Mary’s Fantasies – Part IX

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They walked on for another couple of hundred yards and then Mark tossed the blankets to the ground and put down the basket. Mary looked around; she could see no one else in their vista, and she heaved a sigh of relief. Mark spread out one of the blankets and then tended to the picnic basket and drinks cooler.“Champagne?” Mary called out as she sat down on the blanket with arms hugging her raised knees and thighs closed tightly. She felt more relaxed now.“Only the best for my clients,” he told her as he popped the cork. “Do you mind spreading your legs Mary?” he asked.She parted them slightly. “No, Mary,” he told her. “Spread them like a slut would. I want to see everything. I want to see your cunt spread wide!”She obeyed. She knew that her prominent labia petals would be fully on view for him. She felt conscious of them, she always did. She would never dream of şehitkamil escort letting Steve see her spread like this and yet, here was a man she hardly knew, and she was splayed like slut for him.“That’s better, Mary,” he said as he handed her a flute of champagne. “I always like to take the time to study every cunt that comes my way and to taste them.”His words aroused her but what he did next aroused her even more. He told her to lie back and then he took his half-filled glass of champagne and trickled some over her spread cunt. The cold liquid momentarily took her breath away, but then his tongue went to work on her. Mark lapped up every drop of champagne covering her sex before pouring some more between her cunt lips and repeating the process. She was soon screaming out to be fucked. Mark obliged.He stood to his feet and pulled off his slacks and briefs. Mary lay back with her legs spread wide for him, and Mark accepted the invitation. He fucked her hard and furiously for a short while and then pulled away and made her get onto her knees. Grabbing a clump of her hair, he gave her a hard slap on the right cheek of her bottom, told her what a slut she was, and then slammed his erection into her. Mary quickly went into orbit as he tugged and slapped his way to an orgasm.They collapsed into a heap with Mark lying on top of Mary, still embedded deep inside her. Her moans slowly subsided, and, as he pulled out of her, Mary turned around. For a moment she just stared up in disbelief, and then let out a shriek when she realised that what she saw was real – a couple of middle-aged hikers standing there looking down on them.Her first reaction was to try and grab the spare blanket, but Mark was resting his elbow on it, as he lay on his side. The woman was staring at his near-naked state while the man with her was staring down at Mary.“Go away,” Mary shouted as she sat up and covered her mound with one hand and used her other arm to cover her breasts.“We’re so sorry,” the woman said, in a soft voice. “We were just out for a walk and couldn’t help but to look on. You don’t come across this sort of thing every day, do you?”Mark laughed. “That’s okay. My wife and I enjoy a bit of outdoor sex, and today is a beautiful day for it.”Mary gasped and turned to him. “Wife?” she turned and shouted.He laughed again. “Okay, wife of my friend. She enjoys outdoor sex, but her husband is a bit on the shy side,” he admitted. “But it is a nice day for it!”The couple laughed. “Well, why not,” the woman responded. “A little bit of what you fancy is good for you. I think Henry and I will find a spot further down the hill and enjoy a bit of outdoor sex in the sun too.”