me & FIL

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me & FILdeletedI am a very beautiful lady of 24 years, with fair complexion; smooth, unblemished skin texture, wide shining eyes, soft lips, rosy cheeks, firm and big BOOBS, tapered thighs, slim waist, fleshy buttocks, rhythmic walk, long hair dancing on my BUM CHEEKS, and ever wanting lusty, juicy, and luscious vertical LIPS.When I was 20 I was married. At that time I just wrote my I yr. B.Com. The match had come on their own and mum and dad felt it is better to perform the marriage when match had come. And I was in my in-law’s house. My husband is a 25 year man with diploma in AC and refrigeration. He is a good gentleman. He loves me so much he says that he was mesmerized by my beauty. But my beauty became my enemy. Very quickly my MIL who is the second wife of my FIL and her daughter (younger SIL) Geetha started harassing me. Other than my hubby, only my FIL had soft corner for me in the house. Both MIL and SIL are doyens. I have another SIL Sangeetha (my husband and Sangeetha are the c***dren of my FIL’s First wife) who is married and a mother of a c***d is 23 years.Only six moths after our marriage we have been chased from the house. My self and my hubby took a double bed room flat in V floor of an apartment and living near to my FIL’S office. Actually it is he who had taken the house for our purpose. My FIL used to visit us every day while returning from office. Some times he used come in the afternoon and relaxed here and go home in the evening. He is very much concerned about us. My husband is working in blue star as AC service supervisor on a low salary. When my parents came to know this they were very angry on my in-laws. But I said don’t blame FIL as he is more concerned. My father asked my husband to come to them and he will find a good job for my hubby or help financially to establish a AC servicing unit. My husband didn’t accepted for this and said he is trying for a good Co. in UAE and may get a job there.Days were passing very happily. Though, financial constraints were there. My husband is a good fucker, who knows how to satisfy his wife. Though his tool is not as big as the other half-a-dozen dicks I have enjoyed.. his’ is medium sized one, but he retains his stiffness for a longer time and until I reached my orgasm at least two time he never releases his sperm in me.My FIL was never happy in his house. His wife i.e. my MIL always nags him one thing or the other. Now she is joined by her younger daughter Geetha, who is of my age i.e.20 years. My FIL works in a govt. office as office superintendent. His office finishes by 5.00 pm but he never comes home immediately to avoid the naggings of his wife. After we have separated, now he comes to our house, relaxes up to evening and spends time with me and his son, and goes home after having evening tea. Some times he even has his dinner with us. Now and then he comes to my house by 2 pm and relaxes till evening and leaves for his home.It was one such day he came at about 2’ O clock freshened him self had lunch with me and relaxed in the other bedroom. I went in my bedroom lying down on the bed I took my B.Com. Books and going through as I wanted to continue my B.Com. While reading I don’t know when I slept, but I got up it was 4.30 PM. Quickly I got up freshened my self and prepared tea for me and my FIL. I came to his room with a tea cup and pushed his bed room as usual I do whenever he is at home during noon. As the door opened and I entered into the room, I was in shock and paralyzed my self what I saw in. In the bedroom my FIL is sitting on the bed removed his lungi, and holding his manhood stroking it up down.By seeing me catching him doing masturbation, my FIL was stunned. His face turned black with insult. Unknowingly he removed his hand from his dick and what I found is his dick fully erect and facing the roof. His fore skin moved back revealing his bulbous pink knob which is fully swollen and I even saw a drop of pre-cum at the entrance of the knob. I also turned red with shy and quickly I ran to the kitchen. Only after five minutes I controlled my self and simmered tea and brought a cup for him. By the time he also freshened and changed his dress. As I gave the tea without looking into my face took the tea and left the house without uttering a word. He is half dead with his action caught by me.That night I told my hubby about his father’s arrival, but didn’t told him about his action. For the whole night I was thinking about this only and was very much annoyed and angry on my FIL. But I started thinking about my FIL I was feeling sorry for him and sympathy towards him. I know the relationship between him and my MIL is not good. During my short stay in my in-law’s house I never found my MIL respecting him. And his bed is separate. He very rarely talks to his wife i.e. my MIL. My MIL always nags him or insults him by one way or other.After our separation he is coming regularly to us and spends his time with us happily. His face brightens when he is with us, and talks a lot about films, music and politics etc. I never found him talking so freely in our in-law’s house. Two three times we even took him for outings.After that incident he never came to our house. Most probably embarrassed him self and can’t show his face to me. It is almost one week that he never came to us. I was feeling his absence and even my hubby asked — why his father is not coming. I never gave him any reply. Another three days passed and he didn’t come… I was feeling very sorry for him. Actually it was not his fault…he might have never thought that I will come like that. I should have tapped the door and gone inside.Next day at 11’O clock I telephoned him and asked him to come home for lunch. He was trying to avoid saying that he is having lot of work in the office. I said “Mamayya (FIL) you are coming home. I am bursa escort preparing lunch for you” I said firmly and I put the phone. I was preparing lunch, but I was tensed and anxious whether he comes or not. From 1.00 pm onwards my eyes were on the door and ears were waiting for door bell. As the time passed my heart beat increased and every two three seconds I was looking at he clock and I found that clock is not moving. At 1.35 pm the door bell chimed and I ran to open the door. There he was… still gloomy in his face feeling uneasy to look into my eyes.“Oh! Mamayya… come in… I took his hand affectionately and lead him in. we sat in the sofa and he said “Renu…”“Mamayya .. we talk every thing later.. First freshen yourself… we will have lunch… I am hungry” and I led him to his room took his lungi and vest from the cupboard and handed over him. “I am waiting for you at the lunch table” I said and came out of the room. After 15 minutes he came out and we had lunch. While we were having lunch he said again… “Renu on that day…” “Mamayya don’t talk about that now… I have for gotten every thing.. I don’t have any ill feeling about you.“Thank you… Renu… you are a good girl… still I feel uneasy.. I shouldn’t have done like that…”Oh! Mamayya… don’t think about it now. Actually it is my fault… I should have tapped the door before entering..” I said and put my left hand on his right hand and consoled him. He smiled at me.. I was happy to see smile on his face. He put his left hand on mine and said “you are very much concerned. That’s why I am telling this to you only. Not even Sangeetha who loves me more.. in fact you see, it has been almost ten years that I touched a woman”This time it is a shock for me. I kept my mouth open and forgot about my meal. “You mean to say…” and I looked at him meaningfully. “He nodded his head in YES. “I am sorry” really I felt sorry for him. And my sympathies towards him doubled. “Forget about it… it is my fate.. Come finish the meal it is getting cold” he said again. Then another four five minutes I said sorry and he said sorry.. then we both laughed.He went to his room for relaxation and I cleaned the dining table and sat there only, thinking about what he said. Poor FIL… how much of agony he is facing… I thought. Then suddenly there was an idea in my mind that why not I give him some satisfaction. As I was thinking about it, the more I am convinced that I have to satisfy him. Once I thought suddenly I found that my whole body tingled, my BOOBS have become robust and became heavy.. they are swelling I felt that my blouse has become tight. I opened my blouse buttons and ran my palms over my firm TITS and pinched stiffened nipples. I kept my palms under my CHOOCHI and raised it and licked it with my tongue. Then I ran my one hand on my crotch over the saree and oh.. it is so swollen. And I even found the dribble making my pussy lips wet. I visualized the size and stiffness of my FIL’s dick which I saw for the first time 10 days back.I looked at the clock. It is showing 2.30 pm. I got up and went into my FIL’s room. The door is not closed. I looked into the room. He is lying flat on his back on the cot. His one hand is on his fore head. Eyes closed. I tiptoed into the room. I found the rhythmic heaving of his chest. I with thumping heart sat on the cot at his waist. I slowly lifted his lung inch by inch till it revealed my interesting thing. He is without under wear. His limp cock is lying on his balls. It is about 3 ½ inch long in that limp position. I took it in my hand. It is very soft. I moved it this way and that way and bending down I took that limp one in my mouth.With in no time it grew in length and in girth. Now it is 8” long and thick like a radish. Holding it at the base I pulled it down revealing the pinkish knob. I rotated my tongue around it and even poked the tip of my tongue into the tiny hole of his dick.By the time he woke up and saw me… “Renu… what is …………?” I found surprise in his eyes.“ssssssshhhhhhhhhhh…” I said and kept my fore finger on my lips and guided his palm on my luscious boob. Already I removed all the hooks of the blouse. Mamayya looked at me in astonishingly… yet he squeezed my boob slightly.By this time his 8” boner is fully tightened and facing roof. I stroked it up and down a few times and with a seductive smile on my lips looking into his eyes I put my lips over his and started kissing them. I started sucking his upper lip while my lower lip is in his mouth. “uuuummmmnnnnn….” I moaned with delight as he started kneading my BOOBS with wantonness. Joyous moans were coming from his mouth also.“Mamayya… play with them… oh!… how thrilling your palms are on my CHOOCHIS… OH…AAAHHHHAAA… PINCH THEM… THOSE LITTLE BUDS ARE VERY ITCHY… PINCH THEM HARD…what do you think of your DIL’s CHOOCHIS.. ARE THEY GOOD FOR YOU TO PALY… COME PLAY WITH THEM …AAAHHH” As I was encouraging him, his gloominess vanished from his face and is playing with my TITS happily and squeezing them hardly said…”OHHH RENU…WHAT A SEXY DOLL YOU ARE OH..MY GOD NEE SALUU ENTA PEDDAGA GATTIGA UNNAI…UMMMMMNNN”. Now I found his eyes shining with delight.His lungi is spread on the bed under him, where as my saree fell on the floor at the cot… and I am only with petticoat under my waist and my blouse edges are dangling on either side. The thinking of seducing him.. his delight… and his actions on my body is causing goose bumps on my body.. and the itch between the lips of my thighs is unbearable now.I raised my petticoat up to my waist and putting my one leg on the other side of him, took his crowbar in my fist and guided it to my cunt and rubbed its Ruby head to my pussy lips for a while. Then keeping the head at the entrance I slowly sat on his phallus. I felt as if it is splitting me and it slided smoothly deep in me rubbing my cunt bursa escort bayan walls. By the time my FIL put his one hand on my fleshy bum cheek and soothing over it and pressing it. His fingers were pressing my bum so hard that it started aching and I thought that his finger marks will be there.I started moving up down on his tool and it is sliding in out of mine causing an erotic pleasure in me. My FIL’s tool is in me up to the hilt. He is groaning with pleasure.Having FIL’s love pole deep in my well lubricated Pussy, I moved my waist up and down. His thick fuck pole is sliding in and out of me. I don’t know why, suddenly I felt that I have to play with him. I bent forward and was on my left elbow, held my right BOOB in my right hand and rubbing the same on his face said “zzzzzzzzzzzzz.. Mamayya… how do you feel my BOOBS are… want to suck them… come suck… suck your DIL’s BOOB, while fucking her… oh!… oh!…” I said and rubbing my TIT on his face, on his lips, in the yes, and even pushed my taut nipple in his nostrils.“Oh! Renu.. my dear DIL… how sensible you are… how concerned you are… oh… thank you dear… ohohohoh… my how firm your choochis are… my… what a fine smooth finish hey are… come.. give that g****s to your mamayya…” saying so he opened his mouth to grab my nipple. Quickly I moved my TIT aside to tease him. He turned his face towards it and again I moved it away from him. In this way I teased him and avoiding his mouth to grab my BOOB BUTTON.Now he is excited and became playful… I found his dick strained more, deep in me and more tightened. He moved his both hands from buttocks and bringing them over my back pulled me down. My both milk pots are heaving heavily. Then his hands came on either sides of my CHOOCHIS and pressing them together raised his head and flickered his tongue on my breasts and then took one nipple in his mouth and trying to put the other also.Oh….. my….my… what is he trying to do… put both the nipples at a time in his mouth and the idea caused pulsation In my wet CHOOT. I got a thrilling sensation and I cooperated with him to adjust both the nipples in his mouth by bending my self so that he can achieve the task. If they are a bit bigger it would have been easy for me to put both the TIT POINTS into his mouth. However with a lot of effort we both were successful in this operation i.e. putting both the nipples in his mouth.Once they were held by my FIL with his lips tightened around my nipples I felt my CUNT pulsated and I reached my first orgasm, moaned joyously and showered his dick with my love juice.“oh….! Mamayya….mamayya…ohhhhhh…ssssssssshh ohoh…”I squealed with joy. (Any dear lady readers with big BOOBS can try putting both the nipples into your partners’ mouth while riding them and see how your pussy pulsates and how you will be dancing on his tool or who have already had such an experience will accept that what I said is true.)Now coming to the main action, as I reached my climax my FIL turned me up side down without removing his fuck pole from my fuck hole and gave two three strokes. Because of lubrication his full length moved in and out freely. He removed his dick out of me and wiped it dry with his lungi. His weapon appeared to be much lengthier and stouter than what I saw first.. My FIL then wiped my swollen mound with the same lungi. I thought he is wasting time and said “oh… mamayya… oh fuck me… fuck your DIL’s pussy it is itching to have your tool” and wriggled my arse up.“undave pilla undu chaala loose ga vundi…” he said and started inserting a good length of lungi in my wet hole which made my inner walls dry. I never thought he will talk like that.He came in between my shapely thighs. Took my both legs around his waist and holding his crow bar rubbed his knob all along the pussy lips. Oh…Mamayya….uffff” I moaned and raised my bum up. At the same time he gave strong push of his prick in to me. Half of it entered in me tearing my cunt apart. Now I understood why he made it dry. Now his dick going tightly rubbing my cuntal walls. His thrust gave me pain as it became dry. “Oh… mamayya…melliga…aaaahhhhhaa… nadi chirigipoyindi (mamayya be slow mine is torn off)” I said I raised my waist up to meet his other thrust.“Emitichirigindi (What has torn away)” he looking into my eyes teasingly asked.I blushed like a newly wedded bride and said “Chee paadu” and lowered my eyelids. I felt hot blood rushed on my cheeks.“You silly … Renu… you know how cute you are when blushed….” And held my pink cheek and pinching it he rubbed his nose with my nose and started fucking me again. I never expected such romance from my FIL that too in this age. With three four strokes my cunt released juices again and free movement of his pole in me. There was a ”Thup… thup…” sound in the room along with our moans an groans. His heavy balls are hitting on my soft BUTTOCKS.“oh…aha..aaah.ssssfff …uff grrrr” such sounds are echoing in the room now he started fucking me violently.. and his every stroke is hitting me hardly on triangular mound… I too with excitement and interest started raising my BUM up to meet his thrusts. I turned very excited and hot.. I too moving my waist up and down to meet his movements. His poundings were so powerful that I reached my orgasm again…”aaaaahhhh… mamayyya… nakipothundi… ammmmmaaaaaaaaa” and again I reached my climax…“Hey …hold on… I am still a long way… I wanted to enjoy fully today” my FIL said but, by then my job is over and I fell exhausted, where as he is still strong.Once he understood that I reached my climax he again removed his dick from my pussy and moved up on my body… and now he is on my stomach. He still moved up. Now he is just below my firm boobs placing his strong buttocks on my stomach and his tool Is lying between my BOUNCING BREASTS.Keeping his ding between the soft ness my BOOBS escort bursa he is moving it to and fro. I understood what he wanted and I keeping my both hands on either side of them pressed my soft melons towards each other and his tool is sandwiched between them. My whole cleavage has sticky. “AAAAAhhhhhh ….ssssssss ahhhaaaah..” I moaned with joy as he pinched my nipples with his fingers while fucking my melons.By this time I wiped my twat again and made it dry again and said… OH! Mamayyyaa how strong you are your retention is great… your son would have finished two times by this time… oh… that bloody bitch is itching a lot take care of it… oh…. Come fuck …fuck…fuck…ffuuuuuuuuucckkkkkkk” and I pushed him down.My FIL understood under stood my situation and came in between my legs took my legs over his shoulders and gave push of his dickk… “Aaahhh .. thats it..ohoh… hard mamayya… still hard oh… my… how strong you are dear… oh. My…” I was moaning and bouncing my bum up and up.“Is it ok.. my dear DIL… take your FIL’s dick… oh.. god you have given me scond life dear… oh.. my”I tightened my cunt muscles around his dick now his dick is moving not so easily… and gave a good friction of cuntwalls all along his tool… “ my… what a grip… renu… renu.. oh it is like vice… where did you learnt this kind of gripping… only very few women use this technique… your MIL used do this… oh.. yu are also doing just like her… oh my god… baby… baby… I am oput… are you ready…”Yes … my dear FIL… ee kodalini babga dengandi… ayi poyindi… aaammmaaa karchukuntunnanu… oh..” and sprinkled again and said… “MAMAYYA…don’t come in.. iam in unsafe period…” Itried push him as I felt him tense…“Don’t worry dear … 20 years back I have vasectomised my self… sex fucking with me safe for any lady… even than if you want I will remove it…” and tried pull his tool from me.Once he said he is safe I put my hand on his BUTTOCKS and pulled down over me.. and I felt his warm juices filling my honey pot.. and we both exhausted fell sense less he over me and I under him..What happened next is to be continued… till then hold your breath and your dicks in your fists and ladies stuff some thing long and stout till then… bye… bye… send your comments to sweet cunt RenuRenu – Father-in-Law — part IIBy: Renu Mohan“Yes … my dear FIL… ee kodalini babga dengandi… ayi poyindi… aaammmaaa karchukuntunnanu… oh..” and sprinkled again and said… “MAMAYYA…don’t come in.. I am in unsafe period…” I tried push him as I felt him tense…“Don’t worry dear … 20 years back I have vasectomised my self… having sex with me is safe for any lady… even then if you want I will remove it…” and tried pull his tool from me.Once he said he is safe I put my hand on his BUTTOCKS and pulled down over me.. and I felt his warm juices filling my honey pot.. and we both exhausted fell sense less he over me and I under him..Read the continuation part.When I opened my eyes, my FIL is still on me and my BOOBS were flattened under his chest. He is still sleeping innocently over me. I kissed him lightly and pushed him aside and got up. It is almost 4 pm. I washed my self and preparing tea. By the time my FIL also got up freshened & dressed and came to the kitchen. “Mamayya, where are you going? Your son will come now” I said. “I’ll be back in one hour” and had tea and gone out.Thinking about the whole afternoon and feeling his erection in me I smiled my self and had a kind of satisfaction that I could satisfy my FIL. I received a phone call from Mohan, my husband that he will be back at 7.00 pm.As said my FIL was back by 5 pm and enquired about his son. I told him that my hubby will be at home 7.00 pm. My FIL handed over me a bag and said “Renu this for you… a small token from me for the new life you have given me”. “What is this?” I asked and took the carry bag looked at it. It contained the print of “Kalanikethan” a designer saree & jewelry centre in the city.There was a card board box and jewelry box inside. I found a beautiful blue & pink silk designer Gagra choli and gold necklace with blue precious stones and American diamonds studded in it, with hanging ear tops in the jewelry box. “Mamayya why all this?”“Oh my dear you have given me a new life… this is nothing for the thing what you have done” he encircled his hands around my slim waist and dragging me closer to him he kissed both my cheeks. His hands slipped from my waist to my fleshy BUM and squeezed them and ran his palms on my soft BUNS.“Oh! Mamayya you are so sweet” I reciprocated by kissing again on his cheeks, got rid of him and preparing the dinner. Ours is a kitchen cum dining room. He sat at the dining table and watching me doing my job. “Another ½ hr. I’ll be finishing preparation” I said and got busy.Till I finished my cooking he was talking about my MIL and how she entertained him and the fore plays he played with her and also talking about his elder daughter Sangeetha how good she is and how she took care him when his second wife is nagging him or abusing him etc. Always comparing Sangeetha with his wife, saying that she is like her mother in her appearance, behaviour etc. always praising his daughter.After I finished my cooking and washed my hands my FIL dragged me on his lap and kissed my cheeks, his hands were fondling my bulges. “Mamayya man nahin bhara?” I smiling at him asked. “Itni jaldi… Dus saal ka bhookha hoon.” And he took my cheeks between his teeth and tried to bite. “…. Don’t bite them hard mamayya there will be tooth marks on it, it is time that your son may come at any time.”Still he gave light bite on my cheeks and asked “how is mohan in the bed?” “Oh … don’t ask so good and he loves a lot of fore play like you only… and I love his poundings… only thing is that he can’t retain his stiffness for long like you..” I avoiding his teeth on my cheeks said.“He will learn… he still young… only 25.. and you are so cute sexy… tumhari yeh gaand aur madbhari choot aur mastaani choochyan dekh kar meri hi laar tapak rahi hai.. bechara uska kya…” and he continued …”Tumhara jaisa lund ko