over-packed; bringing quite an assortmentof bras, panties, garter belts, babydolls, stockings, and heels. I alsobrought along some of my favorite toys–butt plugs, bigger butt plugs,and my newest favorite, a ultra-realistic cock with balls that attachedto an inflatable ball so it could be rode.My cock grew steadily harder as I unpacked and “inventoried” all mythings, laying matching sets together and arranging them as they might beworn (bras above panties, etc.). My carnal desire finally got the betterof me so I grabbed a pair of crotchless panties and my Doc Johnson MediumPleasure Plug buttplug–basically a 4-inch cock with a wide base–andheaded for the vanity mirror.I quickly stripped out of my mundane “boy” clothes and stood naked infront of the mirror. My cock had softened a little and pre-cum oozedfrom the tip. I squeezed it out onto my finger and licked it off,enjoying the taste. I thrilled at the touch of the cool satin as Ipulled the panties up my legs. The panties were black satin and two thinpink bows on the front accented the center seam and opening of the opencrotch; two more bows did the same on the back. The sides were high-cutbut still covered most of my ass; and my cock, getting hard once more,was sticking obscenely out the front.I squeezed the pre-cum from my cock again, this time smearing it all overthe cock head of the butt plug. I eagerly licked it off, taking the fullinsertable length into my mouth and slobbering on it like a cock-hungryslut. I smeared more pre-cum on it and sucked on it some more.I posed and preened in front of the mirror, admiring my silhouette withmy own hard cock sticking out in front of my black panties while mybuttplug was in my mouth. I looked so nasty! I continued to lick mypre-cum as I teased my hard cock.When I couldn’t contain my desire any longer, I pulled the bottle ofAstroglide from my shaving kit, applied a generous coating to the plugand a few fingertips’ worth to my hungry asshole and inserted thebuttplug. The realistic cockhead felt great as it opened my ass. Withthe tip inside I continued to push, enjoying the sensation as the headpenetrated me deeper and the shaft stretched me just that little bitmore. When I felt the end of the tapered shaft approaching, I pulled itall of the way out and re-inserted it slowly one more time before usingit to fuck my ass for a few minutes.I looked over my shoulder from time to time, enjoying how I looked bentover in the mirror as I used the buttplug like a dildo. My cock wasstill hard and leaking pre-cum, which was creating a small puddle on thefloor between my feet. I finally pulled it out one last time and slidthe entire length inside me with one push, feeling my ass close on thetapered end, seating the buttplug deliciously in place. A sudden nastyimpulse struck me and before I could talk myself out of it, I knelt onthe floor and licked the puddle of pre-cum from the tile.I went back into the room, enjoying the feel of having a plug up my ass. Although I didn’t have a bra to match my crotchless panties, I did pullon a pair of seamed black stay-up stockings and put on my favorite pairof black pumps. I rearranged and puttered around with my collection oflingerie, selecting a different outfit to wear as I continued theevening’s activities.Just as I had finished making my initial preparations, my room phonerang. Damn! I minced over to the phone and answered it. It was myboss, telling me that his flight was getting in late and that I needed tomeet this week’s client for drinks and dinner in less than an hour! Ifmy boss had only known what I was dressed like on the other end of thephone!! Ordinarily, it would not have been a big deal, but as it was, Ihad to first undress and then get dressed in my “boy” clothes again. Iassured him I would be there and hung up the phone, more than a littledisappointed at being interrupted.I walked back to the vanity area and picked up my clothes, enjoying thefeel of the plug some more as I bent over. As I walked back into theroom a naughty and sexy idea suddenly came to me–an idea that would havefreaked out my wife if she had known.I slipped out of the crotchless panties and selected a pair of hipsterpanties from the bed. They were purple and black zebra print on thesatin center panel with micro fiber floral lace side panels. The keyholefull-back was the same purple all in microfiber and black satin bowsaccented the middles of both the front and the back. After letting itall hang out in the crotchless panties, I loved the way the satin andlace panties cupped and caressed my smooth cock and balls.I left the stay-up black stockings on and slipped the camisole thatmatched the panties over my head. The lined cups were the same softfloral lace as the panty side panels with a black satin bow between them.The front panel of the camisole was the same purple and black zebrapattern and the back was plain purple microfiber.I pulled my pants on over my stockings and panties, pulled socks on myfeet to cover the stockings below the pants, then slipped back into mycollared shirt and pulled a sweater on over that. I checked myappearance in the mirror. Only I would know what I had on underneath myboring “boy” clothes–sexy lingerie. I also thrilled at the idea ofsecretly having a 4-inch cock buttplug up my ass the entire evening.Dinner was boring, as I expected. As I rocked side-to-side or forwardsand backwards, enjoying the sensation of the buttplug with each shift ofmy weight, our client seemed to think I was way more interested in theconversation we were having than I really was. We drank quite a bit,both in the bar before dinner, wine with dinner, and more cocktails canlı bahis afterdinner.I excused myself several times to go to the bathroom, each time using astall so I could pull my pants half-down to admire my panties andstocking tops. After my second trip to the head, as I was joining ourclient at the table, he glanced up and said, “Hey, your fly’s open.” Iflushed with only slight embarrassment, but my brain immediately threwthe paranoia switch, wondering if he had glimpsed either my panties orthe hem of my camisole, which thankfully did not have lace trim. Nomatter, I told myself dismissively, the most he could have seen was aflash of purple zebra print and with some of the crazy designs men’sunderwear sported today I didn’t feel I had any cause to worry.He didn’t seem to make anything more out of it and our dinner concludedwithout further incident. We parted ways and I grabbed a cab back to thehotel. I wasn’t stupid-drunk, but I was well on the way. I was anxiousto get back to my room and to my planned activities. As the elevatorrose, I leaned hard against the hand rail, rubbing my ass and pushingagainst the buttplug, further fueling my desires.I closed the door behind me and practically ripped my clothes off,stripping down to the camisole, panties and stockings as I moved into theroom and leaving a trail of boring clothes behind me. I grabbed mybreast forms and slipped them into the cups of the camisole and steppedback into my black patent leather pumps. Although it wasn’t the outfit Ihad planned to wear tonight, I was horny beyond belief and it would haveto do.I grabbed a few more of my toys and went back into the vanity area. Iadmired my reflection in the mirror as I bent over and pulled my pantieshalf-down. I reached behind and pulled the plug from my ass. As it hadbeen there without additional lube for the better part of three hours, itwas a little resistant, but still came out with very little effort. Ipicked up another plug.I applied a generous amount of lube to the next size plug–my Doc JohnsonClassic Thin Tool. It was twice as long as the other buttplug and had anenlarged head. I always loved the way the extra width spread me wider–especially how it felt opening my asshole. The insertable shaft was over7-inches long that tapered to a thinner end but was covered with a smoothveined texture with plenty of bumps and ridges for added sensation andpleasure.I placed the new buttplug against my asshole and pushed, moaning just alittle as the head opened me wide. It was smooth so it easily poppedinside. As I often did with this particular toy, I immediately pulled itback out and inserted it again. And again. And again. Each time Iloved the way the enlarged head felt as my asshole stretched toaccommodate it. I finally pushed and shoved all seven inches inside ofme. I used it like a dildo–just as I had done with my smaller plugearlier–for a few minutes, finally leaving it in and pulling my pantiesback up.Next, I picked up the E-Z Rider Rocker ball. I opened the valve andstarted to inflate the 8-inch wide flesh-colored “beach ball.” This wasmy least favorite task; I prefer sucking to blowing! After severalminutes of huffing and puffing, it was finally done. I took the red Vac-U-Loc plug base and fitted it snugly into its slot on the ball. Althoughmy cock had gone from soft to hard back to soft while I was gettingthings ready, it was rock hard now with anticipation.I didn’t feel like taking the time to do a full makeup job, so I justquickly applied a coat of lipstick–a light pink NARS color called FunnyFace–and some eye shadow. I knelt on the floor and held the dildo thatwas going to be attached to the ball soon right at waist height againstthe counter. It was another Doc Johnson product–the 7-inch ThinRealistic cock. Overall it was 8-inches long with 7 inches to insert;and a comfortable 1 1/2 inches wide and just over 5 inches around. Theslant of this model made it hang realistically as I held it by the balls.It looked as real as my own aching cock, white crisscrossed with blueveins and with a well-defined head, though it was slightly longer butthinner.I have never sucked a real cock before, but this one not only looked likethe real thing, but felt like I assumed a real cock would in my mouth.It was soft but firm in all the right places. I could hardly wait to getit in my “right place” — balls deep in my ass!I licked the head and then opened my mouth, taking it inside. I slurpednoisily on the head and then licked and slobbered up and down the shaft. I licked the balls and then the shaft some more. I opened my mouth wideand shoved the entire length down my throat. I bobbed my head up anddown, fucking my throat with it momentarily, and coughing wetly as Ifinally gagged and came up for air. I always sucked on my dildos withthe fantasy in the back of my mind that one day some lucky guy (or othert-girl) would appreciate all my practice.I picked up my other dildo. It was yet a fourth Doc Johnson product. Ilove those Doc Johnson Johnsons! It was the much-bigger Realistic 8-inchdildo. Overall it was 9 inches long, with 8 inches of insertable length.It was thick–over 2 inches wide and 6 1/2 inches around and always feltgreat! It had a well-shaped head with a thick ridge and the shaft wassolid and meaty.I held it at the same level as the other dildo, and now I alternated backand forth, sucking first one, then the other. I licked both shafts,slathered my tongue all over the balls, and back up and down all sides ofthem. I deep-throated the thinner one easily, using it to fuck mythroat. I tried, as I always did, to get the bigger one down my throat–unsuccessfully. I tried again and again and gagged and coughed eachtime.I couldn’t wait to have it in both ends, so I gave my 7-inch Thin cock afinal deep-throat and a kiss before giving the attachment hole a quickpuff of the dry lubricant and attaching it to the Rocker Ball. I grabbedthe thick dildo, my Astroglide, and a towel and went into the bedroom. Irearranged the other bed (the one without all my lingerie spread acrossit) to my liking and climbed onto it. I pulled my panties down to justbelow my ass and pulled the buttplug, placing it on the towel spread outbeside me.I applied a generous amount of lube to the dildo before positioning theball between my feet behind me. I lined the head of the cock up with myhole and inserted it. It went in pretty easily, but I only inserted itabout halfway. As it was longer than the buttplug and the shaft wasthicker, I enjoyed the sensation of having a bigger “dick” in my ass. Ipulled it out and inserted it again, this time humping back against theball, but only using half the length to fuck myself with.This was my favorite toy for a nice slow comfortable fuck. I pulled itout, applied more lube, and stuck it back in again, this time going alittle deeper. My hard cock, still inside the front bahis siteleri of my half-downpanties, was leaking pre-cum and front of the panties was soaked. Istroked my cock inside the slippery satin and lace, teasing myself as Irocked back and forth humping the dildo inside of me. After just a fewmore minutes of pleasuring myself, the need for an increased pace withthe whole dildo inside me was just too great.I sighed as I pulled the dildo from my ass, missing it and desiring itinside me again almost as soon as it was removed. I stood up and quicklypulled my panties all the way down, stepping out of them and kicking themaway from me in my haste to get back on the bed. My cock bobbed free andI stroked it a few times, licking the pre-cum off my fingers. I appliedstill more lube to the dildo, generously coating the shaft from the tipto the balls.I re-positioned myself, tucked the ball between my feet once more, linedthe dildo up against my hungry asshole and sank back against it. As myrubber lover opened me once more I moaned. I pushed until the entirelength was inside me and I felt its balls pressed against my own. Iground against it for a bit, picking up the bigger dildo and licking itas I did so. I positioned the larger dildo against the headboard andlicked and sucked on it as I started fucking myself in the ass with theother.Sometimes I bucked against the Rocker ball, moving my ass back and forth,pulling the dildo almost all the way out before plunging it back insideme in long deep strokes. Sometimes I used shorter strokes, enjoying aquicker pace as I humped against the ball. All the while I slobberedover and sucked the other dildo in my mouth, gagging as I continuedtrying to deep throat it. I was getting it in both ends like a wantonslut and enjoying every depraved minute of it.I swapped hands now and held the dildo I was sucking with my left hand soI could stroke my own cock with my right. Now I had three cocks to playwith! I knew I wasn’t going to last long and a quick glance at the alarmclock told me morning was going to come all too-soon. I quickened mypace both with my right hand and with the dildo fucking my ass. I wascrazy with the desire to come, and impaled myself on the dildo with onefinal, long tip-to-balls thrust. I dropped the large dildo I had beensucking on and my body shook with the intensity of my orgasm.I came hard, shooting a thick creamy load into my cupped left hand as Ifelt my asshole spasm, clenching itself around the shaft of the dildo inmy ass. I heard myself groan aloud as I came, the sound seeming to comefrom somewhere else in the room. I slumped forward onto my elbows,careful not to spill a drop of the load in my left hand. The Rocker ballwas wedged against a pillow and didn’t move much, leaving the dildo deepin my ass.I picked up the larger dildo and dipped and rubbed it in my cum-filledhand. I licked the cum from it, and then reapplied more; using the dildoas a utensil to eat my load with. When it was nearly gone, I stroked thedildo with my left hand, making a sexy squishing sound as I rubbed therest of the cum all over it. I slapped it against my face several times,enjoying the hefty weight as it smacked me before licking it clean.I slumped all the way forward now, exhausted from my efforts andcompletely spent from my orgasm. With my face sticky with my own cum andthe dildo still buried in my ass I closed my eyes, enjoying the”afterglow” for a minute before getting up to clean myself off and tidyup.The ringing of my room phone jolted me awake.I cursed out loud, jumping up off the bed. The dildo had obviouslyslipped out at some point in time while I had slept. I answered thephone, standing there in just my camisole, stockings and heels.”Uh, hello?” I tried not to sound like I had just woke up.”I’m heading downstairs for breakfast, are you coming?” It was my boss. “There are some things we need to discuss before the meeting thismorning.””Well, I was just going to have some coffee in my room, but, sure. Giveme 20 minutes to get myself together.”I hung up the phone and cursed again. I grabbed the toys off the bed andtook them with me to the shower, pulling the dildo off the Rocker ball asI went. I stripped off and showered in record time, using the hotelshampoo and soap to clean not only me but also my dildos and buttplugs.I shaved in the shower as well, grateful that I didn’t cut myself in myhaste.I raced through the rest of my morning routine, applying deodorant andaftershave and practically jumping into my shirt and pants. I surveyedthe bed covered with all my bras, panties, garter belts and otherlingerie. There was no time to fold them and put them all away as Inormally would, so I just grabbed it all up and started shoving it indrawers. I hastily covered it as best as I could under my other clothes,figuring that the odds of housekeeping rooting through my drawers weresmall indeed.I tossed all my toys into my suitcase along with the lube. I had toleave the Rocker ball inflated and shoved it into the suitcase as well.Back in the vanity area I shoved all my personal effects–including mymakeup–into my shaving kit and closed it, leaving it on the counter. Iwent back in my room, threw my laptop and other things together in mysatchel, keeping a close eye on the clock. I had three minutes left!I took a last quick look over the room, grabbed the towel off the bed Ihad slept in, and tossed it in the pile with the other one as I headedfor the door.Downstairs, I joined my boss in the hotel restaurant. He told me Ilooked like shit, asked how I had slept; and then launched into strategyfor today’s meetings with our new client. As he droned on (I knew hewould do most of the talking today anyway), I mentally checked off that Ihad put everything away–lingerie, toys, makeup. Okay, I could relax alittle.The days’ meetings were as boring as I expected, but very profitable.The boss said he was going to dinner with the CEO of our new client andthat maybe we could cut the trip short. We grabbed a few drinks in thehotel bar when we got back. He wanted to be sure I wasn’t insulted aboutbeing left out of dinner plans. Not a chance! I assured him it was allgood and that I would find some way to entertain myself tonight.I was anxious to get back to my room so I could get out of my suit andinto some more of my sexy lingerie. I looked forward to another night onthe Rocker ball fucking myself with my dildos; only tonight I knew Iwould have enough time to use the large dildo as well. I could feel mycock stir at the thought of opening my ass up over 2 inches wide.I finished my drink and excused myself. As I rode the elevator up to myfloor, my mind was already wandering, thinking about what outfit I wasgoing to wear. I opened the door to my room and went straight to thebathroom. As I left the toilet I was already stripping out of my suit.As I opened the sliding bahis şirketleri mirrored door to the closet, something in thereflection caught my eye. As I turned around, my heart leaped into mythroat.An outfit was neatly arranged on the foot of the bed. I recognized theblue ruffled bra, panty and garter belt set as part of my collection.Cream colored lace-top stockings were neatly folded next to it, and mywhite patent leather pumps were on the floor. Next to the lingerie wasone of my toys–the Anal Twist, one I hadn’t used last night–as well asmy bottle of Astroglide.My mind was racing, close to panic. I turned and opened my dresserdrawers. It was immediately obvious that everything had been rearranged.My “boy” clothes were stacked to one side and my “girlie” lingerie hadbeen neatly folded and arranged beside it. In another drawer a towel hadbeen used as a liner and my toys were all laid out in an orderly manner,including the Rocker ball which had been deflated.I turned back to the bed, my head reeling, and then I saw it–there was anote on the pillow with something under it. I walked over, my heartracing, and picked up both items. It was my panties from last night!They were kind of twisted up and the front was dried and crusty from allof the pre-cum it had absorbed. In my haste to kick them off last night–and getting ready this morning–I must have missed them. Which meansthey were found by… I looked at the note.It was neatly written in feminine handwriting on hotel room stationary.It read:My mind raced; a hundred different scenarios running through my head.Did she (I assumed “she”) know who I was? Obviously, if she had any kindof access to the hotel’s computer system. Was she serious? What was shegoing to do to me when she got here? What could or would she do to me ifI blew her off? Did I want to find out either way? Nothing like thishad ever happened in my 15 years as a dedicated crossdresser and I wasscared! My wife’s worst fear seemed to be unfolding before me.I looked at the clock. It was already 7:30. I didn’t have a lot of timeto weigh my options. I had never cheated on my wife. I often fantasizedabout contacting and meeting other crossdressers while I travelled. As Isucked on my dildos I wondered what a real cock would feel like in mymouth. As I fucked myself in the ass I imagined what it would feel liketo have another person behind me, gripping my hips tightly. I looked atthe clock again. It was 7:40.Finally, I decided that I would have to see where this was going so thatI could find a way out of it–if indeed this was something I needed toget out of. I went to the closet, stripped, and hung up my clothes;leaving my t-shirt and underwear on the floor of the closet and closingthe door. My cock was half-hard and already oozing pre-cum, which Iwiped away and licked off my fingers.I picked up the padded push-up bra first, placing my arms into the strapsand fastening it behind me. It was a light blue satin, with a sexyruffle of the same color that ran across the top of the seamed bra cupsfrom one strap to the other in a single piece. Two small satin bowstrimmed the other end of the bra straps on the back of the bra. I didn’tknow exactly how much personal initiative she wanted me to take, but Iopened the “toy drawer” and pulled out my C-cup breast forms. I fittedthem into the bra, adjusting them and then cupping them together, takinga moment to enjoy the way they felt, filling my bra.I didn’t know what her plans were, so I proceeded the way I normallywould. I pulled the thong panties up my legs. They were the same lightblue satin, and were plain except for a satin bow centered at the waist. The garter belt came next. Made of the same blue satin, there was asmooth panel of satin on the front between the garters with a satin bowtrimming the waist at the center. Five rows of ruffles ran from eitherside of the front panel all the way around the hips and to the back wherethe hook and eye closure fastened it.I checked the clock again–8:00. I picked up the stockings, rolling themup my legs with a practiced hand. I attached them to the garters, andalthough they weren’t seamed, I still checked to make sure they were onstraight and that my garters weren’t crooked.I stepped into my white patent leather shoes–D’orsay-style 5-inch heelswith closed toes and a sexy ankle strap. I bent over, fastening eachankle strap and then stood. It had been awhile since I had worn theseparticular heels and I minced my way to the vanity, getting used to theheight. The clicking of my heels on the tile floor gave me a certainthrill, as it always seemed to. I had just 20 minutes to apply somemakeup, get the anal toy up my ass and “assume the position.”I applied a light coat of foundation and then applied a blend of severalcolors of eye shadow. I knew I was running out of time so I skipped theeyeliner pencil and went straight to the mascara. I dusted my cheekswith a little blush, outlined my lips with lip pencil, and then finallyapplied a generous coating of my “standby” lipstick–a rich red calledCaprice by Lancome. I went back in to the bedroom and looked at theclock–I had just 8 minutes to finish.I pushed the ottoman away from the chair, moving it more to the middle ofthe open area in my room. I grabbed the Anal Twist and the lube andknelt on the opposite side of the ottoman. The Anal Twist was an 11 1/2-inch long non-realistic dildo with a 4-inch handle on one end. It wasjust over an inch wide and had 8 rings that got progressively wider. Ilove the way the rings provide a unique sensation as it moves in and outof my ass.I pulled my thong panties to one side, applied a generous amount of lubeto both my ass and the toy, lined it up against my puckered hole, andpenetrated myself. Since the toy was basically smooth with no defined”head” like a cock and was just over an inch wide it went in with verylittle effort up to the 4th or 5th ring. I pulled it out, applied morelube, and inserted it once more, this time going up to the 6th ring. Igripped the handle and started fucking my ass with it, going deeper witheach stroke. It’s funny how I hadn’t noticed how soft my cock had gottenduring all of this, but I certainly noticed it growing again, strainingagainst the smooth satin of the panties under the wide garter belt.I pulled the dildo out one more time, applied one final generous coat oflube to it, and then pushed it back in my ass until only the ring justabove the handle remained outside of my ass. I looked at the clock–8:28, nope 8:29. Wow, I thought, that was cutting it very close. Ipropped myself on my elbows, my ass sticking out behind me. I wished fora mirror on the wall. I could only imagine how silly I looked bent overthe ottoman with a 4-inch dildo handle jutting out from my ass.The clock turned to 8:30. I could feel my heart beating like a drum inmy chest and I felt a little nauseous. Nothing happened. I quicklylooked at the door. Had I locked it or flipped the bar when I came in?Nope. Finally, I heard a quiet knock on the door.”Housekeeping,” a woman’s voice said. I heard a keycard in the door.< to be continued >