Maybe It Will Happen Like This….

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Maybe it happens like this: we are sitting on a park bench at dusk, on a warm summer evening. We are talking, casually laughing at each other’s jokes as we have many times before. But this time the electricity in the air is stronger; the kind of electricity that is almost better than sex. The anticipation of being 85% sure that you are both thinking the same thing but still feeling too vulnerable to act. The breeze picks up, as it so often does when the sun begins to set, blowing my hair in front of my eyes, and before you have time to stop and think about what you are doing, you reach up and gently tuck it behind my ear. I go still as your hand stalls and your fingertips gently caress my earlobe. I tilt my face up towards yours and your hand drifts down to cup the nape of my neck, your fingers threading through my hair.

Suddenly we aren’t talking any more. The whole world around us grows distant and dim and I am staring into your eyes. Your look is part question, part dare, and you slowly lean down and brush your lips against mine as my eyes flutter closed. Such a gentle kiss, asking permission. I part my lips slightly in answer and the kiss deepens, slowly growing hungry as you become more sure. My hands press into your chest. Not to push you away but to feel your strong heart beating under your skin. You softly lick my top lip and tighten your hand in my hair, pulling me closer against your body. I feel a hum strike through me as sparks of electricity shoot from my mouth, down to my belly button, and then straight to my warm, wet center. I moan quietly against your mouth and you press against me harder. My desire fueling your own.

We pull back slightly and your eyes are on fire. I feel soft and dazed with the strength of the passion rolling through my body and you must see it in my face because you let out a low, growl and kiss me again; this time with more determination and confidence, shocking me all the way to my toes. “Let’s go,” you whisper in my ear, and I suddenly become aware of the world again. The kids in the park, the joggers and roaming ataşehir escort bayan packs of laughing teenagers. We get up, and I feel unsteady. Your hand grabs mine and we walk, dazed, towards the street to hail a cab.

In the back seat I catch a glimpse of my reflection in the window and see my slightly swollen lips, wind blown hair and wonton expression. We must reek of musk but the cabbie says nothing as he deftly weaves in and out of traffic. Your hand, still holding mine, is in your lap and I can feel the hot evidence of you arousal. Staring straight ahead you switch my right hand to yours and begin tracing light circles on my inner thigh with the other. I can feel the heat at my core building. My head falls languidly backwards and I sense the world rushing past us in a blur as my eyes close.

Finally we are there, and I don’t even remember getting out of the cab or up the steps to your door. It seems we are suddenly inside and you press me up against the door as you close it behind us. I can feel the whole length of your body, my hands clasped in yours, are pinned above my head, and you stare deeply into my eyes before claiming my mouth again in a long, powerful kiss that leaves me breathless and arching against you. Your hardness presses into me and all I can think of is how badly I want to feel your naked skin. But you aren’t done with me yet, and still holding me captive, you nibble your way down my neck making my knees go weak. In one swift motion you pick me up and wrap my legs around your waist. I can feel your cock pressing between my legs, only blocked by the flimsy material of my cotton sundress, and knowing how hard you are makes me feel deliciously sexy and fearless.

Locked together you carry me down the hall to your bedroom and lay us down on the bed. I flip us over and straddle your middle, rubbing our two cores together. You are glorious beneath me. Your intense, sex soaked stare just makes me hotter and I lean down to kiss you as I begin to unbutton your shirt, making sure to explore the skin I uncover, as your bostancı escort hands tangle in my hair. You smell like sun and saltwater. Your skin smooth, hot and responsive to every caress. I lick and nibble my way down to your belt as you push up towards me, groaning with pleasure. Teasingly, I begin to work my way back up and in frustration you flip me over, pinning me beneath you, both my wrists clasped in one of your strong hands as the other undoes the buttons on my dress, exposing the lacy bra and skin beneath. My nipples harden in anticipation as you unhook my bra and swiftly suck one into your mouth. I arch my back with pleasure, twisting and writhing against you as you work your way down to my white cotton panties.

I feel your hot breath against me as you nuzzle your nose into my sex, sending me even higher. You lightly nibble through the fabric, gently teasing me as I twist against you. With your one free hand you slowly work my panties off and expose my hot, engorged center to the cool air. I gasp at the shock and you slowly exhale against my sensitive skin, preparing me for the gentle tracing of your tongue. Almost more than I can bear, I mutter incoherently and push into your mouth, greedy for more. I am dripping with desire and I beg you to take me. Impatient. I want to feel you inside me. You slide back and slowly unbuckle your belt and I think it is the sexiest sound I have ever heard, as you unzip your pants and slide out of them; exposing your beautiful, hard, proud cock to my gaze. I reach out to caress it and it’s heavy swollen weight fills my hand with heat as I admire its length, hard and soft and smooth. I can’t wait a moment longer and I guide you between my legs. Our eyes lock as your cock finds me. You stop and rest there, right at the entrance, and I can see that it takes all your self control not to push into me all at once.

I reach out to you and caress your face as I raise my hips, trying to skewer myself on you and you moan as your self control slips, sliding into me. Both of us gasping at the relief of finally being bostancı escort united. You press all the way in, down to the root, and our bodies grind together, trying to get even closer. You bend down and kiss me, deep and slow, our tongues tasting each other, connecting us further. Your hips flex in small circles, rubbing against me with each little movement. I feel every inch of you, filling me, and the full realization of your cock inside me is so erotic that I begin to sense a low buzzing hum at my core. My hands reach down to pull you in even more. And you tease me by pulling almost all the way out before thrusting into me again, making me cry out your name in a low whisper, my lips against yours.

Our bodies set up an instinctual rhythm, moving together, slick with desire. Every inch of my skin is awake. As you push into me, little ripples of ecstasy roll over and through my body. I feel so full, of you, of light. The buzzing grows louder and begins to spread, moving out from my core, into my stomach and up, up, up. I am arching against you, almost mindless with pleasure, and I am vaguely aware, as if from a distance, that sounds are coming out of my mouth. I feel the break coming and say your name again, urgently. My breasts pushing up towards your face. You nip lightly on a nipple and suddenly I crash over. All that delicious heat erupting in a massive, shaking climax. And I see your face, watching my pleasure, sending you over with me as you thrust more quickly to match my explosion. The ecstasy rolls on and on as I watch you come. Hard. I can feel you twitching deep inside me as you fill me up with your hot cum and that sends me up again. The pleasure more acute this time, making me scream as I grab your hips and pull you down on top of me. Where I lick your neck to taste the salty sweetness of your sweat, our breathing ragged.

We lay like this, completely entangled, as our hearts calm. Gently stroking each other with long, slow caresses; soothing the heat back down to a simmer. We fall asleep as the last rays of the sun go down. Later, I awake to you softly kissing my neck and we make love again, slowly this time, half asleep. We explore each other gently, finding all the spots we might have missed the first time. It lasts longer, there is less urgency, but the pleasure, when it comes, is no less intense.