Master’s Instructions

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Master’s InstructionsMaster’s InstructionsIf you have not read the start of this fantasy, please start here:, back at Graham’s house, as per instructed the sex slave removed her clothing and awaited commands. Without saying a word Graham pointed at the chair. The sex slave seductively walked to the chair and sat down. Graham pulled out his cock and demanded that his slave suck it good. “What do you ask Master?” He exclaimed.“Master may I please suck your cock? ““Do you feel you have earned such a reward Slut?”“Master, I need to be trained by you and let you use me as you see fit. Please let me suck your cock. It gives me such pleasure to serve you.”With that her Master plunged his cock deep into her throat. She wanted to gag, but, knew better than that. He pushed it in and out of her throat, causing it to grow even bigger and harder. The hard huge rod swelled in her mouth making it hard to breath. She gagged, slurped and drooled as he climaxed again. Pulling out, he shot a massive load onto her tits. The hot glistening cum felt like burning lava flowing down her chest, almost stinging her tender skin. Master harshly fingered and pawed at her tits and nipples as he greedily scooped up the cum and fed it to her. She lapped up every drop savoring pinbahis güvenilirmi his taste. Master left the room and returned with two enormous dildos.“You like these slave?”“Yes sir. I like them.”“Stand up then.”He suction cupped the dildos onto the chair and shoved her two sore holes directly down on them. The size and pain were excruciating, but, strangely arousing to her. The Master looked satisfied and his cock began twitching again. She gyrated on the big knobs getting wetter and more excited. She needed to cum and felt the beginnings of an orgasm coming on. She knew she needed permission to cum and tried to relax, but, it felt too good. Without warning Master lifted her off the dildos and turned her around doggy style. He alternated his pleasure wand between her pussy and ass. She began shaking and was instructed to cum now. With an intense burst of emotions she let go and gushed cum and squirt and pee everywhere. Her body was shaking as she went into involuntary spasms of orgasmic rush. Catching her breath she heard Master whisper, “Now, that is a good little slut. After you clean up your mess, you may join me in the tub.”Quickly, but with legs still shaking, she arose and got the cleaning fluids and a sponge. She had survived another lesson and admittedly was beginning to love her role as Master’s sex slave. pinbahis yeni giriş She quickly and efficiently cleaned up the remains of her lesson and met the Master in the bedroom. It was Bed and Bath time!“Well, slave, what do you do now for Master?”She began to draw the bath with exactly the correct temperature and the amount of water the Master had insisted she do.Then she entered the bedroom and bowed to the Master. He grabbed her by the tit and twisted a nipple hard. She wanted to scream out but knew if she did he wouldn’t let her bathe with him. She really wanted a bath so kept quiet.She ushered him into the steamy bath and assisted him into the tub. She was not allowed to join him until he had been gently soaped and massaged by her. This included helping him achieve yet another erection. She was learning the proper technique to make him happy, thus he didn’t have to grab her hair and plunge her face into the water to suck his cock.The first night when she wasn’t stroking his cock to his satisfaction, he grabbed her by the neck and forced her face into the water to suck him. She was gasping and struggling for breath and when he allowed her to surface, he just winked and said, “I guess you will learn sweet slave”.When fully erect he took her hand and she stepped into the tub. She positioned herself directly over his pinbahis giriş cock with her back to him. With legs squatting to either side of his waist she began rising up and down on the massive slippery hard pole. It did feel so good. The water was refreshing and his cock was welcome in her sore pussy. Tonight, however, he put his hands around her waist and lifted her up to reposition her. Her swollen ass was not ready for his intense hard rod but he plopped it into her awaiting anal hole anyway. This caused her to shutter, but, she knew to keep in the squat position and bounce up and down. Slow then faster.All at once he twisted her nipples and pulled her back down on top of him. She began to moan and moved her hips in rhythm to his thrusts. She wanted to cum but waited for his signal. She could feel his cum building up and knew he was ready to blow his load into her tight hole. At his command of 3, 2, 1…she knew it was time to cum as one. They both came simultaneously with uncontrollable shutters and groans of ecstasy. He arose from the tub. He was spent from the sexual exercise. She was instructed to clean the bath and then get her ass into bed.As exhausted as she felt, she obeyed and hoped for a night of sleep. Much to her amazement, when she retired to the bed, he was fast asleep, purring gently. He almost looked angelic in his sleep. Not the sadistic Master that he was when awake. She knew one thing from watching him. She was really falling in love with him and hoping to be his sex slave forever.She smiled at the thought and peacefully drifted off to her dreamland of all things naughty and perverted.To Be Continued…