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me!My name is Joe and I was raised in what many would say a nonconventional family. I was an only c***d and my dad and my stepmom were in the alternative lifestyle. I did not know until the age of 14, and at the time my folks were in there early 40’s. They had kept it a secret till I was 14, at which time we moved and I began attending a new school. Also then I had very bad cystic acne. So I was bullied mercilessly daily, hell hourly, by my classmates. Had I not had the greatest parents in the world, the remainder of my teenage life would have been the same as that first year where I would come from school, lock myself in my room and cry till I went to bed. I even ate supper locked in my room. I saw numerous dermatologists, take the medicine prescribed, it would help for a while, then the outbreaks would become even worse. Needless to say no girl would come within ten feet of me. My parents I think felt sorry for me. They let me into their world. It didn’t happen all at once. It started by my dad talking mom into little things such as teasing and flashing, and also long family talks about why they enjoyed the lifestyle. It never felt dirty or crude, really it felt totally natural. I have to say this first, before going on. My parents had the happiest marriage I have ever seen, during and since. asyabahis yeni giriş They had NO secrets from each other, and they were always hot for one another. During our talks they broke it down to me like as follows; and it all makes perfect sense to me. (And just to note, these talks occurred before mama took my virginity, at the coaxing of dad) The points they made were as follows. They said that there are three things that tear apart a relationship, and in no certain order; “time apart” and/or “money” and/or “infidelity”. While the latter is hard to accept emotionally, if you can accept that your spouse has and always will love you, even though TEMPORARILY being pleasured by someone else. I can agree is hard to accept emotionally, if a spouse CAN accept it without jealousy, then that would be the greatest “TRUST” there can be. If a couple can achieve that what would they have to lie about? Nothing! Once that is achieved, the other two deterrents fix themselves. Because they had a mutual interest, they spent all of their “time” together. Also, because of that mutual interest, they spent their “money” together. Sure they had certain ground rules they adhered to; one being if the attraction wasn’t mutual between all people involved, then it was a no-go. Also no matter what asyabahis güvenilirmi happened when the party was over, they would go home together. The other rule was of course be discrete. This all progressed into the three of us throwing own house parties where I was the only teenage boy-toy amongst a circle of 20-30 couples aged 35-65 years old. This is where I met some of the greatest people I had ever met before or since. And now what was before, a torture filled day at school, had now become that all of the bullying didn’t matter anymore. I lived a very happy c***dhood after that, with only 2 rules to adhere to. One I had to keep it a secret. OK! Two was I had to keep my grade point level to 3.5 or higher. OK! On a typical school-day I would come home mama and dad would get home from work. Mama would cook dinner, and while dinner was cooking we would all three sit at the kitchen table, and talk about the day’s events, or we would talk about last weekend’s party, or how much we were looking forward to the upcoming next weekend’s party! A lot of times the conversations would make us so hot, that mama would have to interrupt cooking while we all adjourned to the bedroom for the night’s MFM action. (I am and have always been straight, so was dad) That leads me to talk about asya bahis giriş Mama who was such the lady! She didn’t smoke or drink or even cuss! She had never had any k**s, and was blessed with a body unlike any I’ve seen. She was so lady-like and she aged so gracefully she stayed hot even in her late 60’s. I joined the military and whenever I could get leave or a long weekend, I HURRIED home. While he was in his 50’s his heart issues and medications, would not allow him to perform, but he still liked to watch and photo and video the action. The parties continued and I lived within the lifestyle right up until my late 30’s. Through, two traditional marriages, neither marriage working out. Since the age of 37, I had 1 long-term relationship, and we enjoyed the lifestyle, together for 2 years till she died when I was 40. I am 52 now. I the 12 years that I have been alone, until about 8 months ago, I dated an elderly black women for 3 dates. On the third date, I laid all of this on her, and told her of my intentions, which needless to say, she would have none of that. The other option I have is to keep my past a secret, which I won’t do, because I did that on those 2 traditional marriages, and am still paying for that mistake. I am not saying that my future with a lady has to immediately be immersed into the lifestyle, but she should have an open mind to it. Especially if things get stale in the bedroom. It’s just like my dad always told me, he said that the IDEAL female should be; “A lady in public”, “A chef in the kitchen”, and “A slut in the bedroom!!!!!” Sincerely, Joe