Make Me Gay

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Make Me GayI’ve never really had any problems getting laid. Sure, there were girls I really wanted to fuck that wouldn’t give me the time of day, but generally I’ve always gotten a decent amount of pussy. The thing was though, even though I’d had lots of intense, beautiful sex with some pretty hot girls, I have always secretly wanted to suck a guys cock, especially a black guy.I’ve jerked off while thinking about this for a long, long time. I wanted so badly to kiss a soft dick, feeling it grow hard, and then taking it my mouth and sucking it like a whore. Finally, unexpectedly, I met a man who gave me what I craved. He is perfect; Straight- acting black and gorgeous, he makes me suck his big, thick, beautiful penis 2 or 3 times a day, and can keep himself from coming for an hour or so. I can really take my time licking and sucking his huge black cock and balls just how he likes it.I really sort of lucked into the whole thing. I met James at the gym where I worked, and we hit it off right away. He was married, successful, and had a lot of spare time to train, work on his house, and Kickbox. He was about fifteen years older than I am, and in excellent shape. One day as I was getting changed in the locker room, he came out of the shower in one of those tiny towels. As we shot the shit, he dropped his towel to put his shorts on. He had the most beautiful black penis I had ever seen, even after seeing hundreds of naked men in the gym. I’m not really attracted to men, but he had such a sweet cock! It was long and thick, even though it was soft, and had thick veins on it. The head of it was delicious looking, thick and round and very black. His balls too, hanging low and heavy were gorgeous. All this input in the two or so seconds that I could glance at it without getting caught!That night I jacked off to the thought of him forcing that sweet thick black cock as far into my mouth as I could take it…For weeks I wondered how I could get this man to let me play with and suck his black dick. I’m sure his wife couldn’t get enough canlı bahis of it. Why would a guy like him want a guy to suck him off? How could I possibly make it happen? Sucking James off stayed in my head and heart, a fantasy…I knew though, that I would do anything to be naked on my knees in front of him, and I knew that I would do whatever he told me to do.One day James asked me to help him move some shit out of his garage. I accepted and met him a day later at his house. We moved all this junk out of the garage into the back of his truck, which took about an hour. It was pretty hot out and we were both sweating. “Come here, I want to show you something” I followed him into his backyard, which had a pool and was very private, owing to the tall hedges all the way around. “What did you want to show me?” I asked. “Oh, I just needed to take a piss and thought you’d like to watch,” and with that, he pulled his black dick and began to piss on the hedges. “What the fuck are you talking about, man?” I asked, trying to act innocent. “Come on, you know you want to look at my cock,” he said. So I watched him piss, the thick shaft of liquid reaching far from his cock. We stood in silence until he finished. “Come inside” he said. I was startled, as watching him drain his pretty black cock had mesmerized me.When we got inside he sat on the couch and told me to sit next to him. “Do you like my cock?” He asked. I swallowed hard. “Yes,” I replied. “I thought so,” he said with a knowing smile. “Why don’t you touch it?” I did what he told me and placed my hand on the length of his shaft. I gently stroked it, feeling its thickness begin to grow. “Kiss it,” he said simply. I leaned over and put my face on his crotch, on his hardening cock. I was going crazy! It felt so good to have this sexy man tell me what to do to his cock, just like I’ve done to so many girls. I planted gentle, hot little kisses all over, starting from his balls, all the way up the ever-hardening shaft to the tip. I could feel the heat through his thin running shorts. bahis siteleri My cock ached. “Have you ever sucked cock before, Tom?””No” I replied. “But you want suck my black cock don’t you?” I bit my lower lip. “Yes. Please let me suck you. I’ll do whatever you want,” I said. “Of course you will,” he said. My heart was pounding. I couldn’t believe what was about to happen!He silently lifted his hips slightly off the couch, and hooking my fingers in the waistband of his shorts, I slid them down his legs and took them off. There it was, lying majestically on his belly, almost fully hard. I pressed my lips gently against his huge black balls, and then repeated my previous kisses all over his black cock, without the barrier of fabric in the way. I began to lick his big nuts while slowly jacking him off with my hand. I gently sucked on his black nuts one at a time, wondering how many hot women and men had done the same. After a while of soaking his nuts with spit and getting James and myself very horny, I wanted to suck him. I held his black cock and licked it up and down, top and bottom, pausing to give it slutty, wet kisses. Kissing his black cock made me realize how much I loved it, and loved what I was doing. I made sure to get it super wet, just how I like it when I get sucked. “I’ve been dying to suck your big black , beautiful cock.””I know” he replied. I didn’t know or care how he knew; I just hoped I could do it every day! With that, I plunged my mouth down on his beauty, moaning instantly at how hot and thick it felt in my mouth. I rolled and pulled on his spit soaked balls while I sucked, moaning and licking like a whore, never taking my eyes off his face. I jerked him off with my fist, following it with my wet mouth, up and down, up and down. “The only thing better than this” I thought to myself “would be to suck two beautiful black cocks at once.” I went back to licking his nuts while I jacked him off with my hand, and just couldn’t help myself, as I licked the underside of his sack, from edging my tongue closer bahis şirketleri and closer to his asshole. He lifted his legs and spread them wide, holding the undersides of his knees. Immediately I began a diligent and slutty swabbing of his asshole with my tongue. For some reason, I was surprised to discover that he had a cute little asshole, just like my girlfriends. This made me horny as shit, and I went into overdrive, making long licks from his ass to the tip off his cock, then back to his cute little hole again and back to the tip of his dick. Over and over I did this until we both could take it no longer. “Put your mouth back on it my cock” he said. It was the first thing he had said in a while. I slammed my mouth down on his black cock, and he took my head in his hands. He sat forward on the couch and began pumping his thick meat in and out. I had been sucking and licking for what seemed like a long time and never wanted it to end, but God, I wanted to make him come. “That’s it, suck my black cock like a good little whore. I knew you were a little cocksucker but Goddamn! That’s it… suck it hard and deep! Oh yeah baby.” He continued to slide his ass back and forth on the edge of the couch. Breath moved forcefully in and out of my nose as he continued to fuck my mouth like it was a tight little pussy. He fucked his black cock into my mouth with deep, hard strokes, shoving his cock deep into the back off my throat. “Uhhhnnnn…Uhhhnnn…Ahhhhggg…Fuck!!! He held my head tight and slammed his hips forward, jamming himself into me. I thought I would pass out, and then I felt it…His cock swelled up, and cranked out a thick shot of hot come down my throat. “Mmmmmmnngh” summarized my feelings as his hot sweet come poured down my throat. Again a thick blast of come, and another and another, as my eyes grew big with delight. I massaged his nuts while the last of his spasms subsided. We lay there for a long time, me not wanting to let his beautiful black dick out of my mouth, he just lying there. After a while I began to lick his black cock, balls, and asshole with wide strokes of my tongue as his cock began to grow again. Time for round two cocksucker, your not done I’ve got another load for you.That was how my adventures with James began.