Me and Andy

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Double Penetration

Me and AndyI remember when I was twelve I had my first gay experience. The year was 2005. It was about springtime and the weather was a cool 15°Celsius. I was outside playing with my friend Andy , who, at the time was nine years old. Today was the third time I’d have slept over at his house. We were just finishing up a game of one on one street hockey when his mother said we had to go inside. At about 9 pm, Andy’s mother was leaving for a date. She told us that she would be back at about 1-2 am, and that when she got back, we had to be asleep. Andy and I brushed our teeth and headed to his bedroom l, where I was to sleep on a matress the floor, and he would sleep on his queen sized bed. As I was settling into my bed, Andy left the room, saying he had to “change into his pajamas”. When he came back he was fully nude. His little 3 inch cock was just dangling freely. His body was so small and perfect. His ass was perfectly round. At this point my cock bahis siteleri was harder than it had ever been before. He stepped over me as I gazed at her beautiful body. For about twenty minutes I could barely sleep, when suddenly Andy said: “Hey S*****.” I responded with; “Y-yeah Andy?” “I saw you staring at my pee-pee.” I was beginning to panic. He was going to tell on me and get me in a lot of trouble. But then he said: “It’s okay if you were looking, I did it for you.” “Me and my friend Gabe like to touch each others pee-pee’s all the time, and I kinda want to touch yours”. I sat there with a mixture of sexual desire and fear. I wanted to fuck Andy very badly now. I even knew what to do because I’d been watching gay porn a lot recently. I told Andy that I wanted what he wanted. Me and him both stood up. He was naked. I was removing my shorts followed by my boxers when I noticed that his cock was rock hard. After swiftly removing my clothes to reveal canlı bahis my 5.5 inch erect dick, I laid Andy down on the bed and started kissing his face while working my way down to his beautiful, hard and little cock. As I reached his cock I said: “Do you really want this?” He nodded. I slowly wrapped my lips around his cock. It tasted so delicious. I put the whole thing in my mouth whilst swirling my tongue around it. I treated it like a popsicle. The taste was unimaginable. The adrenaline running through my body blocked out the sound of Andy’s moans. I noticed his body tense up. His cock twitched in my mouth then his cum shot into the back of my throat. His cum tasted like heaven. I kissed him passionately on the lips. Our dicks rubbed together as I made out with him. I knew what to do next. “Andy I need you to get on all fours, like a dog.” Andy complied. I took a position behind him. I rubbed my cock against his pink, puckered asshole. I spat güvenilir bahis on my cock to lube it up. “Andy, this will hurt at first, but it will feel good.” I slowly pushed my cock in. I was about half an inch inside before Andy tensed up and grabbed his ass. I pushed it in deeper and deeper, until I could go no further. Andywas very tense. I pulled out and he released a loud moan of pleasure. I went back in. Then out. I repeated this. Next thing I knew I was pounding Andy’s ass at high speeds. He was moaning like there was no tomorrow. Just as I was about to cum I noticed Andy cum on his bed. I slowed down and slowly pushed my cock in and out of his ass until I jizzed what felt like a litre of cum into his ass. I pulled my wet, cum covered dick out of Andy’s ass and he wrapped his lips around my cock and sucked it until I jizzed a second time. I stood up and walked out of the room in order to clean myself up. When I came back Andy was drinking his cum off of his bed. Me and Andy fucked several times after this, each time more passionate than the last. I had to move In 2009 and I haven’t seen Andy since. I will never forget the times we had together though.