Massaging mother!

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Massaging mother!I am 19 years old and my mother had me when she was only 14. She is now in her early 30’s. A few days ago, she suffered acute back spasm while lifting some household stuff. She was bed ridden for the first few days. Good news by the doctors was that there was no slipped disc and advised bed rest, massage and pain medications as needed. My father was out of town for a whole month. I was worried how i will manage without him. For the next 3 days, I spent hours gently rubbing and massaging her back. She could only tolerate a very soft touch as deeper massage would make her muscled go in spasm. Even at age 33, my mother has a figure to die for. As her pain relieved, my soft and sensual touches started making both of us very errotic. Touching my mom’s bare back and side glimpse of her huge breasts was a treat to watch. I was able to clearly see her butt almanbahis yeni giriş cheek through her silk pajama. She often laid with her arms above her head giving me a good view of her underarms. One day, she fell asleep while I was giving her a back rub. While she was asleep, I noticed that for the first time in the last few days, she was able to first turn on her side and soon afterwards was lying on her back. I was so happy to see my mom move without experience any pain. She was looking like a barbie doll in her asleep. Gradually, the man inside of me took over the innocent looks of a son appreciating how pretty his mother is. I hesitantly starred at her naked breasts. Wow! What a sight! I moved closer. It took me 15 minutes to touch the side of her breasts. I then ran my fingers down the middle of her boobs. My mother was in deep sleep. almanbahis giriş I cupped her boobs in my hands. I finally kissed her nipples and then started sucking on them. Her nipples got do hard. I spent several minutes sucking on her boobs. I then paid attention to her legs spread apart and crouch rhythmically moving up and down. I slipped my hand inside her silk pajama. She was not wearing any panties. I started rubbing her pussy and clit. I slid my finger inside her. She was so wet that there was hardly any resistance. I finger fucked her for the next few minutes. I then took her pajama. She lIfted her legs pulling them wide apart giving me a good view of her wett and dripping pussy. I brought my head close to her pussy. I smell of her juices aroused me more. I kept looking and smelling it until I felt her hand running through my hair almanbahis güvenilirmi and finally a little pressure pushing my nose straight into her pussy. She initially guided me where she wanted me to lick her. Within minutes, I knew about her most sensitive areas. She had a loud orgasm while I was licking her assole. She then sat up took my clothes off and grabbed my dick hard in her hand while tickling my balls with her other. She gave me a flirtatious look and started giving me a blow job. I had been horney for 3 hours now and came in her mouth in 10 minutes. She read the embarrassment in my eyes and said “don’t worry! I know how to make it hard again”. I saw my cum in her mouth. She opened her mouth and swallowed the whole load. She then laid me on my back. We kIssed each other for a long time. She slid hard cock in her pussy and said “I always knew you will have a huge cock”. We tried different positions until I finally came while doing her in the doggie style. we did it a couple of more times before the night was over and each time I came inside of her. We have been in this relationship since then and have enjoyed every moment of it.