Meeting My Ex.

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Meeting My Ex.I stepped on the jet and took my seat, ready for the long flight. I was travelling home for a two week vacation after moving away for my career one year ago. Since I left and while I was in college I have one night stands, which several have progressed into friends with benefits but no serious relationships. I never wanted anything more than just sex. I had my first serious girlfriend in high school, her name is Ebele. We were both virgins when we met but soon had a very healthy and active sex life. I had not seen her since we broke up in my first year of college. A few weeks ago I thought that maybe I would meet up with her and as if she read my mind across the country, on the that same day I received an e-mail from her asking how things were going. I responded and said that I was going home soon for a vacation and if she was free then maybe we could get a drink. She agreed and we decided we would meet on my sixth day of being home. While on the long flight I thought of the upcoming get together with my ex and couldn’t help but feel nervous. But then a thought came to me. I played with the idea of trying to seduce my ex and getting her to cheat on her current boyfriend. It might sound a little cold but I wanted her to feel the pain that she gave me when she left me. Once the plane landed, I disembarked and when I saw my family as they greeted me the thought left my head. As the days counted down to my date with my ex I became a little more anxious but also that the same time the evil plan of seducing her kept growing in my head. On the sixth day I woke up with my usual morning wood but also could not seem to get the thought of fucking my ex out of my head. I found myself masturbating to these thoughts and when I came my whole body shook with orgasm. Never had masturbating cause such a feeling in me. Now I couldn’t wait to see my ex and counted down the hours. Eventually it was time to go see her. After a shower and tucking canlı bahis a few condoms in my pocket I was out the door and on the road.I arrived at the bar we agreed to meet out a bit early so I took a seat at the bar and ordered a beer. As I drank and waited I looked around the place and saw several hot girls and thought “Well if I don’t fuck my ex I can always pick up a local.” Just then the door opened and I looked over to see my ex walk in. She looked better than she had back in high school. She was tanned with long slim legs, athletic body with perky B cup breasts and brown hair that fell to her shoulders. She was wearing a low cut dress to show off her breasts that ended well before her knees and showed off all her sexy frame. She saw me, smiled and walked over to me. As she walked over, eyes of the other guys in the bar followed her and I don’t blame them. I couldn’t help but stare and could feel and could feel my dick starting to get hard. ” Hi Eby, wow you look amazing” I stuttered out.She smiled,” Hi Agunna, thanks same to you.”At first the talk was awkward but as we talked and drank we became more comfortable with each other. I found myself enjoying her company and I am pretty sure she enjoyed mine. Soon the conversation turned to our relationships.”So Agunna, how are the lady’s treating you.” I blushed, “Pretty good, I have a few lady friends that keep me company.””At the same time or do they wait in a line?”I laughed, “Well there was this one night….”She laughed this time and spilled some of her drink as she did. She was quite tipsy.”How about you? How is your boyfriend treating you?” I asked.She finished the rest of her drink and said “Oh he is good but no one is perfect.””And what do you mean by that?”Slurring her words, “Well let’s just say when it comes to the bedroom he falls shorts” and she made a gesture with her hand that reminded me of a miniature hotdog. “Yeah I guess no one is perfect. You are still with him though.””She bahis siteleri started to sway on the spot and said “I am but I wish I could have just one night off to have hot sex with a stranger, just to fulfill my need. That is fair right, I deserve to be happy, right?”Seeing my way in (literally), I said “Sure you do, of course you do” I started to rub her back slowly working down as I said, “But why would you want to have sex with someone you don’t know or trust. Wouldn’t you rather have sex with someone you trust and know will respect you?”She looked at me and at first it was a drunk girl look but then it changed to a look I last saw on her face a few years earlier, the look of lust taking her over. I could have sworn she smiled but if she did it disappeared quickly. Instead she said,”Well I better get going, care to join me for the walk?””The walk? Where are we walking to?”She giggled and answered “One of my girlfriends apartment is a few blocks away. She is out of town and I am staying there to watch her fish. Going to make sure I get there safe?””Yeah I can spare a few minutes.”So we walked the few blocks to her friend’s apartment and when we reached the front door and asked me for another favour “Do you mind helping me up the stairs? The elevator is broken and it may take me all night to get up them.” I agreed and walked behind her up the stairs to prevent her from falling back. It was then that I noticed her perfect shaped ass and thought that she might have even shaken it in my face. When we reached the apartment she opened the door and gestured for me to follow for her inside. I followed her to the couch in the living room and sat next to her. My heart was beating fast and so loud that she must have been able to hear it. She moved closer to me and put her hand on my leg and started to rub it getting closer to my hardening penis. “Agunna I have a confession. I am not that drunk, I just wanted to give you an excuse to follow bahis şirketleri me in the apartment.” Wwwhy did you do that?” I stuttered.”So I could do this”She jumped on me and started to kiss me hard and filled with passion. I kissed her back and used my hands to feel every part of her body. I slid my hands under her dress to find she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I started to rub her wet vagina and quickly found her clit. As I played with it she started to moan out loud. I put a finger in her love hole and started to finger fuck her. She moved with my rhythm and moaned “Agunna, that feels so good. Oh god finger fuck me hard.”I put another finger in and pounded her harder. Her whole body shook and she screamed in passion as she came. She kissed me again and I started to pull her dress off. She helped me and I got to see the body that I lost my virginity to. I took one of her breasts in my mouth and played with the other one with my hand. She closed her eyes and moaned out loud. She took my shirt off and started to kiss my chest and moved down to my crotch. She undid my belt and took my pants off. My hard dick formed a nice tent in my underwear. She took off my underwear and my 7 inch cock sprang out of its enclosure and Ebele stared at. “Oh my goodness it is so large. I can’t wait to ride it.””Well come on baby, hop on.” And she did just that,She lowered herself onto my hard cock. I couldn’t believe how good it felt. It was so good that I came quicker than I would have liked to. “Ohhh Ebele I’m going to cum.””Cum inside me, I want to feel it inside me.”When she said that I exploded in her cunt and we both screamed. She fell on top of me and we lay there for awhile breathing together. Then she got up and and said, “well I could use a shower, care to join me?”I followed her to the bathroom and we had hot shower sex, I stayed in that apartment for the weekend with Ebele having incredible sex the whole time. At the end of the weekend she said that she wanted to leave her boyfriend for me. I told her that I can’t be with anyone who breaks someone’s heart by cheating on them. I left her in tears that day and thinking to myself, what goes around comes around.