Mandy gives in to temptation

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Mandy gives in to temptationMandy’s 34 and has three lovely k**s with Sam, her husband of 10 years, but something happened recently which she will never ever forget and it’s going to haunt her for a very long time indeed. She’ll probably never trust another man again after this nightmare. Why did she give in to temptation?Mandy’s very attractive, just over 5ft tall and has worked hard to keep her slim shapely figure despite her three pregnancies. She has long dark hair in a frizzy perm.She’s well used to all the men giving her the once-over every time she walks by and she secretly enjoys the attention. She’s been tempted many times when the fellow looked nice and she enjoyed playing around when she was single but, since they were married, she’s always stayed faithful to Sam; — until now. She’s a very outgoing young lady; normally well in control of things, but this series of events got past her guard and now she’s suffering the consequences of allowing things get out of her control and turning her life on its head.It all began one Monday morning just after 9am when she arrived at work in the account’s office. She’d had her usual chat with the others and had settled down to catch up with the weekend returns. Before long she started to feel hungry so she decided to pop down slightly early for her regular morning visit to the canteen. This meant she arrived while the shop floor staff were still there. Almost as soon as she went through the door she spotted him. He was of Afro-Caribbean extraction dark skinned and he looked very fit and very good-looking. Mandy tried not to stare but this guy just seemed to draw her attention. Something stirred inside her, which she hadn’t felt for a long time and she was a little distracted. She just fancied the pants off him, which is not really the thing for a happily married mother to do but she couldn’t help her feelings. Even in these enlightened times there was still somewhat of a stigma about white girls and black men but that doesn’t matter when nature takes its course.The man’s name was Otis and he was also 34. He’d only joined the company as a temporary employee that day, but he had good computer skills so they set him to work using a PC in the stores. One lunchtime she ended up at the same table and Otis started up a conversation. Mandy’s used to having fellers chatting her up but Otis just seemed to get past her guard. He had a natural aptitude for putting her at ease and getting her to tell him far more about herself than she should. He asked her out for a date or just a drink virtually every time but she always politely refused.After a couple of weeks things settled down into a routine. Otis had become one of the gang quite quickly and joined the rest of the lads in fitness training. He’d openly admitted to the lads that he’d love to give Mandy a good shagging, which of course, was the same for all of them as they all fancied her like mad, but none of them had ever been able to tempt her. Gina is Mandy’s filing clerk and married to one of the gym gang, Dave, and she relayed details of their lads’ discussions back to Mandy. Gina liked to do this as she and Mandy had built up a good working relationship and discussing all things like this was normal and it added a bit of spice to dull days at the office. This time things were different. Otis had really got to Mandy and her head was all over the place when she realised that Otis wanted sex with her, but she managed to keep up her usual aloofness until one dinnertime when Otis invited her out again. Although she explained again that she was married to Sam and had three k**s, Otis noticed that she wasn’t as quick in rejecting him as he previously and followed up by actually asking her to be unfaithful to Sam. “Come and try out what a big black man can do for the little white girl,” he kept pressing as Mandy laughed and politely rejected his suggestion but she was tempted, and he knew she was tempted, so he kept up the pressure. He knew he was winning. The thought of sex with Mandy drove him on.For the next couple of weeks things carried on in the same vein with Otis making the suggestion to Mandy about giving in and coming out with him and her rejecting him. He started sending Emails asking her to come to his flat and make love, and Mandy rebuffed him each time, but there was no doubt that Otis was slowly wearing her down as she had started dreaming about him at night and fantasising about him during quiet moments. Then something significant happened that tipped her right over the edge and into his bed.It was the summer holidays when the factory was virtually closed. Mandy and the rest were busy doing an audit. At lunchtime the lads still working, were going to the local gym for fitness training and coming back quite late. On the Thursday, Gina came across to Mandy to bring her some paperwork and she mentioned that Dave had been with Otis for the training and they’d had a shower together afterwards.”It seems as that your black friend might be worth it Mandy,” Gina remarked. “Dave reckons he’s hung like a horse. You ought to take him up on his offer Gal. If you don’t I will; if Dave will let me,” she laughed at her suggestion but it had had an effect like an electric shock on Mandy though she tried to be nonchalant.Mandy, like most girls, dreamed of having a man with a big dick and now she had the chance. Gina’s comments had twanged something inside her and suddenly she knew her mind had just been made up for her. If she was unsure before but tempted, now she was certain, and temptation gave way to a****l lust. She was shaking as she typed the words in her Email to Otis. “I give in Otis. You win. Would it be OK if I came to your flat tomorrow dinner?” The reply came back almost at once “Yes please. You can come as often as you like. I’ll eat you for Lunch.” Mandy’s heart skipped a beat, and for the rest of the afternoon, Mandy was all over the place and she couldn’t concentrate so she went home early.She could hardly sleep that night and Sam wasn’t up for sex, which was a relief for her. Her mind kept going over and over what she had agreed to do.She arrived earlier than normal on the Friday and when Otis came in she swapped Emails agreeing that Otis go back to his flat which was very close to the factory and that Mandy make her own way without anyone noticing. Not a lot of work got done that morning, as Mandy couldn’t keep her mind on her work. She kept going to the loo and checking she was OK but she could not think of anything other than their assignation later on.She waited for Otis to leave then Mandy walked out of the factory and made to go towards the local shops. Once out of sight of the factory, she made a beeline back to the flats.On arriving at his door, she knocked, and almost immediately the door opened and Otis stood there just wearing his shorts. He was over 6ft tall with broad shoulders and a narrow waste. Slim but not thin and a beautiful bum (as Mandy described it) He had strong slim legs and very little body hair.Mandy was shaking as she stepped past Otis into the flat. Otis closed the door and quickly grabbed Mandy and pulled her towards him and they kissed passionately. As their tongues entwined Otis put his hand between Mandy’s legs and stroked her groin through her trousers. Mandy jerked at the surprise sensation but did not pull away; in fact she slid her own hand down inside Otis’s shorts and felt for his dick. Dave had been right; he was a big man. She could not get her fingers all the way around it even though he was not erect.Otis quickly showed Mandy through to his bedroom and they stood at the side of his bed.”Just stand there and let me do everything OK?” he whispered.Otis took hold of Mandy’s tee shirt and lifted it up and over her head and quickly removed her bra. He quickly undid her hipster trousers and dropped them down her shapely legs as she stepped out of them. Before she could even think about it he pulled her panties down and she stepped out of them.”Oh wow Mandy, you’re shaved. You look even more fantastic naked than I dreamed you would,” he was breathing very heavily as he stood back and took in the full beauty of this naked young mother and the pronounced crease of her pussy devoid of any pubic hair. Mandy had given in to pressure from Sam a couple of months ago to have a full Brazilian pussy waxing and she’d kept it bald ever since. She actually loved it, as sex felt better, more sensitive.Mandy couldn’t believe that she’d been stripped naked so quickly and she was physically shaking with sexual anticipation. No man had stripped her before and no man except Sam had ever seen her naked and now she was going to cheat on him big time and she didn’t care.Otis dropped his shorts and his erection was already growing. Mandy could not believe how big he was. It was twice as thick as Sam’s dick as it twitched to full erection and must have been 9 inches long.Otis sat on the bed and pulled the naked Mandy to him and started caressing her shoulders and down her back, then gently rolling his palms over her nipples until they stood out stiff and the circle around them raised like a second mini breast. Mandy was moaning in her ecstasy as one of his hands moved down her tummy and the other over her bottom. “Spread your legs a bit darling,” he whispered and Mandy opened her legs a little. Otis caressed each thigh in turn until he brought his hands together and stroked her slightly raised pussy lips. Mandy shivered with delight as his fingers gently stroked across her lips and up to her clitoris. She jerked hard as he touched her sensitive clit, which was enough for Otis who picked her up in his arms and laid her on her back across his bed. Mandy’s head was hanging down off the bed as he opened her legs wide apart, slid his fingers up to her soaking wet pussy and opened her up, exposing her sex to him.He then started licking her clitoris furiously. Mandy’s reaction was almost instantaneous. She came as soon as his tongue touched her clit.”Oh God, I’m coming I’m coming Jesus Aaah!” she screamed. Otis had to really hang on to her hips as she jerked and twitched in her orgasm. Mandy had only been in the flat five minutes and she’d been stripped naked and brought to orgasm. She was totally gone in her sexual paradise.Otis had learnt over the years that the best time to push his monster weapon inside a girl is just as she comes, as their pussy is so sensitive and almost too tender. He quickly moved up her body and pushed the head into her wet lips and her pussy stretched wide as his massive girth then the whole 9 inches pushed deep inside her twitching pussy.Mandy’s orgasm almost masked the feeling of his dick deep inside her sex until his balls hit her bottom. She was shaking and jerking, totally impaled by this monster cock as her orgasm still wracked her slight form.Otis started quickly pulling almost all the way out then back in hard until his balls banged on her bottom over and over again. As he looked down at her pussy he could see her pussy lips moving in and out with each thrust. He’d filled her to the limit and she was really stretched.With Mandy’s head hanging over the side of the bed, Otis pulled her ankles onto his shoulders and starting ramming in and out so fast but making sure that every inch went in and out with each stroke. Mandy’s tummy below her navel moved as the monster pushed inside her.Mandy could now really feel the enormity of Otis’s dick as her first orgasm seemed to go on, then suddenly she experienced something she’d never had before. She came again. Mandy had always enjoyed her orgasm but this was definitely a second full orgasm, which was even stronger that the first and she screamed as the amazing sensation totally overwhelmed her. Her whole body lifted off the bed and jerked almost uncontrollably as the orgasm exploded like before. On and on it went as she screamed in her ecstasy. Her convulsions of pure sexual pleasure were out of control.Otis quickly pulled out and lifted Mandy back onto the bed and rolled her onto her tummy. He then lifted her hips high until her bottom was up in the air, spread her legs as far apart as they would go, and then pulled her arms out until her head was on the bed. He then entered her again in classic doggie fashion and the penetration was very different for Mandy as he pushed as far into her stretched pussy as he could. Off he went again until Mandy suddenly felt that now familiar feeling again. Her third full orgasm erupted with almost as much force as the previous two. Otis hung onto her hips as her banged into her dripping wet pussy until her orgasm started to subside.Otis then lay on his back on the bed and asked Mandy to ride him which she so dutifully did. Mandy had seen porn films but this was the first time she’d tried the positions and her fourth orgasm burst inside her in no time. She was then ordered to ride him facing away from him and orgasm number five ripped through her after a few strokes. Otis then lifted her off and stood up with his erection pointing skywards as stiff as ever and picked her up under her shoulders and lowered her onto his erection.Once she was completely impaled her slowly walked round the room just holding her lightly in the middle of her back. Mandy had never felt anything like this before with the depth of penetration and a little sixth orgasm made her shudder again as the walking movement touched areas no man had reached before.Otis then started to lift her up and down on his weapon as Mandy’s orgasm continued, and she could now feel the tension in Otis as she realised he was about to come himself. He got even harder as his orgasm built and Mandy hung onto him for dear life as he shuddered and jerked them screamed “God I’m coming.”Mandy had never felt Sam’s semen when he came but she definitely felt the hot stream as Otis’s eruption burst from him deep into her womb. It was only at that moment of pure delight for them both, as Otis shuddered almost uncontrollably with his sperm flooding her pussy that Mandy realised that she was not on the pill nowadays. Sam had had a vasectomy and they did not need protection. It was too late to worry about that now as her orgasm drained away and Otis’s jerking slowly subsided. Still impaled on his weapon Mandy reached up and kissed Otis. Otis stood there kissing Mandy, holding her tightly as his erection died and slowly slipped out of her pussy, allowing a stream of fluid to run out of the gaping vagina.As he lowered Mandy onto her feet, Mandy staggered as all her strength was gone and she went onto the bed and lay down. Her pussy lips were still gaping from the enormous stretching that it had received and Otis’s sperm was still dribbling out onto the bed. Desperately trying to keep awake she noticed that the whole wonderful session had only taken 20 minutes so she closed her eyes.Otis woke her after a few minutes bursa escort and suggested a shower together. As the warm water flowed over them Otis gently washed every inch of Mandy’s naked body concentrating on her red and dripping vagina. Mandy loved the feel of his fingers even though she was totally spent sexually. She washed his flaccid dick for him and it was still bigger than Sam’s even in that state. They finished off and dried each other off, before working out how best to get back to work without being spotted.Once dressed Mandy left first after making sure there was no one around that might see her. Her journey back to work was most strange as her body was still recovering from the best sex she’d ever experienced. She could still feel his monster inside her like a phantom nearly half an hour after making love. She kept looking across at Gina but she hadn’t noticed anything or she would have said something. The afternoon passed very quickly and she was dreading going home in case Sam was in the mood. She hardly noticed that Otis had not come back to work. When she got home her mother was there with the k**s and Sam was recovering from a drinking session with his mates. Mandy’s relief was almost noticeable. It was an awkward weekend with Mandy feeling guilty but really pleased she’d been with Otis. She’d never known she could have multiple orgasms and Otis brought something out of her, which she wanted more of. She knew Sam wasn’t going to give her that. It took a lot to concentrate on her usual chores and family life, as she couldn’t get her newfound sexual prowess out of her mind.She went shopping with the k**s on the Saturday morning and popped into the local pharmacy to get the morning after pill just in case.On the Monday morning she arrived at work at the usual time and Otis was not in. It was a bit awkward knowing what she knew but trying to make everything seem normal. Otis rang her from his flat and his suggestion nearly made her hair stand on end. “How do you fancy another session this dinner? I’ve got something special for you if you fancy a bit of bondage sex?”Mandy had seen bondage on the Internet and wondered about it but Otis was so special and she wasn’t going to miss out on another session, after all she’d thought of little else since Friday. She happily replied. “Yes please.”As she arrived at his flat he answered with just a towel covering his dick. She followed his beautiful naked bum through to his living room where he had a small padded table with straps at each corner. “Let’s get you naked and we can get to work on you.” She didn’t pick up on the “we” bit until it was too late. She also didn’t spot the three cameras carefully placed to film the proceedings. They’d been there on Friday as well but she’d not seen them.Otis slowly stripped her naked again and caressing her naked flesh before he laid her on her back on the table, strapping her wrists and ankles into the restraints. He then adjusted the table to stretch her tightly so she could not move. Her legs were really wide apart and she could feel a slight breeze on her open pussy. The portion of the table under her bottom was removed and she was just resting on her back and shoulders. It felt very sexy indeed and she was getting very aroused even to the point of her pussy twitching on its own. Otis then placed a red ball gag into her mouth to stop her screaming and tied its ribbon round the back of her head. He then started to gently caress Mandy’s stretched tummy and breasts as her tight muscles twitched involuntarily at his feather light touch. This felt amazing. Totally naked, tied tight with her legs stretched wide open and her pussy open for him; she was in heaven until, suddenly, everything changed.”OK guys she’s ready.” Mandy relaxed state was destroyed in that instant as three more black men walked into the room already naked and stood looking at Mandy, naked in front of them. “You were right Otis, she’s perfect,” they were leering with lust as they gave her naked body the once over. As Mandy lay on the table trapped, naked, exposed, and unable to stop what was going to happen to her? Two of the men’s dicks were comparable to Otis’s in size but one of them had a real monster. He seemed older than the others.Otis leaned over Mandy and said, “You would never have agreed if I’d asked. This is what it’s all about sweetheart. Enjoy your first ever interracial gang-bang.”Mandy wanted to scream but the gag stopped her and she couldn’t move at all. They had thought of everything. She was helpless lying naked. She was pulling and struggling with her bonds but they held her fast.Otis and two of the men went around the table and started caressing her breasts bringing up her nipples, and very gently caressing all over her naked body. The big man had gone between Mandy’s stretched thighs and Mandy jumped when she felt his hands caressing up and down each thigh in turn before moving gently down between her inner thighs next to her exposed pussy. His fingers explored the shaved pussy lips as Mandy tried to scream but the gag was muffling it to an almost inaudible moan. His fingertips tickled Mandy’s lips so softly Mandy squirmed and struggled but he just continued slowly caressing Mandy’s most sensitive areas. Mandy was going to be ****d by four black men and she knew she couldn’t do anything at all. Despite her predicament, the intimate attention she was now getting was so amazing she was unable to control herself. She was on the verge of an orgasm whether she wanted it or not. Four pairs of hands were caressing her naked body and she knew she was going to come very soon whether she was willing or not.This very experienced black man opened up Mandy’s pussy to expose her clitoris and with the same feather light touch; he stroked Mandy’s most sensitive button. Mandy was jerking with the thrill of it as he leaned over and started licking Mandy’s clitoris up and down using his big lips to almost eat her and also started inserting his long fingers deep inside Mandy’s pussy to explore her “G” spot with a hooking action. The result of this exquisite treatment was soon obvious as Mandy’s tummy jerked while her head rocked from side to side and a fine squirt of Mandy’s inner fluids hit him in the face. Mandy had the most explosive amazing orgasm she’d ever known and she’d had an ejaculation for the first time. This was even better than with Otis as her first orgasm by this man was so gut-wrenchingly powerful, Mandy nearly passed out; and he wasn’t finished with her yet. Mandy’s body was jerking and shaking in her restraints as the orgasm overwhelmed her but he just kept going until the jerking slowed a little, then he stood up.His monster erection stuck up like a pole and he slowly pushed it up to her gaping sex. Mandy just lay there breathing heavily from her exertions when she felt him push into her pussy as he eased his monster deep inside Mandy’s still twitching pussy, causing Mandy to jerk with the surprise insertion. She could feel her pussy stretching with the huge girth of this monster black dick as Mandy jerked and squirmed as he starting fucking her. It was not long before the second orgasm burst out from Mandy and her fluids burst from her again. Mandy’s eyes were screwed up tight and it was obvious she was in seventh heaven. On and on went he went faster and faster, as Mandy’s body convulsed with the wonderful feelings this superman was giving her. All three of the men were fully erect, turned on to an almost unbearable level as they watched Mandy being fucked as they continued caressing her. There was nothing to choose between their erections in size as the big man finally came his load deep inside Mandy’s stretched and violated pussy. As he withdrew they commenced to take it in turns to fuck her until each of them had unloaded their sperm into her pussy. The depth of penetration and the stretching of her pussy by these monster cocks gave Mandy feelings like she’d never experienced before and she was in a state of sexual shock as her body reacted in ways she never believed possible. She’d never believed that this natural act of sex could be this wonderful and she’d had to be ****d before she could experience it. The bondage, the sexual tension, the initial terror of being naked with four men, all brought this amazing reaction from her.Mandy was totally exhausted as they released her from her restraints. She was so weak the men had to hold her up. “You fucking bastards. Oh my God. How could you do that to me?” she burst out in her shock at what had happened to her. They just smiled in that knowing way as Otis replied; “I bet you’ve never had anything better than that before, yeh?”Mandy just looked at them through her bleary tired eyes and nodded. “I’ve never experienced anything so wonderful in my life,” she gasped. Four black men had ****d her and she’d really loved every second of it despite their underhand way of doing it to her.She kissed Otis then each of the gang in turn before Otis helped her to the bathroom and gave Mandy a quick shower and rub down.How Mandy managed to walk over to the factory after what had happened to her was truly mind over matter. She’d been gang-****d but had enjoyed the greatest sexual experience of her life. Somehow she managed to carry on at work until her normal time but her work definitely suffered and it didn’t go un-noticed. She kept going to the loo and her pants were wet with the men’s sperm still dribbling out of her.After she arrived home Sam was there feeling randy and how she got through that night she’ll never know but there was worse to come. Sam never noticed anything when they had sex but for the first time Mandy had to fake her enjoyment and orgasm as she could hardly feel Sam’s dick inside her.The events of the next day will haunt her for a long time to come.Tuesday morning she arrived at her normal time and Gina said, “What have you done to Otis?” Mandy almost panicked as she thought she’d been found out. “Er Why, what’s up with Otis?” she asked unsteadily.”He’s finished here and said he was going home to Jamaica,” Gina pronounced. Mandy was gutted and when the morning break came she went down to the reception to see if they knew anything. Nothing.”There is a parcel just arrived for you,” she added.It was a small package and when she opened it, there was a letter and a DVD with it. The letter was from Otis. “Sorry to leave so quickly but my work is complete now. Take a look at the DVD at home when no-one’s around and you’ll see why my work was really worthwhile as you are going to make us a lot of money from internet sales. Thanks for coming. You’re the best M.I.L.F. yet, and I mean the best — Otis.” There was a website address on the bottom of the letter with “gang bang squad” in the name.Mandy was dumbstruck. She remembered what a M.I.L.F. was from the Internet porn sites. “Mothers I’d Like to Fuck” and “gang bang squad”She’d been set-up and used and wanted to scream but she still had enough about her to remember where she was. She popped into the annexe near the reception and rang through to Ted and told him she was not feeling well and went home.When she arrived home, the house was empty so she put the disc in the DVD player and watched in horror as her worst fears were realised. Everything she’d done over the last few days had been filmed without her knowing and it was all here on the DVD. The first session with Otis as well as the Bondage session appeared. Everything down to the most intimate details of her stretched pussy and her clitoris being licked was on show. Anyone seeing this who knew her would recognise her as there was close ups of her face when she was being stripped and during the gang-bang session. Mandy was an unwitting porn star. She watched the entire DVD and everything was there in sharp detail; nothing was missed out.She switched on the PC and accessed the Internet, disabled the parental controls and looked at the site mentioned in the letter. To see her own face appear on the computer and her naked body being fucked nearly blew her mind. Her orgasms were so obviously real, no one could be in any doubt she was up for it. Sam regularly looked at porn on the Internet and so did all his mates. Surely it was only a matter of time before they found this site and she was recognised by one of them.”What have I done? Oh my God No!!” she screamed and burst into tears.”God almighty, what am I going to do?”That Tuesday evening was the worst in Mandy’s young life so far with her mind in a turmoil as she tried to come to terms with the consequences of fulfilling her interracial sex fantasies and her naivety in trusting the instigator of it all, Otis. On the Wednesday, after Sam had gone to work and k**s had gone off to school, Mandy rang in to work and said she was not feeling very well and would see how she was on Thursday.Mandy was dozing fitfully on the sofa when the phone rang. A feeling of panic immediately took hold of her as she feared the worst and slowly lifted the phone. “Hello” she said expecting something awful but it was her friend and workmate Gina.“Ange it’s me Gina. Are you OK?” she seemed quite concerned and Mandy replied “Well no not really. Is there any chance you could pop round here at lunchtime as I’ve got to speak to someone?” “What’s it all about babe?” she asked even more concerned. Mandy took a deep breath and said “Gina I’ve done something awful and I need to tell someone.”“OK, Ange. I’ll be there around just after 12 o’clock OK?” Mandy breathed a sigh of relief as she put the phone down. She could only think of confiding in Gina as she was the nearest thing to a best friend she had and, hopefully she’d understand.Gina was just turned 29 and the mother of twin girls who were in their first year at school. She had started at the factory as a filing clerk and general dogsbody just three years ago. She worked closely with Mandy in the finance department. She was just 5ft 1” with a stocky but shapely figure. She was not as slim or as pretty as Mandy but she had this sexy persona and her slightly husky voice had made her popular with the lads when she was younger but she married Dave quite young and hadn’t really played the field so Dave was the only man she’s ever been with. Working with Mandy she didn’t get the attention from the lads like Mandy did but she still gets her share of comments from the factory’s bawdy gang of lads. Although it’s not “politically correct” nowadays she didn’t really mind as it was a banal kind of flattery.As soon as she knocked on Mandy’s front door Mandy was there and quickly ushered Gina inside and locked the door. She followed Mandy straight upstairs into the spare bedroom which was used as a home office where the PC and other home office bits were kept and they sat down on the chairs. Gina could see that Mandy was extremely agitated and quite upset. Before bursa escort bayan Gina could speak Mandy burst out “I’ve been so stupid Gina and I don’t really know what to do now” she started sobbing as Gina took her hand and asked “What on earth’s happened?”“You remember yesterday when you asked me what have you done to Otis?” Gina nodded. “I did it Gina I’ve had sex with him more than once.” Gina nodded as she’d half guessed that Mandy might have been with Otis but wasn’t sure. “OK I understand but what’s happened? Has Sam found out?” Mandy shook her head and looked at Gina through tearful eyes. “I don’t think so but he could find out and so could lots of other people and there’s nothing I can do about it.” She was sobbing again with her head in her hands.“If you don’t tell him and Otis’s gone back to Jamaica how is Sam or anyone else going to find out?” she asked with a quizzical look on her face.Mandy took the DVD out of her handbag and showed it to Gina. “This is how”.She took out the disk and opened the CD Rom and placed it in the tray and closed it. A few seconds later the programme opened and Mandy clicked on the play button.As the film of both sex sessions with Otis and the three other black lads played out Gina could not take her eyes off the screen. “Oh my god Mandy, fucking hell. Did you not see the cameras?” Mandy shook her head “I was too busy concentrating on them fucking my brains out to see any cameras.”As the shock slowly wore off, Gina realised that she was getting really turned on watching her friend getting her “brains fucked out” and a large part of her was jealous and wanted some of that. It looked amazing and the men were huge in the cock department.As she composed herself she asked again, “Wow you lucky girl Ange, but how is anyone else going to see this if you have the DVD and Otis’s in Jamaica?” Mandy quickly stopped the DVD and clicked on Firefox unlocked the safety and typed in the Website address and there on the screen was a clip from the DVD on the Internet for all the world to see. “That’s how Gina. How do I do anything to stop that? How on earth can I stop anyone seeing it?” she burst into floods of tears as Gina tried to take in what she had witnessed.Gina quickly made a note of the Website address and said to Mandy. “Look Ange I’ve learnt a lot about the internet over the past few years and I think I know how to access and change things. Let me have a go at finding out if we can block this site or something or at least block anyone from work accessing it while they’re at work.” She quickly did just that on Mandy’s PC and also the Laptop to stop Sam from accessing it but said to Mandy. “This is just a temporary measure. If someone finds it outside of work they could pass the link onto anyone and we’re back to square one but at least we know we’ve tried.”Mandy nodded, wiped her tears and went to the bathroom and then went downstairs to make a drink. Gina realised that Mandy had left the DVD in the machine and a quick plan struck her. “I’ll be down in a minute as I just want to make sure we have locked out all access to the site,” shouted Gina lying through her teeth. “OK Thanks” shouted Mandy. Gina wanted to see more of the DVD and took a 4 GB memory stick out of her handbag which she kept for photos or other files, plugged it into the USB port and quickly copied the offending video onto the stick and placed it back in her handbag. She had got so turned on watching her pal getting fucked she wanted to watch it again when she got home. When she got downstairs she gave the DVD back to Mandy. “You left this in the CD drive Ange. That would have literally fucked up all our plans wouldn’t it?” a shocked Mandy took the DVD and put it in the case and back in her handbag. “I’m such a mess Gina. I can’t think straight. Thanks for helping and being so understanding,” as she hugged her friend.“Leave it with me Ange and I’ll see how far I get OK?” as she went back to work.On returning to work she explained to Ted that “She’s got women’s problem’s Ted. She’ll be OK in a day or two I think.” Gina was getting quite good at lying as she neared her 30th birthday.Gina spent the next couple of days masturbating herself stupid watching Mandy’s video over and over again. She also drained poor old Dave, her husband, dry as she took him to bed as often as possible as Gina was really randy thanks to her friend’s indiscretion. What Dave thought was going on she didn’t care but he didn’t complain as he got much more than he usually enjoyed with Gina.Mandy returned to work the following Monday and Gina assured her that nothing had happened and she had blocked access to the site on every PC in the factory. “I can’t do anything about people who use laptops as I don’t have access to them but hopefully none of them looks at this stuff on their work laptops anyway.” Mandy gave Gina a hug and thanked her for helping.“I did notice Ange that the site only has restricted access to your videos and only a one minute clip is free to air and it only has short clips showing the highlights etc so hopefully it will not be seen. If they want to see more they have to pay and not many people we know would pay to see porn videos —- we hope. Also I couldn’t find any mention of the video on Google or Bing so hopefully it won’t be on other sites yet but I’ll keep looking. Sadly the short clips do show glimpses of your face quite clearly but we’ll have to live with that.”Mandy turned to Gina. “I can’t thank you enough you know. Even with all that’s happened I cannot deny that it was the best and most satisfying sex I could ever experience and a part of me would love to do it again, but hey-ho!!” Gina smiled and looked at her friend and said “I can fully understand how you feel as watching it the other day (not quite all the facts she was thinking to herself) really turned me on seeing what you so obviously enjoyed immensely and I’m just a lot jealous. Otis and the others were a superb specimens of manhood weren’t they?” Gina said almost wistfully. Mandy just nodded.A couple more weeks passed with nothing to report and Mandy was starting to feel inwardly calmer but Gina was still watching the video and getting her own satisfaction. She’d never ever felt this randy in her life and she could really do with more than just Dave who was revelling in his wife’s rekindled sexuality as she took him as often as possible. She’d even tied him naked to the bed and given him a hand and blowjob and she let him cum in her mouth for the first time. She loved these new-found sexual feelings but Gina would have to make do with Dave for now unless something else came along.It was the last week of summer holidays and finally Mandy’s University Course results came through and she’d passed with flying colours. She, Gina and their families went out to celebrate in town at a good local Chinese restaurant. In a quieter moment Mandy announced that she wanted to set up her own accountancy business and she would be making a few inquiries when they get back to work.Mandy had been helping out with the factory accounts for quite a while as the previous in-house accountant had retired and they had been relying on a local firm of accountants who were proving to be quite expensive. Ted had asked Mandy to look through the accounts and help out. “We’ll pay you,” he said and Mandy actually found that they were quite easy but the downside was the accounts had to be signed off by a registered accountant, which Mandy then wasn’t, so there was still the expense of the outside accountants.After talking to her bank and a local business premises dealer she was now in a position to make an offer to set herself up in an office not too far from the factory. Also she informed Ted that as she was now a fully registered accountant would the factory be willing to let her do their accounts for them at a reasonable price. The positive reply came back within a week and a delighted Mandy set about setting up her business. The only thing she needed now was an assistant and she immediately offered the position to Gina who happily accepted especially as it was more money and much more satisfying.In the five months since them leaving the factory and setting up their business Mandy and Gina have made an immediate impact locally and business was growing almost daily. They had over 20 clients so far as well as the big contract with the factory and it was turning out to be a little goldmine as their income grew quickly with their success.The better news was there had been no mention of the Internet Porn issue and Gina had been keeping an eye on the video and it was not being picked up by other sites and Mandy and her felt they could relax at last, or at least that’s what they thought ———– .One afternoon just before Xmas Gina took a phone call and a woman with a rather deep voice and a slight accent spoke. “Hi my name is Lucy and I run a business in town and I’m looking for an accountant to do my books and I had a lady called Mandy recommended. Have I got the right place?” Gina replied that this was the right place and took all her details down and agreed to call her back with details of how they could meet and discuss her needs.After consulting with Mandy they agreed that Lucy would come along later that day to discuss her business and what exactly she wanted from them. Lucy arrived on time and both Mandy and Gina sat down with her to get a picture of Lucy’s business and turnover etc. Lucy was dressed in a long flowing African style gown which clung tightly to her shapely figure. Lucy was very black skinned and about 5ft 8” tall, quite slim with long curly jet black hair. As she was originally from Botswana she still had a slight accent and Mandy thought she was very pretty. Her brown eyes seemed to be looking deep into Mandy’s eyes making Mandy a little uncomfortable. It was as though Lucy knew her.Their discussions revealed that Lucy ran an up-market massage parlour specifically for women. The synopsis of her accounts which she had brought with her showed that Lucy was running a very successful business and trade was very good. They agreed to do business and after concluding the details of a contract Lucy offered Mandy and Gina a free whole body massage on-the-house by way of thanks for sorting things out for her. Both girls thought that sounded nice and they agreed to make appointments once they’d sorted out suitable dates.They decided to go together after the Xmas & New Year celebrations were over and the k**s were back at school. The Wednesday afternoon suited them and also Lucy so they arrived at the venue in town at around 2pm.Lucy greeted them at the door and showed them through to the massage salon. She introduced them to four very tall black girls whose English was quite poor so they guessed they were African. “These are your masseurs. They are very good at what they do so relax and let them do their stuff.” Said Lucy as the girls took their coats and handbags and put them in lockers at the side of the room. “Right, let me explain what we do. You will have two masseurs each and we like our clients to be naked to get the most out of their experience. OK?” Not waiting for a reply Lucy carried on. “The main aim of the whole massage experience is for the client to get the best massage possible OK?” “Great. Leave it to your masseurs to do everything and just relax and make to most of your massage.” Lucy left the salon and went into the annexe at the side while the masseurs started removing the women’s clothes.Gina and Mandy were stripped naked very quickly by the experienced girls and lifted onto the massage table with ease. They turned them onto the tummies and oil was spread all over them and the two naked woman received a full massage both back and front and they felt wonderfully relaxed.Lucy came back into the salon after the massage. “Was that OK for you?” she asked as the women nodded. “We have one more service to offer you both now and that is for us to finish off your treatment with the girls’ speciality. My girls are experts in bringing women to the best and most satisfying orgasms and they will do just that now for the two of you. How does that sound?” Sitting on the side of the massage table the two women looked at each other. “Shall we?” said Gina who was up for it with her recently new-found sexuality and Mandy remembered how she felt back in the summer when her multiple orgasm were so wonderful. They nodded to each other and said “OK then.”The two naked friends still covered in massage oil were led over to the large 8ft square steel frame in the annexe next to the massage parlour. The bottom bar had padding along its length and the top bar was suspended from a pulley near the high ceiling. There were hooks on ropes tied at each at each corner.The girls were lined up back to back with Lucy holding them inside the frame as the massage girls took four pairs of handcuffs and fastened Mandy’s left ankle to Gina’s right ankle and then the other ankles, then they did the same with their wrists leaving to two naked girls back to back cuffed together. The four girls then pulled the upper hooked ropes to each of the wrist handcuffs and pulled them tight until their arms were stretched tight. Then the same procedure at ground level until the friends legs were also wide apart standing on the padded bar leaving them in X shape, spread really wide back to back. Everything was tightened up until their feet were just touching the padded bar as their whole naked bodies were stretched really wide. Red Ball gags with pink ribbons attached were then pushed into Mandy and Gina’s mouths and the ribbons were tied around each girl’s heads to hold them in place. Lucy then went over to the wall and started winding a handle which started lifting the whole frame upwards towards the ceiling until the bottom bar was about two feet off the floor then she tied two ropes to the frame to stop it swinging while the other four African girls lined up in twos in front of Mandy and Gina and as one of them got closer they got on their knees with their mouths line up perfectly with their slave’s pussies. Neither Mandy nor Gina had ever had lesbian sex or even considered lesbian sex, now they knew they were going to be fucked to orgasm by these girls and how they felt is something only they knew.Now the kneeling girls on either side opened up their slave’s pussies and started licking the wet red flesh up and down and making sure that the exposed clitoris was licked each time. The other two girls were massaging each slaves breasts concentrating on their nipples until they swelled. There was a cheer as Gina came first with a muffled scream as fluid squirted out of her open pussy and Mandy’s eyes were screwed up tight and her fingers gripping tight as she came shortly after with a series of massive jerks. Mandy and Gina’s heads gently banged together escort bursa as both women’s bodies were jerking hard in their orgasms. The massage girls said later that it was the quickest they’d ever got two women to cum together and these two just kept cumming.The four massage girls, happy with their work, slowly eased up on Mandy and Gina and let them calm down from their huge orgasms. Both women were breathing very hard as their bodies slowly returned to some kind of normality and Lucy came alongside the two naked bound captives, took the ball gags from their mouths and stroked their faces and asked if that was OK. Still breathless Mandy just nodded and Gina said “That was amazing.” Lucy smiled “Don’t worry there’s more to cum for you both yet.”Turning to Mandy Lucy said, “Did you recover this quickly after Otis and Gangbang Squad fucked you last summer?” Both Mandy and Gina’s heads shot round to look at Lucy as the full impact of what they’d just heard struck home.“Oh my god. How?” pleaded Mandy, as Gina was shaking her head in disbelief. “Otis is my distant cousin and he helped me move over here from Botswana ten years ago and we’ve kept in touch. It was him that set us up with this business. It was him that found me these girls back in the summer, waving at the massage girls. I get to see all his films and it was seeing you in last summer’s film that convinced me that I could do something like this just for women. By chance I spotted you in the Chinese restaurant last August / September time and I knew I had to find out who you were. I just wanted to have you to myself Mandy and you, Gina, are just the bonus as I can have both of you now.” Mandy and Gina were both open mouthed as the Lucy’s story sunk in.“It took a while to find your details as Otis has been in prison in Jamaica for trafficking women for sex and he’s only just come out. I got the details of the factory from him and the rest you know.”Lucy pulled both women’s faces towards her and passionately kissed them full on the lips as the four massage girls started work on Gina. One of the girls was wearing a latex glove had pushed the middle two long fingers of her right hand deep into Gina’s open pussy and started finger fucking her at amazing speed and Gina’s screams as she came hard again brought the house down as the girls all applauded.Lucy had gone round to Mandy and had a huge blue dildo and a cordless Magic Wand vibrator in her hands. After kissing Mandy full on the mouth Lucy knelt down and slowly pushed the big fat dildo all its length into Mandy’s pussy and started fucking her with it getting faster and faster until Mandy, with her eyes screwed up tight, thought she was going to explode when suddenly she felt the full power of the Magic Wand on her clitoris. Her bellowing scream outdid Gina as her massive orgasm exploded inside her and her bound body jerked over and over again as the powerful orgasm took her breath away.Lucy kept fucking Mandy for a long time until, eventually after many minutes, she stopped reacting and Lucy knew her slave was totally spent and she’d done her job.Meanwhile Gina was also being fucked now with a massive black dildo and her clitoris massaged with a Magic Wand as well and her husky orgasmic screams joined with Mandy in a wonderful cacophony of orgasmic music as they achieved multiple orgasms. In Gina’s case for the first time. After an hour the two totally fucked women were released and the massage girls helped their unsteady slaves over to a rest area where they lay their naked bodies down on a bed together.After they’d had a shower and got dressed Mandy and Gina prepared to leave. As Gina was saying farewell and thanking the massage girls, Lucy took Mandy to one side. “Mandy darling. I want to have you again all to myself as I know I love you darling and I hope you and I can be lovers.” Mandy was hardly in the right state of mind to fully comprehend what was being said to her but she was with it enough to realise Lucy wanted them to be lesbian lovers. “I’d love that Lucy thanks.” Lucy hugged her tight and kissed her full on the lips. “I’ll ring you soon babe and thank you.” Mandy reciprocated.Lucy took Gina to one side and said “Will you come back soon as I have something special planned for you if you want more of this?” Gina was intrigued. “I’ll ring you Gina,” and they kissed. Both women left to go back to their office and take in what had just happened to them.Lucy rang Mandy and arranged for them to meet at the massage centre and they enjoyed their first lesbian session together and Mandy was amazed firstly how easy it was to satisfy Lucy who seemed to cum very quickly and how imaginative Lucy was at finding different ways of making her cum which she did many, many times during their two hours session.Lucy rang Gina on her mobile while she was at home with Dave and the girls and the conversation was somewhat stilted but Gina was sure Lucy had done it on purpose as a laugh. Trying to sound unconcerned and making it sound like something to do with work while the voice on the other end is offering her another free sex session with all of them was somewhat difficult to say the least but she got away with it without the family getting suspicious.A very nervous Gina entered the massage centre she was greeted by Lucy and the four African girls who took Gina’s hands and each of them kissed her full on the lips as they held her close. All four of them were considerable taller than her and before Gina had time to take a breath the girls were lifting Gina’s little dress over her head. Her bra was removed very quickly and her shoes and pants were taken off in seconds leaving Gina stark naked in front of the four big girls and Lucy.Her 5ft 1” fuller figure body is really very sexy. She has good firm breasts and a beautiful triangle at the top of her thighs highlighting her camel toe crease. She has a short boyish haircut which is mousey blonde and matches her pubic hair which are waxed to a bikini line but not too much hair which had been trimmed quite short but not shaved.Totally naked, Gina was guided over to a padded X shaped frame and she now stood with her back against the frame as the girls took her wrists and fastened them to the straps pulling her up onto her tiptoes as she was clamped in. Her chest muscles were stretched tight as the girls gently stroked across her breast making her nipples stand out.The girls took Gina’s legs and strapped them into the frame as Gina as all Gina’s weight were taken by her arms as she hung locked into the frame. Even with the wispy pubic hair around her pussy we could see the tendons on the inside of her upper thighs were bar taut with her legs so wide apart. Gina could feel the slight breeze from the fans over her now-open pussy lips as Gina was now hanging there stretched wide as Lucy tied straps around her knees and elbows until Gina could not move at all.Gina now felt unbelievably turned on as she hung there exposed knowing that the four black girls were looking at her at her nakedness with her pussy spread wide for them to see. She was shaking as Lucy took hold of the X frame and rotated it horizontal until Gina was now flat on her back and the pressure of hanging on her arms and chest was eased.Gina’s shaking was visible as Lucy went between Gina’s arms and wrapped a black mask tight over her slave’s eyes so now she couldn’t see anything. She then she gently dropped Gina’s head down as far as it would go before tying a strap from the frame supports just tight enough across the mask and effectively anchoring Gina’s head. Gina was totally at the girl’s mercy now as she lay there naked stretched tight, unable to move other than to squirm a little.Although totally unable to see anything or move, Gina’s hearing and other senses were very acute and she thought she could sense the door opening and she thought someone else had now come into the room with them.She jerked hard as she felt something wet and cool dripping onto her belly and all over the exposed nakedness. From the perfumed smell she guessed it was massage oil. Suddenly she jerked even more as many hands started rubbing the liquid all over her. In her heightened state of sexual anticipation Gina’s shaking became even more pronounced as she could sense four pairs of hands rubbing her body.They worked the oil all over her body but leaving her exposed pussy alone which got Gina even more worked up as she now was desperate for attention and she could feel the wetness from her pussy as the cool breeze of the fans wafted across her. She was moaning all the time as the exquisite sensations of so many hands brought her very close to orgasm. One of them concentrated on her nipples and she could feel them stiffen and swell as her fingers worked their magic. They were all now lightly stroking Gina’s naked body with their fingertips bringing her to even closer to pure ecstasy.Gina was swooning with the beautiful feelings that the girls were inducing in her as they worked all over her naked body then suddenly she felt something different. A fifth person had gone between her outstretched thighs and Gina felt fingers gently touching her pussy slowly pulling her lips further apart. Gina tensed as her dreams were about to be realised as she felt this person’s fingers gently stroke her exposed clitoris. It was like an explosion as the fingers started quickly rubbing her clit and it was hardly surprising that Gina came very quickly and very hard in and eruption of supercharged passion.Though she could not see him nor did she realise there was a man there with them, it was Trevor who was working his magic on Gina’s open pussy and her pushed two of his long thick fingers deep into her extremely wet pussy and pussy-fucked her so fast that she came again very quickly and kept on cumming as he licked her clitoris at the same time. All her life Gina has dreamed of feeling like this and now she knew she could have multiple orgasms and by god did she cum.Trevor was already naked and Lucy was caressing his erection as he worked on Gina’s receptive pussy. It was not long before the massive 8” bar-hard erection was reaching upward in all its glory so he guided the huge monster into Gina’s open sopping wet twitching pussy. He pushed it all the way home as a scream of surprise erupted from the still-cumming Gina. Gina suddenly realised that this was a man and by god what man as his monster stretched her pussy around him as it moved with the deep thrusting motions. All the visions of Mandy being fucked by the black monster cocks which set her off on this journey now came into her mind as she now guessed rightly that she was being black fucked and she also realised in her orgasmic stupor that she was now definitely cheating on Dave letting another man fuck her for the first time. The depth of penetration of his massive cock was something else and Gina had never felt anything close to this before other than the black dildo but it wasn’t this big.She could feel his big balls banging against her bottom with each massive thrust and he moved faster and faster as another massive orgasm burst inside Gina causing her to scream the house down. Trevor was fucking Gina’s brains out and she just couldn’t stop cumming as wave after wave of orgasm ripped through her.If it was possible Gina felt Trevor’s erection get even harder and he started to moan until a low growl turned into an a****l scream as Trevor unloaded all his sperm deep inside Gina. She had learnt that this is known in porn parlances as a “Cream pie” and it was not until later that she realised that she was not on the pill nowadays and he’d cum inside her.Trevor kept going as long as he could before his erection faded and he pulled out of Gina leaving a large trail of cum dripping out of her. Gina just lay there gasping for breath expecting to be released but a buzzing sound permeated her orgasmic state and suddenly she felt the vibrations on her red and exposed clitoris and she jerked hard again. This was the signal for Gina to be fucked by vibrators and an Intruder fucking machine which had been clamped to the frame but also by the girls with strap-on dildos. Even with all Gina had enjoyed already this exquisite treatment kept her cumming over and over again for another twenty minutes or so, and Lucy guessed that Gina must have cum at least fifteen times during their half-hour long fucking of her.Gina had to be lifted off the X frame after they released her as she was totally fucked and shattered.In her dazed and happy state Gina could see now Trevor with his now flaccid cock hanging down. Even in that state it was three inches longer than Dave’s cock fully erect. She had been a bit jealous of Mandy when she was black fucked, despite all the problems with the Internet publishing, but now she’d experienced it for herself she felt so absolutely amazing.Now she had to go home and hope that Dave doesn’t notice.Suffice it to say their business dealing with Lucy carried on with the Mandy and Gina doing her accounts and she paid them with sex —— and lots of it. One time they both went along and gave a naked Trevor a hand job while he was tied up and they were fully clothed by way of a birthday present for him. The huge eruption of his cum suggested the big man loved it and the girls tortured him by carrying on after he’d cum when his helmet is so sensitive. A very satisfied man after that. They then had a lesbian threesome with Lucy where both Mandy and Gina licked Lucy’s pussy and then they had sex with each other for the first time. The final act of that fateful day was to strip the four African massage girls naked and fuck them all until they each had amazing orgasms, all as thank you for all they had done to them. What a day.What neither of them knew is Lucy and Trevor had been running a very successful porn film business for quite a while and now both Mandy and Gina are their latest porn star MILFs. The two women were certainly not aware of this as Lucy is too clever for that, unlike Otis previously, but in fact they are back to square one hoping that no-one sees them being fucked on the Internet Porn sites but this time they were not aware they were being filmed every time they went to the massage centre.So nearly a year after Mandy’s trauma finding out she was naked and being fucked on an Internet Porn site, she and her best friend Gina were on another porn site with dozens of films of them fucking both men and women and neither of them had any idea. OK it was another pay-to-view site but there were so many short clips on Google, YouTube and Bing if anyone wants to look and happens to find them, albeit with names invented by Lucy and Trevor which we won’t mention.To sum up:-Mandy and Gina not only run their own successful accountancy business but manage to maintain their marriages and bring up and nurture their c***dren whilst also being unadulterated sex goddesses, cheating on their husbands with both many men and even more women and finally being accomplished Internet Porn Stars albeit they are totally unaware of it. Great lives and wonderful women. Good luck to them